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Inter-Asia: Cultural Studies < Volume 1, Issue 1, 2000>

An introduction Kuan-Hsing Chen & Chua Beng Huat How does Asia mean? (Part I) Sun Ge 'You are entrapped in an imaginary well': the formation of subjectivity within compressed development - a feminist critique of modernity and Korean culture Cho Han Hae-Joang Decolonialization and assumption of war responsibility Hanasaki Kohei 'Asia', Hansonism and the discourse of white decline Ghassan Hage Alternative frames: Questions for comparative research in the third world Tejaswini Niranjana Discourse of cultural identity in Indonesia during the 1997-1998 monetary crisis Melani Budianta Capitalism and ethnicity: creating 'local' culture in Singapore C. J. W.-L. Wee Why people oppose dams: environment and culture in subsistence economies Vinod Raina Civic action for global democracy: a response to neo-liberal globalization Hee-Yeon Cho Redefining cultural nationalism in multiethnic Malaysia: a recent observation A. B. Shamsul Re-nationalizationand me: my Hong Kong story after 1997 Eric Kit-Wai Documenting a beautiful youth: Boys for Beauty and 2,1 Wang Ping & Amie Parry Discrepant scholarships: Discrepant Histories Kay Mohlman 'Site of desire, desire: for art that speaks': 1998 Taipei Biennial Doryun Chong Tracking down the 'other modernity' in colonial Korea Keehyeung Lee The dilemmas of theory: the Trajectories project Ashish Rajadhyaksha

<Volume 1, Issue 2, 2000>

An introduction Naifei Ding & Jeannie Martin 'Please explain: ignorance, poverty and the past Meaghan Morris So, who is the stripper? State power, pornography, and the cultural logic of representability in post-martial-law Taiwan Antonia Chao The poetry of Hsia Y What's so queer about Happy Together? a.k.a. Queer (N) Asian: interface, community, belonging Audrey Yue Performativity, the bakla and the orientalizing gaze J. Neil C. Garcia Self-empowerment and 'professionalism': conversations with Taiwanese sex workers Josephine Chuen-Juei Ho Betel-nut beauties Chin-Pao Chen Prostitutes, parasites and the house of state feminism Naifei Ding How does Asia mean? (Part II) Sun Ge, Hui Shiu-Lun & Lau Kinchi Post-war feminist perspectives on sex work/sex workers in Japan Aisa Kiyosue Japan's militarization and Okinawa's bases: making peace Tomiyama Ichiro & Wesley Ueunten Banana bingo on Nuclear Oven island: a fable Leoson Indonesian women's responses to violence: towards an alternative concepts of human security Melani Budianta Aceh's women show the road to peace: reflections on International Women's Day Carla Bianpoen Indonesian political transition, democracy and women's movements: experience and reflections Chusnul Mar'Iyah Set this house on Fire Carol Upadhya Mirror politics: Fire, Hindutva and Indian culture Mary E. John & Tejaswini Niranjana

Cultural politics of Fire Ratna Kapur

<Volume 1, Issue 3, 2000>

An introduction Myung Koo Kang Labour relations in Korea between crisis management and living solidarity Su-Dol Kang The structure of the South Korean developmental regime and its transformation statist mobilization and authoritarian integration in the anticommunist regimentation Cho Hee-Yeon The discourse of crisis and the crisis of discourse Kwang-Yeong Shin Discourse politics toward neo-liberal globalization Myung Koo Kang Body, authority and history - a photo essay Lim Ok-Sang & Park Bul-Dong Mourning Korean modernity in the memory of the Cheju April Third Incident Kim Seong-Nae Detraditionalization of society and the rise of cultural studies in South Korea Keehyeung Lee Rethinking the new beginning of the democratic union movement in Korea: from the 1987 Great Workers' Struggle to the construction of the Korean Trade Union Council ( Chunnohyup ) and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) Kim Jin Kyoon Bridging the generation gap Kim Young-Soon & Han Myung-Hee Play in the house of order: The Necessary Stage's BrainStorm Lucy Davis & Lee Weng Choy The controversy over ' Fire ': a select dossier (Part II) Comment on Hanasaki Kohei: decolonalization and the assumption of war responsibility Diana Wong Political subjects, national identities M. Madhava Prasad

<Volume 2, Issue 1, 2001>

Democracy and the violence of the state: a political negotiation of death Partha Chatterjee Intellectual/political commitments: an interview with Partha Chatterjee Kuan-Hsing Chen The state question in Chinese popular cultural studies 3

Jing Wang Work, nation and hypermasculinity: the 'woman' question in the economic miracle and crisis in South Korea Kim Hyun Mee The disposition of hierarchy and the late Qing 'discourse of gender equality' Liu Jen-Peng A Chinese in the new world: television dramas, global cities, and travels to modernity Wanning Sun The paradox of space and its appropriation by migrant labour in Singapore Darren Soh People's security: Okinawa's anti-bases movement Muto Ichiyo The struggle against military bases in Okinawa ? its history and current situation Arasaki Moriteru Redefine and practise our peace, our security, if they do theirs Muto Ichiyo The changing faces of politics and repression in Malaysia Syed Husin Ali Why Inter-Asia? The tongzhi movement Wang Ping Why Inter-Asia? Labour movement Wuo Young-Ie Post-colonialism and Diasporic space in Japan Kang Sangjung Making 'Asia' mean: Towards a response to Sun Ge Satish Deshpande Under the sign of 'Asia': rethinking 'creative unity' beyond the 'rebirth of traditional arts' Rustom Bharucha

<Volume 2, Issue 2, 2001>

Other 'routes': the critical challenge for Asian academia Allen Chun & A. B. Shamsul Social science in Southeast Asia observed: a Malaysian viewpoint A. B. Shamsul The dilemmas of the over-socialized intellectual: the universities and the political and institutional dynamics of knowledge in postcolonial Singapore John Clammer The politics and poetics of anthropological area studies in postwar Taiwan Allen Chun Disciplinary predicaments: sociology and anthropology in postcolonial India

Satish Deshpande Globalization and cultural difference: thoughts on the situation of trans-cultural knowledge Sun Ge The worker bazaar 2000: a workers' cultural festival & Ah-Lung Remembering a forgotten grandeur, ASEM Lee Daehoon Centenary reflections on the 'three dimensional problem' of rural China Wen Tiejun Truth, postmodernism and historical revisionism in Japan Tessa Morris-Suzuki Korean cinema on the road to globalization: tracking global/local dynamics, or why Im Kwon-Taek is not Ang Lee Rob Wilson A dialogue with 'small sister' organizer Yim Yuelin Wind Wan The shop that sells stars Inagaki Taruho

<Volume 2, Issue 3, 2001>

Introduction Kuan-Hsing CHEN & OTA Yoshinobu The 2000 Inter-Asia cultural studies conference statement Conference agenda Introduction Lau Kin-Chi Doing a literary journal in a divided country: Changbi , its history and projects Kim Young-Hee Pacarayasara : a perturbing voice in Thai journalism Pipob Udomittipong Impaction : telling a story of a 20 year leftist journal Sakiyama Masaki Gendai-Shiso : making use of postmodernism Ikegami Yoshihiko The People's Plan Forum : a brief introduction Muto Ichiyo Wrestling amid perplexity, committing amid unease: a critical introduction of Intellectual Inquiry He Zhau-Tian

Introduction Mri Yoshitaka From passivity to a new border-crossing subjectivity Sakiyama Masaki Introduction Tejaswini Niranjana Formulating an agenda for the women's movement: a review of Naripokkho Firdous Azim pages 389-394 Introduction Colleen Lye Original Articles On the continuing necessity of anti-Americanism Christopher Connery The new penal state: globalization, history, and American criminal justice, c. 2000 Rebecca McLennan Miscellany Introduction Yoshimi Shunya Original Articles Embodiment of American modernity in colonial Korea Yoo Sun-Young Miscellany Introduction Cho Hae-Joang Why are they 'obsessed?' An exploration of the 'Tong-Ren-Zhi' phenomenon among teenagers in Taiwan Lin Yi Min Introduction Ashish Rajadhyaksha Original Articles Melodramatic polities? M. Madhava Prasad Miscellany Introduction A. B. Shamsul Introduction Rob Wilson

The position of Japan in an awareness on the matter of 'Inter-Asia' Ota Masakuni Introduction Kuan-Hsing Chen pages 477-479 Notes on the Cold War in Southeast Asia Chua Beng-Huat Not exotic, but too familiar Daniel Mato What was given over, given over? Tani E. Barlow Miscellany It is still too early to evaluate the conference Yoshitaka Mri Original Articles Subject to what?: a comparative analysis of recent approaches to regulating television and broadcasting in Indonesia and Malaysia Philip Kitley

<Volume 3, Issue 1, 2002>

An introduction Kuan-Hsing Chen Theorizing colonial architecture and urbanism: building colonial modernity in Taiwan Chu-Joe Hsia The Cold War and post-Cold War dynamics of Taiwan and East Asia in people's security perspective Muto Ichiyo Testimonies and archives: on the visual records of the Formosa Incident Tsuan-Hsing Cheng Catastrophe and hope: two literary examples from Taiwan Chaoyang Liao Why is 'great reconciliation' impossible? De-Cold War/decolonization, or modernity and its tears (Part I) Kuan-Hsing Chen Doesn't my memory count? Chu Tien-Hsin How could a great reconciliation become possible? Hong-Sheng Zheng Goodbye Taipei Hou Tsung-Hui September 11 and its aftermath 7

Beyond the anti-American sentiment Agus Muhammad Political failure and the necessity for global democracy Wang Hui Between the devil and the deep blue sea Shireen Huq Preparing for peace Tessa Morris-Suzuki Something like a response to 11 September Qadri Ismail Understanding the success of terrorism Chaiwat Satha-Anand

<Volume 3, Issue 2, 2002>

Detouring through Korean cinema Paul Willemen Emotional energy and sub-cultural politics: alternative bands in post-1997 Hong Kong Eric Ma Movements from below: land rights movement in Nepal Arjun K. Karki Alternative music and mediation in late New Order Indonesia Emma Baulch Why is 'great reconciliation' im/possible? De-Cold War/decolonization, or modernity and its tears (Part II) Kuan-Hsing Chen Asia's Chinese name Pekka Korhonen Scenes from Timika, West Papua Timur Angin Conceptualizing 'Asia' in modern Chinese mind: a Korean perspective Young-Seo Baik Asia and Europe in the world: locations in the global dynamics Goran Therborn Karaeng Pattingalloang's heaven and earth Nirwan Ahmad Arsuka The Politics of Cultural Practice: Thinking through Theatre in an Age of Globalization by Rustom Bharucha Lee Weng Choy Floating Lives: The Media and Asian Diasporas Stuart Cunningham and John Sinclair Ashley Carruthers

<Volume 3, Issue 3, 2002>

Introduction Tejaswini Niranjana & Mary E. John 'Woman' as boundary: raising the communitarian against critical imaginings Nirmala Purushotam Feminism, poverty and globalization: an Indian view Mary E. John 'How come I can't stand guarantee for my own life?': Taiwan citizenship and the cultural logic of queer identity Antonia Chao Gender, community and identity in Christian property law reform: the case of early twentieth century Tiruvitamkoor Praveena Kodoth Women and freedom Firdous Azim Sexuality and violence: some thoughts on a worrisome subject V. Geetha Darmiyaan search for an in-between Asha Achuthan Looking for other stories: women's writing, Self-Respect movement and the politics of feminist translations K. Srilata Feminist knots: sex and domestic work in the shadow of the bondmaid-concubine Naifei Ding The story of xiao jie ('working' girls) Zhao Tie-Lin Chinese women tongzhi organizing in the 1990s Xiaopei He & Susie Jolly Critical costs: negotiating feminism 'at home' Malathi de Alwis

<Volume 4, Issue 1, 2003>

Introduction: imagining the cinema anew Ashish RAJADHYAKSHA & KIM Soyoung The birth of the local feminist sphere in the global era: 'trans-cinema' and Yosongjang KIM Soyoung The 'Bollywoodization' of the Indian cinema: cultural nationalism in a global arena Ashish RAJADHYAKSHA Hong Kong action film in the Indian B circuit S. V. SRINIVAS 9

The Opium War and the cinema wars: a Hollywood in the greater East Asian co-prosperity sphere Hana WASHITANI Postnational family/postfamilial nation: family, small town and nation talk in Marcos and Brocka Rolando B. TOLENTINO Casting ethnicity: representation of ethnic identities in contemporary Sri Lankan teledrama Neluka SILVA What is the worth of a movie ticket? Singapore cinema: Eric Khoo and Jack Neo -- critique from the margins and the mainstream Beng Huat CHUA & Wei-Wei YEO Khmer memories or filming with Cambodia Sylvie E. BLUM-REID The documentary production process as a counter-public: notes on an inter-Asian mode and the example of Kim Dong-Won Chris BERRY The search for a 'new cinema' in post-colonial Malaysia: the films of U-Wei bin HajiSaari as counter-narrations of national identity Ibrahim ZAWAWI Censor Board's war on War and Peace Anand PATWARDHAN 'Creating and distributing films openly': on the relationship between women's film festivals and the women's rights movement in Taiwan Yu Shan HUANG Forms of resistance of the Green Team Chao-Ti HO What the World Cup has left us Won-shik CHOI, Hong-jun KIM & Jong-yup KIM

<Volume 4, Issue 2, 2003>

Editors' introduction Kuan-Hsing CHEN & Beng-Huat CHUA In memory of Yayori MATSUI Chung-Ok YUN Remembering KUO Pao Kun (1939-2002) Kian-Woon KWOK Rethinking social movements through retranslating the economy Po-keung HUI


Nakagami Kenji and the Buraku issue in postwar Japan Tsutomu TOMOTSUNE Destroying differences, schooling consent: a critical analysis of education policy in Indianadministered Nagaland 1 Dolly KIKON The natural order of things? From 'Lazy Natives' to political science Simon PHILPOTT The perfect lie: Sandee Chan and lesbian representability in Mandarin pop music Fran MARTIN Far away, so close: cultural translation in Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ken-fang LEE Suriyothai: hybridizing Thai national identity through film Amporn JIRATTIKORN Resistance and meditation Sungdam HONG Self-determination on sexuality? Commercialization of sex among teenage girls in Japan 1 Chizuko UENO From Spice Girls to enjo kosai : formations of teenage girls' sexualities in Taiwan 1 Josephine HO A culture that cultivates the prostitution of teenage women 1 : based on the experiences of prostitution among teenage women Eun-Shil KIM Why did enjo kosai anchor in Taiwan but not in Hong Kong? Or the convergence of "enjo" and "kosai" in teenage sex work Oi-Wan LAM

<Volume 4, Issue 3, 2003>

An introduction Shunya Yoshimi The Vietnam War and the Miracle of East Asia Keunho Park & Hiroko Kawasakiya Clayton Okinawa's postwar: some observations on the formation of American military bases in the aftermath of terrestrial warfare1 Atsushi Toriyama & David Buist The media representation of Okinawa and US/Japan hegemony1 Yasuhiro Tanaka, Joachim Bergstrom & Olga Shmyglo America as desire and violence: Americanization in postwar Japan and Asia during the Cold War Shunya Yoshimi & David Buist Hollywood, Americanism and the imperial screen: geopolitics of image and discourse after the end of the Cold War1 Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto


Asian peace movements and empire Ichiyo Muto Military base culture and Okinawan rock n roll Toshimaru Ogura Memories in the Labyrinth Isao Nakazato & Yasuhiro Tanaka Searching for grandpa in the Hiroshima memoryscape, under the shadow of the bomb1 Akiko Naono They are war crimes! What has been/is happening in Palestine? Aisa Kiyosue Decolonizing Japanese TV drama: syncopated notes from a sixth grader researcher relocated in Taiwan Eva Tsai Lines of flight Susan Y . Najita US imperial terror, cultural studies, and the national liberation struggle in the Philippines1 E. San Juan, Jr.

<Volume 5, Issue 1, 2004>

Introduction Cho Han Hae?joang, M?ri Yoshitake, Ueno Toshiya & Ogasawara Hiroki Beyond the FIFA's World Cup: an ethnography of the local in South Korea around the 2002 World Cup Cho Han Hae?joang Back to the pitch, reclaim the game: is that only what matters? an outer?national reading of the World Cup Hiroki Ogasawara Feminization of the 2002 World Cup and women's fandom Kim Hyun Mee (Translated by Hong Sung Hee) The positioning and practices of the feminized fan in Japanese soccer culture through the experience of the FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan 2002 Toko Tanaka (Translated by Hiroki Ogasawara) Narrating football: World Cup 2002 and multi-layered identifications in Japan Takeshi Arimoto Cultural politics of the Red Devils: the desiring multitude versus the state, capital and media Gyuchan Jeon & Tae-jin Yoon The World Cup, the Red Devils, and related arguments in Korea Hong Seong-tae Intellectual discourses on the World Cup in Japan and the unspoken consensus of Japaneseness


M?ri Yoshitaka Toward a trans-local comparative analysis of the 2002 World Cup Toshiya Ueno Passion & Fashion Hyun-Joo Huh The World Cup 2002: a view from the streets Atsuhisa Yamamoto (Translated by Hiroki Ogasawara) Education in Cambodia: highland minorities in the present context of development Hean Sokhom The importance of facing HIV/AIDS with scrupulous honesty norrie m Aywelby Representation in the ruling ideas of Japan about Africa/ns/Blacks between 1984 and 2002 Roderick B. Ngoro The Defeat-Bush campaign as the coupling of the anti-globalization and peace movements against armoured globalization: progressive intervention in the domestic affair Hee-Yeon Cho

<Volume 5, Issue 2, 2004>

In memory of Jin-Gyun Kim Gwan-Mo Seo My memory of Jin-Gyun Kim Hyun Sook Kim Transnational imagination in action cinema: Hong Kong and the making of a global popular culture Meaghan Morris Conceptualizing an East Asian popular culture Chua Beng Huat Fake logos, fake theory, fake globalization Hsiao-hung Chang (Translated by Yung-chao Liao) State power, prostitution and sexual order in Taiwan: towards a genealogical critique of virtuous custom Hans Tao-Ming Huang Capitalizing the big man: Yao Ming, Asian America, and the China Global Chih-ming Wang Emergence of a cosmopolitan space for culture and consumption: the new world amusement park Singapore (1923?70) in the inter-war years Wong Yunn Chii & Tan Kar Lin Kapok blossoms TAVOI (Taiwan Association of Victims of Occupational Injuries)


Political diversity, common purpose: social movements in India Vinod Raina WSF: moving ahead Beena Sarwar Critical views of the world social forum from Mumbai resistance Pao-yu Ching

<Volume 6, Issue 1, 2005>

Indonesias original sin: mass killings and capitalist expansion, 1965?66 Hilmar Farid Culture = politics: the emergence of new cultural forms of protest in the age of freeter Mri Yoshitaka Reticent poetics, queer politics Liu Jen-peng & Ding Naifei Beyond the feminization of masculinity: transforming patriarchy with the feminine in contemporary Japanese youth culture Yumiko Iida Wartime collaboration in question: an examination of the postwar trials of the Chinese collaborators Dongyoun Hwang For a comparative film studies Paul Willemen Working and spending in South China: a methodological experiment with visual ethnography Eric Ma & Ducky Tse Postsocialist history and the paradigmatic shifts in Chinese literary and cultural criticism He Zhaotian Asia in the 50th Venice Biennale of Art 2003 Peter Schoppert Towards queer cultural rights John Nguyet Erni

<Volume 6, Issue 2, 2005>

Asia Pacific studies in an age of global modernity Arif Dirlik The power of circulation: digital technologies and the online Chinese fans of Japanese TV drama Kelly Hu PE Usha, hegemonic masculinities and the public domain in Kerala: on the historical legacies of the contemporary Ratheesh Radhakrishnan Magic monks and spirit mediums in the politics of Thai popular religion Pattana Kitiarsa 14

The orphaned nation: Korea imagined as an overseas adopted child in Clon's Abandoned Child and Park Kwang?su's Berlin Report Tobias Hubinette People's media and communication rights in Indonesia and the Philippines Ubonrat Siriyuvasak Indonesian laundry service Taring Padi The representation of Asia, occupational forces and women against the backdrop of post?war Japanese culture: from the system of censorship to the present Tetsushi Marukawa (Translated by Kenji Toda) Why study cinema? Serial visions of the culture industry and the future of film studies Valentina Vitali Kung Fu Hustle: a note on the local S.V. Srinivas Thinking out?of?the?box: questions concerning critical history Eunice Seng Replacing queer studies: reflections on the Queer Matters conference (King's college, London, May 2004)

<Volume 6, Issue 3, 2005>

Editorial introduction Ashish Rajadhyaksha A national culture for Pakistan: the political economy of a debate Saadia Toor Ethnic conflict, the state and the tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka Jayadeva Uyangoda Hinduism and the State in Trinidad Sherry-Ann Singh Cinematic citizenship and the illegal city Lawrence Liang The city as extracurricular space: re-instituting urban pedagogy in South Asia Anirudh Paul, Prasad Shetty & Shekhar Krishnan Under the gaze of the state: policing literature and the case of Taslima Nasrin Manmay Zafar City in/as graffiti. Chennai's many cities A. Srivathsan, M. S. S. Pandian & Mahesh Radhakrishnan Void and memory: story of a statue on Chennai beachfront M. S. S. Pandian Livelihoods and informal trade at the Bangladesh border Mohammad Jalal Uddin Sikder & Barun Kumar Sarkar


The De Kretser case: a note on Sri Lankan writing in English Pradeep Jeganathan In the heat of the moment: South Asian responses to the events of 11 September 2001 Firdous Azim History of despair; politics of Nepal A.K. Ramakrishnan Nepal/Southasia: the columns of Kanak Mani Dixit Kanak Mani Dixit

<Volume 6, Issue 4, 2005>

Editorial introduction: Bandung/Third Worldism HeeYeon Cho & Kuan Hsing Chen Global solidarity against unilateralism Baskara T. Wardaya Sj Empire and nation revisited: 50 years after Bandung Partha Chatterjee Second death, or revival of the third world in the context of neo-liberal globalization Hee?Yeon Cho Bandung plus 50: a call for a tri-continental dialogue on global hegemony Kinhide Mushakoji The way our generation imagined the world Qian Liqun & Translated by Zhang Jingyuan What the Third World means to me Chen Yingzhen & Translated by Petrus Liu The idea of South Asia: a personal note on post-Bandung blues Ashis Nandy Fifty years after the Bandung conference: towards a revival of the solidarity between the peoples of the South? Interview with Samir Amin Remy Herrera Asian internationalism: Bandungs echo in a colonial metropolis Sunil S. Amrith Kuala Lumpur, July 2005 Simryn Gill Select Books : the struggle of an independent bookshop Lim U Wen Lena My Wild Lily: a self-criticism from a participant in the March 1990 student movement Hsin?Hsing Chen


Japanese neo-nationalism and an idea of an East Asian community Suh Sung Asianism in Koreas politics of identity Gi?Wook Shin

<Volume 5, Issue 3, 2006>

Editorial introduction Chua Beng Huat The religious, the plural, the secular and the modern: a brief critical survey on Islam in Malaysia Azmi Aziz & A. B. Shamsul Islam, state and society in Singapore Suzaina Kadir The Muslims of Sri Lanka: an ethnic minority trapped in a political quagmire Ameer Ali Islam in Bangladesh politics: the role of Ghulam Azam of Jamaat-I-Islami Ishtiaq Hossain & Noore Alam Siddiquee Islam, modernity and Muhammadiyah's educational Programme Muhammad Fuad Traditionalism and its impact on the administration of justice: the case of the Syariah Court of Singapore Noor Aisha Bte Abdul Rahman The black road: a journey inside Aceh's struggle with Indonesia William Nessen Searching for a more participatory approach to resolving the Aceh conflict Aleksius Jemadu Review of the Mindanao Peace Processes Carmen A. Abubakar Violence in the south of Thailand Saroja D. Dorairajoo Muslims and others: anecdotes, fragments, and uncertainties of evidence Rustom Bharucha The eyes you find will make you shiver Zhang Chengzhi (Translated by LEE Chee Keng) Intimate others: [private] nations and diasporas in an age of globalization Arif Dirlik <Volume 7, Issue 1, 2006> Editorial note: a 2005 report Kuan-Hsing Chen Discourse on guomin (the citizen) in late Qing China, 18951911


Shen Sung?chiao & Translated by Hsiao Wen Chien The collective subjectivity of Chinese intellectuals and their cafe culture in republican Shanghai Laikwan Pang Negotiating womens social space: public debates on gender in early modern Kerala, India* J. Devika Cruising Mat Motor: Malay biker masculinity and queer desire in/through KL Menjerit David C.L. Lim Slang images: on the foreignness of contemporary Singaporean films Olivia Khoo Conjuring the tropical spectres: heavy metal, cultural politics in Singapore and Malaysia Kai Khiun Liew & Kelly Fu Living in refuge: Kashmiri Pundit women Kriti Arora pages 113-120 Towards a Bandung spirit?based civil society movement: reflection from Yogyakarta commemoration of Bandung Asian-African Conference Darwis Khudori Whatever I want: media and youth in Indonesia before and after 1998 Nuraini Juliastuti, Translated by Camelia Lestari & Nuraini Juliastuti Chinas popular nationalism on the internet. Report on the 2005 anti?Japan network struggles Shih?Diing LIU Takamine Go: a possible Okinawan cinema Mika Ko Chinese Indonesians in national cinema Krishna Sen <Volume 7, Issue 2, 2006> Editorial introduction: trans/Asia, trans/gender Fran Martin & Josephine Ho Make my life easier Huei Tze & translated by Josephine Ho I dont want to be interrogated! Jiawen & Translated by Josephine Ho Giving up my privileges Xiao?Jing & Translated by Josephine Ho Agency under social structure: how much room does an FTM have? Sander & Translated by Josephine Ho Reflections of an unorthodox TS: the border war continues


Xiao?Ren & Translated by Josephine Ho The transgender world in contemporary Japan: the male to female cross?dressers community in Shinjuku Junko Mitsuhashi & Translated by Kazumi Hasegawa Embodying gender: transgender body/subject formations in Taiwan Josephine Ho Finding a voice, fighting for rights: the emergence of the transgender movement in Hong Kong Robyn Emerton Sissies online: Taiwanese male queers performing sissinesses in cyberspaces Dennis C. Lin Of borders and homes: the imaginary community of (trans)sexual citizenship Aren Z. Aizura Munna Guru ? portrait of a eunuch Anita Khemka Sex Work in Asia from the Spot and Video Activism Introduction: a moment and movement of sex work in South Korea and Asia Ko Gaphee Sex Work in Asia and Voices from the Spot Sex trade/sex work in Korea and Asia Ko Gaphee Stigma of sex and sex work Ding Naifei Journey of Kamjing Chantawipa Apisuk Innovative approaches to combat trafficking of women in the sex trade Swapna Gayen A declaration Kim Moonhee & Translated by Kim Young Mi Sex Workers and video activism Tales of the Nightfairies: a filmmaker's journey Shohini Ghosh About Licensed Prostitutes Apocalypse, Our Life Saving Vinegar Fang Ping Wang, Jung Che Chang & Zita Cheng Mamasang: remember me this way Kim Il Rhan, Cho Hyeyoung & Translated by Kim Hyojin Anti?WTO Movement in Hong Kong The battle of Hong Kong and implications for Asian social movements Jeon Sohi

<Volume 7, Issue 3, 2006>


Outside in: accented cinema at large Asuman Suner The violence of time and memory undercover: Hong Kongs Infernal Affairs Law Wing?Sang Positioning the student political activism of Singapore: articulation, contestation and omission Huang Jianli The Non?dit in the Zenana: representations of Muslim women in Islamic canonical texts, the neo?colonial imagination and a feminist response from Bangladesh Syed Jamil Ahmed Gendered nationalism and otherization: transnational prostitutes in South Korea Na Young Lee The cosmopolitan imaginary and flexible identities of global city regions: articulating new cultural identities in Taipei and Shanghai Tsung-yi Michelle Huang Red classics: Yanan woodcuts during the war of resistance Zhou Aimin & Translated by Matt A. Hale Forging marriage Wu Xueshan & Translated by Hui Xiao Matisse and the modernity of Yanan woodcuts Zhou Aimin & Translated by Matt A. Hale Travelling across cultures: reflections on a visit to Beijing Indira Chowdhury The first Asian Lesbian Film and Video Festival in Taipei celebrates a new form of social activism Perspex Marxism and commune?ism: how do communists think? YI?Jinkyung & Translated by Bear Camp

<Volume 7, Issue 4, 2006>

The Asian Sixties: an unfinished project Christopher Connery The Left and Indonesias 1960s: the politics of remembering and forgetting Vedi R. Hadiz The impact of the Thai Sixties on the Peoples Movement today Giles Ji Ungpakorn From Maoism to postcolonialism? The Indian Sixties, and beyond Sanjay Seth Political aesthetics: activism, everyday life, and arts object in 1960s Japan William Marotti


The great upsurge of South Koreas social movements in the 1960s Kim Dong?Choon The left-wing movement in Malaya, Singapore and Borneo in the 1960s: an era of hope or devils decade? Cheah Boon-Kheng Seeing the Communist past through the lens of a CIA consultant: Guy J. Pauker on the Indonesian Communist Party before and after the 1965 Affair Budiawan Selected works from Protest (Prathuang) Manit Sriwanichpoom How to translate Cultural Revolution Alessandro Russo Depoliticized politics, multiple components of hegemony, and the eclipse of the Sixties Wang Hui & Translated by Christopher Connery International Center for the Study of the Cultural Revolution: elements of a project Alain Badiou & Alessandro Russo Interpreting the Cultural Revolution politically Alexander Day Thai democracy and the October (1973-1976) events Sudarat Musikawong

<Volume 8, Issue 1, 2007>

The politics of imagining Asia: a genealogical analysis Wang Hui & Translated by Matthew A. Hale The land of gender paradox: Getting past the commonsense of contemporary Kerala Sharmila Sreekumar Imaged and imagined threat to the nation: the media construction of the foreign brides' phenomenon as social problems in Taiwan Hsiao?Chuan HSIA Gender and everyday evasions: moving with Cantopop John Nguyet ERNI Asianizing K?pop: production, consumption and identification patterns among Thai youth Ubonrat Siriyuvasak & Shin Hyunjoon Caught in the terrains: an inter?referential inquiry of trans?border stardom and fandom Eva Tsai In memory of GUAN Xiou Qin, a sex work activist COSWAS For our sister Xiou Qin Josephine Ho Taiwans Red Movement: an introduction Kuan Hsing Chen


Autonomous citizens entering the movement ? our appeal to all citizens Translated by Mon WONG We must defend our society Kang Chao (Translated by Mon WONG) The question Lung Yingtai could not answer I?Chung CHEN (Translated by Mon WONG) Physical violence excludes women and the physically weak Yin Bin Ning (Translated by Mon WONG) Red shock in Taipei! Ngoi Guat Peng & Tan Leang Lee

<Volume 8, Issue 2, 2007>

Editorial introduction Khoo Gaik Cheng Nang Nak: Thai bourgeois heritage cinema May Adadol Ingawanij Somewhere over the rainbow: global projections/local allusions in Tears of the Black Tiger/Fa thalai jone Rachel Harrison Return of the Kyai: representations of horror, commerce, and censorship in post?Suharto Indonesian film and television Katinka van Heeren Just Do It(Yourself): independent filmmaking in Malaysia Khoo Gaik Cheng Working practices in Thai independent film production and distribution Sudarat Musikawong Nomadic trajectories: mapping short film production in Singapore Sophia Siddique Harvey InsideOut: an exhibition of photographs by migrant workers in Singapore Munifah et al. From mousedeer to mouse: Malaysian animation at the crossroads Hassan Abdul Muthalib Shifting agendas: the decay of the mainstream and rise of the independents in the context of Philippine cinema Alexis Tioseco Indonesian short films after Reformasi 1998 Lulu Ratna Konfiden and the promotion of Indonesian short films Agus Mediarta The afterimage & traces of otherness in recent Singaporean cinema


Ho Tzu Nyen

<Volume 8, Issue 3, 2007>

Autonomy and subordination in Thai history: the case for semicolonial analysis Peter A. Jackson Subject to technology: internet pornography, cyber-terrorism and the Indian state Nishant Shah The construction of national identity in South Korea and the tradition of masculinity in Korean Abstract Painting Ji?Young Shin Problematizing the popular: the dynamics of Pinoy pop(ular) music and popular protest music Teresita Gimenez Maceda Hollywood domination of the Chinese kung fu market Peichi Chung The emerging (national) popular music culture in China Anthony Y. H. Fung Voyage 15840?migrants as photographers Taiwan International Workers Association (TIWA) Bringing the South back in: some thoughts on academic publishing Jomo K. S. Hegemony of the global?popular? (Or cultural studies as an accomplice?) Ivaylo Ditchev Korean military brides in New York Amy Lee & Joseph Tse?Hei Lee (Translated by Amy LEE) Chinese revolution and the discourse of Asia He Zhaotian & Translated by Wang Chaohua After the expeditionary struggle in Hong Kong Ae?Hwa Kim

<Volume 8, Issue 4, 2007>

Editorial introduction: global queer, local theories Wei?cheng R. Chu & Fran Martin Associative identity politics: unmasking the multi?layered formation of queer male selves in 1990s Japan Katsuhiko Suganuma Scandalous equivocation: a note on the politics of queer self?naming Shimizu Akiko Queer Marxism in Taiwan Petrus Liu Modernising gender, civilising sex: perverse imaginary in the state feminist politics of Liu 23

Yu?hsiu Hans Tao?Ming Huang Archiving queer feelings in Hong Kong Helen Hok?Sze Leung Wandering men no longer wander around: the production and transformation of local homosexual identities in contemporary Chengdu, China Wei Wei Visual Essay In/Out: Hong Kong Tongzhi Creative Workshop and Exhibition Nutong Xueshe Rethinking the coming home alternative: hybridization and coming out politics in Hong Kongs anti?homophobia parades Day Wong Queer cultural movements and local counterpublics of sexuality: a case of Seoul Queer Films and Videos Festival Jeongmin Kim & Translated by Sunghee Hong

<Volume 9, Issue 1, 2008>

In Memoriam Luminosity in the Darkness: Remembering Edward Yang Stan LAI (LAI Shengchuan) Herlinatiens: between lesbianism, Islam and feminism Soe Tjen Marching Made in China: the cultural logic of OEMs and the manufacture of low?cost technology Kelly Hu The politics of national atonement and narrations of war Hideko Mitsui From transnationalism to nativism? The rise, decline and reinvention of a regional Hokkien entertainment industry Jeremy E. Taylor The national crisis and de/reconstructing nationalism in South Korea during the IMF intervention Younghan Cho When is a foreign?language film not a foreign?language film? When it has too much English in it: The case of a Singapore film and the Oscars Felicia Chan The photography of Resistance Shahidul Alam Peasantry 24

Peasant cultures of the twenty?first century Partha Chatterjee Procedural democracy, participatory democracy and regional networking: the multi? terrain struggle for democracy in Southeast Asia Francis Kok Wah Loh Sitting on the dock of the bay: partial views of change: Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong Peter W. Preston Historicizing Chinas view of Korea: a critique in the context of the East Asian discourse Sung-Bin Koh

<Volume 9, Issue 2, 2008>

Essays Cinema and history: critical reflections Hou Hsiao?Hsien & Translated by Petrus Liu The eloquence of the taciturn: an essay on Hou Hsiao?Hsien Shigehiko Hasumi Postcolonial film historiography in Taiwan and South Korea: The Puppetmaster and Chihwaseon Kim Soyoung Hou Hsiao-Hsien: a standard for evaluating Taiwans cinema Wen Tien-Hsiang & Translated by Gan Sheuo Hui Hou Hsiao-Hsiens films: pursuing and escaping history Dai Jinhua & Translated by Zhang Jingyuan Hou Hsiao-Hsiens two dreams of light and shadows Wong Ainling & Translated by Jacob Wong Whats happening? Story, scene and sound in Hou Hsiao-Hsien Adrian MARTIN How did Hou Hsiao-Hsien change Taiwan cinema? A critical reassessment Ti Wei Hou Hsiao-Hsien reviewed Valentina Vitali The times of subjectivity and social reproduction Paul Willemen Thinking about Hous films Kumar Shahani The qipao, the Western dress and the Taiwanese shan: images from 100 years of Taiwanese clothing Cheng Hong-sheng & Translated by Jiang Yajoo Political participation in 2004: an interview with Hou Hsiao?Hsien


Chen Kuan-Hsing, Ti Wei & Translated by Ken-fang Lee Hou Hsiao-Hsiens filmography

<Volume 9, Issue 3, 2008>

Essays Promise and perhaps interrelationship Stephen Teo love: Pan Asian production and the Hong Kong China

Seoul and the time in motion: urban form and political consciousness Hong Kal Of reverie and emplacement: spatial imaginings and tourism encounters in Nepal Himalaya Francis Khek Gee Lim Common culture: Asia rhetoric in the beginning of the 20th century Pekka Korhonen Visual Essay Go out for 90 days (Keluar 90 hari) Roslisham Ismail (aka ISE) Teaching Cultural Studies Forging the trail: Teaching Cultural Studies Workshop, Taiwan, 2006 Josephine Ho Teaching versus research: Cultural studies and the new class politics in knowledge Meaghan Morris Learning to labor: thesis supervision and academic work in the graduate school Eva Tsai Teaching gender studies as cultural studies Tejaswini Niranjana Intersection of Asia, feminism and cultural studies: Yonsei University's experience in South Korea Hyun Mee Kim Cultural studies through education: moments of pedagogy and pragmatics Stephen C.K. Chan & Po?Keung Hui When a social worker encounters cultural studies Frank T.Y. Wang Problems and problematics of teaching cultural studies in Taiwan Kuan-Hsing Chen

<Volume 9, Issue 4, 2008>

Editorial introduction Meaghan Morris, Markus Reisenleitner & Caroline Turner 26

Essays Hong Kong undercover: an approach to collaborative colonialism Law Wing-sang Lost in TransNation: Tokyo and the urban imaginary in the era of globalization Koichi Iwabuchi Shanghai Weekly: globalization, consumerism, and Shanghai popular culture Yaming Bao The cosmopolitan city and its Other: the ethnicizing of the Australian suburb Graeme Turner Spectral city: San Francisco as Pacific Rim city and counter?cultural contado Rob Wilson Almost under the same sky: reclaiming urbanity beyond an epidemic John Nguyet Erni Visual Essay Beijing, a garden of violence Geremie R. Barme

<Volume 10, Issue 1, 2009>

Essays Pedestrian crosses: sites of dislocation in post-colonial Jamaica Carolyn Cooper Shifting spaces, frozen frames: trajectories of queer politics in contemporary India Navaneetha Mokkil From boot camp to bubu: IT surveillance, patriarchal familism, and labor control: a South Korean case study Kim Wang-Bae & Ham Young Eon Daejanggeum as affective mobilization: lessons for (transnational) popular culture and civil society Lisa Yuk Ming Leung Populist cosmopolitanism: the predicament of subjectivity and the Japanese fascination with overseas Shiho Satsuka Translation of America during the early Cold War period: a comparative study on the history of popular music in South Korea and Taiwan Shin Hyunjoon & Ho Tung?hung Tamasha Sandesh Bhandare Rethinking Movement Confronting dictatorship, democratization, and post-democratization : personal reflection


on intellectual and social practices in the context of dictatorship, democratization and post?democratization Hee-Yeon Cho Seniors organizations in Chinas new rural reconstruction: experiments in Hubei and Henan Wang Ximing & Translated by Matthew A. Hale Translocal Reading Of lost fathers and broken sons: Farish Noor on the politics of love and the new thought in Malaysia Ashraf Jamal Dispute Revisiting the Kuen Cheng High School dispute: contestation between gender equality and ethnic nationalism discourses Por Heong Hong

<Volume 10, Issue 2, 2009>

Special Issue: Neo-liberal Conditions of Knowledge Editorial introduction Kuan-Hsing Chen Essays Domination by money power: one year after the corporatization of national universities Hiroaki Ozawa & Translated by Izumi Nakayama State-guided university reform and colonial conditions of knowledge production Myungkoo Kang Knowledge production in the era of neo?liberal globalization: reflections on the changing academic conditions in Taiwan Kuan?Hsing Chen, Sechin Y .S. Chien & Translated by Tao?lin Hwang College rank and neo-liberal subjectivity in South Korea: the burden of self-development Nancy Abelmann, So Jin Park & Hyunhee Kim The deception of the idea of self-responsibility and individualization: neo-liberal rhetoric as revealed in the corporatization of Japans national universities Minoru Iwasaki & Translated by Aaron Moore Local interpretation of global management discourses in higher education in Hong Kong: potential impact on academic culture Angel Lin Knowledge production in a latecomer: reproducing economics in Taiwan Wan-wen Chu Science as ideology: SSCI, TSSCI and the evaluation system of social sciences in Taiwan Arthur Hou-ming Huang A critical study on the university and academic assessment system in Korea Duck-Ryul Hong


The photography about children Min Hu Translocal Readings Body shops: where cultures meet Madhava Prasad Continental contemporaries: Rabindranath Tagore and Okakura Tenshin Shuddhabrata Sengupta The club and the carrot of China's globalization Shih-che Tang Bridging pop culture and advertising research Eric Ma Our history, large and small Weng Choy Lee

<Volume 10, Issue 3, 2009>

Essays Tai/kuso/camp: new opeila and the structure of sensibility Teri J. Silvio Markets, media, and magic: Thailand's monarch as a virtual deity Peter A. Jackson The lyrics of laborious life: popular music and the reassertion of migrant manhood in Northeastern Thailand Pattana Kitiarsa Beyond colonialism: osmotic reconstruction of gender/sexual justice in Hong Kong Man-chung Chiu Romantic semblance and prohibitive presence: Green Forest, My Home as a case study of Taiwans Occidental myth and its discontents Bi?qi Beatrice Lei The truth politics of anti?North Koreanism: the post?ideological cultural representation of North Korea and the cultural criticisms of Korean nationalism Minkyu Sung Visual Essay Women on the move Samia Afroz Rahim & Firdous Azim

<Volume 10, Issue 4, 2009>

Special Issue: Popular Music Inter-Asia popular music studies: cultural studies of popular music in Asia Hyunjoon Shin 29

Essays J-pop: from the ideology of creativity to DiY music culture Yoshitaka Mri Contesting the digital economy and culture: digital technologies and the transformation of popular music in Korea Jung-yup Lee Have you ever seen the Rain? And wholl stop the Rain?: the globalizing project of Korean pop (K-pop) Hyunjoon Shin Democratic entertainment commodity and unpaid labor of reality TV: a preliminary analysis of China's Supergirl Miaoju Jian & Chang?de Liu Me and the dragon: a lyrical engagement with the politics of Chineseness Yiu Fai Chow Taike rock and its discontent Tung-hung Ho Vedic metal and the South Indian community in Singapore: problems and prospects of identity Eugene I. Dairianathan Visual Essay Bidesia in Bombay Surabhi Sharma

<Volume 11, Issue 1, 2010>

Our visionary comrade, Donald M. Lowe, 1928? 2009 Tani E. Barlow Essays In the ruins of truth: the work of melancholia and acts of memory Pradeep Jeganathan From architecture to advertising ? the changes in Shanghais urban space over the last 15 years Xiaoming Wang & Translated by Liu Yang The watershed of Modernity: translation and the epistemological revolution Rada Ivekovi? Murakami Haruki and the historical memory of East Asia Jiwoon Baik Yoko's Story and the battle of memory: fragmentation and suture of national memory and gender in the age of globalization Wookyung Im Visual Essay


The face of independence? A visual record of Taiwanese indie music scene Shih-Lun Chang New Conjuncture Is Japan changing after the fall of LDP? Hatoyama and the DPJ's new politics in command Ichiyo Muto Popular Music Screaming and crying androids: voice and presence in Chinese popular music Jeroen Groenewegen Performing k(yopo)-rock: aesthetics, identity, and Korean migrant ritual in Germany Michael Fuhr Micro: global music made in J-pop? Aska Monty Internet Front Internet and society in Asia: challenges and next steps Nishant Shah Reconciliation/Integration Economic integration and the cross: Taiwan Strait reconciliation Jinn-yuh Hsu

<Volume 11, Issue 2, 2010>

Special Issue: 10th Anniversary Editorial introduction Kuan-Hsing Chen & Chua Beng Huat In Memoriam Before Masao and after Masao: remembering and celebrating the life and work of Masao Miyoshi (1928-2009) Rob Wilson Essays Inter-Asian banality and education Meaghan Morris Getting to know you, or the formation of inter-Asian identities Firdous Azim Shifting the geographies of knowledge: the unfinished project of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Melani Budianta Asia, inter-Asia, and movement: decolonization into the future Ichiyo Muto


Inter-Asia Cultural Studies and the decolonial?turn Leo Ching US ethnic studies and Third Worldism, 40 years later Colleen Lye Locating inter-Asian dialogues Mary E. John The concept of Asia in modern China: some reflections starting with the 2007 Shanghai conference Xiaoming Wang & Translated by Petrus Liu Engendering an East Asia pop culture research community Beng Huat Chua Non-quintessential inter?ness in Asia cultural studies Soyoung Kim Learning Asia: celebration of the 10th IACS anniversary Yoshihiko Ikegami Reading IACS in a season of discontent: an appreciation Gail Hershatter Continents of cultural studies ? unite in diversity! Comparing Asian and European experiences Johan Fornas A critical comment on the IACS journal Paul Willemen Querying queer cultural politics: partial, composite, contaminated English Amie Parry Why culture matters: rethinking the language of feminist politics Tejaswini Niranjana Region, cultural studies, friends Tani E. Barlow On the political responsibilities of cultural studies Lawrence Grossberg Action in Madagascar: the World Bank, Ravalomanana and leadership Stephen Muecke Expecting more open space as an inter-Asia critical review: reflecting over the changed context of cultural politics Hee Yeon Cho From area studies toward transnational studies Naoki Sakai The experiences of cultural studies in Japan Shunya Yoshimi & Translated by David C. Buist


Visual essay Retrospective looks Essays In and out of Inter-Asia: a quick and painless procedure Mon Wong Politics/melancholy in Asia Shengxun Zheng Re-familiarization with (East?)Asia Emma Chun-yu Liu Living with tensions: notes on the Inter?Asia movement Kuan-Hsing Chen Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements chronology (1997?2009)

<Volume 11, Issue 3, 2010>

Essays HOMEless: a case study of private/public inversion and the temporal?spatial exclusion faced by migrant domestic workers Young?Ie Wuo & Translated by Jerry Yung-Ching Chang Petitioning subjects: miscegenation in Okinawa from 1945 to 1952 and the crisis of sovereignty Annmaria Shimabuku Escaping its past: recasting the Grand Shrine of Ise Tze M. Loo Murakami's little boy syndrome: victim or aggressor in contemporary Japanese and American arts? Dong-Yeon Koh Visual essay Encounter with memories of the past Noriko Ohono & Translated by Mon Wong In memoriam A Trespasser ? Mourning Masao Miyoshi Kojin Karatani & Translated by Mari T. Hoashi Inter/national Sri Lanka: whats left of the national question? Pradeep Jeganathan The China Factor in post war Sri Lanka Malathi De Alwis Translocal reading


Uncompromised hybridity Eva Tsai Globalizing Buddhists from margins to center: mobile charisma in the Tzu Chi movement Gareth Fisher Films Challenging grand narratives on the nation: ASEAN independent filmmakers indirect participation in development discourse Veronica L. Isla Narratives as tools for interpretation: Hong Kong life through the lens of 1970s cinema Amy Lee Metro Public transportation in an era of neo-liberal privatization : the Delhi Metro Zaheer Baber

<Volume 11, Issue 4, 2010>

Special Issue: Paik Nak-chung Editorial introduction: Korea as a problematic and Paik Nak-chung Youngseo Baik Notions of the Third World and national literatures in the age of globalization Nak-chung Paik Towards a planetary approach to Western literary canons Nak-chung Paik Barriers to reconciliation in East Asia: the case of two Koreas and its regional implications Nak-chung Paik Intellectual engagement under the conditions of the division system: an interview with Paik Nak-chung Kuan-Hsing Chen The two cultures problem and renewal of the humanities Nak?chung Paik On Paik Nak-chung's views regarding the unification of Korea: from a Japanese perspective Yoshikazu Sakamoto From a Theory of Citizen Literature to the Discourses of Overcoming Modernity SeungCheol Song On national literature and the division system Junpil Ryu Paik Nak-chungs theory of overcoming division system: rethinking the China & Taiwan relation with reference to the two Koreas KuanHsing Chen


East Asian perspective on Taiwanese identity: a critical reading of Overcoming the Division System of Taiwan: A Radical Quarterly in Social Studies JiWoon Baik Visual Essays Act of waiting SiWoo Lee & Myung-Hee Kim A chronology of Paik Nak-chung Bibliography of PAIK Nak-chung

<Volume 12, Issue 1, 2011>

In Memory of Professor Mizoguchi Yuzo Professor Yuzo Mizoguchi: personal remembrance Takeshi Hamashita Essays A lonely and beautiful country: reflecting upon the state of oblivion in Turkey through Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Three Monkeys Asuman Suner Tianxia system on a snail's horns Chishen Chang Nativist legacies of desinicization and nationalist sentiment in poetry during the Second Sino & Japanese War Dean Brink The importance of being free: FuKin Music as alternative pop music production Yiuwai Chu Constructing the authentic modern: Japanese migrant artists in New York City Olga Kanzaki Sooudi Visual Essay Okinawa, the unfinished war and the shadow of occupation Isao Nakazato & Mon Wong Trajectories The long journey to the just: my life, my struggle Chandra Muzaffar Migrations of Chineseness: in conversation with Ien Ang Sharmani Patricia Gabriel Translocal Reading Utopian yearning: reconstructing Chinas queer cultural histories Fran Martin There are ghosts in these houses!: on New Turkish Cinema: Belonging, Identity and Memory


Eylem Atakav Migration Chinese entrepreneurs in poor countries: a transnational middleman minority and its futures Pal Nyiri Capital and Culture Bringing capital back in: a materialist turn in postcolonial studies? Sandro Mezzadra Citizenship At the resort: Southeast Asian tourist workers and regimes of global citizenship Mark Davis

<Volume 12, Issue 2, 2011>

Special Issue: Complex terrains: Islam, culture and women in Asia Editorial introduction: Islam, culture and women Firdous Azim Islamist women of Hamas: between feminism and nationalism Islah Jad Just between us: identity and representation among Muslim women Amina Jamal Bahar Nikalna: Muslim women negotiate post?conflict life Diia Rajan, Deepa Dhanraj & K. Lalita Piety, music and gender transformation: reconfiguring women as culture bearing markers of modernity and nationalism in Bangladesh Samia Huq The visibility of a pious public Rianne Subijanto Translocal reading Women, Islam and nation in Bengal Firdous Azim Visual essay Popular expressions and matters of faith Safia Azim West Heavens Tagore, China and the critique of nationalism Partha Chatterjee Historicizing


Revisioning modernity: modernity in Eurasian perspectives Arif Dirlik Re-constructing East Asia: international law as inter?cultural process in late Qing China Rune Svarverud

<Volume 12, Issue 3, 2011>

Essays Cocco's musical intervention in the US base problems: traversing a realm of everyday cultural sensibilities in Okinawa Masamichi S. Inoue It ain't where you're from, it's where you're born: re-theorizing diaspora and homeland in postcolonial Malaysia Sharmani Patricia Gabriel Historicizing Singapore cinema: questions of colonial influence and spatiality Gerald Sim Fantasy island: oceanic imaginings in Paul Yoon's Once the Shore John R. Eperjesi Last Friends, beyond friends & articulating non-normative gender and sexuality on mainstream Japanese television Yuen Shu Min A study of the development of contemporary monasteries in Taiwan Shih Chih Ming & Kao Hsiao Chien Visual Essay A cartoonist's resistance Soon Chuan Yean Third World Links Reconciliation and repair ritual in public spaces: a decent burial for Putis Mariella Gonzalez West Heavens Modernity and the sense of loss, or why Bhansali's Devdas defied experts to become a box office hit Ashis Nandy Peasantry Alternative responses to the modern dream: the sources and contradictions of Rural Reconstruction in China Pan Jia'en & Du Jie Mediation Rearranging beads on a necklace: reflections on Burmese Karen media in exile Violet Cho


<Volume 12, Issue 4, 2011>

Special Issue: Runaway City/Leftover Spaces Editorial introduction: runaway city/leftover spaces Abidin Kusno, Melani Budianta & Hilmar Farid Essays The middle class and morality politics in the envisioning of the nation in post-Suharto Indonesia Manneke Budiman City and desire in Indonesian cinema Intan Paramaditha Runaway city: Jakarta Bay, the pioneer and the last frontier Abidin Kusno Memory and nationalism: the case of Universitas Indonesia Kemas Ridwan Kurniawan Pasar Baru: colonial space and contemporary hybridity Lilawati Kurnia Visual Essay Jakarta leftover spaces Timur Angin Non-refereed The fragmented face of the city: our face Maria Hartiningsih All for Jakarta a note on the tenth anniversary of ruangrupa: Decompression #10, Expanding the Space and Public Mirwan Andan Not like eating chili: constructing alternative cultural space for the Betawians Zeffry Alkatiri, J. J. Rizal & Ben Sohib Reconciliation The commemoration of the Gwangju Uprising: of the remnants in the nation states' historical memory Hang Kim

<Volume 13, Issue 1, 2012>

Editorial statement Kuan-Hsing CHEN In memoriam In memory of Professor Hanno Hardt (1934?2011) Slavko Splichal Essays


The model minority: problematizing the representation of Kodavas in Kannada cinema Sowmya Dechamma C. C. Migrant workers enchanted with consumer society: transnationalism and global consumer culture in Bangladesh Naoto Higuchi & Nanako Inaba The undulating contours of s?g? geijutsu (total work of art), or Hanada Kiyoteru's thoughts on transmedia in postwar Japan Ken Yoshida South Korea's democratization movements, 1980?1987: political structure, political opportunity, and framing Hyun Choe & Jiyoung Kim Harry Potter, wuxia and the transcultural flow of fantasy texts in Taiwan Petra Rehling Visual Essay When the darkness is set free: woodcut and Ueno Makoto's palm-sized series The Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki Wakabayashi Chiyo Dissociative entanglement: US-Japan atomic bomb discourses by John Hersey and Nagai Takashi Yuko Shibata From civilization to globalization: the West as a shifting signifier in Indian modernity Dipesh Chakrabarty People's movement under the radioactive rain Yoshihiko Ikegami Rise of the new collective intellect from apocalyptic disaster and mass insurrection (2011) Sabu Kohso