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Index of photocopiables
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PHOTOCOPIABLE LANGUAGE POINT Happy atmates Vocabulary: describing personality review vocabulary for describing personality practise speaking skills by describing people How do I feel? Vocabulary: describing feelings review vocabulary for describing feelings practise adjective/noun word formation Good cop, bad cop Grammar: indirect questions practise forming indirect questions practise speaking skills in interviews Talk about Grammar: present perfect and past simple review the present perfect and the past simple personalised uent speaking practice How can I help you? Functional language: managing enquiries practise functional language for making and managing enquiries Scrambled issues Vocabulary: social issues review vocabulary for social issues free speaking practice on social issues Youre on camera Vocabulary: surveillance review vocabulary for surveillance practise speaking skills by discussing surveillance A brief history of Grammar: the passive energy drinks practise forming questions in the passive review different passive tense forms Its a perfect world Grammar: present perfect simple and continuous practise using the present perfect simple or continuous according to context Big issues Functional language: supporting your view point practise giving opinions and supporting them with reasons and examples Carlos car Vocabulary: describing behaviour review vocabulary for describing behaviour practise speaking skills by telling a story Treasure hunt Vocabulary: describing locations review vocabulary for describing locations practise describing and explaining Am I getting used Grammar: used to, would and be/get used to to it? review and practise the structures used to, be/get used to and would Questions of the Grammar: future forms review future practise a range of future forms by answering questions The new football Functional language: describing procedure practise describing procedures practise mirror questions Whats my saying? Vocabulary: idioms review idioms from 4.1 practise speaking skills by telling an anecdote Change it! Vocabulary: phrasal verbs review the phrasal verbs from 4.2 Past consequences Grammar: narrative tenses practise using narrative tenses guided sentence writing Spiralling regret Grammar: I wish, if only, should have practise with I wish, if only and should have free speaking practice talking about regrets Literary critics Functional language: expressing likes and dislikes practise expressing likes and dislikes review language for describing books and reading Compound snap Vocabulary: compound nouns review compound nouns in the context of invention and innovation Talking advertising Vocabulary: advertising review vocabulary for advertising practise speaking skills by dening words Ahead of its time Grammar: articles review the use of articles Conditional Grammar: conditional structures dominoes review conditional structures practise speaking skills by discussing and evaluating conditional statements

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