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September 29, 2013

The Christian Messenger

Brad Seevers
Senior Minister (740-550-9882) Associate Minister Director of Childrens Ministries

David Tingler

Hannah Martin

Wednesday, October 2nd, 6:30pm

Sunday Services
1st Worship 8:00 a.m. 2nd Worship 10:30 a.m. Bible School 9:15 a.m. Evening Worship 6:00 p.m.

Tony Wolf Christian Comedian is coming to 5th Avenue! Tony Wolf will be performing on Wednesday, October 16th at 6:30 pm! This is a family friendly event, fun for all ages! Tony puts on a fun show full of jokes, funny songs and serious moments that everyone will enjoy! Bring out all of your friends and family for this fun, and FREE event!

We will be explaining some of our upcoming service opportunities in the community and abroad. Do you want to serve the Lord but not sure where to start? Then join us as we layout some plans for 2014 and see just how you might become a kingdom builder. This meeting is for the solution-minded. We will enjoy some pizza during our meeting so we ask that each person might bring $2-3 to help defray the cost. Our goal is to connect you to a specific task and introduce you to others who are like-minded.

Fifth Avenue Church of Christ

740-654-0626 e-mail
115 W. Fifth Ave. Lancaster, OH 43130


Oct. 2- This Wednesday night @ 6:30 you are invited to an Outreach Meeting. It will be held in the Fellowship Hall. Pizza will be served so please bring $2-3 per person to help defray the cost. If you plan to attend, you need to sign up on the bulletin board in the coat room. As indicated at our annual Sunday School picnic, we have recently formed an Outreach Team to help us better reach our community. From its inception, our goal has been to get others to join our efforts after we mapped out a plan of action. If you have a heart for helping connect with our community and fulfill our mission, then you are asked to join us. We need solution-minded people with a love for God and a love for others to work together bringing glory to God. During our meeting, we will watch a video, have people give a brief description of various outreach opportunities we are planning, and then you will have an opportunity to sit down and see how you might become involved in a particular area of outreach with our team members. We hope you will consider being a part of helping us make a local and global impact for Christ. Oct. 16- We have a Christian Comedian coming to FACC. This would be a great outreach opportunity to invite a friend or family to Fifth. Everyone knows someone who needs a good night of laughter. The fun starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Please join us. This event is free but we will take up an offering to help with Tonys travel expenses. I leave you with this interesting quote: You can be committed to Church but not committed to Christ, but you cannot be committed to Christ and not be committed to church. In His Service, Brad


PERSONAL NOTE: Let me speak to you, as one of your Elders, as well as the old preacher! We are in the midst of preparations for our annual congregational election (12/1/13). The Nominating Committee is already at work. There is a pressing need for folk to come forward to serve in various capacities. Please pray for the process and pray about the possibility of you being one of those to step forward to serve. God needs faithful servants! SUNDAY EVENINGS IN THE SANCTUARY: This week, September 29, our study topic will be The Ethiopian, Rich and Powerful (Acts 8:2639). In coming weeks, we will be looking at Nicodemus, The Religious, Nathanael, The Skeptic, Woman At The Well; The Resistant One and, at least, four more. I remind you that there are activities for children and communion is available for those who desire it. NEW WEDNESDAY STUDY: Neither our 10:00 am or 6:30 pm groups will be meeting this week (10/2). I encourage you to attend the special session, which Brad will be leading. He will be outlining and explaining our methods and goals for outreach. On October 16, we will be entertained by a Christian comedian. Finally, on October 23 we will return to our regular Bible studies as we introduce, on that date, A Survey of The Old Testament. LaCOMEDIA DINNER THEATRE: The standby list remains available on our bulletin board. There is always the possibility that someone may need to cancel their reservation and we will have an opening. Remember, the date is Thursday, October 17. We will be departing the church parking lot at 8:15am for the trip to Dayton. We will be enjoying an excellent buffet dinner and a matinee presentation of The Church Basement Ladies: A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement. This trip is KeenAger sponsored but is open to anyone who would like to go. The cost for the show, dinner and transportation is just $44 per person. FINAL THOUGHT: If you want to leave footprints in the sands of time, youd better wear work shoes.

SPIRITUAL STATISTICS September 22, 2013 Sunday School 1st Morning Worship 2nd Morning Worship Total Morning Worship Evening Worship Wednesday (9/25) Weekly Budget Budget Received Van Fund 70 97 45 142 72 26 $ 4,790.00 $ 3,335.02 $ 20.00

SERVING SCHEDULE September 29, 2013

At the Table 1st Dave Tingler & David Riggenbach Dale Rose, Ralph Conrad, Serving 1st Don Gardner, Bill Kelly Dale Rose Serving 2nd Dave Tingler Pastor of the week Dale Rose PM Deacon COMMUNION PREPARATION 1st Worship Tom and Kay Knode 2nd Worship Mary Alice Coats GREETERS 1st Worship 2nd Worship NURSERY Sunday School 2nd Worship VISITOR CENTER 1st Worship 2nd Worship SECURITY 1st Worship Bible School 2nd Worship Evening Worship

Last week in Childrens Church we learned about Joshua and Caleb. They did what was right even though ten other spies did not! We learned that we need to stand up and do what is right, even when others dont. We know that God will give us the courage to do this when we trust in Him. When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3 -October 3rd will be our first day of the PreSchool Program. It will take place in the wiggle zone from 10:00-11:00am. Coffee for the moms and activities, stories and more for the tots! See you then! Hannah

Thea Kallenberg and Judy Smith Dick and Marg Shumaker

Friends at Fifth Avenue, Thank you for all your prayers during my hospital stay. I am home now, feeling much better and my mobility is improving each day. Blessings to you all. ~ Charlene Trombley

Courtney Beiter

Kay Knode Kim Seevers

Carmel Marsh Ray Coats Tim Huffman George Lambert

To all that sent me birthday cards and best wishes I want to thank each and every one of you. It means so much! God Bless. Love and Prayers ~ Ginny Wentz

Prayer Requests
Jane King George Ellis Millie Hoy Christian Stiverson Alice DeLong Charlene Trombley The Family of Aaron Smith Ann Steiner Randy Chevalier Naressa Allen Jeane Goldfarb Bruno Dipietro Gladys McCoy Joann Venetta Alberta Ellis Wib Sparks John Fleming Neal Carter Eli Maffit Betty Swartz Ron Ogden Our Troops Karen Hines Robert Kelly

SERVING SCHEDULE October 6, 2013

At the Table 1st Serving 1st Serving 2nd Pastor of the week PM Deacon Fred Griffith and Ralph Conrad Josh Czich, George Lambert, Carmel Marsh, Dick Shumaker Josh Czich Fred Griffith Josh Czich Jeanne Noble Julie Stuck

Upcoming Events
Monday, September 30th Book Nook, 6:30pm Wednesday, October 2nd Outreach Congregational Meeting, 6:30pm Thursday, October 3rd Preschool Program, 10-11am Self-Defense Class, 6-8pm Friday and Saturday, October 4th and 5th RLCA Womens Retreat Sunday, October 6th Prayer Team, 5pm Radical Small Group, 6pm Elders/Deacons Meeting, 7:15pm Wednesday, October 9th No Seniors Bible Study October 6th 12th Fairfield County Fair

COMMUNION PREPARATION 1st Worship 2nd Worship GREETERS 1st Worship 2nd Worship NURSERY Sunday School 2nd Worship VISITOR CENTER 1st Worship 2nd Worship SECURITY 1st Worship Bible School 2nd Worship Evening Worship

Ray and Margie Ayers Michelle Czich Laura Wersell Marie Huffman

Julie Stuck David Will Bill Kelly Mike Bussey Mike Cooper

A nominating committee, for church officers for 2014 has been appointed. Committee members are Mike Cooper, Dave Tingler, Julie Stuck, Carol Craft, Dale Rose, and Josh Czich. Today is the last day to let the committee know of any suggestions for officer candidates for next year.

Looking Ahead
Saturday, October 26th Pancake Breakfast, 6-11am

Book Nook Meeting

Tomorrow, September 30th 6:30 p.m.

WELCOME TO FIFTH AVENUE! At FACC, we focus on loving God, loving people, and turning the world upside down.
We are happy you chose to worship with us today. We hope you return next week and bring your friends with you. If you would please take a few minutes to fill out a Silent Roll Call Card, located on the back of the pew, you can then place it in the offering plate as it is passed. Thank you. For more information about our great church, contact our minister, Brad Seevers at or call him at 740.550.9882. Have a great week and may God bless your life.

Sunday School Classes for All Ages

Classes at 9:15 unless noted
Nursery (Birth through 3 years old) Jesus Loves Me Room 102 Preschool (Ages 3-6) God the Creator Room 105 Marie Huffman, Teacher Early Elementary (Kindergarten through 2nd Grade) Shaping Hearts with Gods Word Room 101 Deborah Will, Teacher Middle Elementary (3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades) Be Wise and Trust God in His Power Room 106 Becky Hoagland, Teacher Junior High Old Testament Survey Room 306 Nick Hinson, Teacher Senior High Room 308 Nick Barrell, Teacher Young Ladies Class (8:00 a.m.) The Lies Women/Young Women Believe Room 306 Cassie Bull, Teacher

Brave Faith Unafraid

2013 Round Lake Womens Retreat October 4th and 5th Vans will be available for transportation to and from the retreat. Registrations can still be made on Round Lakes website at Contact Kim Seevers for more details.

Ladies Class "Soul Detox" Room 209 Beverly Puckett, Teacher Mens Class Hearing Gods Word Room 205 Adult Class Discovering Your Spiritual Gift Room 214 Brad Seevers, Teacher Harmony Adult Class First Things Room 204 Dave Tingler, Teacher Philothean Adult Class Parables Room 108 Jim Love, Teacher

A Great Trip Remembered I Thessalonians 2 Brad Seevers preaching

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Core Values...
Values central to the life, mission and vision of Fifth Avenue Church of Christ are: Christ-Centered Worship
We make it a priority every Sunday to celebrate Jesus through our music. (Romans 11:36-12:1-2). We focus on Jesus through gracebased preaching and teaching & understand the Bible is our authority (2 Timothy 3:16).

Church Health and Biblical Balance

Church health becomes reality when God's people seek harmony & live consistently. We expect every member to protect the unity of Christ's Church. (Romans 12:16; 1 Peter 3:8)

Global Evangelism
We are constant to our founding call to worldwide evangelism, proclaiming to all that Jesus Christ is the Savior, Healer, and SoonComing King (Acts 20:27).

Fellowship and Ministry

After people begin their journey with Jesus, we will equip them to find a ministry based upon their strengths. We want everyone to serve in some capacity. (1 Corinthians 12:12-27) We also want His church to be the living evidence of His love and power to the world.

We do not want you to "get religion" here at Fifth Avenue Church of Christ in Lancaster. We are all about teaching you that Jesus seeks a daily relationship with Him through a life of obedience. In other words, we want to see the things you are taught actually change your lifestyle & your daily decisions.

How Can I Respond Today?

At FACC we look to the Bible for guidance on all issues. We believe that Gods Word is clear concerning what a person must do to become a Christian. Trust that Jesus can bring you to salvation. Turn (repent) from the sin in your life. Confess your desire to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Be baptized (immersed) in water for the forgiveness of sins and to receive the Holy Spirit into your life. To make this life decision for Christ, we ask that you come forward during our commitment song at the conclusion of the Sunday message. Baptized believers are welcome to become members at FACC by coming forward on Sunday morning or by seeing our Senior Minister to discuss this further. We ask that you complete a series of Curious classes to help you better understand what you are committing to as a member.

Social Conscience
We place high value on the sanctity of human life, of Biblical marriage and morality, and we welcome ethnic diversity (Isaiah 56:7; Philippians 2:15-16).


Exalt Gods Greatness; Evangelize Gods Work Equip Gods People Express Gods Love through Jesus Christ


To Love God and Love People!

SUNDAY MONDAY 1 TUESDAY WEDNESDAY 2 NO Seniors Bible Study Outreach Congregational Meeting, 6:30pm 6 Prayer Team, 5pm Radical Small Group, 6pm at Seevers Elders/Deacons Mtg., 7:15pm 13 Carriage Court, 2pm Prayer Team, 5pm 14 15 7 8 9 NO Seniors Bible Study THURSDAY 3 Preschool Program 10-11am Self-Defense Class, 6-8pm 10 11 4 FRIDAY 5 SATURDAY

Round Lake Womens Retreat 12

Fairfield County Fair ~ October 6th 12th

16 NO Seniors Bible Study Tony Wolfe, Comedian, 6:30pm 21 22 Craft Corner, 4-7pm 23 Seniors Bible Study 10am/6:30pm 24
Missions Meeting 5pm

17 LaComedia Trip



20 Prayer Team, 5pm Radical Small Group, 6pm at Seevers 27 Food Pantry Sunday Prayer Team, 5pm Radical Small Group, 6pm at Seevers


Pancake Breakfast 6-11am

28 Book Nook, 6:30p.m.


30 Seniors Bible Study 10am/6:30pm Fellowship Dinner 5:30pm Parenting Small Group, 6:30pm

31 Meet, Greet, and Get a Treat, 6-7:30pm

The birthday list for October is on the bulletin board in the coat room.

Jesus Is . For me! By Christine Tangvald is A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller
and early reader and a Mommy and Me book that introduces children to Gods only Son, Jesus, in a warm, personal way told just for them. Jesus Is For Me! features rebus reading to encourage beginning readers in their skills by using colorful pictures to teach new words and lasting lessons about Jesus life, miracles, resurrection, and His love for even the youngest child. Bible verses, highlighted themes, and lively, full-color illustrations enhance the books take-away value.

helps adult readers to travel the shepherds path to the green pastures and cool, refreshing waters of Psalm 23. As a shepherd, Phillip Keller shares his insights into the life and character of sheep and of the Good Shepherd who loves and cares for them. This beloved classic will give new meaning to the ageless Shepherd Psalm, enriching your trust in and love for the Lord who watches closely over you.

Our librarian, Delores Payne, writes W. Phillip Keller, the author, was a shepherd in the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. His look at Psalm 23 is so different than any thoughts I had. I enjoyed reading this book and got new insights on how to read and see A number of baby board books have been Davids and Gods viewpoint on this scripture.
donated to the childrens library. Some of them have been displayed on the table. Come Stop by our library and check out a good book. If you have any questions, contact Delores Payne. and check them out!