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DREAMBOX DM800HD MOTOR SETUP Hi i have Gemeni image install in my box.

here is some information how to setup ur box with motorized dish (diseqc 1.2) First Go to: Menu--------->Setup------>service searching--->tuner configuration--->Advanced then choose any setllite you want example we select Hotbird 13 east Advanced---->hotbird LNB--->1 USE USALS----NO Store --->001 diseqc-----1.2 ----------------------------------only change these setting pls dont change any other setting then press ok then exit same you can did other setllites setting but everytime you add other setllite please select LNB2 AND Store :002 and if you add more settllites pls give them LNB3....AND store :3 then go to Positioner Tuner setup MENU--->-->Setup------>service searching-->Tuner positioner---->Tunerselect setllite Example Tuner positioner---->Tuner--Hotbird13east store postion---->1 then move your your dish east by pressing green button when you get Hotbird signal and say locaked just press green button to store setting.then exit Now search your Hotbird 13east by Manual scan and do the same for other setllites just Change store number remember all setllites store with different numbers hope this method will work for you.

STAGE 1. Setting up a DM800 none usals GOTO Main Menu \ Setup \ Service Searching \ Tuning Press "OK" on "TUNER A" Use L/R keys to change Configuration Mode to "advanced" Move down to "SATELLITE" Use L/R keys to select the satellite you want to add Go down to "LNB" Use L/R keys to select "LNB 1" Next ensure "Diseqc Mode" is " 1.2" (I left the others at the default setting's) Scroll further down to "LOF" and set it to "Universal LNB" using the L/R keys Underneath that set "Use USALS" for this satellite to "no" using L/R keys Go down to "Stored position" Set the position you want to for this satellite to appear at using L/R keys ie 001, 002 etc and press ok Then Press "OK" to save the info you have inputted. You will need to perform this for each Satellite position you intend to set up. Before you got to positioner setup. STAGE 2. GOTO back to Main Menu \ Setup \ Service Searching \ Positioner Satfinder Go down to "Satfinder" Press ok on Satfinder next picture Using L/R keys select "Predefined or Manual transponder" as required Go down to "Satellite" and use the L/R keys to select the Satellite to place at the above Storage postion Press "OK" When you have a lock exit this screen GOTO back to Main Menu \ Setup \ Service Searching \ Positioner setup Press ok on positioner setup next picture Go up to "Tune" Press the "Red Button" Select the satellite that you had a lock on, change the transponder so it was the same as in the satfinder picture Go down to "Positioner storage" Use L/R keys to set the postion number that is to be setup Press the GREEN button to store that location After you have stored this position got back to satfind and change the satellite to the next one you want to view, when you have a lock on this satellite exit again and proceed with the satellite positioner again . You will need to perform this for each position you intend to set up in line with what you did in stage 1