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My Innovative Approach in Science and Information Technology

Dear Sir/Madam, Let me first introduce myself, I am Samyek Man Tapol having Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering at 2006 Ad from Pokhara Engineering College, affiliated with Pokhara University. This University is recorded in “International Handbook of Universities” as a Pokhara ViswaVidyalaya, Nepal.



Employee at Maven Electronics Pvt.Ltd. as a Project supervisor and maintenance Engineer for switching telecommunication equipment, Audio/Video system, networking etc in Pokhara since 2006. Assistant Lecture + Electronics lab instructor as a faculty member in Electronics and Communication Department, Pokhara Engineering College since 2006

From beginning I have a keen interest in electronics and its appliances. Practically I have done many projects out of them the unique and best one are Electro-Compo Voting Machine, Multi-Remote Control System and Live Audio/Video Dual Communication Controlling System. These are all self innovated technology and can be used with Computer as a new approach in Information Technology. Subjects like Information Technology, Wireless Communication, Photonics, Organic Electronics, Electric and Electronics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering are my interested subjects. As far as I know these subjects is research oriented.

By definition, research is no easy undertaking, we need the capacity to cope with setbacks learn from them and move on for the goal. So personally I would like to gain a deeper knowledge and understandings in the field of my concerned subjects. . I have a very strong desire to pursue a career in Information Technology sector and to get an influence of researches in my life by having involved with them. Now, let me describe my projects.

Electro-Compo Voting Machine

This is an Electro-Compo Voting Machine which works by the combination of Hardware and Software. In Hardware there are 31 switches. 30 switches are for different parties and one switch is for resetting system. Infrared system is kept for the identification of person for each vote. Computer’s parallel port is for converting the decimal 31 to binary 5 signals. Software is made by the help of Visual Basic where the speaker system is enabled to give information voter numbers. The IR sensor is kept in the door so as a voter goes out, it resets the whole system for each time. The speaker is kept outside the voting room so the all will hear the information about “numbers of voting” and “illegal to double vote” if voting is done two times by one voter. This way all will self conscious, only one vote is legal. The software will enable for given time of voting duration after that it will close itself. And whole voting number of different parties can be displayed only after the voting time is finished in front of authorized person. Later I thought it can be developed in facial recognition voting system, finger print voting system etc. All the data’s of voting can be send instantly through internet all over the world as a part of Information Technology. You can see this news in Nepal’s National Daily News at:

Multi-Remote Control System

This is Multi Remote Control System and we can switch up to 100 relays individually as done in T.V remote system. It is combination of Tuner card, Multi voltage comparing system and relay switching system.

We can add the decade counter also and latching system also. This way this one is innovative technology used for switching CCTV camera for different classrooms, department system, Banking System, Traffic System and also in various areas of Information Technology where we can switch through internet line with the help of Computer.

Live Audio/Video Dual Communication System

This system is self innovated technology. Here all the rooms of school, industries security places and bank’s are monitored by authorized person directly by watching Television set, hearing sensitive sounds and addressing the concerned room. The audible sound is highly sensitive that the distance of 15 meter apart will also be amplified and taken to authorize person’s room. In targeted rooms there are CCTV Camera, Sensitive Microphone and Speaker. All the switching is done by my previous described Multi Remote control System. This Project is implemented in six schools including one government school. The given photo is my old system now it is developed in a small box with four cables for video, microphone, order, and for the power supply and also if the number of targeted rooms will be more than 10, there will be no increment in number of wires. This can be used in live Tele-conferencing in operation room between doctor and medical student and all format of data’s can be send through internet at any part of world as a part of Information Technology. There are other innovations but these are the best and further technical development will be soon rising in my career.

With Best Regard, Samyek Man Tapol NEPAL