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be SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT| Tiecoverenon 7. GhOE NUMBER, roveemeaey |: SANTA BARRARA COUNTY -- OSB670 288(0} PC Lowd Acts Against | roucnur a ‘SLEMRAIGE omant lohld Under 14 Years of Age fs vevinae ern Tenover oR rover a ITE Friday, 08-13-08, 1820 hrs Pg crow acre] vcore ‘Wodnmsday, 05-12-04, 0985 hrs Sonar ww [me aoebee TERCERA “CONFIDENTIAL * * a Bleness cress oR, a params” ero [vo eB oct aed omaLl [pipe mopcaes—_jrsueraese fecnore ———1 assy, RET, MODE SIRELE NVA ENT 16044 Alcove Ave. js K818) 662-7843 colt |LaPerruaue, Michael Charles M 4/ 11.01-57 IN, Holywood, Cis 91808 [RES eC] ect f} coue(] ronsrL] ORL [o8|se°]oacfooucoe 0 s RPL war] cone L] waentid onan 2) [26] 85% [Rec esi. bos ics mel wr T covey oar] come] [on] 8] 8 eo ae ses a NTT RO ETE Leena ele | JACKSON. Micheal. 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(8) DRSGRBE: PHYSICA, BVIDENEE, LOCATON FOUND ADISPOSITION, (6) NARRATIVE. (0) DISPCSITON, (A) Continuation: This report detalls the inte-view of Michael Laperruque, who wes previously employed-by Michael JACKSON, Nefe: This repart contalns infermation regarding 2 rotawavthy celebrity and is considered highly confidential, This report is not for public viewing and/or release. Anyone desiting to review this report must first obtain administrative approval. {B) Evidence: ‘The interview of Laperruque was recorded on an audio cassette. The audio cassette was booked jinto/ Sheriff's evidense'as item #145, under tag number 122080. (C) Narrative On Wednesday, May 12, 2004, et about 0935 hours, Detective Vie Alvarez and | contacted Michael Lapeiuque at his residence in North Holywood, Laperuque invited us into his residence where the interview took place, The following is a synopsis of the interview with Laperruque, began the interview by asking Laperuque if he was eill working for Michael JACKSON and he said, 'No.* He said his employment with JACKSON ended on “home 14, 2003, > Te ne a ne a nee | explained to Laperauque that our contact with him was in regard to our investigation into Michae) JACKSON, | jurther explained that we were interested specifically en onnens “4 412 413 14 15 16 ‘7 18 19 20 2 22 23 a 28 26 7 8 29 SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT PAGE 3 Santa Barbara County Case Number CONTINUATION SHEET 03-5670 (WLBT COFPWATION. (2) DESCRIBE: FHYSIGAL EVIDENCE, LOCATION FOUND BDIBPOSITION. [5] DARRATIVE, 2) DISPCSITCN between the dates of Fabruary 1, through March 31, 2008, with ragarde to the Arvizo farnily, Whon asked if he knew the Arvizo family he said that he did, and he was abis to name them. Laperruque added that he had only met tham cnee while in Miami at the Tumbonry Hotel, He seid thet he had haere of Gavin Aniza prioeto meeting tim due to the Martin Bashirfiming and Michael JACKSON's reference to Gavin, He added that he understood Gavin to be friends with not only JACKSON, but aise Chais Tucker. Laperuque said that while in Miami JACKSON asked him io get a hold of Evy to geta hold of Gavi waa in Los Angeles, Laperruque addad that ail of the salle for JACKSON would go He said shoitly thereafter he seceived a cell from Gavin who through him, because not only was he JACKSON’s protective agent, but also acted 26 JACKSON's personal assisiantwhiteonthe road, He explained that all calls ‘went through him and gave examples of JACKSON’s parents, business people, or any cthar calls, Itwas clarfied with Lapemucue thathe was spaeking of his cetlular telephone, He said when he would receive a call for JACKSON Fe would go to JACKSON end tell Fim who was on fie phone and JACKSON would decide if he wanted to speak with the person or not, He seid In this case he knew It was Gavin so he handed JACKSON the phone and advised him that it was Gavin, He desctibed JACKSON speaking with Gavin for a lang time and he added that Chris Tucker also spoke with Gavin fora tong time. He said he did not fellow JACKSON around, but instead keot hia eye on him. When asked, Laperuque could only eatirate the timo of this Ineident io have boon the beghnning to middle of February 2008. Laperruque stated that his other job description wile working for JACKSONN handle petty cash while they ware on the toad. He said part of that responsibility was keeping an account of what was being spent. When asked ifthere were any specie record or account of what was spent on the Arvizo's he said, “No.” et5