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To Akash Mohanty/COR/TRL@trlkrosaki cc bcc Subject Fw: Meeting on FCP Business on 12.10.11 at 3 pm

Regards, Saurav Ganguli Manager Technology (FCP) Technology Division TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited ______________________________________ AT/PO - Belpahar, Dist - Jharsuguda, Odisha (INDIA), Pin - 768 218  +91 6645 258479 +91 6645 258479  +91 97760 68159 +91 97760 68159 E-mail: saurav@trlkrosaki.com ----- Forwarded by Saurav Ganguli/RND/TRL on 10/10/2011 06:13 PM ----Sasaka  Isao <sasaka@ krosaki.co .jp> 09/28/2011 05:39 AM Toriju chatterjee <riju@trlkrosaki.com> ccMatsushita Kinji <matusita@krosaki.co.jp>, "P.B.Panda" <pbp@trlkrosaki.com>, rvgdraj@trlkrosaki.com, saurav@trlkrosaki.com, dasarath@trlkrosaki.com, asamanta@trlkrosaki.com SubjectRe: Meeting on FCP Business on 12.10.11 at 3 pm

Dear Riju-san, Thank you for your information and I attend the meeting. But as per agenda, my understanding is different. Please prefer the minutes of FCP Business Development meeting by Mr.Ganguli. I think you should prepare the below items. A. FCP Expansion progress. B. Marketing expansion plan including KHC mechanism introducing. C. The production trend of the present FCP plant and outsourcing amount trend from this year to 2013-14. D. Training plan of mechanism and training plan of technical service in field. And I have been teaching many items as per technology transfer, Quality control, Product development, and so on. So these items should be presented by R&D and FCP persons because of their studies. And I help them to make presentation.

com> wrote: > Dear Matsushita-san and Sasaka-san > > COO would like to have a comprehensive review on the FCP Business > activities alongwith Expansion Project status and technology transfer > initiatives with KHC on 12th October 2011 at 3 pm at Mini conference room > > Following people are requested to attend the meeting > > Mr. D Pradhan > Mr. > 4. H Sehgal > Mr. Sanjay Dash > Mr.Inputs from Mr.Presentation to be prepared by Mr > Soumesh Sahu > > B. Isao Sasaka > Mr.Inputs from Mr. Asim Guru > Mr. Modality of import including logistics and commercial aspectsInputs > from Mr. S Mukhopadhyay > Mr. Kinji Matsushita > Mr. R Chatterjee > Mr. Isao Sasaka. Isao Sasaka and COO . P K Patel > Mr. 27 Sep 2011 10:36:48 +0530 riju chatterjee <riju@trlkrosaki. R V G Durairaj > Mr.Best Regards. Technology Transfer Road Map in the follwoing modules > 1. Isao Sasaka On Tue. P K Jana > Mr. Progress on Technology Transfer Initiatives. Tanuj Saxena > > > Following is the agenda of the meeting > > A. Debasish Bhol > Mr.Identification of > people from TRL Krosaki to be nominated for training on FCP by KHC and > discussion on details of the training module including venue. Isao Sasaka > 2. S Ganguli > Mr. Product Development with KHC recipe (Lab scale trials). Quality Control System. Expansion Project Status Review. Training requirement and design of training module. duration and > modality. > > C. Isao > Sasaka > 3. S > Ganguli and Mr.Discussion to be initiated > by the Chair with inputs from Mr. Business Operation with Wuxi plant of KHC > 1.KHC's model to be discussed.

Yahatanishi. Isao Sasaka KROSAKI HARIMA CORPORATION 1-1 Higashihama.To be presented by Mr Riju Chatterjee with inputs from Mr > Asim Guru (for the port part) Best Regards. Japan PHONE +81 93 622 7230 +81 93 622 7230 FAX +81 93 622 7204 MOBILE +81 90 6297 9372 +81 90 6297 9372 Email sasaka@krosaki. Belpahar & > Customers' sites). How to handle KHC's FCP consignments in India (at Port.> 2.co.jp . Kitakyushu 806-8586.

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