To: From: Board of Management Robin Hale Chief Operating Officer

Subject: 2013 SIX-MONTH VISITOR SAFETY REPORT Date: 2013-08-23

Summary: A status report is presented to the Board every six months regarding the Toronto Zoo’s Visitor Safety occurrences and programs. Recommendations: It is recommended that this report be received for information. Comments/Discussion: The Visitor Safety Summary for the period 2013-01-01 to 2013-06-30 is attached hereto. During this period there were a total of 47 visitor accidents, which compares to 49 during the same time period in 2012. The accident to attendance ratio for the first six months of 2013 was 1:13,704. This statistic represents a decrease over the 2012 ratio which was 1:10,716. Safety & Security continues to provide in house training for its staff in First Aid/CPR and Automatic External Defibrillation (AED). The Zoo’s visitor accident prevention program includes inspections of all public areas by the Safety & Security Branch to identify actual or potential hazards to the public. Work Orders to repair these hazards, as well as, for any hazard identified as the result of an investigation into a visitor accident, are submitted to Facilities & Services or Horticulture for action. The Public Safety Committee continues to review on-going issues. Capital improvements and operating projects continue to be a benefit in improving site conditions for our visitors.

_________________________ R. D. Hale Chief Operating Officer List of Attachments: 2013 Six-Month Visitor Safety Summary

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ACCIDENT HISTORY In the first six months of 2013 there were 47 visitor accidents resulting in injuries to Zoo visitors that were investigated by Safety & Security. The accidents are classified in six different categories: Slip/Fall-Other, Contact, Slip/Fall-Public Pathway, General Mishap, Exposure, and Animal-Related. These totals do not include wasp or bee stings of which there have been two reported in the first six months of 2013 and 10 reported in the first six months of 2012. In the same time period Safety & Security staff responded to two calls involving visitor illness. A) 2013 VISITOR ACCIDENT SUMMARY Type Slip/Fall-Other Contact General Mishap Slip/Fall-Public Pathway Animal Related Totals 2013(YTD) 23 12 8 4 0 47 2013% 48.9 25.6 17.0 8.5 0 100 2012(YTD) 25 13 3 6 2 49 2012% 51.0 26.5 6.1 12.3 4.1 100

When compared to the first six months of 2012, there has been a slight decrease in the number of accidents reported. Slip/Fall-Other decreased from 25 to 23. Contact decreased from 13 to 12. Slip/Fall-Public Pathway decreased from 6 to 4, and Animal Related decreased from 2 to 0. The only increase was with General Mishap which increased from 3 to 8. B) VISITOR ACCIDENT RATIOS COMPARISON A means of comparing our accident performance is the visitor to accident ratio. The 2013 year to date Visitor Accident Ratio decreased to 1 accident for every 12,710 visitors). Year 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Average 2013 Visitor Attendance –YTD 505,739 573,864 565,185 493,024 525,062 532,575 597,365 Accident: Attendance Ratio YTD 1:16,314 1:17,389 1:13,143 1:10,956 1:10,716 1:13,704 1:12,710

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EXPLANATION OF ACCIDENTS We continue to see a downward trend in Slip/Fall-Pathway injuries. As this category involves injuries sustained as a result of pavement and conditions on site, it is important that we continue a downward trend with respect to this type of injury. Proactive identification and repair of site pathways by Facilities & Services and Safety & Security staff continue to have a positive effect on trend. In the first six months of 2013, Slip/Fall-Other and General Mishap accidents represent 66% of reportable accidents on site. These types of accidents, which involved visitors tripping on their own feet/falling from objects and children injured while rough housing, are not attributable to actions taken or not taken by the Zoo. Curbing this type of activity especially involving children who are under the care of a guardian continues to be a challenge. In all cases, the following incidents were investigated by the Safety & Security Branch and first aid was rendered as required. Recommendations were made for corrective action and forwarded to the appropriate Units for action. Safety & Security staff also continue take a proactive approach through general patrol in curbing activities that could lead to visitor injuries. Slip/Fall-Other  There were 23 Slip/Fall-Other incidents. Ten of the accidents consisted of children falling off benches, rocks and statues and two children fell from a parent or guardians arms. Eight people lost their footing or tripped over their own feet. Two adults were either pushing or leaning over wheelchairs and fell, while the last incident involved a visitor who was injured stepping off the Zoomobile.

Contact  There were 12 Contact related accidents. Five children were injured after walking into signs, logs, rocks or glass doors. One adult was hit by a sign that had tipped over due to high winds. Four visitors cut their hands, on various objects. One adult had his son accidentally poke him in the eye with a branch. The last accident involved a visitor who bumped their head while riding the Zoomobile. General Mishap  There were eight General Mishaps. Four children were roughhousing with other children and collided with each other or objects causing injury. The remaining four injuries were single in nature. One child stuck a raisin up her nose. A victim’s mother tripped and dropped the child causing minor injury. Another child had a previous injury that was aggravated while at the Zoo. The last incident involved a child whose parent thought an injury was present, but one could not be identified.

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Slip/Fall-Public Pathway  There were four Slip/Fall-Public Pathway accidents. Two of the incidents were adults who rolled their ankles stepping off the public pathway, while another fell from uneven pavement. The remaining accident involved an adult who slipped on a patch of ice.

D) SITE INSPECTIONS The Safety & Security Branch has conducted four site safety inspections of various locations at the Toronto Zoo since January 2013 and has identified 192 potential hazards where work is, or may be, required to correct. The Public Safety Committee conducts its own site reviews and verifies work completed, and establishes priorities for repairs. E) INITIATIVES Our Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program was expanded again this year with an additional AED unit being installed in a public location in the Education building. AED units continue to be accessible in the Australasia Pavilion, Americas Pavilion, Indo Malaya Pavilion, African Rainforest Pavilion, First Aid Centre, Operations Complex and Peacock Cafe and one in each Safety & Security patrol vehicle. F) OBSERVATIONS/ACTION 1. With the addition of an Automated External Defibrillator in the Education building and available throughout the Zoo in major pavilions, buildings and Safety & Security patrol vehicles; it is believed our program expansion is now complete. 2. The Public Safety Committee and Safety & Security staff will continue to identify and initiate work orders as necessary to correct identified hazards. 3. Safety & Security will continue to report deficiencies found during routine patrols and as a part of the Public Safety Inspection process. 4. Facilities & Services continue to undertake their annual asphalt repair program and correct identified areas of concern.

S. Alexander Manager, Safety & Security

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