1. Calculate the hourly rate for material transporting in the following conditions: - Distance 20 km - Average speed 40 km/h - Load-unload time 0.5 hour - Hourly rate of the transporting mean 10 lei/h Versions: a. 10 lei b. 15 lei c. 20 lei d. 25 lei e. 30 lei 2. The informational roles of a manager are: a. entrepreneur, supervisor, leader b. supervisor, representative figure, entrepreneur c. supervisor, disseminator, spokesman d. disseminator, resource alocator, negociator e. entrepreneur, supervisor, negociator 3. The urbanism certificate has data regarding: a. The construction evaluation, specialty statement, construction’s height b. The maximum value of the land occupancy percent, the construction’s positioning, the construction’s height c. The maximum value of the land occupancy percent, technical expertise, property act d. The resistance project, construction’s height, construction’s positioning e. The construction’s height, construction evaluation, construction’s positioning 4. The indirect expenses represent: a. Managers` wages, utilities, non-productive personnel’s wages b. Productive personnel’s wages, value of materials, utilities c. Equipment expenses, non-productive personnel wages, utilities d. Raw material expenses, equipment expenses, utilities e. Non-productive personnel’s wages, utilities, productive personnel’s wages 5. The type of the traditional contracts are: a. Total price contract, partnership contract, unit price contract b. Total price contract, target-cost contract, unit price contract c. Total price contract, lump sum fee contract, global contract d. Total price contract, work quantities price contract, unit price contract e. Reimbursable cost contract, unit price contract, partnership contract


6 days c. different time c. equal work quantities. c. different work quantities.9 days 7. with 4 workers (NT = 1. Editura Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă. ttm(i) = tîm(i) . “Managementul firmelor de construcţii”. s. equal time 10. 21 days: A-B-D-E-F 21 days: A-D-E-F 22 days: A-B-D-E-F 23 days: A-C-F 23 days: A-B-D-E-F 9.E a. equal time d. Qstoc = tstoc x qmax/day b. Equal sectors. b.2 lei/mp) in 10 ore is: a. equal work quantities. 0.t(i) e. 0. ttm(i) = min [ttM(i+1)] c.5 days b. HOSSU. The material stock for the site organization is estimated by the formula: a. The time spent to perform the finishing works for a 30 mp surface. 0. equal number of teams e. ttm(i) = tîm(i) + t(i) d. ttm(i) = max [tîm(i-1)] b. Equal sectors.a. Qstoc = q Sstoc normat Snec c. ttm(i) = min [tîM(i+1)] 8. 2001 normat 2 . different work quantities. Qstoc = Sstoc x qmax/day e. Equal sectors. Qstoc = q x ksc d. d. 0.7 days d..8 days e. The minimum term to finish an activity using the Critical Path is calculated by the formula: a. equal work quantities. Qstoc = Sstoc x ksc BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.. 0. T. equal time b. Equal sectors. Establish the time and the activities of the Critical Path for: Activity A B C D E F Time 1 3 5 7 6 4 Previous START A A B D C. Unequal sectors. e.6. The simple elementary chains have the following features: a.

ANASTASIU.2. Note de curs 3 . L. T. 2004 3.. CHIOREANU.. Editura UT Pres. “Preţul lucrărilor de construcţii”.