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Discussion Questions: Luke 6:27-36

For the message, A Revolutionary Kind of Love given by Pastor John at New City Church on September 22, 2013

These discussion questions are designed to help you reflect upon and apply the message from the Scriptures. You can use these by yourself for reflection, or you could use these with your family or small group for discussion.

Introduction: Researchers tell us that most people respond to our dog-eat-dog world by either fleeing (avoiding conflict) or fighting (engaging in conflict). What is your natural tendency? Questions: 1. Read Luke 6:27-36. Honestly, what is your first reaction to the words of Jesus when he calls his followers to love their enemies? 2. Pastor John explained that there are actually four words in the Greek language (the original language of the NT) that could be used, and the word used here for love is an unconditional love, that is, one that doesnt consider the merits of the person to whom the love is directed. What kind of questions does this provoke in your mind? Consider the following quote: Such a love is not motivated by the merit of the one who is loved. It is a deliberate love, rooted in the willa love by choice. Agape love says, I will love this person because, by Gods grace, I choose to love this person. How does the notion that the kind of love Jesus is calling for is a matter of choice (not emotion or feeling) help you understand what he is wants his followers to aim for? 3. Jesus goes on to speak of revolutionary deeds (do good to those who hate you), revolutionary words (bless those who curse you), and revolutionary prayers (pray for those who abuse you). How does this illustrate the new way of being human that he paints for his followers? How might this be connected to his preaching the good news of the Kingdom of God? 4. In verse 31, Jesus teaches about what has become known as The Golden Rule. How does our society make its own version of this rule? Is it hard for you to imagine what it would be like if everyone in Calgary lived this way? Spend a few moments imagining what a society would be like if everyone lived this way? Try to come up with some specific examples. 5. Whats the main point of verses 32-24? State it in your own words.

6. Jesus calls us to love in a revolutionary kind of way because our heavenly Father loves in a revolutionary kind of way. Look up Matthew 5:45. Why do you think God loves this way? Cf. Romans 2:4. What is one of Gods designs in being kind to his enemies? 7. Why is understanding the Gospel so important for a foundation of a revolutionary kind of love? Look up Romans 5:6, 8, & 10 for some help. 8. Jesus doesnt call us to love in a revolutionary kind of way in our own strength. Read John 15:4. What does this text teach us about where the power to love in this way resides?

Conclusion: What is the one thing you want to take away from this study to remember or to make a change in your life? How does this text challenge you to follow Jesus?

Renewing your mind: Luke 6:35, But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.