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Pakistan Democracy and Governance, 391-YYY STATUS: New PLANNED FY 2001 OBLIGATION AND FUNDING SOURCE: $0* PROPOSED

FY 2002 OBLIGATION AND FUNDING SOURCE: $2,000,000 ESF INITIAL OBLIGATION: FY 2001 ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE: FY 2003 Summary: At the Pakistan Development Forum in March 2001, the U.S. Government and other donors urged the Government of Pakistan to adhere to its October 2002 deadline for returning democracy to Pakistan. However, the return to democratic rule will be shortlived if opportunities are not seized now to support the strengthening of basic institutions of democracy, including civil society organization, the media, and political parties. USAID proposes a democracy program that will work with civil society organizations and political parties and will focus on activities that will result in a government that is more responsive to citizen needs. Activities will foster the emergence of new leadership within issue-based civil society organizations and political parties; foster the creation of new fora in which civil society, political leaders and local civil administration authorities can discuss and reach consensus on priority development issues; and improve the capacity to carry out research and analyses designed to inform decision makers, lawmakers, and civil society leaders on the state of political change in Pakistan. USAID intends to provide this assistance under the authority of Section 133 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (P.L. 87-195), which authorizes the President to "establish programs that combat corruption, improve transparency and accountability, and promote other forms of good governance….notwithstanding any other provision of law that restricts assistance to foreign countries." The program will not provide assistance directly to the Government of Pakistan. Civil society: USAID proposes to improve and to sharpen the analysis by civil society organizations of the political economy of Pakistan, and to use that sharpened analysis to promote a dialog on political issues among primary civil society actors, including NGOs, civic organizations, think tanks, polling companies, universities, and the press. Political parties: If the present de-legitimatization of Pakistan's political institutions continues unabated, there could be little left to salvage once the civil society program begins to produce results. The present schedule calls for completion of local body elections by August 2001. However, provincial and national elections contested by the main political parties will not be completed until October 2002. At that point, provincial and national governments-widely expected to be dominated by the old political partieswill exist above party-less local bodies. USAID plans to identify mid-level party "officials" who oppose the prevailing organization, direction, and policies of their respective parties. Assuming that such potential reformers exist, USAID will provide assistance aimed at re-shaping the parties to make them, and the governments they form, more accountable, working directly with them on party organization, message development, and constituency building. Assistance would be available to all parties and to all members of parties, but the program would encourage particularly those who want to reform.

Possible Adjustments to Plans: None. Selected Performance Measures: To be developed under the new planning framework. 2000 0 DA 0 CSD 0 CSD 0 CSD 0 ESF 0 ESF 0 ESF 0 SEED 0 SEED 0 SEED 0 FSA 0 FSA 0 FSA 0 DFA 0 DFA 0 DFA Prior Year Unobligated Funds 0 0 CSD 0 ESF 0 SEED 0 FSA 0 DFA Unliquidated 0 DA 0 DA DA DA 0 DA 0 DA DA . the World Bank. * In FY 2001. Financing (In thousands of dollars) Obligations Expenditures Through September 30. $1. Other Donor Programs: The program will be coordinated with other major donors. 1999 0 0 CSD 0 CSD 0 CSD 0 ESF 0 ESF 0 ESF 0 SEED 0 SEED 0 SEED 0 FSA 0 FSA 0 FSA 0 DFA 0 DFA 0 DFA Fiscal Year 2000 0 DA 0 0 CSD 0 CSD 0 ESF 0 ESF 0 SEED 0 SEED 0 FSA 0 FSA 0 DFA 0 DFA Through September 30. or Agencies: To be determined.000 in FY 2001 ESF will be allocated from the Improve South Asia Regional Stability activity (498-037) to fund the Pakistan Democracy and Governance Program. U. Principal Contractors.S. and the European Union.000. Grantees. Canada.Key Results: Expected results have not yet been developed.000 in FY 2000 ESF carryover and $1. such as the Asian Development Bank. Performance and Prospects: The program is under development.000. the United Nations Development Program.

Total Cost 0 DA 0 DA .000 ESF 0 SEED 0 SEED 0 SEED 0 FSA 0 FSA 0 FSA 0 DFA 0 DFA 0 DFA Est.Planned Fiscal Year 2001 NOA 0 DA 0 CSD 0 ESF 0 SEED 0 FSA 0 DFA Total Planned Fiscal Year 2001 0 DA 0 CSD 0 ESF 0 SEED 0 FSA 0 DFA Future Obligations Proposed Fiscal Year 2002 NOA 0 DA 0 CSD 0 CSD 0 CSD 2.000 ESF 0 ESF 2.