MONTH WEEK 9th- 14th September 15th -21st 22nd- 28th September/October 29th Sep- 5th Oct 13th – 19th October 20th- 26th October/November 27th Oct- 2nd Nov 3rd – 9th November 24th- 30th December/January 21st Dec-4th Jan Empowering the student Engineer Projects Project Ideas Tree planting 1. First years’ Open Day 2. Annual General Meeting Career Talk THEME Team Building Team Building Environmental conservation EVENT EBESA Magazine Meeting with Eng. Dr. A.N Gitau Green Apple Day of Service Academic/ Educational Trip Children’s Home Visit DATE Entire First Semester 18th September 28th September 5th October 19th October Entire month of November extending to next year 27th Oct/4th Nov 9th November 29th November CHRISTMAS BREAK VENUE Main Campus/ Upper Kabete Main Campus Arboretum Hell’s Gate Huruma, Mathare or Kibera Main Campus/ Upper Kabete Campus Kanyariri farm Upper Kabete Sarec Building Upper Kabete Sports complex Vet Lab Lecture Room

Website: www.uonbi.ac.ke/student_orgs/esa Email: ebesa@students.uonbi.ac.ke

Sarec Building, upper Kabete Campus P.O.BOX 30197-00100 G.P.O Environmental & Biosystems Engineering Students Association Nairobi, Kenya

Solutions for life

11th January 12th -18th 19th.ac.26TH APRIL) MONTH WEEK 5th. 3rd.22nd April 23rd. EBESA Elections Entire week Main/ UK campuses UK sports complex 28th February Vet Lab Lecture Room THEME First Year Orientation EVENT Registration of First Years Arrival of 2nd.and 5th years Introduction of EBESA EBESA publicity officials to the first years Community Service A New beginning EBESA tournament Environmental Cleanup Launch of EBESA Magazine Preliminaries and Play offs DATE 5th and 6th The entire week 23rd Jan 1st February 3rd February Sarec Building Upper Kabete Main Campus/ Upper Kabete VENUE Main Campus Main Campus/Upper Kabete Upper Kabete Website: www. Fifth Years’ Leavers Bash 22nd March Entire week 25th April 2013 Career Talk Nomination and Campaigns 1. 4th.BOX 30197-00100 G.ke Sarec Building.uonbi.SECOND SEMESTER ( 5TH JANUARY.O Environmental & Biosystems Engineering Students Association Nairobi.25th January/February 26th Jan.1st Feb 2nd – 8th February 9th -15th 16th. Exam period 2.O.uonbi. EBESA Open Day 1.25th Light shines at the end of the tunnel Talk Free and Fair elections Togetherness 2.22nd February/March 23rd Feb.ac. upper Kabete Campus P. Kenya Solutions for life .P.1st Mar 9th – 15th 16th.ke/student_orgs/esa Email: ebesa@students.

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