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Standard BS

Construction 1 The cable shall be of the supporllng core system and the supporting core shall be the neut The three phase conductors shall be of hard drawn stranded compacted aluminium of cros Dl2281 and Dl2282 95mm2 Dl2284 and Dl2285 50mm2 The neutral conductor shall be of aluminium alloy of 54,6 mm2 cross-sectional area. In 5 core cables, tile street lighting ccnductor shall be of hard draw:) stranded compacted 2

Cables shall be stranded copper conductor, of appropriate cross sectional area. The cores mm2 earth continuity conductor. Insulation shall be 600/1000 V general-purpose grades. C insulation and a colour stripe is not adequate. The colours shall be as follows: 2 core cable: 3 core cable: 4 core cable: Triplex cable:

Underground cables shall be steel wire armoured, bedded and served with black PVC. The the earth conductor between the insulated cores. The PVC outer sheath shall be UV stabili

INSULATION The cable shall be suitable for operation with a voltage of 1000 V between phases and 600 The insulation shall be of XLPE, black carbon stablished for UV protection. The neutral conductor shall be identified by one longitudinal rim 0.5 mm x 1.0 mm along t TESTS The cable shall be tested in accordance with E-2 of SASS 1418: Part II for installation unde The cable shall be tested in accordance with E-3 of SASS 1418 Part II for installation in loca Records of routine tests shall be provided by the manufacturer. DELIVERY The maximum drum size shall be 2500 diameter, 1500 width. The maximum weight of cable and drum shall be 5000 kg. delivery of the items to commence within four (4) weeks after release of a Purchase with the last delive maximum dimension of cable drums shall be: 2500 mm diameter 1500 mm width 5000 kg weight Triplex cable shall be supplied 500 m lengths unless otherwise specified. The outer sheath shall be embossed and or printed with the Power project Logo at interval INFORMATION TO BE SUBMITTED WITH Tender

Outlined drawing Type tests certificate Routine tests results to be supplied during delivery showing compliance with appropriate I Where an equivalent standard(s) is used, a copy of that standard(s) shall be submitted wit A Sample shall be supplied for inspection before the delivery of the first batch

For first time suppliers to power Corporation, Factory acceptance tests and inspections are tests shall be witnessed by the purchaser or by his appointed representative. No additiona representative. No additional charge shall be levied for such tests

re shall be the neutral conductor. d aluminium of crosssectional area

ectional area. randed compacted aluminium of cross-sectional area 25 mm2

nal area. The cores of triplex cable shall be 16 mm2 cross section with a 10 al-purpose grades. Core identification shall be by solid colouring of the

with black PVC. The cores of triplex cable shall be laid in a flat plane with h shall be UV stabilised.

een phases and 600V between phase and an earthed neutral.

m x 1.0 mm along the surface of the insulation. The phase conductors shall be clearly marked by indented mark

or installation under bare overhead high voltage conductors. or installation in locations with a high incidence of lighting.

ase with the last delivery made two weeks after commencement of delivery

ect Logo at intervals of 500mm throughout the length of the cable

e with appropriate IEC, BS, SABS or equivalent standard all be submitted with the tender document

and inspections are required before the delivery of the first batch. These tative. No additional charge witnessed by the purchaser or by his appointed

ked by indented markings.