By: Vivian Silva Falcon

How many times I ask myself if he really love me. And the answer is sometimes NO! Sometimes YES! I'm very confused until now what it’s the truth about his feelings for me What inside of his heart? How much time I also ask him the answer from him is always YES!

But, how can I know the real feelings of the man I love If I am not convincing and still doubting if he really loves me? My eyes and my body believed that he loves me for real But, my heart tells me not and hard to convince it! How I wish I know what inside his heart & mind.

I also ask myself if I love him too. But the answer is…

In my mind Yes, I do… in my heart if he loves me I love him too. Even by myself I can recognize the truth! Please, tell me why I feel this way? All I know is… I always be there for him even I’m not sure for his feelings.

Sometimes if I need help his there but then also Sometimes if I need his shoulder to cry on his not there… Sometimes if I need him beside me his not there… But he knows at the same time he sends sms to take it easy and be strong… Nothing to do! Just help myself to be okay…

I love him but I’m afraid for the future what will be? I’m afraid because of the idea maybe I’m the only one who in love! Too many questions in myself that I can’t voice out; Because I don’t know the answer by myself too But I don’t have to plan to share to anybody…

Please, tell me where I put myself? What I’m going to do or not to do? Please, tell me how can I know if he loves me true? Please, tell me how can I believe on him? Please, tell me how can I ask him if he love me for real?


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