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Scandinavia Cadiz Statute

The Cede Of Manila in the Treaty of Paris 1904 AD  Historical Preface  Genealogy Preface to last Spanish Monarch Of Spain Rome Islas Niña Filipinas leading to King Alfonzo XIII Great granddaughter primogeniture.  General Douglas MacArthur WW1 American Spanish War in Philippine Islands  My Narration  My Epilogue

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Year 1896 – 1904 A.D. The Collapse of Pax Romano Bishopric of Emperor Napoleon III Empire of France as Spain Italy & Islas Niña Filipinas was King Alfonzo XIII Dominium in Alliance of Denmark„s Holstein & Schleswig

"My Great Grandmother" American/Allemand Queen Anne Sophie "Louise" of Glucksburg Baden, Grand Duchess of Formosa and Baltic States Only daughter of Emperor Wilhelm1of Unified Germany & Czarina Augusta Louise Queen Elizabeth I Absolute Wills Royal Ascendant to Throne of Spanish Gibraltar United Kingdom of Great Britain. Queen Royal of France1904 1968

Reminiscences page 24 Paragraph-6 Philippine history is blotted with blood of martyrs and patriots who have sacrifice their lives in the hope that their country might be free. Many flags have flown over Manila. Though Spain had held dominion from the day Magellan first saw the islands twenty-seven years after Columbus discovered America, China, Holland, and England all have launch periods of adventure with Manila as the central scene. But for Filipino leaders, their goal never changes. The taste of freedom is a heady wine that ultimately no human being can resist. America now planned to send its troops into the Philippines to help against Spain. Originally, there was little thought of long occupation; our one desire was to help those seeking independence.

Bagongbayan Manila 1867 Author of Two Novels in a Heretic Semitism Expressionism if I am being asked how well I'll be commented. Noli Mi Tangere El Filibus Teresmo Deutch Speaking Dr Jose Rizal German Educated… Teutonic ally Allemand Independence Principality Influence of Education. German Prussian Mind in the State of Parliamentary diets & equality. The insecurities of Spain against Prussia as Great Spain have lost Her Gibraltar to Germany and France - Holstein & Schleswig by Rhine eminent demise.

Reina Christina of Denmark Norway Stalkholmes Queen of Set

Doña Maria Christiana Velozo Rossos – Cañete, Grand Daughter of Queen Victoria of Spain & Britain. My Great Grandmother Queen Royal Ena1 of Spain, First wife of king Alfonzo XIII. Sister of Prince Anastacio of Windsor. Supposedly The Edward VII King of England Abdicated for marrying a Filipina Cebuana.

Duchess of Battenberg Princess Eugenie Cousin of Queen Ena1 Second wife of My Great Grandfather king Alfonzo XIII Don Alfonzo Cañete of Rome. Their first born son was Alfonzo XIV knowned to be very sickly and constantly hemophiliac.

1868 Manila on Spanish Dominium

House of York Sultanate of Jolo Zamboanga Peninsula Cotabato 1953 -1976

Eldest daughter of King Alfonzo XIII & Queen Ena1. Siñorita Rosa Velozo Rossos Cañete. Queen Isabella II of Rome Denmark Scandinavia. She‟s Addressed as Queen Ena Ingrid Of Denmark. Married Sultanate of Jolo King Christian X Youngest son The Earl of Armenia. Captain of Armada Rajah Alimuddin deSultan Crowned Prince, Successor of Captain Alexander Francis von Hapsburg.

House of York Sultanate of Jolo ZamboangaPeninsula Cotabato 1963-Present Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter Schematic Genealogy Diagram Leading to King Alfonzo XIII Salic Primogeniture Pragmatically by Philippine Dominium and license sovereignty; Princess Great grandfather and Statute Sovereign. As crowned Queen of Denmark, Rome, Germany, Russia and France, And Britain by Queen Anne Absolute Wills and Crown Titles of York Windsor Lancaster Kent.


Douglas MacArthur 1904 as freshman at WestPoint military Academy

Reminiscences Page 24 pp5 On April 24, 1898 war with Spain was declared. It was a momentous step. It meant that America’s policy of comparative isolation was ended. This country had entered the arena of world politics.

Spanish American war Battle in Manila bay

General Arthur MacArthur
Reminiscences Page 25 pp2 – 3 On June 1, 1898, my father was appointed a Brigadier General of Volunteers and Ordered to the Philippines. On July 31st, My father arrived in the Philippines. And was assigned to command the Second Brigade of the 1st Division, then the fighting along the Singalong Road, with its strong blockhouses, was severe. The city, however, shortly capitulated and a ―TREATY OF PEACE OF

SPAIN‖ was negotiated
My father was at once promoted to be a major General of Volunteers and assigned to the command of the 2nd Division of the VIIIth Army Corps.

Under the Terms of Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded the Philippines to United States, the United States agreeing in return to pay 20-million dollars.

The collapse Of Pax Britanica

King Edward VII, Alimuddin Israel in Alliance with France & Duke of Orleans against Spain 1898 - 1904/1910

President McKinley
The question of the possession of this distant land by our country was hotly debated. The Republican Administration under President McKinley favored expansion; the Democrats led by Grover Cleveland and William Jennings Bryan were, for the most part, convinced that our previous policy of isolationism would best secure America interests

Reminiscences Page 26 pp1 President McKinley appraised the situation as follows: The future of the Philippines Islands is now in the hands of the American people, and the Paris Treaty commits the free and franchised Filipinos to the guiding hand and the liberation influence, the generous sympathies, the uplifting agitation, not of their American masters, but of their American emancipators.

Reminiscences Page 26 pp2 Until congress shall direct otherwise, it will be the duty of the Executive to posses and hold the Philippines giving to the people there peace and order and beneficent government affording them every opportunity to prosecute their lawful pursuits, and encouraging them in thrift and industry; making them feel and know that we are good friends not their enemies; that their good is our aim, that theirs is our welfare; but that neither their aspiration nor ours can be realized, until our authority is acknowledged and unquestioned; that the inhabitants of the Philippines, will be benefited by this republic is my unshaken belief; that they will have a kindlier government under our guidance, and that they will be aided in every possible way to be a self-respecting and self-governing people, is as true as that the American people love liberty and have abiding faith in their own government and in their institutions.

Aguinaldo Political Fraud Grave Imposture and Aggression

Reminiscences Page 27 pp1- 3 February 5, 189 I cannot tell you how profound an impression this speech made upon me. Little did I dream, however, that nearly fifty years later it was to guide my conduct in in the occupation of a defeated enemy’s country. The shock to the Filipinos was tremendous. Their goal was not the future, but the present, not a period of tutelage, but immediate independence Emilio Aguinaldo, having proclaimed himself dictator, reacted immediately, " He Allegedly

Issued a Declaration of Independence of this Beloved Country‖, and called for an assembly of the leaders
to meet at Cavite Various congresses were convened within succeeding months to hammer out the terms of a modern constitution. Aguinaldo’s own title was changed from that of dictator to President of the Revolutionary Government of the Filipinos. The relationship between the Americans and Filipinos worsened, and on February 5, 1899, the situation exploded into war.

Battle of Paceo 1899

Singalong Bloody Fray
Reminiscences Page 27 pp 4 – 6 It was to be a bloody fray. The capital of the revolutionary government had been moved to Malolos, and all Filipino citizens between ages of eighteen and thirty-five were made subject to immediate conscription, It was estimated that the insurgent army around Manila numbered 40,000 while further north and in the provinces it amounted to twice that number. They were, however somewhat lacking in arms, equipment, and military discipline, but the bravery and courage of the Filipinos has never been changed.

The American Commander, Major General Ewell Otis, ordered an advance for the purposed of destroying the Aguinaldo Army. General MacArthur, in command of the 2nd Division, was to deliver the main blow. Armed with a force that was less than half the strength of the enemy and faced with a muddy and heavily wooded terrain that precluded the passage of vehicles, his battle and logistic problems was overwhelming. In addition, the Filipinos, with marked engineering skill, had organized and entrenched behind a series of defense lines.

KKK Emillio Aguinaldo
Reminiscences Page 28 pp2 – 3

Islas Niña Flilipinas Revolutionario Katipunero Kasamahan Heneral ng Hugpong
January 2, 1900 Position after position was carried, town after town captured. Bewildered and outsmarted, brave and determined as they were, the insurgents were progressively destroyed as a coherent fighting force. In successive battles at Caloocan, Palo, Maralao, Bigaa, Ginginto, Malolos, Lac, San Fernando, and Dagupan they were defeated. In less than a year Aguinaldo had lost his army and was in hiding in the Bontoc Hills. As the campaign progressed, my father had been appointed a Brigadier General in the Regular Army on January 2,1900; a major general on February 5, 1901; and, the departure of General Otis, assigned to the command of the army of the Philippines as military governor of the Philippine Islands.

Reminiscences Page 28 pp 4-5 The Filipinos have always been adept at applying guerilla tactics against a superior enemy. They had shown their mettle in numerous revolts against the Spaniards. Their tenacity and courage, applied against my father and Americans, was forty years to be used to good advantage of my father’s son and in support of his Americans—and even later, after Philippine independence, by Communist dissidents against their own nation’s armed forces.

My father felt that the guerilla movement could only be stopped by the capture of Aguinaldo---the symbol of the resistance. Violent and repressive measures then in use against the Filipinos would only, in his opinion, intensify the resistance and retard the peaceful administration of the islands. As military governor he put a stop to such action and intensified the search for Aguinaldo’s hideout. The Opportunity comes when an

intercepted letter revealed Aguinaldo to beat Palanan. General MacArthur sent a small force, composed largely of Macabebe Scouts, under General Frederick Funston to make the capture.

The Capture of Aquinaldo in His Palanan Hideout in Bontoc Hill

General Frederick Funston, The captors of Aguinaldo comprises of military officers, & Battalion of Makabebe Scouts.

MSS Vicksburg 1901

REACTION: “The Filipinos want precisely what America can give them…personal greed gratification to the extent of a sold - out soul, extreme sovereignty perjury and Falsifications in corrupt politically motivated conspiracy, sacrificed personal principles for an overnight pleasure and slaves forever… has been a century of tradition of political crimes… planting of money…waves of social evils clothed consular in crimes for personal hidden agenda passing beyond pacific.”

Reminiscences Page 29 pp1 Aguinaldo was brought to Manila and treated like an honored guest rather than a prisoner.

―The guerilla leaders could not believe that their idol had been captured‖. They thought it part of a plan to
dishearten and induced them to surrender. Manuel Quezon, then a young major in the insurgent army and later my good friend, told me the story. He had been summoned by General Tomas Mascardo and had to surrender to the Americans in order to ascertain whether or not Aguinaldo had been captured.

Captured POW Aguinaldo

POW Aguinaldo Aboard MS Vicksburg

Alimuddin Boniface Disillusioned Kasamahang Katipunero Litany over Aguinaldo Greedy Agenda & Deceptive Corruption… Andres Bonifacio Last Attestation before murdered.
Reminiscences Page 29 pp2 - 4 I surrendered to Lieutenant Miller, the first American with whom I had ever come into personal contact. Lieutenant Miller told me that could consider myself free and could keep my revolver and my dagger. I handed Lieutenant Miller my dagger as a present. This same dagger he sent back to me soon after I was elected President of the Commonwealth, thirty-five years later.

―I told Lieutenant Miller of the special mission which General Mascardo had confided to me. Lieutenant Miller said, ―Of coarse it is true that General Aguinaldo has been captured. He is now a prisoner of war. But he is living in Malacañang Palace where the Military Governor General Arthur MacArthur lives, and where he is treated with the utmost courtesy and consideration. I will inform Manila of your mission at once, and perhaps they will let you see Aguinaldo with your own eyes.‖

General Marcus Miller of US Volunteers 1898

On the afternoon the following day, a small launch carried me from Mariveles to Manila and I was conducted directly to Malacañang Palace---the holy place from which Spanish Governors – General had ruled the Philippines, and which I had never seen before. I was ushered in to the office of General Arthur MacArthur. Fred Fisher, who in after years become a member of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, acted as interpreter.

General Mascardo Documented in Hongkong
He told General MacArthur in English what I had said in Spanish, namely that I was instructed by General Mascardo to find out if General Aguinaldo had been captured. The American General, who stood erect and towered over my head, raised his hand without a word and pointing to the room across the hall made a motion for me to go in there. Trembling with emotion, I slowly walked through the hall toward the room, hoping against hope that I would find no one inside. At the door two American soldiers in uniform, with gloves and bayonets, stood on guard as I entered the room. ‖ I saw General Aguinaldo---the man whom I had considered as the personification of my own beloved country, the man whom I had seen at the height of his glory surrounded by general and soldiers. Statesmen and politicians, the rich and the poor, respected and honored by all. I now saw the same man alone in the room, a prisoner of war! It is impossible for me to describe what I felt, but as I write these lines, forty-two years later, my heart throbs as it did then. I felt that the whole world had crumbled.‖

Reminiscences Page 30 pp2

The Katipunero Litany
― I took me sometime before I could collect myself, but finally I was able to say in Tagalog, ―I have been sent by General Mascardo to receive your instruction whether he should continue fighting or surrender.‖

―I have taken the oath of allegiance to the United States and I have no right to advice you to go on fighting.‖
General Aguinaldo replied;

Reminiscences Page 30 pp2-3 That settled it. Mascardo and the others laid down their arms.

General MacArthur proclaimed an amnesty and a bounty of 30pesos for weapons turned in, and the
resistance movement was at an end.

Queen Mary von Teck of Great Britain WW1 Coin Collection in Memoir of Andress Bonifacio Flight and Fate.
With the cessation of hostilities, the U.S. Was faced with not only the rehabilitation of the war-torn country, but its preparation for future independence. My father felt freedom loving people---sovereignty with special friend-ship binding our country with theirs. The greatest difficulty would be to convert the hatreds engendered by the war into mutual respect and goodwill.

General Arthur MacArthur speaking of the purposed of the American occupation in the Philippines.

Reminiscences Page 30 pp3 - 4 ―The grand central idea of our presence in the Philippines is the fact that we are carrying to that people those imperishable ideas which have slowly evolved through many centuries of human aspirations. The one is the hope for a degree of personal liberty, and the other is for immortality. The first has slowly evolved and emerged from the strife of centuries and has found its full development in the United States. The idea of personal liberty allows a citizen to do within just limits whatever tends to his own happiness. That idea we are planting in the orient. Whatever the American flag goes that idea goes. The fruition of that idea in the Philippines is merely a matter of evolution; and to my mind, a brief one. The Filipinos want precisely what we can give them. People ask us what we are going to accomplish in a money way. The planting of liberty---not money---is what we seek. The human race has propagated its higher ideals in a succession of waves, and now its waves are passing beyond the Pacific.‖

Almost overnight the hatred disappeared, and as equals the natives joined in a program to lay the firm foundations for civil administration and economic development. These foundations might roughly be classified as education, law, defense, and prosperity.

Reminiscences Page 31 pp 2 – 3 – 4 In law, the old medieval and antiquated code, with its totalitarian injustice and cruelty, was replaced by civil procedure which is still the basis of present day Philippine jurisprudence. It established for the first time the writ of habeas corpus. Civil court were created, including a supreme court consisting of nine judges, six of whom were Filipino jurist and three American officers, From its earliest conception no jurisdiction system in the world has function with more justice and dignity.

In defense, the policy, regarding as very doubtful at the time, of training the Filipinos in the art of wars that ultimately his own shores would be protected by his own troops, was adopted. The foundation was laid in the Macabebe Scouts whom General MacArthur had employed so successfully in the insurrection. The program was broadened and extended to the Philippine Scout of the American Army who so distinguished themselves by their own bravery and devotion during the Japanese Invasion.

To promote prosperity, a gold standard was adopted, a public road policy inaugurated. Harbors and ports improved, a civil service planned, a bureau of health organized, national industries encourage, tariff restrictions modified, and local government started through elections

With the satisfactory accomplishment of these diversified efforts, the logical time for transfer from a military to a civil government arrived, and my father sailed for home on July 4, 1901

My Narration When King AlfonzoXIII was disposed from the throne of Spain. King Leopold was outsmarted through Em's Dispatch by The Chancellor of Germany Otto von Bismarck. King Wilhelm was crowned in the hall of mirrors in Versailles as His daughter's primogeniture by pragmatic rule and Become Emperor Wilhelm 1 Unifying Germany. King AlfonzoXIII finally Ceded Manila to USA, Emperor Wilhelm1 daughter Queen Anne Sophie, married The Mexican VisRoi of Hellenes in alliance to United Kingdom of Great Britain, King EdwardVII a closed ally of USA , by 1904 the Philippines Dominion of USA was a hot pot to Japan. America in support to Philippine Guerilla Conspiracy against Spain ends up menace of a treacherous relationship mother of disgrace and anarchism in sovereignty fornifications. Germany just won over the seven weeks bottle of Holstein & Schleswig of which Scandinavia now under Germany incorporation of Duchess. The Collapsed and precipitated Hapsburg King, Triggered rivalry of United Kingdom of Great Britain in Ally to United States of America against Germany who hold dominium of Sultanate of Jolo Unconquered Silver Kris of Rajah Alimuddin deGlucksborg against his cousin Saturday Israel of America.

Islas Niña Filipinas Sovereignty Accountability The Cadiz Rule, Statute Will to bottle by United States of America lost their war by death march against The Showa of Imperial Japan in Bataan. The Thousand Islands of Islas Niña Filipinas was divided in to Two of Which Luzon is now occupied by Japan. But The Visayas and Mindanao of York Romanov were in stalemate, Romanov losing bottle in Russia is yet to be subject to any constitutional settlement. But The Bates Treaty was advance to set up by The Mexican Vis Roi Peres deOldenburg through Carpenter a fellow American Comrade.

Brig. General John C. Bates

The Datu Community of Maguindanao Jolo and Lanao continuously maneuvered against The Showa, Muslim cannot just accept Buddhism rule. The Showa was Germany Count of Deutch first in the raw among strong absolute Monarch established stable Nazism of Hitler. Thomas Carringer is an absolute Deed and Will of State of Scandinavia. Belongs also in support to Hitler Political advantage. It was the absolute Will that abdicated The Duke of Windsor, From Fornificated throne of Britain. Causing State of Britain Abjured from her Absolute power, under the Vis Roi of Rome and USA in guile puppetry. The greatest problem of Scandinavia on that moment was The State of Scandinavia entirely depends its entire economy sustenance, including Royal family Allowance and annuities to Bundestag and Bundesrat of Prussia. Thomas Carringer was next to nothing but a lame duck absolute Will!

My Grandfather King Frederick IX the Captain of Armada was a best friend of The Nazi Waffen, October 1944 the Fraternity of Allied Forces was born. The Queen of Rome wife of King Frederick IX of Denmark has Issued Free passport to all Jewish Catholic in Italy with Baptismal certificate, the smuggling of Jews begun. The Queen of Rome Cannot disclosed this to The Pope neither the Pope knew it nor in suspicious. The Smuggled Jews was brought to Denmark Industrial Compound makers of Cauldrons of The Waffen.

MSS Hollandia The Duke of Windsor and General MacArthur together with King Wilhelm II who posted as Lord of Mecklenburg and Schwerin, who Just fled in Holland, with the support of their uncle King Christian X Of Denmark was determined to fight back The Showa and liberate Islas Niña Filipinas. Topple down infamous Showa death March that doom the Americans. On that time, Currently Japan‟s POW locks in to near death or annihilation.

The news has covered The Duke of Windsor and Aunt Wallis Kissing the Hand of Hitler, while negotiating sheets of Cauldrons plate for Denmark. This has been transformed in to a twin Roll on Roll off looking like Nazi U-boat, Used to Landing in Gulf Leyte.

The Showa was defeated January of 1945 surrender his dictators to USA Vis Roi Sovereignty. The Fourth Reich Allied Forces has stage its triumph on Ve- day in Norway and Claimed its Overlord Suzerainty in The Landing in Normandy France D-Day.

End of Three years imprisonment by Japanese, General MacArthur Reunion with General Jonathan Wainwright.

The fall of Republic Constitution of Islas Niña Filipinas 1945 AD to Sultanate of Jolo Bates Treaty of Pax Americana till 1971. He Ceded Philippine Islands 1971 to Frankland Denmark Britain and Germany Edict of Nantes II.

The Statute King of Denmark Captain Guard Masaiche, Second Son of King Christian X Sr., Dr Ciriaco Roxas Imprisoned Held Captive for three years with Wainwright in Okinawa, while the rest of The B12 Company Air Squadron was Sentence to Death…and Annihilation. Ten other had survived. Dr Horacio Ciriaco Roxas, “Enrique” to the family. “Akong” to his American Yankee & Filipinos, Knowned as King Knud of Denmark Duke of Orleans 1953 – 1972 He served as Japan Ambassador to USA and Europa. 1945 – 1953 He was A New York Yankee Celebrity Pitcher replacing his Brother Baberuth. Year 1975 on 5th of June; to the surprise of my grandfather Clemens deOldenburg. Showa‟s gift to my name was The Showa Absolute Infamous Robert Carringer Will and Crown, granting me as his next ascendant for his Imperial States of Formosa, despite of his current foreign policies and Japan‟s stiff ascendancy law.

Thomas Carringer of York can never be a lame duck Will anymore, I Swear to that from the bottom of My Heart in The honor of The Devine Providence and to all grand fathers as the recipient of The Will. Pledges Millennium of World Peace. For A Real Noble Philippines “… as legitimate rights has been dogmatically constitutionally affirmed, through a democratic process by series of court proceedings, bureaucracies by International Government, for the sake of this country imminence of better change!” . I don‟t want to think, the way my royal grand fathers planted negative impressions about Filipinos of century of dirty politics and shortcomings. That plunges this nation into severe poverty out of its dirty politics treachery of an illegal republic, against this nation‟s legitimate sovereignty, This is my adopted country; Time change as our view point integrity and principality broadened; in terms of legalities for lawful governance and the divinity sanctity of a truthful government in a real democracy. Filipino people deserved chances to prove their worth to the whole world. If Filipinos has deluged their selves to “corrupt lapses two

times of treasonous and treachery in the side of this country sovereign Independence” then this is their third and final chance.
And I am the last sovereign to put all at end and fate of this country and people to a doomed civilization. I am a Filipina and this country was my birthplace. In a real democracy, being a minority of this country is as equal inviolable in right, equal in liberty, equal to parliament my tiniest voice in prayer about my faithful fraternity to my country is as equal as the 79milliom Filipinos and 400millions Europeans out there against evil corrupt Aggravaders. By birth I am a Filipino; by blood “Jos

Sanguines” I am by all means a European! By nobility “Jos gladii” I am a Sovereign of my ancestor‟s Absolute Wills legally officiated. For me Independence is a matter of finding the right and legal though hardiest path of life. Independence by legitimacy in sovereignty that respects the Devine providence law in ways and means is the greatest democracy of them all... is a freedom of a real democracy from oppression and autocracy. Peace PourTouJours! In good faith!

HM Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter Crowned Queen Royal of Denmark and France since 1963/1982 7th Reich of Deutch Hapsburg, Scandinavia& of Frankland

My Epilogue 1968 AD I happened to be in reunion with the Showa four times of my life, First when I was just about three in one of the mountains of Japan, Together with other Japanese & European Cousins, I was the youngest among his Wushu students; He used to line us according to our age I was at their tail… the last person & the last person at the end of the line...At least I happened not to stub their back with my barrowed sword …. I was in the company of Duke of Windsor. Second was; I was with the company of the last Emperor of China in his Imperial palace… I was six, calling him Lolo Hirohito, He said that Hirohito was a bad name, And that He had a saint Name of which I should call him by that name, “Captain Saint Clarence Deux Alimuddin deSultan…” Third, when I was first feeling teenager and a lady at nine at Home at Homestead, His lecture on his Foreign Policy and only males stiffening ascendancy. Fourth, 1974 when I was really feeling teen ager at ten, I was strumming my Spanish guitar flocking notes under my favorite Mango tree singing…”Love is stronger far than we”...I didn‟t know he was in the street staring at Me...From his regular visit to Grand Mary von Teck house… till He laugh roar about my song... Then He looked serious…absorbing lyrics of my song…Then his gone... I said to myself...Oldies are so hard to understand…


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