OFFSHORE PIPELINES DESIGN KBR has over 50 years of direct involvement in
pipeline engineering and construction management activities.

Feasibility to Detailed Design

Field Development

provides integrated solutions for worldwide pipelines in: • • • • • Feasibility engineering to detailed design Fit-for-purpose design Program/project management & EPCM engineering Procurement, logistics and support engineering Construction management


EPC Contract

KBR is at the forefront of technological
advances by adopting innovative design and lateral thinking and by driving for advanced technology where appropriate.
Limit State Design

snagging and hooking Finite element based integrity assessment of pipeline with defects Fatigue strength assessment of pipeline allowing in-line and cross-flow vibration Fishing Gear Interaction .PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP OFFSHORE PIPELINES DESIGN KBR has successfully used the following state of the art technologies in pipeline engineering: • • • • • • • Detailed FE based seismic analysis of pipelines Detailed FE based pipelines seabed subsidence analysis Various methods of mitigation of pipelines with lateral buckling tendency Implementation of snake-lay configuration ECA for allowable weld defect using CRACKWISE Risk based wall thickness design Fully integrated reliability assessment • • • • • Platform and Pipelines in Earthquake Zone KBR employs the following innovative methodology in the design of pipeline systems: • Advanced on-bottom stability analysis of pipeline subject to cyclonic loading Detailed FE based pipe/soil interaction analysis Upheaval buckling analysis of flexible flowlines Fishing gear Interaction: impact. pullover.

including cyclic operation.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP ADVANCED ANALYSIS has comprehensive expertise spanning several decades in advanced analyses using a combination of in-house and commercial software for the study of complex pipeline phenomena in 2-D and 3-D. enabling informed selection of most appropriate design options for achieving controlled lateral buckling. has gained recognition and eminence in the global pipeline industry in the following areas through expert and pioneering application of advanced analysis methods:- KBR KBR Pipe-Soil Interaction Pipe-Soil Interaction As part of lateral buckling simulation work KBR has developed explicit 3-D methods of modelling pipe-soil interaction effects using state-of-the-art large strain and adaptive meshing FE technology. Effect of pipe embedment on lateral soil resistance can be determined. Lateral Buckling Lateral Buckling Simulation of whole sequence of lateral buckling phenomena. Lateral Soil Resistance .

Concrete Coating in Bending . Upheaval Buckling Behaviour of Concrete Coating KBR uses 3-D non-linear FE simulation of the combined tensile micro-cracking. compressive crushing and shear failure behaviour of loosely reinforced concrete coatings to predict strain concentrations at field joints situated at the crowns of lateral buckles.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP ADVANCED ANALYSIS Upheaval Buckling The explicit simulation of pipe-soil interaction techniques are also used to provide detailed simulation of the passive and active resistances of backfill soils in predictions of upheaval buckling of trenched and buried pipelines. or local energy absorption in trawl gear impact scenarios. Failure Mode of PIP System Composite Bending of PIP KBR carries out simulation of composite bending behaviour of various Pipe-in-Pipe systems and predictions of ultimate capacity with explicit representation of misalignments at field joints to evaluate specific modes of failure.

axial misalignments and pipe wall thickness mismatch. using elastic-plastic.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP ADVANCED ANALYSIS Plastic Limit Load Trawl Gear Impact Plastic Limit Loads Trawl Gear Interaction KBR KBR analyses the complete sequence of events during trawl gear impact scenarios. with explicit representations of weld yield mismatch. uses non-linear finite element methods to predict the plastic limit loads under the unique loading conditions of laterally buckling pipelines. frictional contact and large deformation non-linear finite element models of actual trawl gear/pipe geometries. defects. from initial local denting of the pipe wall to subsequent global bending of the pipeline under pullover forces. such as BS7910. A Typical Assessment Point No Failure Cut-off Failure Assessment Diagram . Failure Assessment Curve ECA Assessments Results of non-linear finite element analyses of plastic limit loads are incorporated into general ECA calculations of critical crack size envelopes based on internationally recognised procedures.

frictional contact and large deformation non-linear finite element models. S-Lay Simulation Pipelay Simulation KBR analyses the complete offshore pipelay sequences. axial and lateral soil resistances. barge stinger geometry.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP ADVANCED ANALYSIS Seismic Ground Shaking The explicit simulation of pipe-soil interaction techniques are also used at KBR to predict progressive ‘self-burial’ of surface-laid offshore pipelines during severe ground shaking induced by seismic events. values of the top lay tension. using elasticplastic. The implications of this further embedment of the pipelines on subsequent service. can all be independently specified. touchdown contact pressure. Pipe Embedment in Soft Clay Before Earthquake In these models. seabed topography. in soft clay seabed conditions. Pipe Embedment in Soft Clay After Earthquake . wave and current dynamics and associated movements of the barge. are considered. especially for designs based on controlled buckle concepts. pipe immersion and submerged weight. from initial simple development of pipeline catenary to the study of unforeseen barge movements in severe sea states. mean sea level.

The local cold spot transient temperatures are designed to remain above the minimum specified temperatures of the steel alloy. General surface-tosurface radiation heat transfer (with appropriate view factors) and contact pressure dependent interfacial heat transfer resistances are fully considered. The magnitudes of the enhanced local rates of heat transfer or ‘thermal shorting’ effects are calculated. Transient Cold Spot due to Local Jet Cooling . Transient Temperatures around a Thermal Sleeve Jet Cooling at ESDV by-pass Systems The transient temperatures during deployment of ESDV by-pass systems and those caused by jet cooling effects are evaluated at KBR in conjunction with CFD techniques. together with locally induced thermal stresses.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP ADVANCED ANALYSIS Heat Transfer at Spacers on Sleeves KBR uses FE techniques to predict the transient temperatures during deployment of by-pass systems over inner and outer sleeves with local temperature details at the contact point of spacer rings also fully evaluated. Temperatures at a PIP Solid Bulkhead Heat Transfer at Solid PIP Bulkheads KBR uses finite element simulations to predict the steady state and transient temperatures at solid bulkheads of Pipe-in-Pipe (PIP) systems.

We hav e s uccessf ully ma nag ed nume ro us pro jec ts. co st a nd f acility perf o rma nce. systems. . K B R's success as a pro ject ma nage r is aided by: S af ety Leade rs hip Co mmitme nt Orga nisatio n P la nni ng Co ntro l Decisio n ma ki ng S upp ly • • • • • • • • KBR has e xte nsive e xp erie nc e pro viding Int egra ted P ro ject M a nag eme nt services to o ur clie nts wo rld wid e.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENT P eo ple. i n t he past 50 years . pre-co mmissio ni ng a nd co mmissio ni ng. i ni tia l f easibility. pro cesses. c ult ure a nd relatio ns hi ps f o rm the co re o f K B R pro ject ma nag eme nt capabi lities. T his may i nc lude i nvo lve me nt at a ll stages o f a pro ject lif ecycle. FE E D desig n and e ngi ne eri ng t hro ug h to co nstr uctio n. KBR m a nage wo r k wit h t he rig ht to o ls and q ua lity o f perso nne l f o r each pro ject. sched ule. Our m a nage me nt tea ms f o cus o n de livery in ter ms o f saf ety. f ro m ince ptio n. o f f sho re and o ns ho re.

ho us e E ngi nee ri ng e xpertise or co mpani es wit h limite d int er nal reso urc es. ca n o f f er clie nt r epres e ntatio n o n a ra nge o f leve ls. depe ndi ng o n the specif ic req uir eme nts o f the jo b. ca n pro vide specif ic perso nne l o r targeted e xpe rtise to s upp le me nt a clie nt’s p ro ject t eam.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENT Client Representation KBR typica lly o ff ers suppo rt services to clie nt co mpa nies t hat do no t have t he nec essary i n. Onshore Construction KBR has e xte nsiv e experie nce i n bo th o ns ho re a nd o f f sho re o peratio ns and i n e ac h ste p o f the o il a nd g as cycle f ro m upstre am to do wnst ream . Off Shore Supervision KBR KBR Field Joint Coating . Utilisi ng t he dep t h o f P ipeline E ngi ne eri ng Gro up i nte r na l e xp ertise a nd ab le to draw upo n f ar-reac hi ng m ulti discip li ne K B R sup po rt we ca n de live r a n unriva lled service. as p art o f a bigger pro ject ma nage me nt ro le o r as sta nd a lo ne servic e.

. Test Header In partic ular the following areas: • • • • • • • • • • Filling Hydrotesting De-watering Drying Cleaning Pigging/gauging Commissioning Start up Test run Intelligent pigging KBR ca n Removal of gauging plate pro vide o n site e xp ertise i n t he inte rpr etatio n o f hydro test res ults. both onshore and offshore.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENT Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning KBR engineers can provide expert management Cleaning Operations and supervision in the pre-commissioning and commissioning field.

Group@Halliburton. Mountain Construction KBR e ngi neers act o n be ha lf of clie nts i n a s upe rviso ry capacity to ens ure strict co mplia nce wit h pro ject r eq uir eme nts i n te rms o f qua lity a nd HS E . In f ield e ngi ne ers ca n ca ll o n t he f ull sup po rt o f the K B R o rga nisatio n f o r ge ner al s uppo rt o r exp ertise i n a sp ecif ic area.Engineering.com .com Website: www. Rock Breaker KBR KBR speci alist • • • • • • gro ups i nc lud e: Process Engineering Contracts Materials Engineering Procurement Electrical Engineering Equipment Engineering KBR Pipeline Engineering Group Tel. T ypically co nstr uctio n se rvices wo uld b e a na t ura l co nti nuatio n o f invo lveme nt at a n ear lier st age o f engi neeri ng. e ngi ne ers lo cated o n site any where i n t he wo r ld ca n c all upo n pro f essio na l e xpe rt advic e f ro m any specialist gro up.kbr.PIPELINE ENGINEERING GROUP INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENT Construction Engineering Pipeline Stringing KBR o ff er exp erie nc ed a nd pro f essio nal pipeli ne co nst r uctio n e ngi ne eri ng services.: +44 01372 865000 E-Mail: Pipeline.

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