Ancestry  of  Saint  Clare  of  Assisi,  studies.     2.   Clare’s  conversion.   Foundation  of  the  Order  of  Poor  Sisters.   History  of  San  Damiano.   Clare’s  early  companions.   Articles  preserved  from  San  Damiano.     3.   Saint  Francis  and  Saint  Clare   Francis’  writings  concerning  Clare  and  her  sisters.   Testimony  of  the  Brothers  concerning  Clare  and  her  Sisters.   Clare’s  writings  concerning  Francis  and  the  Brothers.   Contemporary  resources  on  the  relationship  between  Francis  and  Clare,  and  among  the   Friars  and  sisters.     4.   Writings  of  Saint  Clare  in  general:  Texts  and  commentaries.    Letters  of  Saint  Clare  to  Agnes  of  Prague.   Letter  to  Saint  Agnes  of  Assisi.       Manuscripts,  texts,  studies  on  the  Letters.   Letter  to  Ermentrude:  Texts  and  studies.     Testament  of  Saint  Clare:  Manuscripts,  early  prints,  texts  and  studies.   Blessing  of  Saint  Clare:  Texts  and  studies.     5.   Form  of  Life  of  the  Poor  Sisters:  Early  sources.   Rule  of  Saint  Clare.    Original  document.   Manuscripts  containing  the  Rule  of  Saint  Clare  

Official  Latin  text  of  the  Rule   Early  prints  of  the  Rule.   Translations  of  the  Rule.   Texts  and  studies  of  the  Rule  of  Saint  Clare.   Comparative  studies  of  Friars/Clares  Rules.   Enclosure  in  the  Rule  of  Saint  Clare.    Studies  on  enclosure  in  general.   Extern  Sisters  in  the  Rule  of  Saint  Clare.   Fraternity  in  the  Rule  of  Saint  Clare.   Liturgy  in  Rule  of  Saint  Clare.   Obedience,  Penance,  Poverty  in  Rule  of  Saint  Clare.   The  Other  Rules  given  to  Clare  and  her  Sisters.   Francis’  “Forma  vivendi.”   Rule  of  Hugolino.   Rule  of  Saint  Benedict.   Rule  of  Innocent  IV.   The  Isabella  Rule.   Rule  of  urban  IV.   Studies  on  the  Rules.     6.   Death    of  Saint  Clare.   Testimonies  from  Process  of  Canonization.   Letter  of  Notification  of  the  death  of  Saint  Clare:  Texts  and  commentaries.    Funeral,  Burial,  Temporary  tomb  in  San  Georgio.   Transferal  to  Santa  Chiara  with  other  companions.   Finding  of  the  Body;  fiftieth  Anniversary;  one-­‐‑hundreth  anniversary;  seventh  centenary.   Recognition  and  conservation  of  the  Body  of  Saint  Clare.   Eighth  centenary  of  Clare’s  birth.     7.   Canonization  of  Saint  Clare:  Texts  and  studies.   Bull  of  Canonization.   Process  of  Canonization:  Studies  based  on  testimonies  from  Canonization  process.      

8.   Sources  and  Early  Lives  of  Saint  Clare  of  Assisi.   Legends  of  Saint  Clare:  Manuscripts  and  studies  on  the  mss.   Vita  di  Santa  Chiara  by  Battista  Alfani.   The  Gaudia   Marianus  of  Florence   Legenda  versificata:  Manuscripts,  texts  and  studies.   Early  Imprints  from  15th  to  18th  centuries.   Legend  of  Saint  Clare:  Texts  and  studies.   The  Minor  Legends   Later    and  Contemporary  biographies,  studies,  and  articles  on  Saint  Clare.   Chronology  of  the  Life  of  Saint  Clare.     9.    Liturgy  in  honor  of  Saint  Clare.   Medieval  Hymns,  early  liturgies.   The  cult  of  Saint  Clare  of  Assisi.     10.   Sermons  on  Saint  Clare  of  Assisi.   Manuscripts.   Information  on  the  sermons.     11.   Spirituality  of  Saint  Clare  of  Assisi.   Christ  in  Clare’s  spirituality.   Ecclesial  dimensions.   Eucharist  in  Clare’s  spirituality.   Feminine  dimensions.   Holy  Spirit/Charism.   Joy  in  Clare’s  spirituality   Leadership.   Mary  in  Clare’s  spirituality.   Mysticism.   Missionary  dimension  of  Clare’s  spirituality.   Clare’s  personality.   Poverty.   Prayer.   Study.   Vocation  of  Saint  Clare.  

    12.   Saint  Clare  of  Assisi  in  Art  forms.   Paintings  of  Clare:  sources  and  studies.   Expressions  of  Clare  in  Drama.   Saint  Clare  honored  through  poetry.   Lauda  in  honor  of  Clare.   Music  in  honor  of  Clare.   Audio  tapes  available.     13.   Documents  concerning  Clare  and  her  Sisters.   Privilege  of  Poverty:  Texts  and  commentaries.   Documents  dating  from  1217  to  1260.   Some  studies  on    the  Documents.   Selected  writings  to  Poor  Clares.     14.   Religious  Women  in  the  13th  century.   Environment  of  13th  century.   Spirituality  of  13th  century  women.   Monastic  and  eremitic    opportunities  for  women.   Influence  of  Anchoretic  life  upon  Clare.   Franciscan  women.