o let go!! Christian!!

Alice… Christian’s eyes fluttered open as he lay on the bed in the infirmary. He saw his father sitting beside him with a look full of regret. He quickly sat up breathing heavily. He looked up at his father. “Where’s Alice?!” he asked surprising Christopher. Christopher didn’t bother greeting him. “She’s with the council now…” “Well!? What are they going to do with her!? And why did they take-?” “Because of what she is!!” Christopher interrupted. Christian eyed him suspiciously. “Because of what she is?” he repeated. “We’re the same father! We’re both hybrids!” Christopher shook his head. “You’re not a hybrid anymore Christian that’s why they only took Alice…” Christian shook his head not understanding him. “W-What do you mean!? My mother was a vampire! Was that a lie!?” “It wasn’t a lie…Christian there’s always a special way on how things work” he told him. “When you have a child with a vampire and the father is human the child is mostly human than vampire and it’s mostly vampire the other way around like Alice and her father Salvador” he explained. “When we were at the Valoriette manor Alice bit you turning your human side vampire…” Christian looked down at the bandage wrapped around his chest and sighed. Alice…you’ve always been a step ahead of me…Yet I can’t protect you even once… Christopher looked at his son sadly. “I think you need to talk to Salvador…” he told his son sadly. Salvador was feeling just as bad as Christian. To lose his daughter without trying to stop them was one of the worst pains he’s felt in his entire life. The real question that was going through Christian was why did Salvador do it? ---------------------Christian walked down the halls of his manor look down at his bandaged chest. If only I saw…I could’ve saved her… Christian sighed completely frustrated about his mistake. “Christian…?” a female voice said. He looked up to see Allianna carrying her younger brother Adrian. “Allianna? What are you doing here?” he asked her walking towards her and looked at Adrian hesitating before ruffling his hair. He still wasn’t over the whole biting incident…

Adrian looked up at him with those innocent ruby eyes that suddenly filled with tears. Adrian gently brought Christian’s hand to his mouth and gently bit him sniffing sadly. “Ahrice…gone…” he cried softly. Allianna shook her head. “He’s been crying ever since we heard about Alice” she said frowning. “And that father didn’t do a single thing about it” she said as her eyes filled with tears. Christian put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, I promise you I’ll get her back…” he told her feeling terrible inside. Allianna nodded. “I’m helping you, I know where the Council is” Christian shook his head. “It’s dangerous you should stay here and take care of Adrian” “I’m going” she said stubbornly. “What make you allowed to go and not me?” “I’m her husband” “Not yet” she corrected. “And I’m her older sister giving me as much responsibility as you have” she glared at him. Christian frowned. “Who’s gonna watch Adrian while we’re gone!!?” Allianna cocked a brow. “He’s coming of course” “WE CAN’T BRING THE BABY!!!” IS SHE CRAZY!!!? “And why not?” she asked him. “He’s older than you I think it’s alright” she told him. “WELL, WHAT GOOD WOULD IT DO US IF WE BROUGHT A BABY!?” “Adrian has the ability to see the outcomes of decisions, he could help us!” she protested. Christian sighed rubbing his forehead. “Fine but you have to watch him” he sighed knowing that the argument was pointless. “Christian!! Are you alright!?” Christian turned to see Gabriel skidding to a stop in front of him. “Gab, hey” he smiled. “I heard you got hurt” he told him sadly looking at the bandages. “O.M.G. there’s a bullet wound, did someone shoot you with it?” he asked Christian. Allianna rolled her eyes. “Of course not, someone threw it at him” she said sarcastically. NO SHIT HE GOT SHOT!! Christian glared at her. “I see who gave Alice her etiquette lessons” he told her pointing out how rude she was. Alliana scoffed. “I taught her well…” Allianna then moved on to Gabriel. “Do you plan on joining us? We’re going to rescue Alice” she told him. Gabriel’s eyes widened. “Alice is gone?” he repeated to himself in surprise. Christian nodded sadly. “Yeah the council took her” Gabriel shook his head. “I’m so sorry and too know what happened to your mother when they took her must be terrible…” he said. “I’ll do what I can to help” he smiled. Christian shook hands with him. “Thanks it means a lot”

Gabriel scratched the back of his head. “I don’t know if I can do much though the council is a hard place to break in to” ---------------------Alice slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was in a glass tube that was lying horizontally. Her clothes had changed too she was now wearing a plain white flowing dress that reached her knees. She put one had against the glass looking through the darkness outside. It looked like the tube was the only light inside the dark room. She then saw a figure approaching her glass. “C-Christian?” she called. It was actually Lillith she was reached for a switch turning on the lights. Alice wasn’t the only tube in the room there were several others containing other people. Lillith ignored Alice and walked back out of the room. “Well looky here, we’ve got ourselves a newcomer” a voice said. Alice turned to see an 18 year old boy standing in his vertical tube. He had brown hair green eyes, a bushy tail with a pair of wolf ears sticking out of his head. “W-Werewolf!?” she said in disbelief backing up in her tube. He grinned showing his pair of fangs. “Don’t worry sweet heart I won’t bite” She glared at him. “I’m not afraid of you” “Uh-huh…” he said rolling his eyes. “So what’s so special about you?” he asked changing the subject. “What?” “Well if you’re here there’s got to be something about you the council likes” he explained. “They’re collectors; they collect one of every special species they find. From mermaids to werewolves whatever is rare they’ll keep here” He told her pointing at the other people in the tubes. “So what are you?” “Well I’m a hybrid, human half vampire” she explained. He chuckled. “Wow never thought I would see a hybrid make its way here” he said sitting down. “There’s almost no way out of here, I’m Oliver by the way” Alice looked around seeing it was completely secure no windows and only one way out which was probably guarded outside. “Alice, and I’m not trying to get out…” she said. How is Christian going to get in here…? She frowned when Christian was in her mind. She had almost forgotten that he got shot last time they saw each other. “Christian…” she said sadly as her head fell. He’s hurt…And I’m not there to help him… ------------------------Christian opened the armory full of guns and swords. “Pick anything you like” he offered grabbing guns. Gabriel grabbed a rifle and a belt full of bullets and bombs. “Do you know why they came for Alice?” he asked Christian loading the gun. “She’s a hybrid that’s why” he said darkly. “But we’ll get her back”

Allianna examined the swords. “I doubt only the three of us could break into a fortress” she reasoned sheathing two twin swords at her side. “No vampires at the manor would go against the council either, it’s against our laws” “Don’t worry I hired a small squad to come with us we’ll be fine” Gabriel grinned taking a sword as well. “Like that’ll actually help us, the council is composed of strong people and there’s two were up against” Allianna said pointing out everything bad about their situation. Gabriel rolled his eyes. “If you find this situation so hopeless, why don’t you just stay then?” “Because my younger sister’s out there about to die” she said shooting him an obvious glare. “Why don’t you stay? You’re not useful since you’re just human” she snapped back at him taking a dagger away from Adrian when he was seeing if he could bit a part off using his fangs. Gabriel fumed in anger. “I’m not just human! You unholy dissenting bitch!” he growled at her. Christian’s eyes widened and he froze when he heard what Gabriel growled. “Unholy holy dissenting bitch…” (Ch. 4 XD) I remember thinking that way about Alice… He smiled gently to himself. Look how much we’ve changed since then…We’ve fallen in love and before we were both trying to make each other’s life miserable with childish schemes… He rubbed his forehead still smiling. I wish we could go back to the old times…Even if it meant she would never return my feelings…I would at least be by her side still… Allianna and Gabriel were still arguing and didn’t bother noticing that Christian was being awkwardly silent alone over there. “AND WHAT’S WITH THE BABY!?!?!?” he asked her. “You really can’t bring him along!” Allianna put her hands on her waist. “Yes, I can I don’t trust your people by leaving him in their care” Gabriel rolled his eyes. “Really…the baby is just gonna slow us down…” “No, he won’t he’s older than you for pete’s sake!” Christian snapped they’re arguing was irritating. “SHUT UP!!!” he yelled back at them. They stared at him silently. “Dude, chill…” Gabriel said rolling his eyes. Allianna turned back to the weapons looking at her selection of daggers. “And how dare you say that to me I happen to be centuries older than you…” Christian sighed. “Let’s just go…” These guys are worse than me and Alice… ------------------The trio was walking down the halls heading outside to go to meet this squad Gabriel was talking about and out of all the people in the world they met Salvador on the way. Christian’s blue eyes burned red after seeing Salvador in the hall.

Salvador stared at him blankly with his usual cold stare. “If you’ve got something to say then say it, boy” he stated as if he was angry at Christian. He then turned to Allianna. “Allianna, what are you doing here?” Allianna glared at him. “Doing your job, helping to rescue my sister” Salvador stared at her for a few moments. “What a foolish way to spend your eternity” he scoffed as if they weren’t talking about his own daughter. Christian’s jaw tightened and he clenched his fists at his side. That bastard doesn’t give a damn… Gabriel frowned not understanding. “Alice is your daughter. Your own flesh and blood and you don’t want to help rescue her? That certainly doesn’t qualify you as her father” Salvador chuckled. “That girl was never my daughter” he stated simply. Christian snapped and within a blink of an eye he slammed Salvador against the wall causing it to crack from the impact. “What the fuck happened to you!?” he growled at him. Salvador smirked. “What happened to me? Alice did!!! If she was never born Amara would’ve been here with me still!!!!” he yelled back at Christian. “That girl is nothing but an abomination!!!!” Christian’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing! After all Salvador told him in the past… “About Alice…she’s weaker than she looks” “You might not understand but she was happy you weren’t afraid of her” “That’s why she didn’t touch any of the roses she didn’t want to lose your acceptance…” (Btw Salvador said this in Ch. 4 :D) Christian pushed Salvador higher up the wall holding his neck. “You told me so many things a father would say about his child but why now!?! Why just now are you acting so heartless towards her!?” Salvador glared down at Christian and pushed him away to the other wall. “BECAUSE I’M TIRED!!!” he roared at him. “I’m tired of pretending to love that abomination!!!” “Then why are you pretending!?!!” Allianna asked him. “You could’ve just treated her unfairly so she wouldn’t have false thoughts that her father actually loved her!!” Salvador didn’t answer and just glared at the ground to the side. Christian got up slowly not caring that he was in pain. “W-Why…?” Christian asked. Salvador turned to him. “Why what?” “Why do you hate her so much!? How did Alice cause Amara’s death!?” Salvador frowned remembering the painful memories of the past… “When the council found out about me and Amara they were furious and when they saw we had a child they erased Amara’s memories of me and Alice and she died without knowing who I was…” Christian stared at him with wide eyes. W-What!?!?! “She was burned alive just because we had a baby together!!”

“Well aren’t you’re the monster then!?” Christian glared at him. “Amara must’ve loved Alice when she still knew her and wanted to keep her forever! But what about you!? Amara must be furious with you just giving her daughter away like that!” he yelled furiously. “It’s not Alice’s fault! No one can choose their birthright!!!” Salvador just looked away trying to hide the look of guilt in his ruby eyes. Hate to admit it but the human is correct…Alice isn’t the one to blame… Allianna looked down on her father in disappointment. “And to think that I call you father…” she said walking away. Gabriel and Christian followed shortly after her but Christian stopped and turned to Salvador. “I hope someday that someday Amara will learn to forgive you…” he said before following the others. Salvador looked down at the floor. Is there still hope Amy…? ------------------They arrived at the creepiest mansion known to man…Alice’s manor looked like Disney land compared to this place. Of course it had an old fashion mansion but that wasn’t the thing that made it disgusting what made it disgusting was that there were corpses everywhere…They looked like they were drained completely dry O.O The trio stared in horror at the bloody massacre and Gabriel was the first one to react after the moment of silence. He was behind them and turned around slowly tip-toeing to the van. Allianna and Christian’s ear twitched and the both grabbed one of his shoulders. “Oh no you don’t…” they both said in unison. Christian shot his OH-SO-TRUSTWORTHY-FRIEND a glare. The bloody bastard was gonna just make a run for it! Allianna eyed him suspiciously as she pushed him in front of them so he could go first, she was watching his every move making sure he wouldn’t try to run away anymore. There’s no way he’s gonna try that again! Adrian giggled in Allianna’s Gabriel pouted as he walked in front of them watching out for the corpses. Damn it…I was so close to the van too… ------------------Honey looked out the window at the top of the dark black tower. He spotted Christian, Allianna and some pathetic human to the side which was practically Gabriel since they’ve never met. “Lillith!!!” he called for the fifth time in two hours. Lillith dropped on her knees panting once she FINALLY made it up the SUPER long spiral stairs that spiraled to the top of the tower. She looked up at him glaring intensely. “DAMN IT HAROLD THIS BETTER BE GOOD!!! I JUST CLIMBED UP ALL THOSE STAIRS FOR TWO HOU-!” “Yes,yes that’s fascinating now come look out here” he interrupted rudely moving away so she could look through the window.

She glared at him and stomped angrily towards the window and looked down. Her eyes widened when she saw Christian walking towards the front gates guarding the manor. “C-Christian!?” Honey stroked his chin nodding with a small smirk playing on his lips. “It seems your nephew plans on rescuing his fiancé…” he chuckled. “Oh, this will most definitely be fun…” Lillith looked up at Honey nervously. Even though she was with Honey she still cared about her nephew. Oh, Christian be careful… Honey noticed her staring and chuckled. “Oh Lillith, be the cold-blooded killer I know’s inside there ok?” he smiled fanning himself with a black feathered fan. “I’ll let you do the honors of getting rid of him at the gates, I’m gonna have a look at my new collectable…” he said referring to Alice as he walked off. Lillith looked at the levers on the wall beside the tall glass window and walked towards it. She hesitated before pulling one; she looked out the window seeing Christian with the other two looking for a way in at the front gates. She gulped before pulling one of the levers causing a chain reaction with the wires as they all released sparks of electricity… This is for your own good Christian… --------------------Christian sneezed loudly and he rubbed his nose. Allianna looked at him in disgust. “It is pretty chilly out here…” she said trying not to stare. Christian shrugged. “I think someone’s talking about me…” (Random I know XD…) The trio stood in front of the gates and another van appeared behind them. The all turned to see a small group of what looked like SWAT pouring out of the van. They all saluted to the three. “That would be $150 an hour sir” the leader told Gabriel. Gabriel nodded. “Yeah, yeah I know” he sighed. My wallet is getting emptier each hour!! DON’T REMIND ME!!! Christian eyed him suspiciously. “You can rent people now?” he asked surprisingly. Gabriel shrugged. “You’d be surprised on what you can find on E-bay” he chuckled. Christian’s left eye twitched madly. E-BAY!?!?! Allianna stared at Gabriel blankly. “You’re joking…” she said and Adrian started laughing again. “I’m not!” Suddenly the heard something like a crack. The squad instantly made a circle around them pulling out all their guns which came with free laser pointers. Allianna put Adrian down letting him stand by himself and pulled out her twin swords. Gabriel looked at her blankly. “You don’t need the swords if you have guns” he said in a MATTER-OF-FACTWAY as he pulled out a rifle. Suddenly a trapdoor opened and a werewolf lunged out jumping over the squad at amazing speed and came directly at Gabriel. The werewolf had black fur with white tips. The werewolf pinned Gabriel on the ground knocking the rifle out of his hands and roared in his face.

Gabriel’s eyes widened like saucers as he screamed like a girl. OH SHIT!!!! Allianna was the first to react, she spinned slicing it in the chest and ended it with a high kick knocking it on its back. The squad shot like crazy probably because this isn’t what they signed up for. They didn’t know that they were up against creatures of the night!! That’s probably a SMALL detail Gabriel left out when he asked if he could hire them. The bullets weren’t helping, the werewolf hopped back onto its feet and roared threateningly as its wounds began to close. ---------------------Alice heard the roar and her eyes widened. Christian must be here… “That’s a werewolf no doubt about it” Oliver said with his ears perched up probably listening. Alice stared at him in horror. “Are you sure!??!” CHRISTIAN’S GOING AGAINST A WEREWOLF!!?!? “I’m a werewolf, of course I know which roar is from my kind” he said in a matter-of-fact-way. “Oh Alice~!” Honey called walking through the door. He was as usual wearing long white silk robes and his trustworthy boa dangling around his neck. Alice’s eyes glowed bright red as she stood up in her tube. “You bastard!! Where’s Christian!!!?” she growled at him. Honey fanned himself one again with the black feathered fan batting his eye lashes. “Oh my dear Alice, what on Earth are you talking about? That silly boy isn’t going to rescue you” “CUT THE CRAP!” she hissed at him. “I know he’s here so just tell me! What have you done to him!?” “Fine” he sighed and his trusty boa hissed back at her. “Your knight in shining armor is here but he isn’t going to last long enough to meet you” he chuckled. Alice’s cheeks burned a bit pink at the sound of his name. Her ear twitched when she heard a fluttering sound. Honey gasped. “You have wings…!?” he said completely fascinated. All the mystical creatures to look in surprise. Alice turned her head and saw small red wings fluttering behind her. She frowned, she didn’t understand why they were so small compared to before. They were not even close to the size fit enough for flying. Honey chuckled. “Oh that ‘person’ with most definitely be happy to hear about this…” he said walking out of the room. “Hey wait who is that ‘person’!!?” she called out to him. Honey smiled as he closed the door. “The person who betrayed you of course…” Alice’s eyes widened… ----------------------

Some of the men backed up intimidated and practically pissing in their pants. Allianna glared at them seeing what a waste of money this was. She sheathed her twin sword around her hips and pulled out a silver sword from the sheath on her back and charged holding it at her side. The werewolf charged; its claws growing in length. Allianna jumped in the air right before the werewolf could slash her with its claws. She landed on its shoulders and held her sword high with both hands and drove it down straight through its thick skull; blood splattered over her dress and her had speckles of blood too. She pulled out her sword that was practically dripping with blood and hopped of its shoulders landing swiftly on her feet. She spotted Gabriel who was practically hiding behind Christian the whole battle. Well, he was after all the only one who was a mortal out of the trio excluding Adrian of course. What a scaredy cat… She smirked at him. “We don’t need swords, is that what you said?” she asked chuckling. Gabriel glared at her. “Fine you win! But I was caught off guard!” he pouted. “Then keep your guard up” she said simply sheathing her sword and picking up Adrian. She walked over to Gabriel staring deep into his eyes. Gabriel blushed slightly. She had a killer stare that was dangerous yet flirtatious at the same time. “WWhat?” he asked averting his eyes. She leaned closer to his face as if searching for something in his eyes. Gabriel’s body was starting to rise in temperature and his cheeks burned red. Christian stared at them with a grin stretched across his face seeing that Gabriel has grown feelings for Allianna. Oooh this’ll be interesting… Allianna fixed her posture once again and simply said. “You have a little blue in your eyes” she pointed out randomly then walked toward the gate. Gabriel just froze; his face still burning red. Christian stood beside him still with a grin on his face. After a few moments of silence he elbowed Gabriel in the side getting him out of the trance. “So~…Allianna huh?” he said making Gabriel burn even redder. Gabriel slapped himself in the face. “NO! Of course not!!” he said walking towards the gate avoiding Christian’s stare. Allianna looked up and down the gate. “How do we get over this thing…?” “This way” Christian said kicking the gate. The chains around the lock instantly shattered allowing entry. There was a long pathway leading to the front door of the mansion. The pathway was aligned with statues of knights with different sets of armor and weapons. Suddenly the statues moved and held the weapons out reading themselves. Christian and the others drew out their guns and took their stances. Christian looked up and noticed Lillith watching him from a window on the top of a large tower beside the mansion. Her eyes were filled with regret. If you really wanted to hurt us…Why are you showing this kind of face?