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Material extra para el receso

5to A & B

Les enviamos unos bookmarks (señaladores)

para que armen y lo usen como repaso,
también una rueda para preparar con el
pasado (similar a la de verbos irregulares) y
presente del verbo to be y algunos ejercicios
de pasado simple y preposiciones.
Descansen y cuidense del frío.

Además del material anexado, los alumnos

deben chequear y completar del libro Round
up II unidades: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9,16 y 17.

Miss andrea y Miss paulina
+ + V ed / ►yesterday VERBS
►two days ago
d ►last week + + II column
►in March
- + didn’t ►in 2003 - + didn’t
►when I was
+V younger +I column

Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple Tense:

1. We ___________ (HAVE) a lot of fun at your

birthday party yesterday.
2. My brother and I ___________ (FINISH) our homework a
few minutes ago.
I made this
3. Susan ___________ (LIKE) skating when she was a sandwich
girl. two
4. Joe ___________ (BREAK) his leg three weeks ago. days ago.
5. I ___________ (MEET) my best friend George in 2005.
6. My parents ___________ (GO) to the theatre yesterday
7. He ___________ (WATCH) a very scary horror film last
8. Emma ___________ (NOT GO) to school when she was ill.
9. Where ___________ you ___________ (LEAVE) your jacket?
10. ___________ you ___________ (HATE) broccoli when you
were a child?
11. Peter ___________ (READ) a very interesting book
12. Mum ___________ (MAKE) a big chocolate cake a few
hours ago.
13. We ___________ (PLAY) beach volleyball when we were
at the seaside.
14. He ___________ (NOT LISTEN) to music after school

We finished this exercise a few

seconds ago.

The time:  at 2 o´clock

Specific parts of the day:  at midday/ midnight / at
Certain time expressions:  at Christmas/ Easter
 At present
Days of the week:  On Monday

O Dates
Special days
 On the 16th of June
 On my birthday
 On Christmas Day
 On New Years´Eve/ Day

Months of the year:  In June

IN Seasons of the year: In

Parts of the day:  In the morning
 In the afeternoon
 In the evening
 At the moment/ weekend
Longer periods of time:  In this century

1. The
leaves ___ five minutes, hurry up!
2.I'm going to America ___ April.
3.He doesn't work ___ Sundays or Mondays.
4.In England the shops shut ___ 5:30.
5.She never feels very good ___ the morning.
6.She is starting work ___ June 4th .
7.What do you do ___ the evenings?
8.I can't sleep ___ night these days.
9.Where are you going ___ the summer?
10.I was born ___ 1966.
11.My birthday is ___ January.
12.I often go to the movies ___ Friday night.
13.My sister starts work ___ 9 o'clock.
14.We don't have classes ___ Sunday.
15.Our Company started ___ 1997.
16.I have an appointment with the doctor ___ 4:30.
17.We plan to go on vacation ___ August.
18.Bye! See you ___ Monday.
19.What time does it get dark ___ night?
20.He always goes to the gym ___ the morning.
21.America was discovered ___ 1492.
22.She usually has lunch ___ midday.
23.She was born ___ the last day of March.
24.There is a holiday ___ December 25th .
25.I like to look at the stars ___ night.
26.It usually rains a lot ___ winter.
27.They are very busy ___ the moment.
28.There are many parties ___ New Year's eve.
29.Cinderella left the ball ___ midnight.
30.Lambs are born ___ spring.