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1. You are given 50 minutes to answer this paper. 2. This Paper 1, Code 034/1 is consists of 40 Multiple Choice Question ( MCQ) and youre requested to answer all the questions given. 3. Every question is followed by 4 options A, B, C or D and choose ONLY ONE answer and SHADE your choice in BLACK on your answer sheet. 4. Your booklet will be in plain white.

a) Question 1 4 :

You are given a text with 4 blanks with a picture each beside the blanks. Base on the picture, you have to find the most suitable answer that REPRESENT the picture. You have to read two times ( twice ) before going after the answer. You need to ELIMINATE or CANCEL the wrong answers one by one and choose the best answer. Meaning of difficult words need to be addressed as quick as you can and this will help you to find the answer easily. Do not spend more time here as this picture composition is so easy to do.

b) Question 5 7 :

You have to answer 3 objective questions that wants You to choose the BEST PHRASE to complete the sentence. You will be tested on Collective Nouns, Family Words/Group Words, Similes, Adjectives, Adverbs and Paired words. Read, comprehend and do elimination on unwanted answers and choose the most correct one.

c) Question 8 10 :

You have to choose the best sentence that describes the picture given. Read at the sentence one by one carefully before you decide to eliminate or cancel as wrong sentence. The sentence could be very tricky. Look for the Nouns, Tenses, Verbs, Quantity and gender. After choosing your best choice, check again so that your choice never go wrong.

d) Question 11 -15 :

Here, you have to choose the BEST answer to fit the situation shown in the picture. You must be familiar with BUBBLE SPEECH where it deals on Social Expressions and language proper according to situations in English Language.

Both responses must be ACCEPTABLE and LOGIC. Put every answer into the bubble and check its suitability. Then, you can eliminate or cancel the wrong answer as to get the most suitable answer for every question. Do not get over-excited or over-confident that sometimes might not be helpful to you even if you find yourself so good.

e) Question 16 20 :

These 5 questions are going to test your knowledge at Grammar and its use in English Language. Among Grammar Items that commonly tested are such as Conjunctions, Prepositions, Quantity, Modals, Countable and Uncountable Nouns, Adverbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, Occupations, Places of work, Tenses and so on. Here, you must ELIMINATE or CANCEL the irrelevant answers before you can identify your best choice.

f) Question 21 :

Question 21 usually tests the word that has the same meaning or opposite meaning as they are underlined word. This question is here to test your knowledge at VOCABULARY.

Every day, read at 1 page from your English to English Dictionary before you go to bed as it is not too late to practice as such.

g) Question 22 23 :

These two(2) questions are given to test your Vocabulary and the right SPELLING or Formation of words that are usually common. Go and find the SPELLING ERROR in the words one by one and eliminate them before choosing the most correct one. Please do not make CARELESS mistake in this section as they are to test the weakest candidates and not YOU!!!!!

h) Question 24 25 :

These 2 questions are to test your understanding and knowledge in using PUNCTUATIONS correctly. Punctuation Marks such as Full stop(.), Comma(,), Exclamation Mark(!), Open and Close Inverted Comma( ), Capital Letters and Question Mark( ? ). It also tests on Proper Nouns and small letters where it is required. Find the ERROR and circle at the error so that you will never choose that option as your choice later. The ONE with NO ERROR is the most suitable answer for this section. Please bear in your mind.

i) Question 26 30 :

There will be 5 questions tested at this section. A SINGLE PICTURE is given and the candidates have to observe that single picture carefully and then fill in the blanks by choosing the best answer that can fit the blanks. You will be tested on Grammar and The Language Use. Try to identify the text whether it is in The Simple Past or The Simple Present or The Future Tense. Normally, the first sentence will tell you clearly on which tense it belongs by looking at the TIME FRAMES given in the first sentence. Go for elimination as usual but be very sure of your elimination. You must be able to tell others on why you do not choose that answer as your choice. Put in all those answers in their blanks and once for confirmation and suitability. Read at that text with blanks twice before choosing the answers. Highlight or underline at the Time Frame for your convenience.

j) Question 31 35 :

A text of Linear Text or Non-Linear Text will be given to test our knowledge in comprehending those 2 types of texts. If it is a Non-Linear Text, then it can be of a Menu, Recipe, Schedule, Map, Diary, Graph, Notice of Advertisement or Competition or public Announcement.

Just read and comprehend at each and every lines given in this text. Do not leave any words as they could be the answer at most of the time. Be aware of the numbers given in the text. It will be very useful later. Sometimes, there will be any bolded words can be best replaced or for its meaning within its context. Questions wants you to find THE MOST or THE LEAST as for graph and MAINLY ABOUT, EXCEPT, TRUE, NOT, UNTRUE, FALSE STATEMENT. Sometimes you have to sequence/Rearrange them in proper order( UPSR 2009 Q 33 ). Chop down the wrong answer as this will help you to choose the best answer later. If you see any words in bold, just circle or highlight them as you will find it useful and avoid from making wrong judgment when it comes to choosing the most suitable answer.

k) Question 36 40 : If it is a Linear Text, then, you need to read at least twice for your personal understanding and comprehension. Do not EVER decide to find answer before reading for the second time. Underline the difficult words and words in bold while reading within lines. You do not make your own judgment BUT always refer to the answers given for that question. Eliminate or cancel them before making any decision. Look at the WH questions in front of every questions as they are your indicator that help you to find the best answer or it will help you to knock out the wrong answer, so be very careful.

Other Tips : Please read the RUBRIC or INSTRUCTION before answering any questions.

Straight away shade your answer in the answer sheet and without any delay. Check your answer with your Question Number. They must tally to each other. Remember! Every question is here to make you to earn an A in English Language. Its your Future. Remember your LOVELY PARENTS AND YOUR BELOVED TEACHERS. The GOD will be with you at every moment if you wish to succeed. All the best ! Believe in you ! Bye now.


GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS : Read the instructions before answering questions. You are given 1 Hour and 15 Minutes to answer this paper. You MUST answer ALL the 3 Questions in that paper itself using 2B Pencil if possible. No objective questions. You must answer in the blanks given. No marks given for no answer or with empty blank. This paper must be returned after time given is over.

a) QUESTION 1 : 10 pictures are given and with 2 words for each picture. Candidate MUST make a sentence using those 2 words. Cannot change the word form. Can change their word order BUT not frequently. Observe the pictures given. Check on the Nouns( Objects ), Verbs to be used or Verbs given, Subjects, Gender and appropriate vocabulary. Check on the Spelling and Punctuation.

Check on the Subject-Verb Agreement+ COMPLIMENTS in the sentence. Do not write a long sentence that can make you doing mistakes. Write in dark so that your sentence is visible( can be seen clearly ). After all, you just need 1 mark for this Question 1. After writing your sentence, check again the sentence structure. Write on what you SEE and NOT ON WHAT YOU THINK. Check on your LEGIBLE PRINT of your LETTERS. Use time frame for the sentence that has words of Simple Past Tense. Try to use : e.g: likes to read. E.g: likes reading.

Beware of Verbs to be: is, was, are, were, has, have, had, do, does, did If your sentence is exceeding the line given, you can continue down the line but start from left bottom without underlining it.


You need to read and comprehend a text given. The text can be at any forms : graph, map, schedule, table, menu, recipe, diary, notice or advertisement. Most of the time, it will in the form of a Non-Linear Text. All you have to do is to comprehend by understanding that text and transfer those required information to the other text according to its suitability. Sometimes the Capital Letters need to be smaller when you put them into the other text. Sometimes you have to add some words that can make the phrase to FIT IN the blanks correctly. Make NO SPELLING MISTAKES or you will get 0 for that.

Try to write within the line given. Your hand writing plays an important role in getting marks in full. Check your answer by re-reading that sentence after you have transferred your answer. 1 mark for Content and 2 marks for Expressions. Each and every word in that text could be the answer. So, be careful !!!!!!! After having answered all 5 blanks, please check again, my dear. Always check on your spelling and punctuation as they can deter you from getting 15/15 for this Question 2. This is the question that can push up your chance to get an A for your English as this section is considered as quite easy to score. Do not ever try to do DIRECT LIFTING. Dont just do CUT AND PASTE No marks for empty blanks. Continuous practice will definitely help you to score at this section. Good Luck!


The very first thing that you MUST do is to OBSERVE, READ and UNDERSTAND the purpose of that note expansion and its character that involve in it. If you feel uncertain, just read that instructions in Tamil. Do not use your personal name UNLESS it is not given. Normally for UPSR, the name will be given just to avoid confusion. Observe all 3 pictures that are in the series. You can make your own judgment as whether that text is an event, incident, accident or a common activity.

You will be given 4 or 5 helping words that will help you to construct sentences. Observe the tenses given from picture 1 until picture 3. Write sentences using the tenses given and the flow of the story should be written according to the tenses. Do not write a very long sentence . Do some preparation before start writing. You can make notes in between those helping words that are given. Check on the sentence constructions. Use linkers or connectors such as then, after that, later, so, finally and others as these words can help you to have a flow in the text that will be meaningful. Do not make Grammar mistakes.( Tenses, Punctuations and others ). Try to have 2 new words in your writing and make sure they are relevant. Always check on your spelling mistakes throughout your writing. Re-read after you have finished writing, just to counter-check on your grammar mistakes that will be written carelessly, sometimes. Make sure your handwriting is clear with legible print as this factor can help you to convince your examiner to evaluate your work better. If your sentences are exceeding 4 lines given, never mind. Just continue after that fourth line but do not underline them. Your A depends on your writing for Question Number 3. UPSR comes only once in your pupils life time,since they deserve to know everything. Never Give Up !!!!!!! Nothing is too late if youre willing to start from today. See you, Good Luck and Best Wishes.


WAYS TO SCORE PERFECT 15 FOR NOTE EXPANSION: SECTION C PICTURE 1 : (a) Write 2 sentences as your introduction. These 2 sentences are based on your main character/s. (b) Find a Collective Nouns and make a sentence. (c) Find a Simile and construct a sentence. (d) Write 3 sentences based on the NOTES given. (e) Use proper LINKERS/CONNECTERS. (f) The average length of your sentences should be within 6,7 or 8 words. (g) You can even insert Proverbs in your sentences. (h) Try to use simple and compound( and.or,but,because) sentences. (i) Make sure that your sentences are ERROR FREE.- No grammatical error. PICTURE 2: a) Use connectors or linkers such as Later,Then,After that,Suddenly b) Write 3 sentences that based on the given notes. c) You can switch between the Proper Nonuns and Pronouns while writing. d) Write 2 sentences on your own. PICTURE 3; a) Use linkers or connectors. b) 3 sentences based on the notes given c) 2 sentences on your own. d) Use moral values if possible. e) You may use idioms and proverbs if necessary. f) Read as the whole once and make sure your writing is ERROR FREE. GOOD LUCK!!!!!