AUDITIONS – Monday, August 27, from 2:30 – 5:30 CALLBACKS: Tuesday, August 28, from 2:30 – 5:30 (Possible 2nd Call Backs: Thursday, August 30 2:30—5:30) Auditions are open to ALL Southport High School Students. Come on Monday prepared to sing and dance. Starting Monday, August 20th, you can sign up for an audition time. You will sing solo during your time, then move to dancing. Dancing will be quick and will be seen as a group. Those who wish to audition for larger parts may be called back on Thursday to read and be matched with others. Those who wish to be in the chorus only must sing and dance on Monday or Tuesday. ALL WHO WISH TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE MUSICAL MUST SING AND DANCE ON Monday or Tuesday. Even if you are auditioning for a non-singing part, you must audition. Being a part of the musical is huge responsibility. You must attend all rehearsals for which you are called. If you have three unexcused absences, you will be dismissed from the show. A sample rehearsal schedule is coming soon – please review it carefully to determine at what level you are willing to commit. Please do not audition for a role that you know you will not be able to fulfill the time obligations. Be prepared for long rehearsals in November. I am most interested in students who are willing to work hard than those who fly by on their innate talent. A combination of both would be most beneficial. Fill out the audition form on the last page of this packet and return it to me as soon as you can. I need them before the actual auditions. Please come to auditions on Monday or Tuesday prepared: song/words memorized, a smile on your face, ready to sing and move your body. Show me you have put effort into preparing to audition. Audition audio files can be found on my website: Available roles are on the back. Break A Leg! Mrs. McDuffee

The available roles are as follows (in order of significance):

who hails from Allentown. and Conrad himself becomes tired of the show business life and tries to teach the kids how to party .10 yrs old Mayor—40’s Reporters (speaking role) Show Plot: Bye Bye Birdie is a Broadway musical satire on American society written by Michael Stewart (book).early 20’s 2 Sad girls (good dancers) . centering around Conrad Birdie. Lee Adams (lyrics). AUDITIONS At auditions. and Albert set off to her house in Sweet Apple.20’s Mr. Rose.teenager Randolph (tenor) .40’s Hugo Peabody (no singing solos) . Pennsylvania. It was first performed in New York City's Al Hirschfeld Theatre on April 14. The lucky girl is chosen randomly from Conrad's national fan club.20’s/30’s Male Albert Peterson (bari) .teenager Ursula Merkel (mezzo ) .15 Mae Peterson (alto/mezzo) .Female Rosie Alvarez (alto) .teenager Suzie (mezzo) . and give one lucky girl from his fan club a real 'one last kiss' on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' before going off to war. Harry MacAfee (bari) . a hip-thrusting rock and roll superstar akin to Elvis Presley.teenager Harvey Johnson (bari) .teenager Nancy (mezzo) . and it happens to be Kim MacAfee.teenager Mrs.teenager Margie (mezzo) . please be on time. 1960.40’s Gloria Rasputin (tap dancer) . However. ready to go.20’s/30’s Conrad Birdie (bari) . MacAfee (mezzo) . so he and Rose come up with a last-ditch publicity stunt to premier one last hit Conrad Birdie record before he is sent to the army. Ohio to prepare for the event. and Charles Strouse (music). things don't go quite as planned. Rose Alvarez.teenagers Stage Manager (no solo) .40’s Helen (mezzo) . Conrad's agent and songwriter. Merkel (no solos) .15 Karle (bari) .ultimately getting himself in trouble with the law.mid 20’s/early 30’s Kim MacAfee (soprano) . Kim's father becomes obsessed with the prospect of being on The Ed Sullivan Show alongside his daughter. and Albert's secretary and love. Albert finds himself in trouble when Conrad is drafted into the army. Story The fictional story takes place in 1958.60’s Mrs.teenager Alice (mezzo) . Conrad.teenager Mayor’s Wife—40’s Penelope (mezzo) . They plan to have Conrad sing Peterson's new song "One Last Kiss" on live television. directed by Gower Champion. You can choose to come to either Monday or . Kim's boyfriend becomes disastrously jealous of Conrad. Albert Peterson.

no talking while someone is singing. YOU DO NOT NEED to come to bothPlease be a polite audience (cell-phones off. A Lot of Livin’ to Do ). When you audition. I have not been called-back and gotten a lead.). I’ve seen it over and over. Sen). August 20. Sometimes. from 2:30—3:30 PM in the Choir Room Attendance is NOT mandatory. When you are called to the stage. and then not cast at all. I have been left hanging without any sort of notification either way. I am a (Frosh. Please. Casting shows is never an easy chore because feelings always get hurt. Jr. my name is _____________. Soph.) We will proceed in the order of sign ups. Kim. But the best I have ever felt is when I have prepared well. Rosie. please know that I will do my best to cast this show appropriately and that any casting decisions are not decisions about you as people. only positive support. etc. unless other arrangements have been made. Lastly. it doesn’t make any sense at all. walk to the center of the stage and introduce yourself loudly and clearly: ―Hello. (I have far more stories of those than all of the rest…) I do not believe in mediocre shows. I may or may not have been cast. You NEVER know what a director is looking for.) I have left auditions in tears. English Teacher. Ensemble.Tuesday’s audition. I can’t stress this enough. there is seniority and/or favorites. your hair is the wrong color (honestly. and I am auditioning for (Albert. I have auditioned for far more shows than I’ve been in (and I’ve been in a LOT. I have a team of adults help me cast the show. please be honest on your audition form. you should sing the following songs: Albert: Put On a Happy Face Rosie: English Teacher Kim: How Lovely to Be A Woman Conrad: One Last Kiss Ensemble/Any Part: A Lot of Livin’ To Do Do your best. The ONLY thing you can do is prepare well and DO YOUR BEST at an audition. How Lovely to Be a Woman. Sometimes you’re too tall or short. Sometimes. I believe that high school kids are capable of doing amazing things.‖ If you are auditioning for certain parts. walked into an audition and done my personal best. I will be singing (Put on a Happy Face. Attend the Audition Information Session: Monday. but I did all that I can do. It will not hurt you if you choose ―lead only‖ or ―chorus only. I do not cast alone. One Last Kiss. Bye Bye Birdie Auditions — Fall 2012 Name: ____________________________________________ Age:___________ . I have been called-back. Conrad.) Sometimes. etc. let us know what selection you will be singing and accompaniment will be pre-recorded for you.‖ Have more questions? You know you do. rocked the call-back.

) Use back if necessary: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ Please list any conflicts you have from now until November 16th. etc. gymnastics.Year (Circle One): Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Role(s) Preferred: ___________________________________________________________________________ Preference (Please circle one) I will accept any role I will accept only a lead role I prefer chorus-only Hair Color: ____________ Eye Color:___________ Height: _________ Weight: _______ Parent Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________________ Parent Phone: Home: __________________________ Cell:____________________________________ Parent email: __________________________________________________________________________________ Student Phone: ________________________________________________________________________________ Student email: _________________________________________________________________________________ Previous Experience (use back if necessary): Title of Show Role(s) Theatre Year Please list any special skills (dance. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ . Most rehearsals will take place from 2:30—5:30 until the beginning of November when they will be longer and include the evening.

_____ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ .

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