ISSUE #4 SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 , 2013

Principal’s Message
Recognizing Our Incredible Teachers


, Each day, I come to school confident in, and proud of, the work that Ventana Vista teachers do 2013 with students each and every day. Their passion and dedication to providing an outstanding educational experience is undoubtedly commendable. Each year, the CFSD Foundation highlights the contributions of CFSD teachers through their Teacher of the Year (TOY) Program. Nominations are OPEN NOW for teachers who have gained the respect and admiration of students, parents, and co-workers, and who inspire learning in students of all backgrounds and , 2012 abilities. Nominees play an active and useful role in their communities as well as in their schools, distinguishing themselves as leaders. Teachers may be nominated by students, parents, co-workers, and administrators or may self nominate. All nominees will be notified and all eligible teachers will receive an application MARCHpacket 23, 2012 from the TOY Committee. Applicants must submit the written application, which will be scored on a rubric by a school representative selection committee consisting of parents, educators, business and community , 2010 leaders. Five finalists will be selected from the written applications. The 5 finalists will proceed to the interview process. The interview team, consisting of community members, CFSD alumni and the previous year’s TOYs, will conduct the interviews. Following the interviews, 2 Teachers of the Year will be selected. The Teachers of the Year and ‘XZXC0000 the finalists will be honored at their schools sites and at the CFSD Foundation’s Love Our Schools event. 09 Timeline: September 23rd - Nominations open October 23rd - Nominations due by 5 p.m. October 21st - All eligible teachers receive application packets December 6th - Teacher applications due December 18th - TOYS announced at respective school sites January 24th - TOYS and finalists honored at Love Our Schools Gala Please direct questions to Link to Google Nomination Form: 2014 Teacher of the Year Nomination Form Conferences October 14, 15 and 16 are half-days for Parent-Teacher Conferences. School will dismiss at 11:30 AM (before lunch). These conferences are designed to promote conversations between school and home in order to optimize each student’s educational experience. How can you help make your child’s conference a success? • • • Please let your child’s teacher know in advance if you have a particular concern or topic to discuss. Please arrive on time. Teachers will strive to stay on schedule, but appreciate your patience if they are running slightly behind. Once in the conference, listen to understand. Share information with the teacher that may assist him/her in teaching your child most effectively. Be prepared to hear about relative strengths, as well as to work with the teacher to set goals for the remainder of the year.

APRIL 24, 2009

, 2008

Leadership is an important 21st Century Skill, and one that we want to foster in all of our students. The Student Council at our school is one way in which we do this. Student Council is open to all

After the conference, celebrate your child’s progress! Talk with your child about what you can do at home to support their academic and personal goals.

I hope that every parent is able to participate in these important meetings. Doing so presents you with the chance to discuss aspects of your child’s education and specific concerns with the teacher. We look forward to seeing you on campus! Growing Leaders at Ventana Vista Leadership is an important 21st Century Skill, and one that we want to foster in all of our students. The Student Council at our school is one way in which we do this. Student Council is open to all students in grades 3-5 at Ventana Vista. Interested students were invited to attend an informational meeting with our Student Council advisors, Ms. Hawkins and Sra. Parkhurst on Friday, 9/27 to find out more of what this opportunity will entail. Kim Boling Principal 520-209-8000

DATES OF INTEREST Tuesday, October 1st •EARLY RELEASE AM Kinder 8-10:15 PM Kinder 11:15-1:30 Grades 1-5 8:00-1:30 Tuesday, October 8th •EARLY RELEASE AM Kinder 8-10:15 PM Kinder 11:15-1:30 Grades 1-5 8:00-1:30 Wednesday, October 9th •FFO Fundraiser Dinner @ Fini’s Landing 5-8PM Friday, October 11th •Next VISTAS (school newsletter) published

Fall Conferences Please look for conference information coming home with your student! To accommodate the parent/teacher conferences, the schedule for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (October 14-16) is as follows: Grades 1-5 AM Kinder PM Kinder 8:00-11:30 8:00-9:30 10:00-11:30

Catalina Foothills School District Dr. Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent 209-7500 Governing Board Members Mary Lou Richerson, President 299-4746 Carole Siegler, Vice President 529-1379 John Bergan, Member 878-6180 Eileen Jackson, Member 299-3828 Sherri Silverberg, Member 615-9224 State of Arizona Legislative Representatives for CFSD (please check for contact information) Legislative District 9 Senator Steve Farley Rep. Ethan Orr Rep. Victoria Steele

*No lunch will be served on these half days. Thursday and Friday (October 17-18) are student holidays. SAFETY FIRST! Please put your cell phones down and be mindful of everyone’s safety while in the parking lot. Careful monitoring of your children as they enter and exit vehicles, and as they walk in the parking lot is important to ensuring a safe environment for all. Thank you for your cooperation!

Mission Statement The mission of Catalina Foothills School District and Ventana Vista Elementary School is to guarantee that each student achieves academic and personal excellence, becomes a lifelong learner and is a responsible citizen of the world, by engaging all students in meaningful programs which meet the highest educational and ethical standards within a caring, collaborative learning community.

Office Hours for 2013-2014 are: 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM 7:30 AM – 2:00 PM (Early Release Tuesdays) Main Office Health Office Attendance Line FAX Durham (Bus) 209-8000 209-8004 209-8090 209-8070 615-7635

Did you know the Ventana Vista library is open every day until 4:00 for parents to enjoy with their children? Feel free to stop by!

Ventana Vista Elementary School Spanish Immersion Program
2013 Advisory Board - Parent Application
What is the purpose of the Advisory Board? In order deliver the highest quality Spanish Immersion program, and to meet the needs of the various stakeholders in it, a Spanish Immersion Advisory Board shall convene and be consulted on issues related to the program. Who is on the Advisory Board? The immersion teachers and the principal make up the Immersion Committee at Ventana Vista. This group meets regularly to share best practice, collaborate with one another, and make decisions pertaining to the program. The Advisory Board will join the Immersion Committee at least three (3) times during the school year. The Advisory Board is comprised of English counterpart teachers in the immersion program, other administrators (CFSD World Language Coordinator and/or Associate Superintendent), and parents (one parent at each grade level with immersion). What are the qualifications and attributes needed to serve as a parent member of the Advisory Board? Parent members must have a child (or children) in our Spanish Immersion program. Members must be persons of “goodwill” who will think and act on behalf of the entire school community. Members must also be willing and able to help coordinate related events/programs (specific events/programs are TBD; examples may include: parent education evenings, book clubs, etc.). If you are interested in being considered for a position on our Advisory Board, please complete this application and return it to the school office by October 11, 2013. Thank you for your consideration of this important role! Parent Name_________________________________________________________ Student Name(s) ________________________________________________ Grade(s)__________ Have you served on our Advisory Board in the past? Why are you interested in serving on our Advisory Board? YES NO

Join us as we take advantage of the upcoming half-days and explore some of the fantastic opportunities Tucson has to offer!
We’ll be visiting our animal friends over at TRAK Playing in the dirt as we Touring Tucson’s famed Eegee’s & Isabella’s Ice Cream pick our own pumpkins at Factories Apple Annie’s Knockin’ over pins at Bedroxx Bowling Exploring the wonders of science Going on an adventure to the at Flandrau Science Center town of Chewandswallow at Morning at the Movies


We hope to see you there!





The"Annual"Science"Fair"will"be"held"in"the"week"of"January"27,"2013."" Student"projects"will"be"judged"based"on"their"use"of"the"scienEfic"method" and"the"curiosity"displayed.""All"individual"and"team"parEcipants"will" receive"a"medal"for"parEcipaEon.""The"top"3"projects"in"each"grade"will" receive"awards.""AddiEonally,"4th"and"5th"grade"projects"will"be"invited"to" give"an"oral"presentaEon"of"their"projects"before"a"panel"of"parent" scienEsts.""Following"the"school"science"fair,"the"top"10"projects"from" Ventana"Vista"will"receive"entry"into"the"Southern"Arizona"Regional" Science"and"Engineering"Fair"(SARSEF)"in"March"2014."""   A"few"rules:"
  Projects"can"be"done"as"individual,"teams"(2:3),"groups" (4+)"or"as"a"classroom.""Projects"will"be"evaluated"at"the" highest"grade"level"of"any"member.""Students"can" parEcipate"on"more"than"one"project." Projects"are"performed"outside"the"classroom"and"are" monitored"(but"not"done)"by"adults"or"parents." Projects"cannot"involve"tesEng"on"animals"(anything"with" a"spine)"or"contain"any"dangerous/hazardous/gross"stuff."" Any"projects"that"employ"these"methods"will"be" disqualified."

Ask"a"quesEon" Do"background" research" Construct"a"hypothesis" Perform"experiments" to"test"your"hypothesis" Analyze"your"results" and"draw"conclusions" Report"your"results"

   


         


Ask"quesEons"about"what"interests"you:"""Why?""How" come?""What"If?""Look"at"things"in"nature"(plants,"rocks," weather),"sports,"cooking"…"the"list"is"endless" Start"a"lab"notebook"and"write"down"everything"as"you"go" Construct"a"hypothesis" Devise"experiments"with"simple"equipment"to"test"your" hypothesis" If"you"cannot"devise"a"simple"experiment,"go"back"and" change"your"quesEon"or"start"with"a"different"topic." More"info"at:"""" Or"contact"Ingrid"Klestadt:""" Project"Proposal"Forms"with"details"about"project"board" displays"will"be"given"out"in"October"


     



Catalina Foothills High School 2013 Football Season
Dear CFSD Students, Families and Staff Catalina Foothills High School invites you to our athletic events. It’s a great opportunity for our community to come together and show FALCON spirit! Band, Cheer and our Varsity Football team will take the field at 7pm on the following dates:

Fri. Fri. Fri. Fri. Fri.

Sept. 6th CF vs Walden Grove Sept. 20th CF vs Sahuarita Oct. 4th CF vs CDO Oct. 11th CF vs Flowing Wells (Homecoming) Nov. 1st CF vs Maricopa

In an effort to provide the most enjoyable and positive environment for the Foothills Varsity Season, we are asking for cooperation from students regarding spectator protocol. The following are expectations students must adhere to in order to attend home varsity football games: • All non-high school students must be accompanied into the game by someone who is of driving age (16 or older). • This person is responsible for any non-high school student they accompany through the admission gate. This responsibility is in effect from the time they enter the campus until the time they exit for the evening. • Students are expected to be seated in the stadium area as spectators of the game. Students may sit in the home (east) bleachers or on the steps on the north end of the field. Students may visit the snack bar or restroom, with the expectation of an immediate return to their seat. • Students congregating on the plaza, upper level of the stadium, or any other areas of the campus is not conducive to being a spectator and will not be allowed. Students may be asked by game management to return to their seat or may be directed to sit with the person responsible for them during the game. Should it be deemed necessary, game management reserves the option of removing a student from the stadium area. Should this action be necessary, the designated person supervising this student(s) will be notified immediately. • Admission prices: $4 for adults and $3 for students (6-17 years old). It is our hope that this protocol will make our football games a safe and enjoyable experience for all of those who support Foothills Athletics. We appreciate your efforts in making Catalina Foothills High School a special place for our students, athletes, parents and community. Sincerely, Jody Brase, Athletic Director/Assistant Principal Catalina Foothills High School

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