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Activities that improve listening skills

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Created on: October 14, 2009 Last Updated: May 03, 2012

this game, it is a simple one to continue playing in order to help your child to listen better. Another great activity that improves listening skills is playing "Simon Says". This game is also simple to play, because once again it takes no planning or props. All that you need is a few ideas, and you can keep your child's attention focused on listening. This game can be played with several players, so it is a good game for your child and his or her friends, or for other siblings to join. Once again, by having your child intent on your every sentence, you can vary your voice, lowering it or even whispering. This will force your child to eliminate all other distractions and focus entirely on your words. This is beneficial to the school setting, since there are myriad distractions in a classroom that must be filtered out in order to effectively listen to the teaching instructions. It is imperative when you speak to your child that they stop what they are doing and look at you. Eye contact is crucial, as this will help them out in society as well. The more confident that your child becomes, the more apt they will be at public speaking, and giving presentations in the classroom. A good listener drops everything that they are doing, and listens. Hearing and listening are two different things, and the difference could prove important. If you only hear something, but do not pay attention to the words, you will not be a good listener, which will hinder your ability in school, work, and friendships. Any activities that you do that can improve listening skills in your child are fantastic. You just have to be sure to model the correct behaviours, and allow your example to be the role model for your children. As your child learns to improve their listening skills, the positive aspects of this skill will become readily apparent. Learn more about this author, Bobby Coles. Click here to send this author comments or questions.
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Activities that improve listening skills

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by Bobby Coles

Learning how to improve your listening skills can greatly assist you not only in your academics, but in your daily life
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by Trenna Sue Hiler

Listening attentively is a learned skill. It must be taught and practiced. It is a helpful life skill. When does the training 1/2

Activities that improve listening skills - by Bobby Coles - Page 2 - Helium


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Before planning structured activities to improve listening skills we need to remind

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by Joan Inong

Because modern society requires and depends on effective communication, young children should learn how to communicate well.
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In today's world of constant entertainment and instant gratification, the art of listening is getting lost. Listening is

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