Working Principle:- The GSM based on car security system will consists of main features say the announciation protection against :       Low fuel level in a fuel tank. Excess engine temperature. Over-speed announciation. Awareness about accidents Awareness about fire hazardous incidents. Automobile dialing with GSM mobile. Ignition locking All these actions will be taken by CPU i.e. AT89C51 and communicational to respective person so that he can take an appropriate action. The different types of transducers are used for detecting a particular fault. The output of each transducer converted to digital form will be transferred to the microcontroller. At the output of microcontroller the fault announciatio window will be provided. The corresponding switching ON or OFF of the window will indicate the fault of the nature. A common audio siren for all will be provided, to provide driver’s attention. The detail information regarding each sensor can be explained as below. Low Fuel Level In A Fuel Tank:-




The conductive metal probes non -corrosive material is used as liquid sensor. One of the probe is provided with VCC. This is the common sensor.

This is treated as the. Based on software code fed inside the microcontroller. This will sense the temperature at engine. Above that temperature the engine may get damaged.The another sensor is located at the position at the safety level as long as the fuel level is available up to the sensor. The arrangement is as shown below. healthy condition. This sensor provides 10mv output per *c. the collector goes at zero potential. As the base bias is cut. NO announciation is there at output. OVER-SPEED ANNOUNCIATION :. The transistor is ON. The DC motor will be used for rotating the car wheels. the appropriate logic level will be generated at the output. If the fuel level in a tank drops below a certain level. the safety level sensor is open. This logic pulse will be given to the microcontroller 89C51.This will cause to cut the base bias of the transistor. This healthy and unhealthy logic condition will be provided to microcontroller. the collector goes at higher logic potential.The transistor collector gives 0 &5V depending upon base voltage available. If the comparator is at zero logic state the collector is at higher potential and vice versa. LM35 TEMPERATURE SENSOR ANALOG COMPARATOR DIGITIZER MICROCONTROLLER LM35 is the temperature sensor. The comparator output is given to the base of transistor.The ear engine temperature is to be controlled from increasing above a certain reference. This is the low logic level. .The automobile speed will be measure by using a photo-electric pick-up here. EXCESS ENGINE TEMPERATURE:. Hence this temperature is compared with some healthy ref-temperature & the . the base gets positive drive to the transistor base.

AWARENESS ABOUT ACCIDENTS:. If These plates are not pressed. The output of f/v converter is the DC voltage. The comparator output I given to the microcontroller input port.the accidents of cars often take place. This will all a logic level at the output . This DC voltage will be compared in analog comparator with fixed reference. Two metal plates with spring in between is provided. In order to take such situation and take necessary actions. If the speed exceeds a certain boundary then the comparator output changes.depending upon .During the travelling .DC MOTOR D I S C DIGITIZER FREQUENCY TO VOLT AGE CONVERTER COMPARATOR DIGITIZER MICROCONTROLLER The speed sensed will be given to the frequency to voltage(f/v) converter.the code fed inside. the microcontrolor input .

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