BUYER BEWARE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is hand-carried products? Pros and cons of buying hand-carried products?

Advices for buying hand-carried products. Interview : Mr Do Gia Phan Comments

1. What is hand-carried products? Hand-carried products are often electronic products such as laptops , mobile phones , ipods …which were sold in foreign countries and then brought to Vietnam. Most hand-carried products come from China, SG, Taiwan and Thailand. Few come from Europe or the US. 2. Pros : - have a much lower price , due to no tax being paid - easy to buy - sometimes they are better than genuine domestic products because they were produced at international standard Cons: - come with no warranty or short-term warranty - can be poor quality or faulty goods that have been repaired and reboxed as new - have to pay for repairing if they break - sometimes must even throw them away if there are no spare parts available. 3. Advice: - should ask sb who has experiences about hand-carried products - find prestigious shops to avoid any trouble - look on the internet or at the shops before buying - test their functions to be sure that not buying a fake product 4. Interview : Mr Do Gia Phan – Vice president and general secretary of the Vietnam Standards and consumers association. - Hand-carried products are evading the law? - Are consumers protected if they buy hand-carried products? - His advice ?

. đừng chỉ viết chữ trên slide. Note : Đây là outline t làm . costumers take a risk in buying them . mỗi lời khuyên cho 1 slide + 1 cái ảnh .Phần 3 : m bổ sung thêm mấy lời khuyên nữa. có j mày cứ bổ sung thêm.Phần 1: mỗi cái hàng xách tay cho 1 cái ảnh minh họa . Vì bài này hơi ngắn nên silde cũng sẽ bị ngắn . If you don’t have a lot of experiences .Phần 4 : có thể trích tóm tắt câu trả lời của ông ấy hết ra cg đc .Comments . nên m cố gắng bôi them cho dài bằng cách tìm thêm nhiều ảnh : . . you shouldn’t buy these goods to avoid buying a fake or poor quality product.Phần 2 và phần 3 nên cho vào sơ đồ hệ thống mũi tên hay hệ thống bảng cho rõ ràng thế nào tùy mày làm . Despite the fact that buying hand-carried products is cheaper and easier than official imports .5.Anh Thu : Buying hand-carried products has been very popular in Vietnam nowadays. nguồn gốc xuất xứ cũng cho thêm ảnh càng tốt .Phần 5 : hỏi châu để lấy them comments của các thành viên còn lại trong nhóm.

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