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I. Elishas request: A. II Kings 2:9...A DOUBLE portion of Elijahs spirit. II. The parting of Jordan: A. II Kings 2:13 III. Purifying of the water: A. II Kings 2:19-22 IV. The she bears and the children: A. II Kings 2:23-24 V. The defeat of Moab: A. II Kings 3:1-27 VI. The Widows oil: A. II Kings 4:17 VII. The Shunamites son A. II Kings 8:37 VIII. Death in the pot: A. II Kings 4:38-41 IX. Multiplying of the bread: A. II Kings 4:42-44 X. Healing of Naaman: A. II Kings 5 XI. The Iron did swim: A. II Kings 6:1-7 XII. Divine espionage: A. II Kings 6:8-10 XIII. The Syrian army incident: A. II Kings 6:11-23 XIV. Famine to feast: A. II Kings 6:24-7:20 XV. The Shunamites property restored: A. II Kings 8:1-6 XVI. Syrias king murdered: A. II Kings 8:7-15 XVII. The anointing of Jehu: A. II Kings 9:1-3 XVIII. Prophecy of Joash and Syria: A. II Kings 13:14-19 XIX. Dead man raised: A. II Kings 13:21 NOTE: Elisha prophesied for fifty years.

WHOM DO YOU SAY I AM? If Jesus were asking you this question today, what would you say to Him?

We have many people talking about the Bible and about the laws and mandates of the Scriptures, but not a lot about the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. I heard an agnostic tell about how he attempted to live all the rules he found in the Bible to see if you could possibly take the Bible literally. He talked about stoning those who commit adultery, but he forgot that he is not living under that nations laws today, and in our country, that is illegal. That doesnt mean that law doesnt work, it means we do not have the right to enforce that law in our country. Maybe if that were our law we wouldnt be seeing so many homes falling apart! Many people try to make God look mean and uncaring because they are trying to understand the Bible without knowing the God of the Bible. Everyone wants to analyze and critique the Bible hoping to show it doesnt work. Bless their hearts, they have missed the PERSON of the Bible. The Pharisees tried to catch Jesus with His words, but they found no fault in Him. Bill OReiley, a news man with Fox News, has written a book that will be out soon called, Killing Jesus. It is supposed to be history of the crucifixion of Jesus. Bill has stated that he doesnt believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that you cannot take all the stories in the Bible literally. He believes, as many do today, that if you live a good life and do good to others, you will go to heaven. This man is a good news man and desires to do good. I wonder what he would say if Jesus asked him, Whom do you say I am? Jesus asked His disciples this question, and they began to answer who other people thought He was; but Jesus answered, But whom do YOU say that I am? This is the most important question of life! Jesus was raised with brothers and sisters. He lived a fairly normal life until he began His ministry. Jesus was raised in Galilee and said He wasnt able to do a lot of miracles there because they had all known Him as He was growing up, and they thought of Him as just one of them. His family and friends accused Him of losing His mind when He started His ministry. They did not know who Jesus was. Do you?

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----Jerry Brewster

I was really impressed with godly living when I was growing up. It looked clean and loving and I liked it. My step father, my mother and I attended a tent revival with Bro. Joe Boyd back in the 50s. I was twelve years old and what I remembered the most that night was Bro. Joe Boyd asking, Would you like a different life than you are living? That really sounded good to me and so I walked forward behind my parents who were going forward. I was seeking a new life. I prayed and did all the things they asked me to do, and then I was baptized in a cattle tank on the platform. My mother said she had been saved some years ago, and my step father received Christ as his saviour that night. Our lives did change. My step father quit drinking that very night. We began going to church several days a week. A short time later we moved to California and couldnt find a church were we felt at home, and for the next five years we were not in church. But even unchurched, things had changed at our house. They werent perfect, but they were different. After five years, we moved back to Texas and I went to school at Bro. Joe Boyds Open Door Baptist School. I met a pastors daughter the day I arrived, and some months later, we were married. Glorias life was what I wanted. I never complained about going to church. I had rather be there than any place I knew, but something was wrong. I did every good deed that I knew to do. I took the offering, I drove the bus, I cleaned the church, I was youth pastor (and saw many saved). I sang in the choir, I tithed and gave to missions and did everything in my power to please God, yet I knew I just hadnt gotten where I needed to be. I would ask God what I needed to fix and I would fix it. Still, I wasnt right! I was very much aware that I was a sinner, and I guess I was trying to cover my sins by being as good as I could. If good works would get you to heaven, I would have made it. But good works can never bring life.


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No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

Jesus had the power to live, but He gave it up so that He could give us His life as an acceptable sacrifice for our sins. He did not come out of the grave by His power. He waited for the Father to bring Him out. He fulfilled everything that God required for us to become the Sons of God.
Acts 4:11-12 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

The demons knew who Jesus was. It was mankind that was blind to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. If they were blind, how can we see?
John 12:46 I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

I was sitting in my chair, reading my Bible on a Sunday afternoon, which I often did, when I finally asked, What is wrong with me? His Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, You are not saved! I was in shock and I began reminding God of all my good works that I had done over the years, and again I heard, You are Belief in the person of the not saved! You see, I had never dealt with the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. I Lord Jesus Christ opens blinded eyes! had never declared to myself or God who I believed Jesus was. I fought with God for a week trying to make my goodness acceptable, and He He was not just a good man. He was not just a prophet. He was not John just would not agree. But the moment the Baptist resurrected from the dead. He was not just Mary and Josephs son. I bowed my knee and cried out, Lord WHO WAS HE? Jesus forgive me and save me from my sins, He lifted my load of sin and I Jesus was the Son of God! Jesus was God in the flesh (I John 1:1). knew that I had eternal life because I Jesus was a perfect man whose Father was the Heavenly Father. God said, This believed that is my son in whom I am well pleased. Jesus was the first man to please God in Jesus is the Son of God! all things. The gospel, which has the power to save us, is all about the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. John 3:15-16 He was sinless! He lived a perfect life of faith in God. He was an acceptable sacrifice for our sins. He was a spotless lamb. Man did not kill Him! Man rejected Him and spit upon Him and beat Him and took Him to the cross and nailed Him there, but they did not kill Him.
That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 10:17-18 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.


That which I now considered the best mode of preparation for the public ministry of the Word, no longer adopted from necessity, on account of want of time, but from deep conviction, and from the experience of Gods blessing upon it, both as it regards my own enjoyment, the benefit of the saints, and the conversion of sinners, is as follows:

1. I do not presume to know myself what is best for the hearers, and I therefore ask the Lord, in the first place, that He would graciously be pleased to teach me on what subject I shall speak, or what portion of His Word I shall expound. Now, sometimes it happens that, previous to my asking Him, a subject or passage has been in my mind, on which it has appeared well for me to speak. In that case, I ask the Lord whether I should speak on this subject or passage. If, after prayer, I feel persuaded that I should, I fix upon it, yet so that I would desire to leave myself open to the Lord to change it if he please. Frequently, however, it occurs that I have no text or subject in my mind, before I give myself to prayer for the sake of ascertaining the Lords will concerning it. In this case, I wait some time on my knees for an answer, trying to listen to the voice of the Spirit to direct me. If, then, a passage or subject, while I am on my knees, or after I have finished praying for a text, is brought to my mind, I again ask the Lord, and that sometimes repeatedly, especially if, humanly speaking, the subject or text should be a peculiar one, whether it be His will that I should speak on such a subject or passage. If, after prayer, my mind is peaceful about it, I take this to be the text, but still desire to leave myself open to the Lord for direction, should He please to alter it, or should I have been mistaken. Frequently, also, in the third place, it happens that I not only have no text nor subject on my mind previous to my praying for guidance in this matter, but also I do not obtain one after once, or twice, or more times praying about it. I used formerly at times to be much perplexed when this was the case; but, for more than twenty years, it has pleased the Lord, in general at least, to keep me in peace about it. What I do is, to go on with my regular reading of the Scriptures, where I left off the last time, praying (while I read) for a text, now and then also laying aside my Bible for prayer till I get one. Thus it has happened that I have had to read five, ten, yea, twenty chapters, before it has pleased the Lord to give me a text; yea, many times I have even had to go to the place of meeting without one, and obtained it, perhaps, only a few minutes before I was going to speak; but I have NEVER lacked the Lords assistance at the time of preaching, provided I had earnestly sought it in private. The preacher cannot know the particular state of the various individuals who compose the congregation, nor what they require, but the Lord knows it; and if the preacher renounces his own wisdom, he will be assisted by the Lord; but if he will choose in his own-wisdom, then let him not be surprised if he should see little benefit result from his labors. Before I leave this part of the subject, I would just observe one temptation concering the choice of a text. We may see a subject to be so very full that it may strike us it would do for some other occasion. For instance, sometimes a text brought to ones mind for a week-evening meeting may appear more suitable for the Lords day, because then there would be a greater number of hearers present. Now, in the first place, we do not know whether the Lord ever will allow us to preach on another Lords day; and, in the second place, we know not whether that very subject may not be especially suitable for some or many individuals present just that week-evening. Thus I was once tempted, after I had been a short time

Teigamouth, to reserve a subject which had been just opened to me for the next Lords day. But being able, by the grace of God, to overcome the temptation by the above reasons, and preaching about it at once, it pleased the Lord to bless it to the conversion of a sinner, and that to an individual who meant to come but that once more to the chapel, and to whose case the subject was not remarkably suited. 2. Now, when the text has been obtained in the above way, whether it be one, or two, or more verses, or a whole chapter or more, I ask the Lord that He would graciously be pleased to teach me by His Holy Spirit while meditating over it. Within the last twenty-five years, I have found it the most profitable plan to meditate with my pen in my hand, writing down the outlines as the Word is opened to me. This I do, not for the sake of committing them to memory, nor as if I meant to say nothing else, but for the sake of clearness, as being a help to see how far I understand the passage. I also find it useful afterwards to refer to what I have thus written. I very seldom use any other help besides the little I understand off the original of the Scriptures. My chief help is prayer. I have NEVER in my life begun to study one single part of divine truth without gaining some light about it when I have been able really to give myself to prayer and meditation over it. But that I have often found a difficult matter, partly on account of the weakness of the flesh, and partly, also, on account of bodily infirmities and multiplicity of engagements. This I most firmly believe, that no one ought to expect to see much good resulting from his labors in Word and doctrine, if he is not much given to prayer and meditation. 3. Having prayed and meditated on the subject or text, I desire to leave myself entirely in the hands of the Lord. I ask Him to bring to my mind what I have seen in my closet concerning the subject I am going to speak on,

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By Gloria Brewster



There are a million views about womans worth to mankind and about 9,998 are unbiblical. Most men do not understand the value of woman, but the sad part is that most women do not understand the value of woman. She is either exalted above her value or cast down below her worth, but seldom is she placed where God created her to be.

Her daughter did not want to have the abortion and was fighting against her mother. I asked her if this was not a mixed baby would she be considering an abortion. She said, Oh no, not at all.. I asked her, Do you think this baby is less than human because it is mixed? She looked at me very strangely, like as if she had not thought of this child as being a person. Needless to say, she did not take her daughter for an abortion, and a year later I met her at a fellowship meeting and she couldnt wait to take me to the nursery to see her precious granddaughter. She would give her life for that child today. Proverbs tells us that there is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is DEATH. I want us to look at two women in the Bible that God did the impossible through their wombs. Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, was past the childbearing age when the angel announced that she would have a child. Elisabeth said, The Lord has removed my reproach among man. It was a reproach to her to not be able to bear children, yet, that didnt take away from her godly living. The Bible said she was righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless. (Luke 1:6) She was a usable vessel that God could use to do the impossible. She had trusted God with His decision to withhold a child from her all those years. Its just like God to wait until it looks impossible to man before He brings things to pass. The same angel that brought Elisabeths husband the news of Johns coming brought Mary the news that she was going to have a child. No one knows Marys age, but history believes that she was young. She was old enough to marry because she was engaged to be married. Can you imagine what Mary thought when she saw the angel. You dont see an angel every day of your life. How many times have

Most women struggle with their value because they do not understand their purpose in creation. In Genesis 3:15, God made the woman the enemy of Satan. Satan hates woman because of the value of her work. Satan needs woman to accomplish his work in destroying man and so he entreats her and deceives her like he did Eve. When Satan finishes his work with woman, he steps aside and watches her destruction. Ladies, Satan is not our friend. The one thing about woman that scares Satan is her womb! His first concern was to stop the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that Jesus would save us from our sin. But what about all those wonderful people we read about in the Bible? God gives birth with purpose, and Satan tries to do away with Gods purposes. Satan works hard to stop births. Look around you today. How is the womb being attacked? Let me ask you a question. Is your age considered childbearing age? Are you able to have a child, or has something happened to you or your husband medically that would prevent you from bearing children? You would be shocked at the number of women who have been removed from bearing children because of medical conditions. Many of these conditions could not have been avoided, but thousands of these conditions are because of convenience. We decide that it is not convenient to have more children or our plans do not include more children. Then there is always abortion. We have killed a generation of children. Abortion is the greatest slaughter in history. How many of those women believed in their hearts that they were doing what was best when they had that abortion? Most women would tell you they had no choice, and they had to do it. Satan can so easily deceive us. If we live by our thoughts and our ways, we will always miss Gods way. I know many women who were tricked into abortion by Satan that are heart broken about it today. My heart goes out to those women, and I want to say that our God can and will heal any wound of the heart. God forgives ALL sins when we come with a contrite and a broken heart. Accept forgiveness and get about doing Gods work and send Satan on his way. A few years ago a pastors wife came to me weeping and said she was taking her daughter for an abortion the next day. She was about to do something that she did not believe was right, yet she believed that she had no choice since the baby was a mixed baby and it would have been an embarrassment to her and her family.

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which He generally most kindly does, and often teaches me much additionally while I am preaching. In connection with the above, I must, however, state that it appears to me there is a preparation for the public ministry of the Word which is even more excellent than the one spoken of. It is this: to live in such constant and real communion with the Lord, and to be so habitually and frequently in meditation over the truth, that without the above effort, so to speak, we have obtained food for others, and know the mind of the Lord as to the subject or the portion of the Word on which we should speak. That which I have found most beneficial in my experience for the last twenty-six years in the public ministry of the Word is expounding the Scriptures, and especially the going now and then through a whole gospel or epistle. This may be done in a twofold way, either by entering minutely into the bearing of every point occurring in the portion, or by giving the general outlines, and thus leading the hearers to see the meaning and connection of the whole. The benefits which I have seen resulting from expounding the Scriptures are these: A. The hearers are thus, with Gods blessing, led to the Scriptures. They find, as it were, a practical use of them in the public meeting. This induces them to bring their Bibles, and I have observed that those who at first did not bring them, have afterwards been induced to do so; so that, in a short time, few (of the believers at least) were in the habit of coming without their Bibles. This is no small matter; for everything which in our day will lead believers to value the Scriptures is of importance. B. The expounding of the Scriptures is in general more beneficial to the hearers than if, on a single verse, or half a verse, or two or three words of a verse, some remarks are made, so that the portion of Scripture is scarcely anything but a motto for the subject; for few have grace to meditate much over the Word, and thus exposition may not merely be the means of opening to them the Scriptures, but may also create in them a desire to meditate for themselves. C. The expounding of the Scriptures leaves to the hearers a connecting link, so that the reading over again the portion of the Word which has been expounded brings to their remembrance what has been said, and thus, with Gods blessing, leaves a more lasting impression on their minds. This is particularly of importance as it regards the illiterate, who sometimes have neither much strength of memory nor capacity of comprehension. D. The expounding of large portions of the Word, as the whole of a gospel or an epistle, besides leading the hearer to see the connection of the whole, has also this particular benefit for the teacher, that it leads him, with Gods blessing, to the consideration of portions of the Word which otherwise he might not have considered, and keeps him from speaking too much on favorite subjects, and leaning too much to particular parts of truth, which tendency must surely sooner or later injure both himself and his hearers. Expounding the Word of God brings little honor to the preacher from the unenlightened or careless hearer, but it tends much to the benefit of the hearers in general. Simplicity in expression, while the truth is set forth, is, in connection with what has been said, of the utmost importance. It should be the aim of the teacher to speak so that children, servants, and people who cannot read may be able to

understand him, so far as the natural mind can comprehend the things of God. It ought also to be remembered that there is, perhaps, not a single congregation in which there are not persons of the above classes present, and that if they can understand, the welleducated or literary persons will understand likewise; but the reverse does not hold good. It ought further to be remembered that the expounder of the truth of God speaks for God, for eternity, and that it is not in the least likely that he will benefit the hearers, except he uses plainness of speech, which nevertheless needs not to be vulgar or rude. It should also be considered that, if the preacher strives to speak according to the rules of this world, he may please many, particularly those who have a literary taste; but, in the same proportion, he is less likely to become an instrument in the hands of God for the conversion of sinners, or for the building-up of the saints. For neither eloquence nor depth of thought makes the truly great preacher, but such a life of prayer and meditation and spirituality as may render him a vessel meet for the Masters use and fit to be employed both in the conversion of sinners and in the edification of the saints.

I find television very educational. Every time someone turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. ----Groucho Marx 5


Fall is falling and winter is coming. How are you doing with reading through the Bible this year? If you are behind, please do not give up. Get with it, you can do it. We would really like those of you who have read all the way through your Bible to write us and tell us what you have learned that you had never known before. I remember the first time I read through, I did not know that the people who crossed the Red Sea where the same people who went into the land of Canaan. The more you read the more you get to know the people of the Bible. Gloria and I were able to take a trip to the Davis Mountains for our 53rd anniversary. We were three days without telephone service. What a blessing! I dont know what we ever did without the cell phones, because they are such a blessing in helping us keep up with one another, but because of all these conveniences, we are constantly being interrupted in work and thought. It was just good to have three days without interruption. We have been blessed in that God seems to be fanning the flame of our hearts lately. It feels so good to have a fire burning within you. We pray that He will fan all of our fires of faith and that the body of Christ will once again bring the glory to Christ that He deserves. We have some new contributors to Tid Bits of Wisdom and we would like to thank you for your gifts to this work. The monthly gifts are just enough to pay the postage and buy the office supplies. We have been blessed through our son Tom, who had it in his heart to print the paper free of charge. This will not always be possible, and we must be praying for a way to continue at that time. Our support would never pay for the printing of the paper as it is today. Our son tells us as long as it is being printed not to worry about it, but we would ask you to be praying about that day with us. If God wants this work to continue, He will open the door and supply. Until then, we are very thankful for the paper each month. It is printed by Legacy Group Printing, and they do a great work for us. Many of our supporters are elderly and have medical needs. One, Pat Archer, is facing the possibility of having both legs amputated. Please pray for our supporters as they pray for you. Each supporters heart is joined with us in this work, and they are just as responsible for blessing you as are the articles that hopefully bless you. Many on our mailing list we know personally, and when we see your name each month, we think of you and pray for you. When we read names that we do not know personally, we wish we knew you and we pray for you. Thank you for taking time to read our hearts and ministry for the Lord. May God richly bless your service to Him. Letters: Thank you for sending the paper. I read it from beginning to end. I am glad we have reconnected after all of these years. (So are we!) N.Smith, Taylors S.C. We enjoy your publication & would like to begin to support your ministry. Thank you so much for the work you are doing. It is very badly needed in todays world. B. P. Ross, Nevada, Mo. Tid Bits of Wisdom is a non-profit work and operates through the Wonderful Word Publishers, whose founders where Bro. Dick and Mrs. Rose Cimino. The Tid Bits of Wisdom is published by Bro. Jerry and Mrs. Gloria Brewster. The tract ministry is operated by Mrs. Connie Cimino. All gifts are tax deductible. Tid Bits of Wisdoms web site is Our email is

Give authority to some people and they grow; give it to others and they swell. A mans character and his garden both reflect the amount of weeding that was done during the growing season. There is no limit to the height a man can attain by remaining on the level. Children these days seem to grow up bigger and faster, yet remain children longer than ever before. There are some Christians who cant be called pilgrims because they never make any progress. Some Christians who should be wielding the sword of the Spirit are still tugging at the nursery bottle. No one can grow by allowing others to make his decisions. Dont envy anybody. Every person has something no other person has. Develop that one thing and make it outstanding. Past experience should be a guidepost - not a hitching post. If only our minds instead of our waistlines would grow with the passing of the year. To grow tall spiritually, a man must first learn to kneel. The knowledge, understanding, and appropriation of Gods Word are the means by which a Christian grows. There is a vast difference between growth and inflation. Spiritual growth soars when we have prayed up, made up, and paid up.

you seen an angel? You dont know if it is good news or bad news, you just know that it is scary!!! The first thing the angel said was, Fear not! Then he tells her she is HIGHLY FAVORED AMONG WOMEN! Wow! 2 Chron. 16:9 says, For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. . The Lord looked down on earth and chose Mary to birth the Son of God. She found favor in the eyes of God. He knew her heart and He knew she could be trusted with His Son. Notice something very important here. She was highly favored AMONG women, not above women. God did not elevate her to a posi- The angel gave Mary an examtion of worship. Mary was one of us, and birthing the Son of God did not change ple of the impossible to encourage her. the fact that God is not a respecter of persons. It did make her famous and it did He told her about Elisabeth. make her valuable to the kingdom of God, but God saw her as AMONG women and not above other women. Luke 1:36-37 If you have more than one child, you understand that while you love them all with the same love, some find favor in your eyes, while another may be on your bad side because of their attitude or actions. When God looks for a woman to do His work, and He looks my way, I want to find favor in His eyes. Dont you? If God calls us today, would we be ready? He is looking for people today whose hearts are perfect (complete) toward Him. He has work that needs to be done for His Kingdom. Is He finding hearts He can use today? Jesus said in Luke 18:8 that He would answer our prayers speedily, nevertheless, He asked, Shall I find faith when I return? Do we live by faith? When He looks at our heart today, does He find a heart that is completely trusting in the person of God? Mary found favor in the eyes of God and was used of God to do the greatest work on earth. Notice! What the angel said she was to do was impossible for her to accomplish. The only way she could have a child was to be with a man, but not being married, she would have to sin in order to do so. If she quickly married Joseph, she would no longer be able to birth the Son of God, because He was to be born of a virgin! Mary could not do the work of God through herself; it had to be done by God! Her question to the angel was, How can this be, seeing I know not a man? Remember Sarah. She loved God and she lived by faith, but after ten years of waiting to have a child, she decided to bring it about through her works. The work she created has been a thorn in the flesh for Israel. Our works cause confusion, and they disrupt the work of God. God did His work through Sarah even though she jumped ahead, but Sarah was grieved by what she had done. How many times do we add troubles to our lives by thinking we can do Gods work? Like Mary, we must say to God, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. (Luke 1:38) Could we say that? God wants us to be available and He will do the work! Mary did the work of raising Jesus, but she couldnt birth Him without the work of God. When will we wake up to the fact that we cannot do Gods job. Women are notorious at trying to make things happen when it is not her job to make things happen. We cannot change our husbands or our children. God must do the changing if it is to be done right. We can be used of God to influence the change our loved one, if we dont get in Gods way. Bro. Roloff used to say that he wanted to live his life in such a way that no one could accuse him of doing it! He wanted others to see Christ and not Bro. Roloff.
And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren.

(Continued from page 4) WOMAN CAN BE USED TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!

One of the things that makes it hard to live with me is that I believe NOTHING is impossible if God wants it done. If the Word of God says, Do it, then it is possible to do it and God expects it to be done. I am all the time getting my family involved with impossible situations, but it does keep life interesting, and we have stories upon stories to tell. Living by faith keeps your spiritual blood flowing.

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Do we really believe that? We must never back away from the chance to be used of God. God does do the impossible through the lives of women, He just seems to have a hard time finding women whose hearts are fixed upon Him and His Kingdom. Lets you and I see to it that we are ready when He looks into our hearts.

----Gloria Brewster

Jim was just beginning to make a putt when a funeral procession drove by the golf course. He bowed his head, holding his hat over his heart until the procession had passed, then he began putting again. His golf buddies said, Wow, Jim, we had no idea you were a religious person....That was very sensitive! He replied, Well, after all, I was married to her for twenty-eight years! 7

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