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This study is catered for evaluating the performance of Oubee, the WiMax internet service provider of Bangladesh and the satisfaction level of it’s customers. The two companies currently operating in the WiMax technology oriented market are Qubee Ltd and Banglalion Communications Ltd. WiMax is a state of the art technology that has the potential of replacing the traditional internet technologies fairly promptly and it has become evident from the high growth rate of WiMax subscribers around not only Dhaka city but also the other parts of the country. Both the companies started with great promises and enormous promotional effort. Question arises whether the WiMax technology based service provider Qubee have really been able to provide the customers with solutions to the problems they have been facing for long or how are they performing comparing to one another in terms of the factors determining their performance in respective fields. The study however, has first identified and validated the factors determining the performance of the ISPs from the customers’ point of view through an exploratory research involving expert interviews. A descriptive research was conducted afterwards to collect and analyze users’ view on the performance of the company. The data was analyzed using statistical tools like descriptive statistical tools and the hypothesis testing methods. However, the findings found that the WiMax service providers are successful regarding some of the factors and in some cases they have lacking. Recommendations have been made in order to improve the customer satisfaction level for operators and also to rule over the future competitions.


WiMax is an IP based, wireless broadband access technology that provides performance similar to 802.11/Wi-Fi networks with the coverage and QOS (quality of service) of cellular networks. It is an acronym meaning "Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax). It is a telecommunications technology that offers transmission of wireless data via a number of transmission methods; such as portable or fully mobile internet access via point to multipoint links. The WiMax technology offers around 72 Mega Bits per second without any need for the cable infrastructure and is based on Standard that is IEEE 802.16. The name WiMax, was created by the WiMax Forum (http://www.WiMaxforum.org), which was formed, in June 2001 to promote conformity with and interoperability of the standard. The forum has more than 522 members comprising the majority of operators, component and equipment companies in the communications ecosystem, among which, 15 are board members. The current board members of the WiMax forum are ZTE Corporation (China), Samsung (South Korea), Aperto Networks (USA), Airspan Networks (UK), Alcatel-Lucent (France), Alvarion (Israel), Fujitsu (Japan), Intel Corporation (USA), KDDI (Japan), British Telecom (UK), KT Corp (South Korea), Sprint Nextel (USA), Motorola (USA), AT&T (USA) and Nokia (Finland). Less than one out of five people of the developed world and an even smaller, little percentage of people across the world have broadband access today. Existing technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), cable, and fixed wireless are overwhelmed by expensive installs, problems with loop lengths, upstream upgrade issues, line-of-sight restrictions, and poor scalability. New organizations as well as individuals are increasingly adopting broadband, whereas those already using broadband are becoming dependent on it and are demanding better services with added benefits. To support this exceptional new demand, WiMax (802.16) has emerged as a feasible solution, because of its inherent features that holds great promise for the future of wireless communications. WiMax also enables the users to experience rich multimedia services on the go. This technology has the potential to do the same to broadband internet access what cell phones have done to telephone access. It could replace cable and DSL services, like how many people have given up their "land lines" in favor of cell phones.


WiMax.000 WiMax subscribers. each of five years in duration. The Tk 215 crore bid price had become a ‗double bind for both the telecom regulator and licensees. Bangladesh. The annual license fee is Tk 3 crore and the licensee had to submit a bank guarantee of Tk. 30 times faster than 3G mobile technology and 100 times faster than wireless data rates. WiMax can replace GSM and CDMA cellular phone technologies. In September 2008. 3G. 215 crore for each license acquisition fee. the country has four million internet users among which. or increase capacity. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) allowed companies to bid for WiMax license and among nine of them. Objective of the Study The objective of the study is to customer satisfaction level of the customer of Qubee Ltd in terms of different performance factors involved in making up the equity of satisfaction.WiMax technology became available in most parts of the developed countries whereas in our country. Bangladesh will have around 12 million WiMax subscribers by 2012. only three won the license—Banglalion Communication. The duration of the licenses will initially be for a term of 15 years. there are 200. The outcomes 3 . subject to the approval from the commission and other such conditions. The bidding for license acquisition started at Tk. and 4G networks in both developed and developing countries. now experiences highspeed wireless internet by the launch of the WiMax technology. The regulator extended the deadline for launching WiMax services several times. 15 crore in favor of the BTRC within 15 days from the date of issue of the license. Banglalion Communications was the top bidder among nine companies. it is relatively a new concept. the license may be renewed for subsequent terms. they expect. On expiry of the initial term. It has been used as a wireless backhaul technology for 2G. However. including the payment of fees specified by the commission. BRAC BD Mail Network Ltd and Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd. with the lowest internet penetration in the world at 4 percent. can solve the problems of rural connectivity. 25 crore and the highest bidding was settled at Tk. used as a layover. experts expect a big demand for broadband wireless services and WiMax. At present. As Bangladesh's Telecom Industry is booming with a growing middle-class. BRAC later refused to take the license.

What are the factors contributing in customer satisfaction in terms of internet services? 2. this study also serves as the first step of fulfilling the researchers’ course requirement of conducting a practical marketing research implementing the learning from the lecture sessions. Do these factors vary when it comes to wireless internet service? 3. the parent company of Quebee Ltd. Which company is leading the market in terms of customer satisfaction? Company Profile Qubee Ltd. 4 . owns 10 percent in the company. UK-based Augere Holdings. Being specific. owns 60 percent of Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd. Most of the times the increasing sales figure or amount of monthly bills collected fail to show the possible future downturns due to decline in customer satisfaction and their perceived level of the brand.of this research will be helpful for the company under scrutiny for getting a clear picture of their respective brand perception and their effectiveness of the efforts towards achieving higher customer satisfaction level. However. along with two other local companies. this study will help the brand look into possibly the most significant area to concentrate on.. So. How are Qubee doing in terms of these factors? 4. Problem Definition The broad marketing research problem for this research is – Evaluating the satisfaction level of the Qubee . the research should provide information on the following questions (components of the broad problem statements) 1. Teleport Bangladesh owns 30 percent and Aamra Resources Ltd. How do the customers perceive the brands overall? 5.

Apart from these packages. The packages offer 256 Kbps. People. 1. Potential buyers can easily go to any of the stores and register for the service or they can just go to the experience booths to find out the quality of the service that Qubee provides. 2. Price. It also promises speed and reliable customer service to its customers. there are additional four ―Ps‖ such as: Process. Place and Promotion which are also known as ―4 Ps ‖ of the marketing mix.Product. pp. Better distribution and location always gives the edge to reach the target market in a better way than the competitor. Users have the flexibility to migrate from one package to another any time they want. Physical Environment and Productivity and Quality (Lovelock & Wirtz. covering most parts of it. is in service business. 512 Kbps and 1Mbps speed with 5GB. There are in total nine different packages available for the users according to their need and affordability. For the current customers. the scenario in Chittagong is not as good as it is in Dhaka. they usually address four basic strategic elements. Place: Qubee has around 150 stores and 16 experience booths all over Dhaka. 5 . for Qubee. the stores have made the payment system easier. Magical internet experience is for everyone is its motto. 22-25). But as Qubee Ltd. apart from the usual ―4 Ps ‖.Quebee is one of the two WiMax service providers in Bangladesh primarily focusing on the capital Dhaka and Chittagong alone. Product: Here. 2007. 10GB and unlimited usage limit. When marketers develop strategies to market manufactured goods. Let‘s analyze these Ps for Qubee Ltd. the products are the different WiMax internet packages it offers to the customers. However. Qubee has 512 Kbps pre-pay packages as well which have a validity of 15 days and 30 days with a usage volume of 1GB and 2GB respectively. It shares a belief that everyone should have access to hasslefree internet connectivity and to the opportunities it brings along. 8P’s of Qubee Ltd.

Pricing: The pricing of the Packages offered by Qubee is given below: Normal Packages Speed 256 Kbps 512 Kbps 1 Mbps Monthly Usage Allowance* 5 GB 10 GB BDT 850 BDT 950 BDT 1. it wants to build the brand image in the mindset of the target market. and other outdoor advertising and gives away flyers and brochures.250 BDT 5. social networking websites like facebook and twitter.750 Sky BDT 1. In both type of packages. magazines. it sets up kiosks and experience booths in the educational and business institutes to raise awareness and to educate the potential customers. Personal communication is another promotional tool that it uses effectively to grab more market share.3. It takes part in different sort of education fairs and various events and runs different activations to reach its target market. Sometimes.250 Pre Paid Packages Speed Usage Volume 512 Kbps 1 GB 512 Kbps 2 GB *Vat is applicable on all the charges inclusive A customer has to buy a modem worth BDT 3.250 BDT 2. Validity 15 days 30 days Price** BDT 400 BDT 700 ** VAT 6 . usage volume and the validity period.000 regardless of the packages and there is no installation fee.450 BDT 2. Through the magical internet experience brought by WiMax technology. billboards.250 BDT 2. Qubee focuses more on the direct approaches.250 BDT 1. it advertises in the newspapers. The normal package-fee is payable at the beginning of every month. 4. Moreover. the customers have to pay the fee in advance. Promotion: When it comes to promotion. So the differences among the packages lie in the speed. But so far there are no promotional activities in the electronic media such as television and radio.

‘words of mouth’ is the most efficient and effective measure to promote the brand.For a service based business. Qubee is successful conveying this message to its clients as it has a good physical environment. 6. people perceive the quality of the service. moderate participation level and high participation level. the service delivery can be categorized. Office building. But in moderate and high participation level. people who work there is no less important than technology or any other assets. Sometimes they have to interact and communicate with the customers directly and based on their way of communication. the role of the customers is only to make payments to the service. in this case.low participation level. Perhaps. the customers are more intertwined with the process and the service delivery is different from the other one. 7. Productivity and Quality 7 . It also has a dedicated customer service hotline which aims to solve the problems faced by the subscribers any time round the clock. Qubee tries to capitalize the fact and encourages its users to spread the experience they have with the service of the company to others so that they also might end up subscribing the packages. Process of the service According to the level of customers’ involvement. The sales team of Qubee is very efficient in this regard as they all are well-trained and give proper attention to each customer. 8. furniture. For the Qubee subscribers. interior design. Physical Environment Physical environment plays a key role making an impression in the minds of the customers. it‘s a low participation level where the customers do not need to be associated with the process deeply and employees and systems do all the work. printed material and overall appearance of the company reflect the tangible evidence of a firm‘s service quality. 5. People In a service business.

Productivity and quality are two sides of a coin. Reputation: Within a very short time Qubee developed its goodwill and popularity among its user. Uniqueness: The service offered by Qubee is unique as the service provided by the company is unique and fastest internet service provider in Bangladesh. on the customers. Product differentiation and product line help the customers distinguish the quality of the service provided from the competitors. Managers should cut costs as much as possible without compromising the quality so the service delivery and process get more productive. This is also another reputation. having equal important impact on the service providing firm. Qubee focuses a lot on how its subscribers evaluate the quality of the internet service and how it can be augmented. They use very high quality technology. SWOT STRENGTH: Product Quality: Within a very short time Qubee established itself by its quality. Utility: In Bangladesh Qubee use very high quality technology and instrument. People use Qubee modem in a large number after they enter in the market and its growing very fast because of their quality speed and service. WEAKNESS: 8 . So we consider it is a important strength of Qubee. On the other hand.e. quality of the service depends on the external view i.

in order to gain market share in the competitive market in Bangladesh Qubee has resorted to mass marketing. For this it is very easy for them to achieve their goal which is to provide people a very good service. They are now using a universal approach in regards to consumers. Only qubee is using the most costly and useful modern machines. OPPORTUNITY: Technological advancement: In technological sector they are far ahead from their competitor. They stand behind to reach their product to the ordinary people comparing to their competitor.this is also a weakness of Qubee. They are at a more advanced level of in regards to customer segmentation. Market Growth: 9 . Lack of awareness: Qubee fail to create awareness among people. Target Market: Another advantage or opportunity for Qubee is their target market. This is also very cost effective. There are lots of opportunities in the marketing sector which their competitor frequently uses. It can be regarded as highly fortunate on their part that the marketing sector in our country has developed and improved at an impressive place and level. They framed their self as a high class product. Now Qubee can enjoy the facilities of the marketing sector in Bangladesh.Lack of Marketing: We found that Qubee is little behind in place marketing. Therefore. Established Marketing Base: Marketing is one of the most crucial factors for a company who is competing in the industry with other competitors.

In last few years the market becomes very opportunistic. Market Sustainability: The market in Bangladesh is not that large. THREAT: High Competition: The Internet market in Bangladesh has become highly competitive because now there are many competitors in the country. The expansion of the industry is vulnerable to the downturn of the economy. Recession: Nowadays recession is surrounding worldwide and its harms many industrial sector. also gives high rules and regulation in case of spreading out the business and use network. So it’s a thread for qubee. charges high tax on this type of Company. But this recession do not affect our economy yet. Govt. Mostly Bangladesh govt. so many competitors in one market is a little too much for the market. But if is harms it may bring a great loss for the company. they have the threat of losing their business in a bad way.The internet market of Bangladesh is growing rapidly. So it becomes very easy to established one brand if it has the quality. So the market has become highly oligopolistic. Government intervention: Government intervention is another threat. Research Design 10 . So if the company cannot operate successfully accomplishing all their targets.

international researches on internet users’ satisfaction will be used as secondary data. For the quantitative part. In addition. The factors figured out in the earlier phase have been used as the criteria of evaluating the customers’ satisfaction level for the company. Descriptive tools 11 . qualitative data has been collected through expert interviews and interviews of employees of the company. However. the sample size had to be small.Type of Research Design The entire research has been approached at two different phases. Those data are expected to help figure out the factors that are to be served in order to build customer satisfaction in terms of internet services and specifically wireless internet services. A total of 57 people have been reached for data collection. a total of 5 persons have been interviewed. mostly online survey to obtain data from a large sample within short time duration. Phase 1 (Exploratory): At this phase. which are more likely to be well known by the operational level managers. Survey methods have been used to obtain quantitative information. Determination of the samples and sample size For the qualitative part of the research. who are students in the IT concentration and have deep knowledge about the broadband and wireless internet technology. Data Collection All the surveys are conducted by our team members and the respondents of the internet users were selected randomly by non-probability method of sampling. Phase 2 (Descriptive): The results of the first phase worked as the ground work of this phase. Due to the constraint of time and human resource. 2 operational level managers from Qubee have been interviewed for gaining insight about the market and identify the trends in the market. At the first stage the exploration of the customer satisfaction factors has been accomplished and later the second phase analyzed the customers’ rating in those areas for the brands. 50 users of WiMax internet have been surveyed.

Two factor ANOVA with replication: To figure out that if there is any difference between the speeds provided by the companies at different hours and on different days. Significance level (α) was invariably assumed to be 0. Hypothesis testing tools Two sample T-test for mean: This test has been used widely in the study to determine any variation in the mean of the samples. Pareto diagram: This special type of combined line chart and bar chart has been used to identify the ―vital few‖ factors responsible for the users switching their service providers. A high absolute value represents high degree of correlation. The decision rule used was that reject the null hypothesis that the factor (shifts or days in a week) doesn‘t 12 .05 for the tests.• • • • Mean: Mean has been used to understand the central tendency of the data. Several observations have been found that demanded a test with replication. • Multiple R: This estimator is used to determine whether the variables of a particular regression are correlated to the dependent variable or not. Qubee and previous ISP considering the variable ―hours used (daily)‖. It tends to increase as the number of variables used as dependent variables increases. Count: Counting respondents frequency in a particular factor has given insight about the popularity or preference of that factor. Significance level (α) was assumed to be 0. Standard deviation: Standard deviation has been used to identify the dispersion of the variables from the mean and any possible misleading indication by the mean.05 for all the tests. • R-squared and adjusted R-squared: The percentage of variables explainable by a regression is expressed with the R-squared. In all the tests ―unequal variances‖ are assumed as further data to be sure about the equality of variance is unknown. The decision rule used was that reject the null hypothesis if P-value < α or vice versa. For instance. the question asking if the average daily usage in hours has increased after switching to Qubee is answered by a T-test with 2 samples. The two factors were the time shifts4 and weekdays or weekends.

Customer service. it is frequently seen that the users of cable broadband line have no connection or very fluctuating speed. 2. By paying the same price. everyone needs high speed internet connectivity which the typical internet providers cannot provide. Significance level (α) was assumed to be 0.this is one of the most important factors for switching brands.show any difference in speed. To many of the experts. People in our country are ready to pay a good price 13 . Finally the regressions were run using only those variables. Firstly. Network availability. we interviewed the experts to get a slice of their perception. They encountered us with many technical and fascinating terms which will be very helpful for our project. Qubee and Banglalion both offer superior customer services to the customers. 3. now they are allowed to access to many facilities. all the performance factors had been taken as independent variables and then only significant factors have been singled out. Linear regression: Linear regression has been used to identify the performance factors that are significant in describing the overall rating a user gives the company. Analysis & Findings (Exploratory Phase) As mentioned earlier. if corresponding P-value < α or vice versa. Usual broadband or Mobile connections are comparatively more expensive than the WiMax internet. for getting insights and understanding regarding to the issue in hand. if P-value < α or vice versa. it‘s a very crucial factor that helps retain and nurture customers for a longer period of time.in a month. No one likes slow internet connection. The factors are illustrated below1.05 for the tests.a strong customer service always pays off in service industries. 4. the experts explained the reasons or factors behind the switching the brands among the internet users. Factors behind switching ISP At the beginning. the regressions were run twice. However.to cope up with the up-to-dated world. Price. The decision rule used was that the factor is significant. Speed.

For the prior bad experiences.the customers should be quite happy with the connection as they receive the desired speed most of the time. So far.This is a key feature for the users who download a lot over the internet. Many users switch to WiMax packages only to capitalize these facilities like torrent support.The consistency rate of the WiMax packages is far better than the consistency rate of other broadband connections as they have better technology and support. the customers are expected to rate this factor pretty well. Still price and speed are the core benefits a customer looks for. Payment flexibility. Consistency in speed. hassle-free service. users are not allowed to access to some features.the payment systems and policies for WiMax internet Connection are more or less same like the other ISP packages apart from a fact that one have to. it may increase their revenue. most of the people don‘t even have proper idea about the subject matter. Technical support. If they can be educated properly.in some internet connections.people count on this factor only in the time of need. But in WiMax. 8. 6. 5.for a good. Generally. Network 14 . Now it’s time to illustrate the performance factors of the WiMax connection. 7. LAN sharing etc. It creates good brand image for the company. That‘s why WiMax internet connectivity is getting more and more popular every day. the opportunities are immense. they are very satisfied and tell others about it. Performance factors Speed. If they get it properly. the factors responsible for switching brands were explained. Extra features. (There might be some exceptions). Download limit.

However.Coverage. Good customer relationship is a competitive advantage over the competitors and it ensures more sustainability in the market.As WiMax is a very sophisticated telecommunication service. the company with no-so-good customer care service will be rated low. they had to pay a good amount of money for the modem. people might expect smart ways to get interacted. They will love it if the services are provided to their doors even before they ask for it.the WiMax users love this facility as the set up process is really easy. Setup charge. On the top of that. As it is a service product. it won‘t matter to them that much considering the facilities that it provide. Though most of the customers really don‘t use the full capacity of their download limits. WiMax gives the people mobility with good speed. Analysis & Findings (Descriptive Phase) Popularity of offerings Download limit: In case of download limit. Customer care center. Hassle free setup process.few users especially the new ones might rate this factor low as initially. whereas. Apparently this enables Banglalion to attract more customers to the unlimited packages and to the company overall. It depends on the number of bits present in that area and the density of building and other barriers.the best selling point for WiMax internet users. So companies with better customer care service will be rated high. interaction with the clients is mandatory.it is a very important part of the service process after the sales is made. they like to go for the unlimited packages as people don‘t like to be constrained from any aspect and always want to at least have the exposure to the best and the most. Banglalion offers ―unlimited‖ packages at fairly low price ranges5 while Qubee offers unlimited download packages at no less than BDT 1250. But for the old customers.rating for this factor can be confusing as some WiMax users might get better network than the others. Information service. feedback. 15 .

Factors which are important for internet users The respondents were asked to rate the factors that is important to them for choosing the internet connection. The following are the responses for each of the factors: Speed: 16 . apparently from a few months after its inception. Qubee had introduced the USB dongle much before. Modem type: Interestingly. in many cases the respondents are really ignorant about their lines‘ download limit and even unaware of the exact sense of ―download limit. Because. Nevertheless. However. almost all Banglalion subscribers use portable USB dongles.observing the data about download limit and amount of monthly bill paid. it is concluded that the responses about the download limit are susceptible to being inaccurate. But Qubee has recently introduced its portable solution (Qubee UH235) and the device has become popular right away. but the device couldn‘t gain much popularity as the customer managers and the technicians used to suggest the desktop modems over the USB dongle. Qubee shows consistency in the sales of desktop and portable modems. The reason behind this is that Banglalion has been offering the portable device (USB Dongle) for a long time.

Consistency of Speed Consistency in Connection 17 .

Network Coverage Hassle free Setup Process 18 .

Monthly Charge Setup Charge 19 .

it is seen that speed. consistency of connection are the driving factors for choosing the type of internet connection. Performance of Qubee Rating of the performance factors: Based on the ratings the respondents gave in terms of different performance factors (validates earlier in the ―exploratory‖ phase) the performance of Qubee is illustrated in the following figure through mean and standard deviation. Factors Speed Speed Consistency Connection Consistency 2 Network Coverage Spontaneous Setup Monthly Charge Initial Charge Mean 8 7 8 7 8 6 7 20 Standard Deviation 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 . consistency of speed.Customer Care Center From the above pie charts.

Customer Service Information Update Overall 7 8 7 3 2 2 Figure 3: Average performance rating by users (Qubee) The figure shows that Qubee is rated 8 (on a scale ranging 1-10) in speed. The hypothesis for the test was that the average rating for speed during 4 different shifts 12 (6 hours each) doesn‘t vary and the average rating for speed during weekdays and weekends doesn‘t vary. connection consistency. However. Factors Significant in Overall Impression This analysis is targeted for singling out the performance factors that are consistent with the overall rating of performance or in other words the factors that might contribute to create an 21 . This test has been done because of the users experiencing similar issues for their previous broadband and mobile internet connections.285 > α = 0. different shifts of weekdays or weekends also don‘t show variance in mean (not rejecting null hypothesis as P-value Interaction = 0. Qubee is rated 7 by the users that represents its moderate performance as a whole. Nevertheless. However.05 and P-value Week shifts = 0. a test11 has been conducted to find out if there is any significant discrepancy in the speed for different shifts or weekdays and weekends. a high standard deviation shows a fairly high dispersion in the respondents‘ perception towards the price.8. So Qubee is observed as having a pricing strategy not reasonable enough in the customers‘ opinion. which is the lowest for it. Overall. From the rating obtained from the sample. performance in terms of speed remains same for the whole day regardless of being a weekday or a weekend (not rejecting null hypothesis as P-value Day shifts = 0.2 and 7.903 > α = 0. in terms of monthly charge Qubee is rated 6.998 > α = 0.05). spontaneity in setup process and regular information update. However. Difference in speed during different shifts of the day: As the users have rated Qubee‘s performance during different shifts in a day during weekdays and weekends over a scale of 1-10. it can be assumed that the overall rating by all the users of Qubee will be between 6.05)13. the test result shows that for Qubee.

The test has been done for all the respondents. They prefer buying portable modems over the desktops.overall impression of an internet service provider. To achieve the objective a regression has been done taking the ―overall‖ rating as the dependent variable and all the other performance factors as independent variables.38*Speed rating + 0. Overall: The factors those are found to be significant in explaining the overall performance of all the WiMax vendors are speed.86% of the variables can be explained by this model. 22 . it may be concluded that – 1) Most users are interested in subscribing in the lines featuring 256 Kbps of bandwidth. Conclusion & Recommendation Based on the findings illustrated in the previous section.24*Connection Consistency Rating + 0. sincere support on any technical issue. 2) While switching their service provider the users usually look for high speed. connection consistency and customer care service18.08 + 0.49 + 0.85% of the variables can be explained by this model.87 and approximately 72.27*Customer Care Rating The regression is a valid and acceptable one as the correlation of the variables is as high as 0.38*Connection Consistency Rating + 0. The regression equation is – Overall Rating = 0. 3) WiMax internet services have been able to increase the satisfaction of internet users by reducing zero and fluctuating connectivity issues. The regression equation is – Overall Rating = 2.89 and approximately 77. Qubee: The factors those are found to be significant in explaining the overall performance of all the Qubee are connection consistency and customer care service19. unlimited download permission. consistency in speed and connection. individually for Qubee users and for Banglalion users.33*Customer Care Rating The regression is a valid and acceptable one as the correlation of the variables is as high as 0. justified price and convenient and useful customer service center.

6) Qubee is perceived to be charging higher with regard to the service provided. the need of high usage in terms of time and download merely changes with increase in convenience in internet experience. Based on the findings the following actions are recommended for Qubee – 1) The company should promote packages with 256 Kbps bandwidth and unlimited download permission in general. rather it‘s a mere correlation. consistency in connection and customer care service are the factors explaining the overall performance rating to the highest extent. in the long run. this doesn‘t show any cause and effect relationship between the variables. it is evident that they should take necessary actions to cover up the shortcomings before the competition increases. rated 7 on a scale of 10. The other packages should not be promoted in the same manner. As the findings show that both the companies are lagging behind in terms of some performance factors. spontaneity in setup process and regular information update.4) Due to most users being mainly plain browsers. Even if the companies are financially sound for the time being. Educating the customers is a prime concern as the packages offered are not often well understood by the customers. music lovers. 7) The speed doesn‘t vary shift to shift or during weekdays and weekends. corporate houses etc. these drawbacks are likely to become the selling points of the upcoming competitors and the existing service providers are likely to be defeated in terms of brand equity and thus market share. connection consistency. rather they should be communicated to niche segments like movie lovers. 23 . The communication efforts should take care of the fact that people are still ignorant about the meanings of an internet connection‘s features. 9) Speed. More direct approach should be adopted for attracting these segments. 8) Overall performance of Qubee is moderate. 5) Qubee is performing well in terms of speed. However.

3) The important factors like high speed. consistency in speed and connection. 24 . sincere support on any technical issue.2) Portable modems should be focused more during advertisements and sales. 4) Qubee should revise on their price plan. Either the monthly payment has to be brought down or features should be enhanced to justify the high price. justified price and convenient and useful customer service center should be focused more.

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