Larry Matthew York

Curriculum Vitae Plant Science Department 109 Tyson Building University Park, PA 16802 RESEARCH INTERESTS Root system form and function, plant competition, plant and microbe symbioses, simulation modeling, functional traits, next-generation phenotyping platforms. EDUCATION Pennsylvania State University University of Kentucky Ph.D. B.S. Ecology Biology 2014 (projected) 2006 Cell: 502-229-9675

PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS Peer Reviewed York, L. M., Nord, E. A., and Lynch, J. P. (2013). Integration of root phenes for soil resource aquisition. Frontiers in Plant Science 4, 1–15. Presentations York, L. M. and Lynch, J. P. (2013). Nodal root growth angle and number influence nitrogen acquisition in maize (Zea mays). Poster. Interdisciplinary Plant Group Symposium. UM. Columbia, MO. York, L. M. and Lynch, J. P. (2013). Nodal root growth angle and number influence nitrogen acquisition in maize (Zea mays). Poster. 42nd Annual Biological Systems Simulation Group Conference. PSU. University Park, PA. York, L. M. and Lynch, J. P. (2012). Nodal root growth angle influences nitrogen acquisition and competition in maize (Zea mays). Oral. Ecology Society of America International Meeting. Portland, OR. York, L. M. and Lynch, J. P. (2012). Nodal root growth angle and number influence nitrogen acquisition in maize (Zea mays). Poster. Larry York and Jonathan Lynch. ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Meeting. Cincinatti, OH.

Nord, E. A., York, L. M., Postma, J. A., Lynch, J. P. (2012). Interaction of root architectural and anatomical phenes in maize. Poster. 8th Symposium of the International Society for Root Research. Dundee, Scotland. Postma, J. A., Zhang, C., York, L. M., Lynch, J. P. (2012). Complementarity in root architecture for nutrient uptake in ancient maize / bean and maize / bean / squash polycultures. Oral. German Society of Plant Nutrition Annual Meeting. Germany. Nord, E. A., Postma, J. A., York, L. M., Lynch, J.P. (2011). Synergism of Root Architectural and Anatomical Phenes In Maize. Oral. ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Meeting. San Antonio, TX. York, L. M., Henry, A., and Lynch, J. P. (2009). Utility of mixed root architecture stands in changing climates. Poster. Plant Biology Symposium. PSU. University Park, PA. York, L. M. (2008). Plant neurobiology and behavior. Oral. Center for Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Seminar. UK. Lexington, KY. Other York, L. M. Development of the US agriculture and seed industries: 1850-2012. Translated by WU Man (吴满) as 美国种业发展史: 1850-2012. Agricultural Wealth Magazine (农财宝典). 2012(1). York, L. M. (2012). Online lab repositories: Solving the problem of sad messes of drives and cables. Notes from the Field, Ecology Newsletter, PSU. 10(1). York, L. M. (2011). OneNote as a digital lab notebook. Notes from the Field, Ecology Newsletter, PSU. 9(2). DISSERTATION SUMMARY The functional significance of root architectural traits in maize for nitrogen acquisition Advisor: Jonathan P. Lynch, Professor of Plant Nutrition The root system architecture of maize is dominated by the nodal roots that emerge from successive whorls as the plant develops. Previously, little was known about which specific properties of these roots would have the largest impact on soil resource acquisition. Field experiments employing recombinant inbred lines contrasting for nodal root angle were initiated in order to study the potential impact of angle for nitrogen acquisition. SimRoot was used to model root systems contrasting for nodal root angle, number, and their combinations in soils varying for nitrogen levels. Nodal root angle and number were determined to govern the distribution of roots within the soil and the

degree of spatial exploitation. A root system with an intermediate angle and few nodal roots is the optimal root system for low nitrogen soils. TEACHING EXPERIENCE Courses 2013 2012 2011 2010 2010 Teaching Assistant: Crop Management, PSU Teaching Assistant: Horticulture Senior Seminar, PSU Teaching Assistant: Plant Nutrition, PSU Co-Instructor: Concepts in Ecology, PSU Co-Instructor: Plant Nutrition, South China Agricultural University

Guest Lectures 2011 2010 “Rhizosphere Modification”, Plant Nutrition, PSU “Introduction to Ecology” and “Diversity/Niche”, Concepts in Ecology, PSU

Students Mentored 2013 2012 2011 Greg Hoover, currently master’s student at University of Hawaii Marisa Ciamacca, currently undergraduate student at PSU Mardziah Ab Rahman, currently master’s student at University of Warwick

FELLOWSHIPS, AWARDS, AND HONORS 2010-2013 2011 2010 2009 2008 2008 Walter Thomas Memorial Scholarship, PSU College of Agricultural Sciences Competitive Grant, PSU Root Biology Center Scholarship, South China Agricultural University China Root Biology Fellowship, PSU Award for Excellence, PSU University Graduate Fellowship, PSU

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Experimental Nested field designs, such as with block and split-plots Total nitrogen assay with elemental analyzer

Nitrate, ammonium, and phosphate analysis by colorimetric assay on spectrophotometer Root phenotyping with shovelomics and image analysis (ImageJ and other) Quantitative PCR for measuring proportion of species roots in mixed samples Simulation modeling with SimRoot Statistics R statistical programming language Advanced data manipulation and custom functions Linear mixed effects models Multivariate statistics, such as factor and cluster analyses Graphics (base R), including bar plots, regressions, heat maps, and surface plots Computer Technology Website development with Drupal, Plone, and Google Sites content management systems Image creation and manipulation with GIMP and ImageJ Vector graphics with Inkscape Linux environments and Bash scripting Microsoft Office Suite Pioneering the use of OneNote as Digital Lab Notebook Pioneering the use of Google Drive as an Online Lab Repository VOLUNTEER AND OUTREACH Article Review Plant and Soil Outreach Created to blog about trends in root science, 2013 Maintained and expanded lab website (, 2008-2013 Life of Plants badge demonstration for Girl Scouts, The Roots of Plant Growth, 2011 University Service Undergraduate mentoring for independent research course credits, 2010 - 2013 Organized Ecomodeling discussion and presentation groups, 2009 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

Agronomy Society of America Crop Science Society of America Soil Science Society of America Ecology Society of America

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