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David Regal Enough With The Tricks Already!

Primate The magician explains that he will have two helpers for this trick and his two helpers are the kings. He strips two of them out of the deck and has someone cover them so that they cannot see the selected card. A card is then selected and returned to the deck. The kings are retrieved from their secret location, and placed atop the deck. With just a wave of his hand and a slight wiggle of the deck, the selected card appears between the two kings. Leap of Faith All four kings are used, separated by color. A card is selected and, if desired, signed. The card is sandwiched between the two kings in the right hand, and the other two kings are in the left. The magician asks people to watch close and, suddenly, the card jumps from the right hand to the left hand. Straight Forward Collectors The four aces are removed from the pack and it is explained that they are detectives. Three cards are selected and replaced in the pack. The pack is then cut into three sections of roughly even cards. Three of the aces look through the stacks as the magician waves them over each pack. The fourth ace then inspects their work, looking through each stack in the same manner. The aces are brought up to the magicians ear as they tell the magician what the three cards were. The magician explains that, while he could tell the audience what the cards were, that would be betraying a confidence between he and the aces. Instead, he magically pulls the souls of the selected cards from the stacks and throws them at the aces. Suddenly, he spreads the aces and facedown in between the face-up aces are found the selected cards. Commercial Travel The magician says he will present them with a lesson in palming cards, a practice not widely used any longer for reasons that will soon become evident. He uses the aces in this lesson, but admonishes the audience to never use the aces because theyre too obvious. He explains that palming is used to move one card from the deck, to the table, undetected. As he does this, he places on ace face up on the table. He shows the classic palming method, but the card sticks out slight from the bottom. He apologizes and tries again, but this time it sticks out from the top. Again, he apologizes and explains that he was never very good at palming cards this way. Once more, he tries and this time succeeds; the card cannot be seen. He replaces the card to prove that he does have a card. Once again, he palms it correctly. However, his hand is in a very unnatural position and he explains that this is the reason palming cards is not used any longer. He says the he prefers his method, because you can examine both sides of his hand. He displays his hand and it seen to be completely empty. He magically places the now invisible card down on the table and it is suddenly shown to be under the ace already there. He shows that these are two real aces. He then places them back on the table. Again, he invisibly palms a card and places it on the table where it suddenly appears between the other two aces. Holding only one ace, he explains that the nice thing about using aces is that they like to be together. He places the last remaining ace in the middle of the deck and snaps his fingers, saying he has caused the ace to rise to the top. He palms the (now invisible) card from the deck and places it with the other aces, all of which are face down at this point. He picks up the last ace and explains that people dont always believe what they just saw, so he places it again in the middle of the deck and again it comes to the top. This time he visibly places it with the three-facedown cards on the table. He asks the audience to concentrate on the powers of darkness and count to three. When theyre done, he explains that, perhaps, they should have counted to four as he displays the ace, two, three and four of hearts. The Worlds First Card Trick The magician explains that people are always suspicious of him; they dont believe hes shuffling when hes shuffling, they dont believe hes cutting when hes cutting. He shuffles the card and has a spectator verify that the cards were actually being shuffled. He cuts the cards and has another spectator verify that they are actually being cut. He then offers the cards to a spectator to shuffle and verifies that it is, in fact, a real shuffle. The magician again shuffles the cards and verifies that it is a real shuffle. He then gives the cards to another spectator to shuffle and, again, verifies that they are shuffled. At this point, he asks if everyone is happy with the amount of cutting and shuffling, or if they would like to continue. If they want to continue, the shuffling is continued until everyone is happy. When they are happy, the magician steps far away from the table and asks that the top card be turned over. He then asks the spectator


David Regal Enough With The Tricks Already! to pick-up the deck next to her, which has an opposite colored back. The spectator goes through the cards until they locate one facedown card. This card is turned over and it is revealed to match the top card. Daves Move-A-Card Trick The magician fans the card for a spectator and asks if the spectator is satisfied with the current order of the cards or if they would like to change them. The magician then says he is going to memorize the deck. He riffles through the cards once and says he has it. He then realizes that, no, he doesnt have it. He asks for a few moments of memorization. The cards are ribbon spread and he frantically looks through them, trying to find ANYTHING that would help him. He then asks one spectator to move a card from one side of the spread to the other side while his back is turned. He also asks that she remember her card and put all the cards together. He turns his back and the change takes place. He turns and panics when he sees that the deck is completely square again. He quickly spreads the card in a panic and then straightens them. As he looks through the deck, he up jogs quite a few cards and explains that those arent it. Finally, he puts one card down on the table and asks what the selected card was. The card is turned over and revealed as the selected card. Out of this Borough The magician explains that he has developed a compatibility test for people, using a normal deck of playing cards. He places one red card and one black card next to each other on the table. He explains that he will select a few cards and the first spectator is to tell him, sight unseen, if he thinks they are red cards or black cards. They will then be placed, face down, in the correct pile. After a few cards are placed on the table, the magician concedes that this just a warm up. Now the spectator does it by himself, just dealing cards off the top and placing them on which pile he feels is right. To mark the place that they switched, two new face-up cards are used and the colors for each pile are transposed. After the spectator has done a few, the magician takes back the deck and repeats the procedure with the other spectator. Once the entire process is played out, the cards are turned over it is discovered they are perfectly compatible because they both perfectly arranged the cards in the correct color order. Better yet, they managed to nail the exact suits.


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