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Discussion Director Your job is to develop a list of questions that your group might want to discuss about this

part of the book. Dont worry about the small details. Your task is to help people talk over the big ideas in the reading and share their reactions. Usually the best discussion questions come from your own thoughts, feelings, and concerns as you read. Write your questions below, during or after your reading. Please generate at least five questions. Discussion Director Rubric Excellent 5 or more Your questions were thought-provoking and got the group talking. OK 3-4` Your questions provided some discussion, may have been focused on trivial details. You had few or no errors You had several errors in in capitalization, mechanics, but the work punctuation, and spelling. is readable. Poor 2 or less No questions or Your questions were easily answered with Yes or no Many errors in mechanics make it very difficult to read the work.

# of Questions Question Quality


Summarizer Your job is to prepare a brief summary of todays reading. The other members of your group will be counting on you to give a quick statement that conveys the idea, the key points, the main highlights, the essence of todays reading. Summary Rubric Excellent OK All of the events are told in Most of the events are told the correct sequence. in the correct sequence. Only the most important Contains the main events and information are information, but also included. includes unimportant details. The writer clearly The writer understands understands what most of what they read, happened in the story. but are confused about some parts or details. 60 words or less Between 60 and 70 words All proper nouns and There are some errors in sentence beginnings are capitalization and/or capitalized. All punctuation. punctuation is correct. Only 1 or 2 words are Some spelling errors.3-5 misspelled. Names and words from book are spelled correctly. Poor The events are told out of order, causing confusion. Important events are left out and there are too many unimportant details. Main idea is lost. The writer is clearly confused about what happened in the story. More than 71 words Inconsistent capitalization and punctuation.

Order of Events Main Ideas/Details

Comprehension X2 Wordiness Capitalization &Punctuation


Many spelling errors. They make the summary hard to read.6+

Word Hunter Your job is to be on the lookout for a few (at least 3) especially important words in todays reading. If you find words that are puzzling or unfamiliar, mark the page with paper while you are reading. You may also run across familiar words that stand out somehow in the readingwords that are repeated a lot, used in an unusual way, or a key to the meaning of the text. Write the word. Page and paragraph numbers Definition Why did you select the word? Word Hunter Rubric* Excellent 3 or more words You note the page and paragraph where each word was found You provide a complete definition that matches the word and the way the word is used in the sentence. OK 2 words You note the page or the paragraph where each word was found You provide a partial definition of the word or Poor 0 1 word You do not note the page or paragraph where each word was found. You did not define the word/words adequately or not at all.

# of Words Location



the definition you provided is for another form of the word You give a strong, well- You give a reason for thought-out reason for each of your word each of your word choices. choices.

You dont really seem to know why you chose each word.

Passage Master Your job is to locate a few special sections of the text that you group would like to hear read aloud. The idea is to help people remember some interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling, or important sections of the text. YOU decide which passages or paragraphs are worth hearing. You will read passages aloud to the group. Page Paragraph Why did you select the paragraph Passage Master Excellent The page AND the paragraph are noted. You give a good, solid explanation for why you chose the passage. 2 or more passages You used excellent grammar and spelling throughout OK The page OR the paragraph are noted. You give a simple or quick explanation about why you chose the passage. 1 passage You have a few errors in grammar and spelling throughout Poor Neither the page nor the paragraphs are noted. You do not explain why you chose the passage.

Location Why?

Number Mechanics

No passages You show inconsistent use of grammar and spelling throughout.

Illustrator Your job is to draw a picture of a scene or character of the reading. Please include as much detail as possible to let your group see the picture you see inside your head. Illustrator Rubric Excellent OK Poor The format is creative and The format includes a There are no pictures or includes pictures or other picture. images. visuals, but also goes beyond a simple picture. All visuals are related to The visuals are from the Visuals do not relate to the book and show the big book but show small the book. ideas of the book. details from the book. The explanation shows an The explanation shows an There is no explanation, understanding of what understanding of what or the explanation does was read and was read and sticks to not show understanding. demonstrates abstract concrete events in the ideas of the book . book.

Format is in a creative visual form (collage, illustration, timeline, character map, etc.)X 2 Illustrations/ art relate to book Explanation

Connector Your job is to find connections between the book and the world outside. Find at least two connections with todays reading. This means connect the reading to: your own life happenings at school or in the neighborhood similar events at other times and places other people or problems other books or stories other writings on the same topics other writings by the same author There are no right answers herewhatever the reading connects you with is worth sharing! Connector Rubric Excellent 2 or more connections # of Connections Quality of Connections *well-explained *has deep thoughts OK 1 connection *starting to develop a solid explanation Poor 0 connections *stated, not explained

Grammar and Mechanics

*obviousanyone could *expresses feelings, etc, say the same thing. but the connection is not *expresses feelings, as strong as it could be. (ex: Little Willy has a dog memories, or past experiences and I have a dog.) The writing consistently The writing uses correct Grammar and mechanics uses correct grammar and grammar and mechanics are very inconsistent. mechanics. Few errors, if for the most part. May There are many errors. any. struggle with one or the other.