Don't let our history, character and private property rights fall victim to a radical Comprehensive Plan that will transform our city forever!

The appointed volunteer Saratoga Springs Comprehensive Plan Committee (CPC) is formulating their vision of a resilient Saratoga Springs that will ultimately...

* Threaten the future of our historic Saratoga Tracts
"consider owning the racetrack or a racetrackless Saratoga" ^
A "great idea" per Sustainable Saratoga's public forum on a Resilient Saratoga Economy

* Increase regulations on local business
Complete Streets & Urban Forestry Programs will restrict commercial deliveries and compromise on and off street parking.

"We need to recommend regulating these draft ideas''^
- Theresa Capozzola, CPC

* Violate Your Private Property Rights
Clifford Van Wagner, CPC committee chair, refused to sign a resolution protecting private property rights , in Saratoga Springs, citing the CPC is a "volunteer committee" and doesn't need to sign. Re-zoning of private "dirt lots" near the race track used for race track parking seen as;

"opportunities within the vibrant core of the city that we should look at" ^
- Devin Dalpos, CPC

* Change the historic charm of our unique city forever!
High density housing, required low income housing and mixed use development takes away from the Victorian flavor of our city. Definition of Conservation Subdivision: a tract of land that Is required to include a 50% "conserved forever" designation will force a higher concentration of housing on the remaining smaller lot. ^ Is the plan for Saratoga Springs core area the type of development seen along Railroad Place? ...narrow streets, restricted landscape, congested traffic, limited parking (even prior to adding bike paths)

If you don't agree with the CPC direction, see reverse side
^ 6/22/2013 - Sustainable Saratoga public forum ^ 8/19/2013 - Saratoga Springs CPC public meeting ' 7/11/2013 - Saratoga Springs CPC public meeting

Questions of Transparency
• Is the urgency being stressed to complete the updated comprehensive plan by December 2013 an attempt to avoid transparency? Is this a similar "message of necessity" tactic as used by Gov. Cuomo in January? Why does the taxpayer funded consulting firm list non-profit organizations a s the primary "stakeholders" of the comprehensive plan? Why has the city council and C P C denied reasonable requests from citizen stakeiiolders to guarantee protection of private property rights in their planning process? Why is the C P C draft plan a clandestine document being held from us until the hour? Their vision could include encouraging "citizen enforcement" of new zoning laws! Have you, the true "Stakeholder", been asked about your vision?


• •


Are we going to cater to the radical special interest non-pro/it groups?
Join other S a r a t o g a Springs C o n c e r n e d Citizens for Property Rights a n d d e m a n d that y o u r e l e c t e d officials r e j e c t this e x c e s s i v e plan of infringement.

Arrive early and make sure your voice is heard

Monday September 30**' 2013 6 - 8 pm
Community Room Public Library 49 Henry S t r e e t [seating capacity is limited to 120 people]

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