DEPARTMENT OF EEE CAMPUS RECRUITMENT TECHNICAL QUESTIONS 1. What is a zener dpode 2. Application of zener diode 3.

C++ - polymorphism, fibonacoi series 4. Trignometry 5. What is your are of interest 6. What are the types of electricity generation system 7. Which type is used in Kalpakkam 8. Which switch gear equipment is used in house hold purpose 9. What are OP-amps 10. What are 555 times? Applications 11. What are motors? Applications 12. What are circuit breakers 13. Diagram for rectifiers and diodes 14. Tell me some switch gears 15. Difference between SF6 CB and vaccum tube CB 16. Difference between 8085µp and 8086µp 17. Advantages of vaccum tube over SF6 CB 18. What is functional overloading, polymorphism 19. What do you infer from OOPS 20. What is object, class, types of inheritance 21. Difference between C and C++ 22. What is MSB 23. How does electric train work 24. How does electric car work 25. Where is stepper motor used 26. What is the difference in the operation of stepper motor and other model 27. What are logic gates 28. Which are called universal gate 29. Convert decimal to binary 30. About the elective which choose last semester 31. question from basic electronics 32. Draw the NOR Gate 33. Tell in how many ways u can generate power 34. Tell how power is distributed 35. Programming language 36. Write a program to swap two numbers 37. What are types of inheritance 38. What are characteristics of OOPS 39. How is Java different from C and C++ 40. What are characteristics of C ++ 41. Write in blocks fro types of inheritance 42. Some concepts in loops, while, do while, for loops 43. Questions on digital systems 44. Questions on microprocessors 45. Question on machines 46. Basic SQL questions

Working of UPS What is single phase alternators 88. why earthing is required 70. What is viscosity and formulae 48. Antena 84. What is formulae for Kaplan turbine 49. Define maxpower transfer. resister 54. Write a program to get person’s first name and last name and print the person’s last name 100 times 82. Convert a value from decimal to binary 79. How many flip-flops are there in digital system 56. What is alternator. What is sponge iron kiln 78.47. inductor. What is inverter and rectifier 58. What is IGBT 57. What do you achieve from learning value education 63. What is SRM (Switched Reluctance Motor) 51. What is preprocessor directive 73. What is a diode 85. What is a fuse 69. Why do you choose transmission and distribution as interest? Explain 62. What is difference between microcontrollers & µp 55. Why MARS is considered above another power plants in India 68. What is a capacitor. DC motor principle and diagram 61. nontons 66. transformer. What is control system lab all about 59. Describe something about pointers 76. What is optical fibre . Working of nuclear power plant 67. Function of circuit breaker 86. What are forced oscillation 74. Power system and switch gear and protection 77. Principle of Motor and generator 83. Convert a value from Binary to decimal 80. revenins. Why are army personals not allowed to march on bridges? Why does it break 75. Microprocessor (8085) pin diagram 60. Working of tube light 87. Puzzle 52. What is magnet software 53. What is network and how they communicate 50. When do you get a shock 71. Convert a value from decimal to hexa decimal 81. motor 64. What is line wire. Why do you shiver when you get a shock 72. What is transducer 65.

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