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This refer to your letter dated 12/06/13, regarding time period of handing over of angelica & Aspen in Aspen

building works mentioned regarding to VC certificate as mentioned below.

Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5

Activity RCC Brick Work Joinery Works Gypsum Works Internal Painting Lift Lobby

Status of work Completed Completed Completed Completed Final coat in progress


Final coat in progress Final Coat, Kota repairs are balance China mosaic completed Parapet painting is in progress OHT ladder is balance Menglore roof repair balance Painting of LMR slopping roof, OHT is balance Final coat of paint and IPS balance Painting completed snaglist not attended yet Podium painting ( area other than entrance lobby) is in progress Painting completed snaglist not attended yet

26 flats are given to CRM. 42 flats balance. WIP as per C&W snagging 20 floors completed. Other floors in progress. Door polishing is pending on floors Final Coat of staircase 20 floor completed. Kota repairs and final poilsh is pending Final Ponding test in progress loose china chips repair Final check lidt yet to be signed WIP WIP Painting of area between Aspen andd B2 column not painted yet. 90% work completed Painting spots on various lines are not cleaned Joint feeling 50% completed Cracks in timix not attended Slope issues in some areas are yet to be attended Scraping and cleaning of trimix areas which were used for labour camps are balance Cracks in trimix surfaces are yet to be repaired. Damaged area due to material stocking is


Terrace Area

9 10 11 12

Refuse Area Stilt Podium Basement



Scope of trimix is completed



Scope Completed

to be repaired External plaster Few areas on podium are getting touched up Parapet painting is balance 5% of podium dhoulpur final coat WIP Snag of painting are not are not attended yet Dameged tiles are getting repaired The end roof tile is not grouted Paint touch ups are in progress Removel in progress Removel in progress Removel in progress Removel not started


Scope Completed


External Painting

Scope Completed

17 18

Menglore Roof Railing

Scope Completed Scope Completed Debries over stilt staircase Debries in basement Floor levels of plumbing shafts and service areas Elctrical and FF shaft floors 16 Open NC's




Quality NC's

In Angelica Non tower area is progressing as per the schedule, for tower area will be handed over to you floor wise provided from your side you complete the following activities. Please note that the handing over will be done one agency with final painting & polishing done. In Angelica Building 1) Plumbing vertical lines to be repair in duct area. 2) Cp & Sanitary fixing including mirror fixing balance floor wise. 3) Fire fighting sprinkler work balance above 21 st floor. 4) AC ducting work(PLY) balance above 19th floor. 5) Sealent filling around aluminium windows balance. 6) Plumbing holes to be filled by water proofing agency. 7) Duct cut out grill work balance. 8) AC drain outlet pipe fixing balance. 9) Electrical works to be completed floor wise. In Aspen building,