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RE: Consumer Inquiry from Website Thursday, July 10, 2008 4:17 PM
From: "Becky Hiser" <>
Survey Accreditation Detail.pdf (39KB)

Hello Ms. McConnell. Attached please find a list of CARF accredited

Narconon locations. If you should need anything else, please let me

Please find the attached requested list of CARF accredited providers. To

read the descriptions of the various programs that CARF accredits,
please visit:

"These lists are meant to help people find accredited providers for
themselves and others. These provider lists are not intended to be used
for marketing purposes; we do not have permission from providers to
release their contact information for marketing."

Rebecca Hiser
Account Coordinator
Behavioral Health/CYS Customer Service Unit
888-281-6531, ext 126
520-318-1129 (fax)

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From: Al Whitehurst
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Subject: Consumer Inquiry from Website

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Topic of Inquiry: Web page access

Prefix: Ms.
First Name: Mary
Middle Initial:
Last Name: McConnell
Address: 7/6/2009
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State/Province: OH
Zip/Postal Code: 45812
Email Address:
Comments: Can you please send me a list of Narconon facilities in the
USA that are accredited with your agency?
Some of the known facilities are:

Narconon Florida, Inc Clearwater, FL

Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc. Destin, FL
Narconon Hawaii
Narconon Idaho, Inc.
Narconon Inc. ( Woburn, MA)
Narconon International ( Los Angeles, CA) Narconon Northern California,
Inc ( Watsonville and Placerville, CA facilities)
Narconon of Georgia, Inc.
Narconon of Oklahoma, Inc. (dba, Narconon Arrowhead)
Narconon Joshua Hills, Inc dba Mary's House, (Desert Hot Springs, CA)
Narconon Sacramento CA
Narconon Southern California, Inc. ( Newport Beach, CA and Warner
Springs, CA Narconon StoneHawk (Battlecreek MI and Albion, MI) Thank you
very much! 7/6/2009

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