An Overview of Airport Infrastructure in India

By V.P.Agrawal, Chairman, Airports Authority of India

Global Economic Scenario
• Global economies now seeing recovery. • Asia Pacific economies GDP levels to grow more than 4% in 2010. • Asian markets will prompt a faster and stronger improvement in air traffic volumes than in other parts of the world. • India’s GDP • Set to grow at better than 6% over a period of time. • Current Growth Rate 7.9%.

• Operational Airports – Increased from 50 to 82 in last 4 years. • Increased connectivity – 69 Foreign Airlines from 49 countries flying into India. • Traffic Demand expected to increase by 8. • India ranks fourth after US. 3 .5% per annum till 2015.Growth Story – Indian Civil Aviation • India has become the 9th biggest aviation market in the world. China and Japan in terms of domestic traffic.

Growth Story – Indian Civil Aviation Statistics 2003-04 – 2008-09 • Traffic Growth 20% average annual growth • Passenger Traffic from 28. • ATF consumption from 2.5 million MT to 4.5 million to 109 million per annum. of aircraft increased from 158 to 396. • Cargo Handled grew from one million MT to 1. • No. • Domestic Departures from 5108 per week to 11048 per week.5 million MT. .7 million MT per annum.

• India has 0.02 trips per capita as compared to 0.Potential for Growth – Indian Civil Aviation • India is still one of the least penetrated markets even lower than Sri Lanka. • India has over 300 million strong middle class population with ever increasing disposable income. Pakistan and Nigeria.2 of USA. 5 .1 of China and 2.

Airport Infrastructure .India • 454 airports / airstrips (Operational and Non-Operational) AAI manages 139 Airports International 17 (6 JV + 3 CE) Custom 8 Domestic 81 Civil Enclaves 25 CNS/ATM 8 AAI undertakes : • Development & Management of Airports • Air Traffic Management Services and Infrastructure .

1/11/2010 Airports Authority of India . KM) Total Airspace Land + Oceanic : 2.76 million Sq NM oceanic airspace in the Bay of Bengal.8 million Sq NM (9.04 Million Sq.6 million Sq. Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea has been delegated to India for the provision of Air Traffic Services (Between Himalayas and 6 degree south up to Mauritius). about 1.8 Million Sq.NM In addition.Airspace Controlled by AAI – 2.NM Land Area: 1.

Metro Airports – Modernization .

Cost Rs. Taxiways. International Cargo Terminal. Crores 1808 (US$ 362 million) R/way extension.•Metro Airports – Modernization • Kolkata Airport Modernization Project • • Cost Rs. Additional bays & taxiways . New Domestic Departure Terminal . additional International terminal capacity of 4 million and domestic capacity of 10 million • Chennai Airport Modernization Project • • • Delhi Airport Modernization: Taken up by JV • • Planned Capital Expenditure – Rs.New Terminal-3 to cater 37 million passengers per annum • Mumbai Airport Modernization: Taken up by JV • • Planned Capital Expenditure – Rs. Apron. Crores 1942 (US$ 488 million) R/way extension. New Domestic Terminal. 8975 crore (US$ 1797 million) New Third Runway. 5186 crores (US$ 1038 million) New Terminal – T2. Parallel Taxiway . Apron. Additional bays & taxiways and additional terminal capacity of 15 million.Expansion of International Terminal.

• Capital Expenditure – US$ 1038 million • New Terminal-3 to cater 40 million Pax. per annum . per annum New Passenger Terminal Delhi New Integrated Passenger Terminal .Mumbai • Capital Expenditure – US$ 1797 million • New Terminal-3 to cater 37 million Pax.

Development of Other Airports .

Ahmedabad (Domestic) Airport Aurangabad Airport .

Amritsar Airport Udaipur Airport .

Surat Airport Jaipur Airport .

Upcoming Airports – Perspective View Bhubaneswar Airport Lucknow Airport .

Upcoming Airports – Perspective View .

Upcoming Airports – Perspective View Bhopal Ranchi Chandigarh Indore .

Chennai & Kolkata SBAS/GAGAN(GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation) .MSSR at 7 Airports ASR / MSSR at 2 Airports ILS at 21 Airports DVOR at 22 Airports DME at 55 Airports D-ATIS at 21 Airports Automation – Tower Automation at 30 airports VCCS at 30 airports RCAG at 12 Sites AMHS at Mumbai ASMGCS at Mumbai.CNS Facility Augmentation taken up by AAI ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Radar Coverage .

• Technology Demonstration successfully carried out and system likely to be fully operational by 2010. • Potential for extension of GAGAN services to neighboring countries. • GAGAN would provide precision approach and landing guidance up to Category I to aircraft hitherto not available due to terrain conditions precluding provision of ILS. .Space Based Augmentation System (Project GAGAN) • GPS aided GEO Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) • GAGAN overlay covers from Africa to Australia.

• IT Related Projects. • Development of Greenfield Airports. . • Up-gradation/modernization of both Metro and Nonmetro airports and a new layer of linkages with 2-tier/ 3-tier cities. • Airport Master Plan developmnet.Potential for Infrastructure Development – Indian Airports • Expansion of capacity at existing airports. • Induction of modern technology at airports for Aircraft. • City side development of Airports through PPP route. Passenger and cargo at airports.

Bengal) . Saras (Rajasthan) and Durgapur (W. Hassan. Dabra (Gwalior. Madhya Pradesh). Kannur (Kerala). Bijapur.New Greenfield Airports – 11 Airports • In-principle approval given by MOCA. GOI to 11 new Greenfield airports• • • • • • • Mopa (Goa). Simoga. Navi Mumbai. Sindhudurg (Maharashtra). Gulbarga (Karnataka).

f. Beyond 74% with special permission of Govt.Upto 74% (Automatic).e.US$ 8000 million w.FDI Policy on Airport Infrastructure • Greenfield Projects • Existing Projects 100% (Automatic) . 2006 . •Investment Planned .

Ground Handling facilities. Crash Fire Tenders Technology enhancement. • IT based and • specialized equipment oriented. Air Cargo activities. Hotels / Motels and other passenger related amenities. to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Aircraft MRO centre. .Specific Opportunities lie in the area of : • • • • • • • Non traffic revenue at Airports.

Modernization of MET services Surveillance through multiple sensors Dedicated Helicopter routes . Flexible use of Airspace Networking of Military/Civilian Radars Implementation of PBN Consolidation of Airspace.Opportunities in the area of CNS / ATM • • • • • • • • • Air Traffic Flow Management Preferred routes implementation.

In conclusion. be it in investment for infrastructure or in businesses at airports and other associated activities in India. opportunities are in plenty. .

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