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ERP in manufacturing of ‘Process instruments’ Industry 

ERP Case study: DNS in a company which is

specializing in manufacturing electromagnetic flow
meters and orifice based flow metering systems.


• This an ISO 9001:2000 company situated in the MIDC area in

Pune. Customer base is industrial sectors like Steel,
Aluminium, ETP's, STP's, Sugar & Distilleries, Chemical /
Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical/ Fertilizers.


DNS ERP is preferred • Continued brisk business growth and slowdown, was
‘Enterprise software’ for SME, placing immense strain on existing business systems at
because DNS offers affordable this medium size factory. Committed to the JIT (Just-in-
time) delivery model – made to order – it was necessary to
improve efficiency in legacy system. DNS ERP offered a
cost effective software to meet the challenges.
DNS ERP is scalable and fully
secured IT solution for • Middle level mangers and other users tend to postpone the
managing manufacturing
work or bypass the system. This was resulting in delays
and intangible losses.

• Customer satisfaction is always an issue that needs to be

addressed carefully. Customer’s purchase order and the
sales invoice needs to be linked to avoid
miscommunication between sales and production and

• Management needs latest and accurate information to sell

and service customers.

• Users spends large amount of time in manual transactions

to gather and update information due to islands of
information.  Page 1 

ERP in manufacturing of ‘Process instruments’ Industry 

• The company has now deployed DNS ERP software for business

• Tightly integrated business processes enforces discipline and

brings accountability in key departments like, purchase, stores,
production, and sales.

• Real-time and secured system empowers management with

status reports to take timely decisions.
  • DNS is easy to deploy and can become operational in few
Capacitance Type Level Switch   months. Quick and proven implementation method and top
management involvement accelerated installations of all

By deploying following DNS ERP modules issues are


1. Security module 8. BOM – Bill of Materials

2. Accounts module – module
3. VAT / Sales Tax module 9. Production module
4. Excise module 10. Sales accounting
5. Inventory Management module
module 11. Cost sheet / estimation
  6. Purchase & Pre-purchase 12. Subcontractor OUT.
module Outsourcing.
7. Payroll system 13. Pre-sales and sales

A significant milestone for this • Robust MIS (Management Information System).

company – maintaining
competitive advantage in today’s • Availability of real-time data helps in strategic and tactical
time by using cutting-edge decision making.
business management solution
• Integration of financial and business operations resulted in
improving efficiency.
DNS ERP software.
• Grater control of Production, Inventory, and Sales

• Better visibility and transparency.

• Business agility helps enterprise to compete with other

large corporate and win over prestigious contracts.  Page 2