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ShipConstructor 2005 HVAC Patch features Overview

This is a short description of new functionality for a significant update to the ShipConstructor HVAC module. Our team has migrated this engine from the ShipConstructor 2006 code base in a special effort to improve HVAC for those who will stay with the ShipConstructor 2005 version on projects that are well underway. As time and resource are limited at this time we provide a document that is not fully polished but manages to highlight the new functionality provided in an efficient manner.

1.0 Improved rendering

1.1 2-d Line Mode HLR

Hidden Line Removal (HLR) and rendering of HVAC Parts in 2-d line mode has been greatly improved. Round HVAC now draws proper silhouettes. Fittings draw proper intersections. Please refer to the following screenshot: Old 2005 HVAC:

HVAC 2005 February Patch:

1.2 AutoCAD HLR (nicer plots)

Rendering of HVAC Parts in AutoCAD HLR mode has been greatly improved. Round ducts do not look meshy anymore. Please refer to the screenshot: OLD 2005 HVAC:

HVAC 2005 February Patch:

1.3 AutoCAD Shademode

Parts are drawing using proper surface representations:


HVAC 2005 February patch:

2.0 New Transform Engine:

To switch between transform modes, use the SCHvacTransformMode ( TRANS toolbar. ) available on the

Note: By default, the transform mode is in single part transform mode

2.1 Single part transforms Single part transforms in HVAC have been improved dramatically. It is now possible to swing around individual ends of fittings as well as bents. Connected items can be rotated in place if appropriate. Flipping an existing elbow by 180 degrees:

2.2 Multi part transforms Very complex transformations are now possible. Selecting and dragging a single part can affect the entire system. Initial HVAC System:

Selecting existing straight duct end to transform the entire system to connect to the elbow:

End Result of the transformation:

2.3 HVAC Parts can be anchored Individual parts can be anchored. This allows complex transformations to be constrained to a small section of the system which the user whishes to modify Anchored HVAC Parts:

2.4 New osnap points More osnap points are provided for all HVAC part types, making routing using the new user input system and transformation system easier.

3.0 Improved user input system:

3.1 Improved user input system for bent parts The user input system has been replaced, such that it is now impossible to create ducts with invalid geometry. 3.2 Ability to place ducts by offsets (such as top, bottom, left right etc) These new routing offsets allow for easy placement of ducts relative to existing objects. Refer to the following two screenshots, where a duct was routed such that its centerline is offset by 500mm from the existing solid (green), and 200mm from the existing solid(yellow). The second duct was routed using the offset system as well. Finally, they were connected using the single-part and multi-part transform engine.

Ducts routed relative to each other using the offset routing feature.

4.0 Miscellaneous bug fixes

4.1 Mirroring HVAC parts Mirroring HVAC parts is now fully supported 4.2 Breaking bent duct The AutoCAD break command is now supported to break bent duct.

5.0 New commands reference

Menu...........None Toolbar........TRANS > Toggle Transform mode Command. . .SCHvacTransformMode Permissions.HVAC Modeling

Toggles the transform mode between single part and multi part transform.


Toolbar........TRANS > Anchor Command. . .SCHvacAnchor Permissions.HVAC Modeling

Anchors the selected part. This part will still be moveable by AutoCAD commands, but will be locked while doing a multi-part transform


Toolbar........TRANS > Un-Anchor Command. . .SCHvacUnAnchor Permissions.HVAC Modeling

Un-Anchors the selected part.