Lab report for Laugmuir Probe experiment

Oisin Maguire 27/11/2012
Abstract In this experiment a vacuum chamber and a large voltage supply is used to form a plasma and the electron density of the plasma was determined to be the plasma temperature was determined to be the mean electron energy was determined to be and the space potential was determined to be .


Contents I Introduction to experiment 3 3 1 Theory II Data and data analysis 3 3 3 2 Experimental data 3 Data analysis III IV Conclusion Appendices 3 3 3 4 4 4 MathCAD 5 Code 6 General references 2 .

Part I Introduction to experiment 1 Theory A gas is a collection of randomly orientated molecules that are free to move about in there environment. The program takes multiply reading for every voltage that the program sends out as to determine a standard deviation as well as an average value from the Laugmuir Probe as this will greatly decrease the random noise error from only taking one data point per voltage as the error cannot be truly taken when only one data point is taken. Part II Data and data analysis 2 Experimental data The experimental data was collected by a program that was written to send out an output voltage to the and voltages were read in from and as to analysis the plasma. 3 Data analysis The experimental data was imported into MathCAD. Part III Conclusion Part IV Appendices 4 MathCAD RICHT EXT P ART 3 .

5 6 Code General references The advanced laboratory manual 4 .

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