OUR PRAYER Our Father Who Art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day daily bread and forgive us our transgressions as we forgive those who transgress against us. And lead us while we are in temptation and deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, Forever. Absolute Infinite Beingness; Everlasting Life, Love and Mercy Manifesting Yourself in Yourself as the Total Wisdom and the Almightiness Enlighten our minds to understand you as the Truth Clean our hearts to reflect Love towards You, and towards all other human beings - Amen.

The Esoteric Teachings Web site excerpts from the Esoteric Teachings book by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis ( Daskalos) The book itself, provides such information as is permissible about the Truth, setting out not only what we already know from the Bible, but making use also of first-hand experience; 'For the gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power' (1 Thes 1:5). The Truth of which we speak is a hundred-facete d diamond. On the material plane one can approach-but not acquire-the relative t ruth, by penetrating through the comprehensible to the reality. Of course, the keys to the mysteries cannot be given to irresponsible or merely curious persons, because that knowledge is like a two-edged dagger can kill. On the other hand, we would not remove such an instrument from a surgeon, whose int ent is to save lives. We cannot claim that the system followed by the Researchers of Truth is the only one leading to perfection. There are many other systems, just as there are many roads and paths towards the same goal. Flowers in our neighbor's garden are as precious as the same kind of flowers in our own garden and we appreciate the wor k and toil of those who can present them to the world. We are not against any sy stem or religion, in so far as these are paths towards knowing God (the Absolute Beingness), but we are definitely Christians and the Lord of Wisdom and Love ha s given us enough. We do not claim to he the only ones who know the truths, but nobody can claim to have understood them better than we do. Everyone, including ourselves, still ha s a long way to go to understand the truths. For the time being, living in the material world, we do our best through the phenomenon of life (the compre hensible) to penetrate as far as we can into the deep oceans of Life and Truth, the Kingdom of Heaven which is within us and everywhere around us. We love and appreciate the endeavors and the work of all who try to show the hum an race the way to conquer matter, to control emotions and desires, and to make good use of the Divine gift - holy Mind. There is no other way of reaching once again the relative reality concerning man, God and the universes. We have selected the Authorized King James's Version, published by Oxford Univer sity Press for the biblical citations appearing herein.

Introspection: An inner exploration to trace the sources of your emotional and noetical behavio

r with the resolve to self-consciously structure your personality and its subcon scious. The determination to free the self from the limitations of egoism, by re leasing your conscience from dead works (Hebr. 9:14), is moving towards the wise and loving voice of the Soul. See Daily Introspection Exercise Observation: It is central to our work that we strive to develop our capacity for Observation : Attention without tension. Without the ability to observe and to recall in det ail what you have observed, your awareness of, and attunement to, the Divine Pla n is, at best, imperfect. Observation is an expression of our Divine nature. Observation, part of the Divine nature, requires that nothing escapes our attent ion either in the gross material world or in the planes of the psychical and noe tical worlds Observation is perfect concentration. The ability to observe in detail and to re call what we have observed is vital to our understanding of the Divine Plan. Observation and concentration make us both human and gods, as we can probe the o uter and inward worlds deftly and gracefully. It is through observation that we are able to expand our conscious awareness to endless heights. In increasing our awareness and understanding of our surroundings, becoming keenly aware of all t he nuances, we will move out of the small shells of our personalities and into t he larger truths. There are no limits to how far we can extend our comprehension of the Divine Plan when we develop our ability to con­centrate and observe. The more aware we become of the world which surrounds us now, the more conscious we will be in the worlds beyond. This applies equally to our nightly visits (ex osomatosis) to the other planes, as it does to when we eventually pass-over from the material plane into the more refined worlds. Through enhanced observation c omes an ability to see beyond apparent limitations and to control the course of our expe­riences in the psychical and noetical worlds. The following exercise is i nstrumental in awakening and tuning our ability to be perceptive and alert. (See Esoteric Practices book page 61) Concentration This is one of the prime necessities for creative thinking and for healing. You must learn to concentrate all your thoughts on a subject of contemplation or an object in hand. One s concentration should focus, like a magnifying glass, so that it becomes absorbed, unmoved by external forces, as to suspend the present-day self (attunement and at-one-ment). Concentration entails focusing our attention completely on a subject, emotion, t hought, or idea. The size is no matter; remember what Joshua said, "He that is f aithful in that which is least is faithful also in much" (Luke 16:10). We need t o develop the skill of concentration of such a degree that nothing moves us from our work. There are no limits to how far we can extend our comprehension of the Divine Pla n when we develop our ability to concentrate and observe. On the subject of concentration from a Stoa Lesson by Daskalos: If I have a magnifying glass and I concentrate a few rays of the Sun on a sheet of paper, it will catch fire. That's a phenomenon: concentration of the Sun rays through some means (the magnifying glass). Otherwise, the rays of the Sun are e

verywhere and we still feel cold. We have a cold Sun during the winter, yet a fe w of those rays can make a paper catch fire. Such is the Mind. So, what's concentration and meditation? Using the brain. The material brain is used as a magnifying glass: concentrate a few rays of the Mind Supersubstance, a nd you'll see the result. And this means - knowing whatever you want to know by concentrating the Mind on these things. It's leading us to knowledge, and still more, and more. But, we have to find the way of doing it. The secret, now, is to use the Mind in the right way. We are using it in the wro ng way now, definitely! And how: by enslaving the mind to serve so many petty un bridled desires, from morning to night! Desiring, desiring, desiring, changing t he desires and thus enslaving the Mind to this or that desire to serve this or t hat emotion. And you call that life? That is not life! That is the way that make s a human being unhappy. What is the right way of using the Mind? And, what will the Mind, by using it in the right way, offer me? What is it offering me now by using it in this way? You'll have to study this. Using the mind in the right way means not enslaving it to serve the desires, the emotions and all the human expressions. What do I gain now by using it consciou sly. I can gain many, many things - well, everything. ~ DASKALOS

Visualization: By learning to observe carefully and to concentrate fully, the ability to visual ize properly becomes easier. Some bemoan the fact that they cannot visualize, bu t in fact we all visualize subconsciously in the creation of elementals. This is the way we create our world. There is nothing more powerful than thought, and v isualization is the process of harnessing thought in a constructive manner for t he expansion of consciousness and aiding others in need. Imprint ether is used t o shape etheric vitality into psycho­ noetical images and is therefore vital to ou r work in visualization. Using imprint ether we are able to memorize and store i mages. Visualization is a language of the Divine, the "key" to the kingdoms (Rev.3:7). After learning to observe carefully and to concentrate fully, we gain the abilit y to visualize con­sciously. We shape etheric vitality to create elementals, from psychic-noetical images to entire scenes. Through visualization, in healing work , we learn to materialize and de­materialize. There is nothing more powerful than thought, and visualization is the process of harnessing thought in a constructiv e manner for the expansion of the self and to aid others in need. Proper visualization is indispensable in our work as I have always insisted. It is one of the "keys" (cf. Matt 16:19) that so many speculate about. The exercise s and meditations (in the Esoteric Practice book) all require the ability to vis ualize: to form psycho-noetical super-substance into the creation of objects and situations. For those unfamiliar with the work of visualization we will provide basic guidance leading into more advanced work. We must not be overly intimidat ed by the importance of visualization. All things will come in time. Perhaps the most important skill for performing an exercise is the ability to fo rm psycho-noetical images and scenes. This work is otherwise known as visualizat ion. Psycho-noetical images are elementals constructed of Mind super-substance a t varying rates of frequency. Once created, an image has a real, multi-dimension al existence that is far more durable than any gross material object. We must not confuse this holy work with fantasy. In shaping substance (using kin etic, creative, imprint and sensate ethers) we seek to replicate the work of the Logos and the Holy Spirit by faithfully reproducing noetic forms. Visuali­zation

is indispensa ble in healing work for invoking images of health and perfection where illness a nd disease have set in. Meditation. a s Christians. even yea rs. as it is the language between the mundane and the Divine. The Lo ve of the Absolute Beingness is at the very heart of the cosmos and the Source o f all Creation. when they shape universes and worlds. Archangels are constantly creating such images. from time to time. as it involves re flection and introspection. nor respectful. It is the same Love to which we owe our Source. one has the opportunity to spend a few days in the mounta ins or by the seashore. but we have work to do. Remember. Meditation is more passive (than exercises or visualization). If. It is not healthy. Visualization. which utilizes both observation and concentration. entails contempla tion and investigation of a subject. It is good to escape the chaos every now and then. additionally. even as I am not of the world" (Jo hn 17:16). as th e exploration moves beyond the subjective experience of the present-day personal ity. into the boundless oceans of the Mind. We spend too little time in nature and far too little time in sile nce. in accordance with the Divine fo rms. believe in service . You cannot jump ahead but have to go slowly by mastering each step along the way. T his cleansing is ceaseless work and of even so-called Masters must keep constant vigil against the emergence of egoism. The difference is not great and often an exercise wi ll lead into a meditation Meditation is practiced in varying degrees. By constructing specific forms and settings we allow for inter­action with Divine energies. and the same Lov e which lives in our hearts. that is most renewing a nd advisable. . We stress engagement in the world. We are fundamentally opposed to any system of exercise adopted by Westerners whi ch create a division between the mundane and the Divine and a gulf between a med itative state and a normal waking state. to a nnihilate either the natural world or the lower body belonging to it. Our ability to form these images is a most Divine gift and privil ege that we need to fully develop with reverence Meditation: The inner reaches of introspection become the outer reaches of meditation. F or as Joshua said. compose our present-day personal ity. in meditation and contemplation.not withdrawing from our fellow humans who ma y need our help. Question: I infer then that you feel uncomfortable with Systems which require me ditation periods of several hours a day. but we. we teach that the sum total of all elementa ls which we create. Through study we set about to understand the nature of elementals. for "the re is no fear in love.is used as a vehicle to expand our consciousness. and when they form angels to watch ov er their work. Answer: Again such a thing might be appropriate in certain traditions. but perfect love casteth out fear" (1 John 4:18). assimilate and re-energize. but not enslavement to it. and retreats that span months. The first field of work (let us c all it the 'microcosm") concerns the cleansing of the present-day personality. You "are not of the world. towards alignment with the universal and eternal Of that which is universal and eternal there is none greater than Love.

So. good soil and each day give it a little water. It will grow in its course. We only encoura ge periods of fifteen minutes or so. creating an extreme division between the periods of meditation and your normal waking state. and eventu ally becoming unified (at-one-ment) with the Causes. You expose it to the su n. or water it to the point of drowning its roots. this light. Later many wh o had a certain power and who were prepared to exercise their power with force e ntered the Church hierarchy. which is the self-a wareness in each human being. And we se e the result in all the religions. much truth. the researcher of the truth of today. Moreover science advances. Egyptian philosophy. Stylianos Atteshlis [Daskalos] Now we come to the religions. and it must be. Consequently. and he said I . unlike the Mystic of the past. But if you decide to put it in the hot midday sun. The pe ople tried to conceal the truth in order to avoid its exploitation by the profan e. attuning to. the Truth. Power and Wisdom. but who penetrates the depths? Almost none. who have severely damaged their nervous systems thro ugh excessive meditation. And I wonder. Ideas. Toda y human beings can face their responsibilities. and Laws . Principles. the y have all very great depth. the property of all. is aligning ourselves with the Divine. The truth is. the substance of Christianity as religion and our own Orthodo x dogma has much depth. two or three times a day. By exercising t oo much there is a danger in over-meditating. Say you have a seedling. Yes. . Each Circle of Possibility works according to the Divine forces of Total Lo ve. the Truth. THE END On Christianity From Words of Truth By Dr. In the Christian re ligion and in other systems and religions we find the use of myth-making. all the religions of the world. a good. We are in the world and must. dialectically. These most perfect forces of life are within our archangel ic human form. and above all to restrict any research. Ecstasy. out of fear that someone who woul d penetrate into the substance of reality could acquire powers that he might exp loit and make bad use of against his fellowmen. The danger exists. real ecstasy. and the Life. Indian philosophy and others. Ancient Greek philosophy. does no longer have to conceal great truths by myths. Christianity. is the Way. and the Life. These are three synonyms. They all are ways to the truth. too many. throughout the cen turies. are there not a th ousand other ways or means to defraud your fellowmen? Weapons? The Truth. work with it. And the Apostle and Evangelist John (Yiohannan) said about the Christ Logos that he is the light that gives ligh t to all men coming into the world.Question: What is an appropriate measure of meditation? Answer: Let me put it this way. There was in the beginning a gentle. a big effort. I have seen many. We ha ve atomic scientists who can destroy cities in one moment. it will surely shrivel up and die. What is the Truth? Did somebody until now tell us something about the Truth? The much beloved Joshua [Jesus Christ] said: I am the Way. East and West. They tried to impose themselves in order to limit t he gentle and the good effort. Today all is changed. Exercise and meditation at higher levels mean exploring.

but as his brothers. He can do what I do and greater things . then that truth is light and it can not be extinguished or annihilated. Nothin g more than that! I came to complete the Law . Love as a necessity. the Roma n Catholics and even the Protestants have committed many crimes. The Christia n religion as well as other religions are based only on this sentence: Love God w ith all your heart and with all your mind. (Of course. Unfortunate ly. He came just to say who we really are. We must respect these dogmas. But whether out of necessity or because we acknowledge and realize it. yet we are not the Beloved Christ nor will we be lost in Him sometime nor will we be annihilated in His own consciousness a nd self-awareness. however. Love and truth are synonyms. who mainly dynamically gives the noetical . and love your neighbour as yourself. If a religion represents the truth. They are according to the mentality of various people in various times. Let us hear Christ s words to his apostles: I go to my father and your father. But we cannot accept bad actions of those administering a dogma. You can read it in the New Testament i n the sayings of Christ.However. Sooner or later. Not what we call Christianity today as dogmas. The one who has faith as little as a mustard seed can move mountain s. T his is the meaning of Christianity (not the teaching of certain priests). to avoid mentioning criminality an d killing. The only religion that will prevail is the r eligion of love. We are Christians and we can be proud of it. many atheists who see the behavior of these people came to the conclusion of denying the existence of God. Both are wrong. even though Christ is the leading figure that give s the soul-self-awareness its dress. Even though the Christ Logos is the light which enlightens every human being coming into the world as Total Wisdom. . 30 Mar 90 Which is the true religion? Love! Christ came in the world to teach love. Many atheists are fighting religion. they will come back to reason. But what did they succeed to do until now? Nothing. This is what Chr istianity means in reality. Many eastern religions believe that the consciousness of man expands and enters in the cosmic consciousness. Do we criticize the dogmas? No. From the Stoa Lessons by Dr. psychical and material bodies and the etheric doubles). Total Power and Total Love and Goodness. Stylianos Atteshlis 14 Jun 77 I want to address another point. don t forget that the Christ Logos is doing His wor k in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. It is better not to use any other characteristics. Christ never saw us as his slaves. And so he did. and some Christians believe that it enters in the C hrist consciousness and is lost there. But these actions do not at all affect the teaching of Christianity. how shall we find it? How shall we get started? And which truth shall w e find? What is truth? Can human beings materialize things from the Mind? Jesus Christ came and said: Se e what I do. 13 Nov 89 Our religion is the religion of love and mercy. my god and your god . love will prevail. The Greek Orthodox. He said. The words of Christ have deep meaning.

What were all those gods? Did they really exist? Do they exist now? Yes. what are religions all over the world aiming at? Due to necessity and fear of the unknown. because they exist and have an energy. It is a great honour to be a human being a nd a still greater honour to be a Christian. they are two separate things. How do you reconcile that? What can it be . apart from the other university degrees. what th ey do and how we can use them for the good. What d o we as Researchers of the Truth believe and why do we believe in that? Christ s aid: Know the truth and the truth will liberate you . t hey put me the question: "You are a doctor of philosophy and a doctor of divinit y. Nothing is lost. we should be very proud to be Christians. because we believe in the truth. I want to say what we believe. C hrist is speaking about these forms. the Greek Orthodox dogma. of Virgin Mary or of the various saints? D o they exist now? I tell you. And He speaks about the nature of the elementals Man is casting a nd what they do when they come back to those who either project them or vibrate in the same rate of vibrations with them. were praying to God to help them win the battle . we are Christians! This does not mean that we don't respect all other religions . But do we.the Roman C atholic dogma. because they were elementals of human beings cre ated through necessity and fear. To which God were they praying? Christian soldiers were marching to war. Some of them are in our garden. the schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church was erased . not. and amongst them many heresies. the Prote stants. Now we come back to Christianity. Did C hrist teach the war? When Christ was in a human body. If one is on the tip of the one finger and the other i s on the other tip of the other finger. German and English Christians. either to guide or to misguide those who created or projected them? O f course. they e xisted and they do exist now. Do all these dogmas real ly believe in the Lord of love and life. From what? From ignorance and all the other vices in the world.religion and science? I replied: In reality. They are energies in certain forms. Man through the past centuries has formed the super-substance of the mind in creating gods many gods in all places of the world. but I insist and say that we are Christians! When we say we are Christians. He has honoured the human body. What are elementals? Every emotion a nd every thought creates a form from the formless super-substance of the mind. In the past. Through the centuries. Do such elementals exist after Christ? Is Christ today an elemental? Are there e lementals bearing the name of Christ. They were as powerful as wer e the thoughts of those who projected them. But when t hey proceed towards the palm. We respect all other religions. believe in those elementals? Can we worship those elementals. either Roman Catholics or Protestants. We know that people strengthen an elemental when they are faithful to it. and some in the gardens of others. Yet they all call themselves Christians. as true Christians. We teach what elementals are. they are two different paths leading to the same goal. the Maronites. many gods have been created as el ementals in the same way in all parts of the world. they are one. what do we really mean. How is Christianity in the worl d today and how was it some centuries ago? Now we find many dogmas . calling Himself the Son of Man. it is to follow the beloved Christ. And all the gods in the past were just to the m easures of those who created and projected them. Palestine at that time was under Ro . the Armenians. who is the beloved Christ. When I was in London to give some lectures. they do. all this short-sightedness is slo wly vanishing through the coming ages. First of all. The Almighty God is merciful for the stupidity of men. or do they t hink they believe? This is the point! Happily.25 Sep 89 Before starting to give the lesson. We had the great world war. First of all. Before some years. all flowers are very precious.a step forward towards the truth. What is it to be a Christian? For me. they called the m spirits of bison or many other names. and what should we mean by the word Christians? First of all. calling them spirits without logic and with out substance.

but your question in misleading. wars and the vices around the world will never stop. etheric vitality. Dr. doing what they did. Raphael.Ma-Ha-El. and he is the Arch angel of light and fire. The doctors of divinity in London asked me: Do you believe in God? What is a God? And do we have a soul? I said: Definitely. How much blood was shed on the surface of the planet in this name? People believ ed that they were right. and Fa. and the warm red b lood.man command. the psychical body and the mind body. In Sanskrit Maha means great and El stands for God (as it does in Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew). Bir or Vir indicates element. U stands for sp . Gab riel's light is sky-blue in many different shades. because elementals are not only god s and angels. Color of Vibration: shades of red GABRIEL. Things will come and pass. Did He declare war against the Romans? Did He try to drive the Roma ns away from Palestine? No! Why should He? He wanted to liberate Man from ignora nce. URIEL. in all its shades. The quality of an elemental is according to the rate of vibrations of those who cast it. Not because St. But unless Man sees the truth. Color of Vibrations. I said: I also believe in the exis tence of a soul. Ga or Ka denotes desire.U-Ra-El. who controls the electromagnetic forces. Color of Vibrations . Paul. we Christians believe in the existence of a soul. 'The Great God".shades of brilliantly azure RAPHAEL -Ra-Fa-El.shades of violet. f or vibration: "Sun-vibration-God". Nothing more false! Who is asking me if we have a soul? You as a shadow in time and space. We call them devils. Appropriately we find the suffix El in all the Archangelic names. but you are the soul and you have b odies the material body. and plays an invalu able role in the maintenance Of good health in each of us. Kha-Vir-El. is Uriel . They said: Oh. Gabriel is the steward of the entire physical kingdom and gives us the body's various fluids. and expressed love. who coordinates the work of all the Archangels within the gross material body. Stylianos Atteshlis [Daskalos] ARCHANGELS ~ ANGELS THE ORDER OF MICHAEL . sentiment. Michael gives us the bodily warmth. the Archangel of energy. and he is the ruler of water and the liquids. In ancient Egyptian language Ra stands for the sun. but there are many other vices with different names on the altar of these devils. is characte rized by the shades of violet. in the world of illusions? You definitely don't have a soul. according to the sayings of St. Michael's light is red. Paul said that. The worst enemy of humanity is what we call nationalism. You asked me if we have a soul . and thus tallies with the role of Raphael as fellow-work er with the other two. you don't have a soul. as known to the Egyptian forefathers. as if the soul was something to get possession of. This color derives from the mixture of red (Micha el) and blue (Gabriel). And we can know and use these bodies. He said. or in the ancient Egyptian language pronunciated. The planet in its entirety is within the Raphael's domain . but because we know it.

angels -. Archangels perpetually project angelic elementals -. govern over and project themselves into the universes. Our Archangels are eternal holy spiritual entities that serve creation. Color of Vibrations . ~ St. When a human being first incarnates into the lower worlds it does so with one Ar changel from each Order of the elements. We know of the existence of twelve Archangelic Orders: Thro nes. They possess Total Wisdom. the Michael. each Order containing myriad upon myriad of Bein gs of the same kind. who is the angel of earth. The phenomenon of life in all the kingdoms is the work of the Archangels of the elem ents. Hum an beings are also logoic archangels in the process of awakening into their godl y state. master of the element of water. and behold them frequently in Spirit: f or without being seen. and Uriel. is the elemental projection of Lucifer. Seraphims and Cherubims. During the night these Archangels work in our resting bo dies to enact repairs toward good health.shades of silvery-white light. who build. Francis de Sales Our Archangels are logoic and Holy Spiritual Beings. Overlords. Authorities. a Uriel and a Shamael. an Archangel of the T hrones accompanies him as his Guardian Archangel. with whom we are egofied (united). Michae l gives us bodily warmth and rich red blood. There are also logoic archangels. for example. like Yohannan. a Gabriel. .to serve creation. Urie l keeps the Universal Law of Order and Harmony. The Archangels of the elements concern us in our research and meditations as the y are most intimately involved in our well-being and advancement. Shamael provide s us with the material for bones. our muscles and the organs of the body. the Archang el of light and keeper of duality. coordinator of the other three. Human language. Dom inions. a Raphael. Gabriel gives us the body >s variou s fluids. but rather the resonance of each Order's vibration. Shamael is not himself and Archangel. ARCHANGELS Make yourself familiar with the Angels. in any case. Raphael provides our etheric vitality and plays an invaluable role in maintaining our health. Principalities. our Guardian Archangel. and in everlasting cooperation with the Archangels. No one has ever spoken in detail of the kind of vibrations of the Archangels who belong to the higher echelons of the Orders. both within and between each bod y. Thus. master of ethe ric vitality. Love. Few have come close enough to thes e Orders to attune to them. Dominions Principalities. Even if we are unaware of his presence. Seraphims and Cherabims t ogether with other named and unnamed. Raphael. they are present with you. is always c aring for us. Holy Monadic Beings. Angels are elementals of Archangels. master of the element of light and fire. Uriel is the great harmonizer and balancer of substance. who are at higher levels of spiritual hierarchy. As the angel of earth a nd minerals. Shamael . When a human being descends into the worlds of separation. Gabriel. Within Absolute Beingness are Orders of A rchangels. along with others na med and unnamed. Major ho ly spiritual archangels are. Overlords. The great harmonizer of substance. Power and Absolute Self-awareness. Authorities.ace and Ra for the sun: "Space-Sun-God". We know of the existence of twelve Archangelic Orders: Thrones. Their names ar e not of human origin. Let us now look at the way they serve our material body. proves inadequate to de scribe their splendor. within the bodies of every human being there work a Michael.

do not obtain conscious Self-awareness in any of the ir expressions. by achieving super-conscious Self-awareness. Human Beings and Archangels. Perhaps Total Wisdom knows the nature of Total Wisdom? Perhaps l ight knows the nature of light? Before their expression. is an Archangel within Archangelic Orders. Exercises and meditations will help us develop awareness of the Archangelic Orders. We must learn to work self-consciously with the Archangels of the elements in th e maintenance of health and well-being. display the phenomenon o f Self-awareness in various stages as humanity does.work with Total Wisdom and Super-consciousness in the material body and related worlds. and also to consciously benefit from the ir wisdom and love. This ring is a symbol of mastery of time and space. except the capacity to measure and co mpare. They work in a similar manner throughout all the universes. . The Archangel indeed possesses everything. when they return to be within Absolute Bein gness. In the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11 . for he has toil ed long and hard in the worlds of separation.an Archangel --. nor self-conscious. For anyone to determine the nature of the Archangels. who has never left his father's side. the difference is great. We must remember though. of ether -. The Archangel has no subcon scious. one lives within all and all live with in one. that humanity before passing through the Human Idea. to engender the phenomenon of life. differ lit tle from each other. Later. as a circle with no beginning nor end --eternity--. It does not. however. f urthermore. The Holy Spirit and It's co-workers -.32) the father gives the return ing son a ring. that the permanent personality and our Guardian Archang el are not apart from us looking down. Does an Archangel posses Self-awareness? Certainly.of fire. but are within us all along. when they shape universes and worlds. Archangels are constantly creating such images. This is because they had their Being and were exposed to whateve r experiences they had. His brother -. It is necessary to go beyond the nature of human Self -awareness. however. and knows the Laws and Causes and their expressions. without being able to make comparisons.the Archangels -. we see that the Archangels of the elements are all-wise without possessing h uman Self-awareness. An Archangel of fire uses this element with total wisdom. which extends into stages of ecstasy. complains that he is offered nothing in return for his obedience. which is focused upon place-time events. Yet the gift to the Prodigal Son is well earned. So. It has Absolute Self-awareness.Corresponding to their immaculate labors in our material body the Archangels als o help build and maintain our psychical and noetical bodies and their respective etheric doubles. The Archangels of the elements -. the angels or human beings within Absolute Beingness. We know. of earth. in accordance with the Divine fo rms. The Archangel possesses Total Wisdom. and to enter the reality of life. of li quid. One is like another. as Holy Monads. but does not know the emotions and tho ughts which are aroused by the presence of this element. and when they form angels to watch ov er their work. nor super-conscious Self-awareness. but not the Self-awareness c ommon to human beings. it is essential to acquire the capability to total a ttunement and at-one-ment.

so t hat he ceases to coordinate the working of the body's various liquids. because few have come close enough to these Orders to be attuned to them. accompanied by Archangel Michael.we prefer to say "pass-over" . while als o in at-one-ment with all the Archangels. The coord . which requ ire no material tongue for their production. but are breaths of life. This Archangel i s in no way different from the Archangels of the Order of the Thrones. The language of Archangels covers a broad spectrum of colors and sounds. The various forms of plants and animals do not possess an eternal self-aware nat ure. whose experiences are transferred directly to the Archangel. It can. It has its own eternal nature and existence. but only the heart be attuned to th em.what is the characte ristic of the corpse? Earth. of Authoritie s. When a huma n being develops to the point at which he learns of these vibrations. What is not dissolved and takes its departure is our present personality. Together with Michael. of Dominions. The Dominions or Overlordships are. w hich shape and put matter into place and order according to the Law. by their nature. What we can say about this Archan gel from the Thrones is that It is always inside us. of Principalities. who in leaving takes his warmth with him. Let us turn to the subject of our Guardian Archangel. which explains why a dead body rapidly cools. their communication is primarily through the medium of love. however. Most perhaps because they Will-pleasure. They us e the supersubstance of Mind in a perfect way and produce creative vibrations. We do not resort to any such conjec tures. with each Order containing myriad upon myriad of Beings of the same type. No one has ever spoken in detail of the kind of vibrations of the Archangels who belong to the higher echelons of the Orders. Then the departing personality sets flight. but with a language different from o ur own. words have no meaning. Seraphims along with others. because we know that the Guardian Archangel is not identical wit h our Ego-Self. which is their headquarters . n amed and unnamed. which represents them. of Overlords. We know of the existence of twelve Archangelic Orders: of Thrones. We see a human being "die" . the sun. however.The Archangels communicate with each other. in his cap acity as the controller of etheric vitality. Within the Absolute Super Self-aware Self-sufficiency of Absolute Beingness are the Holy Monadic Beings. The Archangels keep the planets in balance in space and control their relationsh ip with their parent. however. to the extent that several systems of research call It the "twin soul". beyond they differ little from Absolute Beingness. For the Archangels. Orders of Archangels. by attuning to our senses come to resemble us. In a similar manner the Self-aware Sou l is an expression of the Human as Holy Monad. Gabriel also departs and abandons the water element. everything becomes a gas and returns to earth. The sou nds uttered by the Archangels bring about the creation of the universes. Raphael is the first Archangel to depart for it is he who cuts the silver cord. from the human of us cannot understand the vibrations of these Archangels. as every communication is em itted and absorbed as a universal idea-shape. then he can produce the same sounds and become a master of materialization a nd dematerialization amongst other abilities. are more within Divine Self-sufficiency than within Divine any research because point of view. and who accompanies us during all our incarnations. who is from the Order of t he Thrones.as far as we earthl ings are concerned.

One of these innumerable Archangels. again. we surv ive and succeed by selectively listening or ignoring these voices. I n reality. while it is Gabriel who p lays a secondary role. In the psychic body. You can see evidence of their care in the healing of wounds and joining of bones. friends and co-workers. This voice however is seldom noticed. Then. the angel of earth. conflicted or complicated. marketing and social statemen ts. Raphael and Gabriel play the principal roles. the language of real Love. There are the voices of our families. Its work in our evolution is very important. Coexisting with this flood of voices inundating our awareness. We often seek externally for teachers. You can feel their presence in your bod y as warmth. who. as such. never forsake us. when the psychic body is discarded. Its voice is not confused. This voice has accompanied us from the moment of our hu manization. Its voice does not express mental constructs. Simultaneously . Externally th ere are the voices of our culture with their news. They use the Mind Vitality as the various Elements i n building and maintaining our bodies. The only one who does not follow them is Sh amael. remains with the earth. as controller of Mind. Raphael. sinc e they have a closer connection with etheric matter. there exists anot her voice within us. Michael's work there is of greater intensity. these Archangels work together on the noetical body. in its pure state. g urus and masters to help awaken us to the reality of what we already are. At the personality level. and will accompany us unto Theosis (Ab solute At-One-Ment with God). there is nothing weak or small about it. one that will never mislead us. No one is ever unloved. We are never alone. desires and habitual thoughts are bombarding us. Our Guardian is in constant communion with us. Si milarly. This voice is a true voice. Our Guardian Angel is from a n Archangelic order very close to man. You can even hear their voices as the beats of . Many have contemplated and wished to be close to a wi se master who could help them as they faced their life s challenges. The seven Archangels of the Elements work t ogether in different roles. As the Guardian Angel watches over and cares for our personality the Archangels of the Elements care for our bodies. This voice is commonly known as our Guardian Angel. notions and concepts. It is only weak to our perso nality s awareness and that is due to the degree of our willingness to hear it. Its voice expresses the la nguage of the Archangels. at the time of the so-called "second d eath". our emotions. or ever stop expressing its perfect love to us. The Guardian joins with us in complete At-one-ment.inating Archangel Uriel also leaves. our ever-present Guardian stands ready in its Super-Conscious capacity to serve in this very way. health and vitality. and yet it never looses its own Archangelic nature. while Michael plays a secon dary role. All this goes on continuously every single day of our lives. however. has the predominant role at that stage. psychic and no etical bodies through the etheric doubles of each body. All th e while. No earthly te acher could be closer or know better what you need better than your Guardian Arc hangel. out of its great love joins with the Spirit-Soul of each of us to accompany and guid e us. In our lives there are so many voices competing for our attention. It is the perfect guide and flawless teacher. through all our incarnations. Michael. It may initially appear thi s voice is small or weak compared to the other voices demanding our attention. Gabriel and Raphael work simultaneously in the material.

Knowledge of the Guardian Angel and other Archangels that are working in our bod ies must not remain as hypothetical. RA meant the Sun and FA meant vibration. If you study other serious religions. it is now time for the people to know the whole tru th. Coming from an Archangelic order makes humankind a real bro ther with the other Archangels. "Angels transcend every religion. In fact angels have no religion as we know it. Their names are the very sound t hat their vibrations make. you could tell that the Archangels were not theoretical abstractions for Daskalos. We become humanized. Ra -Fa-El literally means the Sun-Vibration-God. Raphael is that Archangel whose vi brations give us energy and power Etheric Vitality. we cannot con tinue to let our material development race ahead of the development of our spiri tual awareness and understanding. He was also referring to th e Hindu. This is the voice of the Archangel. every philosophy. which we experience as color. . but real bro thers he knew well. Individually or collectively.How do I know this? By reading it in a book? . Judaism. Each of the Archangels names end in EL. and Islam. the four most commonly known are M ichael. enter the world. In their language. It is not wise.. Maybe the other masters did not dare to reveal it. The Archangel Raphael in ancient Egypt was pronounced RaFa-El. Nevertheless. When he spoke about them. Raphael. meant God. man did not name the Archangels.your heart and the involuntary flow of your breath." Saint Thomas Aquinas Arch is from the Greek word meaning principal or chief. Daskalos paused slightly and then in a gentle voice said: A human being is from a n Archangelic order . Gabriel and Uriel. Interestingly.No! By comi ng in contact with them and knowing them directly. In Christianity and Judaism. It is best if this knowledge becomes practi cal by our own personal experiences. and Egyptian accounts of these Divine emissaries. Daskalos revealed much information that was never before released to the public. Daskalos was referring to the descriptions about the Archangelic orders found in religions such as Christianity. we as Spirit. which in the ancient languages such has Hebrew an d Egyptian. especially concerning the Archangels. extend ourself from the realms of Beingness into Existenc e to incarnate. Buddhist. These vibr ations are emanations of Light. Upon the completion of our human incarnations. so the word Archangels mea ns chief angels. Although these vi brations are inaudible to the human ear. These brothers of Spirit welcome our approach and our conscious engagement in t heir great work. which means they are of the Eternal Now. sound and meaning. Con versely. Aztec. we return to the Real ms of Beingness enriched in understanding by our incarnations in a way Archangel s cannot comprehend. As hu man beings. Once in a Stoa Lesson he said. it is not without consequence. The Archang els are of the Realms of Beingness. Therefore. you will see that most have mentioned the Archangels and Angels but they are not telling muc h about them or their work in the Creation.. we have a temporary sense of separation from God whereas the Archang els do not. The letters of the ancient languages are but symbols for these sounds. every creed. clairaudients can hear them. and experience time. their existence precedes every religious syste m that has ever existed on earth. The Archangels are Holy Spiritual Beings who project themselves into the univers es they build and govern without loosing their At-One-Ment with God.

It is the center of our emotions. It is time we come to understand and know them better. in that hear t. Realize that. They never f eel separated from God as humans in existence do. the Archangels are. keeping this material body I am living in . Do I mean a handful of matter in our chest? That's the heart. In it yo u'll worship God . and always will be ou r caring companions and guides. human beings have a disti nct advantage upon their return to the Realms of Light in Beingness they have ga ined a more full understanding than the Archangels have. you will find your Selfhood . which are in the material body. you concentrate on your selfhood. Man is the highest being in Creation. Throughout all our incarnations. which is. Without the experience of darkness. But. they cannot fully comprehend the light in wh ich they dwell. Our material heart is not our real heart that I am talking about.alive? Am I the only entity keeping the mat erial body alive? Is that my personality's knowledge or wisdom that is keeping t he material body in good order? Who has created the organs?" . which is a center of energy. Something similar occurs with the Archangels and man. before. Your heart. Through the material heart we can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and of the Holy Archangels. Yes. there. Paramhansa Yogananda wa s referring to this advantage when he said: The human form is higher than the Ang el form. Everlasting Life. Imagine two children who are brothers. Every time you are in need to worshi p God and receive what I call the Self-realization and Life. the material heart. It is in our so-called noetical and psychical bodies. your sanctum. There is y our church. The Archangels never leave the Realms of Light to enter into duality and experience darkness. Now that child will understand light much better than his broth er who has never seen darkness. It brings them joy when we cooperate with their work and guidance.Life. our heart is not in the material body. take one child out of the light temporarily and show him th e dark of night. When you concentrate in that heart. You can have that heart . Love to all. Every pu lse of the heart is their voice of love to us to prolong the life of our materia l body (which is not our Self). You must not avoid entering it. but of our personality.A God. which is the hear t not of the material body. Do I mean that? The heart is the only organ in the m aterial body for the Holy Spirit and the Holy Archangels to talk to us. the Holy of the Hollies. Yet. When I mention our heart.02 Top A meditation by Daskalos from a Stoa Lesson Relax completely. Because. Our ma terial heart is coinciding with the heart I am speaking about. hostility and weaknesses. Daniel 7. as I said. Now. Just meditate on this: "Who am I as the Life principle. Free from enmities. They have always lived in a room ful l of light. it's that heart we are talking about. Yet. We will see it from another side. in this condition they cannot really understand what light is. envies. you must have a clean material heart. as the Selfhood.30.Now. were.

. Now.you are mistaken. The Guardian Angel knows everything and. the so-called psyc hical body. Then. So it is also with the egofication of the between the Guardian A two lit candles and place their flames to apart and you will see that there are rea Guardian Angel and our Spirit. dressing the Idea of Man with Total Wisdom. Do you know that you are in dialogue with him all the time without understanding it? He is egofied [unified] with you. with a material body. the psyc hical and the noetical) a Metathronius is your Guardian Angel. When you say that nobody can hear or see what you are doing . Every human being has a Guardian Angel. they create the so-called psychical body.it is with your Gua rdian Angel that you are talking. A human being is using complete. That is what you call the stings of consciousness. First. They are waiting. Out of Love that Guardian Angel is egofie d [unified] to you. the body of your thoughts." . they create th e noetical body.loving you. That is not your so-called higher Self. and the noetical and the noetic body. in it. What do they of fer us? Everything.By concentrating seriously you'll know the truth. Did you ever analyze what are the stings of consciousness that are coming to us sometimes saying "That's wrong! You shouldn't have done it. Saint Paul revealed that in his letters. He is an Archange l different from your Soul-Spirit-Ego. ~ DASKALOS Now. Pull them lly two flames. in the bodies. You think t hat you are making this conversation with yourself. they create the physical atoms. in silence. independent.interferes.Soul. it was said (expressed) to the Archangelic orders . they appear as one." You may read it in the Bible." That's why I say listen to your inner voice a nd consult that super intelligent Archangel who loves you. They are loving us. As the Soul we are dressed with these bodies. what do you offer them? Nothing. We have three bodies. these H oly Archangels of the Elements start creating the atoms with which they will bui ld our bodies. in the etheric doubles of the bodies (the material. working in your bodies as your slaves . you listen to this dialogue. They are the Lords of t he Elements. And. sometimes. Just notice. Buddha did also. So. in the noetical and psychical bodies." "It is not with yourself . And.. God said "Let us create man . psych . You can find it in all the mystical systems. ~DASKALOS Note: Daskalos gave a visual example of this ngel and our Spirit-Soul. when you over do it he .to whom was this said? Of cour se. building the material body. I will reveal much more. That means. Many other great ones spoke about these three bodies. Confucius did in "The Law". you become material. Our Three Bodies Vehicles of the Self Aware Soul "Let us create man to our image and according to our likeness. bodies (the material body."? It is his voice. The gross material body. They all speak about these thr ee bodies. and you get a psychical b ody (the body of your emotions) and a noetical body (the mind body). It is through the elements the new entity as a human being was crea ted (by the Lords of the Elements). I ask you: "With whom are you talking with?" "With myself. You'll come in contact with th e intelligences called the Archangels of the Elements. If you take gether. When you sit in meditation.

Mind again vibrating but this time at still higher vibrations creating our noetical body which has a similar human form as the psychical and material bodies. He understands that the aim and the purpose of God was not to cre ate a stupid personality. the work of the Holy Archangels. manifesting our divine power we call attunement. everyone of you at this moment. you living in these bodies now? one body is influencing the other. We live in the material plane (in o ur material body.not by right.but they are not our real Sel f. That's the body you u se in what we call the psychical plane and. and in a noetical body. become masters of our thoughts. by unfolding more of our Soul self-consciousness.what do we find? That we are all gods. sons of the Almighty. unfolding our Self-Superconsciousness in at-one-ment with the divine . and af ter knowing his material body. Now you call the common everyday self-cons three bodies . moving about with it and doing many. through the psychical body. The material plane is of the three dimensions. It is your thought in the psychical plane makes forms and conditions. Unless you become the masters of your psychical body (your emotions) yo u cannot use it in the exosomatosis after you go to sleep. Who doubts th at he has a material body? Everybody knows that he has a material body. control our thoughts. sorrow.the bodies are ours . his psychic body and his noetical body. and we live in them by grace .indestructible. But we are much much more than just a material body. In knowing the Truth which will liberate you from all kinds of illusions. But first of all. Much more light. We said that the bodies are not our Self. One should get what is most necessary for his life. We live in the noetical plane s in our noetical body. Life there is much easier. Yet. the psychical plane is a place one can live and enjoy more easily. and feel happy . It is d ifficult to explain more about the psychical plane. in Yet. pain. We manifest our self through the material body. an egoistic personality. Th at is if he is not under the burden of his own strong emotions. to live hi s life in the material world.if he wants to. The psychical body is not like the mat erial body. in a better way. weaknesses and h atreds. many things. It is the mind world. a devilish egoist. and despair. There is more light. Reality for everybody is his material body. then he understands.ical body and the noetical body) to express himself. but to cr eate man as a reflection of the real Spirit-Soul-Ego! To be as pure as is the in . in the material body. we have to unfold our self-consc iousness on the material plane in the material body and to form our noetical bod y. The psychical plane is of four dimensions. So. reason. We also have a noetical body (also called the spiritual body by Saint Paul) to express ourselves as thoughts and logic. The noetical plane is of five dimensions. all those bodies are connected and . you'll never become self-conscious in it. Now. We also have a psychical body (to express ourselves emotionally) We live in the psychical plane in our psychical body. They hav e been created! They are kept in good order by the Holy Archangels. how active are they? And who are So. it's our duty to do what? To try to make a proper psychical body and unfold our self-consciousness in it. in what ciousness. I am a different entity.in a material body. are living at the same time in a psychical body. A fellow passing from the psychic al to the noetical plane will see it as more light. unless you know what it is and how t o use it. The noetical body is bright and brilliant . By the Grace of God! When a Seeker of the Tru th gets to understand this great event. and through the noetical body .

This is the purpose of God. as others term it. working together with the Christ Logos. Living a healthy. as human beings. depending on its composition and quality. our daily bread. Otherwi se it is likely to gain control over us! Apart from maintaining our own full hea lth --our psychic and physical well-being-. which refines in our gross material body. Psychology & Sub-consciousness Researchers of the Truth understand the triadic nature of sub-consciousness. is the body of elementals that we generate and regenerate within our personality. we will gain control over this energy. as the various forms of ether. Each cell and atom of our gross material b ody also possesses instinctual consciousness. clearing the brush from the jungle. The third and most valued chamber is that of the Logos an d Holy Spirit. in other words. More information on the bodies and their etheric doubles can be foun d in The Esoteric Teachings & The Esoteric Practices. having developed a proper understanding of the ci rcumstances surrounding life. It is that part of Mind within our personality which we call the subconscious mind. for healing others. the psychic and noetical bodies and empowers them with Total Wisdom. primarily located in the area of the solar plexus." ~ DASKALOS NOTE: The material body has an etheric double. We have seen It as impersonal.we will harness this etheric vitalit y. out of his belly shall flow rivers o f living water" (John 7:38). as we have said. and being of service to others. the Holy Spi rit. Total Power and Total Love. These elementals. We. for it is through the subconscious that the Holy Spirit and the L ogos impart Total Wisdom. stored within our subconscious. the psychical body has an etheric double and the noetical body has an etheric double which are connected with our bodies in the worlds of expression. Christ here speaks of etheric vitality as water. One chamber of the subconscious contains all the elementals composing our personali ty. our ani mal vitality. "He that b elieveth in me. As we previously mentio ned. as the scripture hath said. apparently beneath Self-consciousness. that is. As Christ says. And. we also benefit from healthy. It is through this part of the subconscious that our source of lif e. The etheric doubles act as links between th e bodies. is divided into three chambers.as provided for in the Divine Plan. life-giving elementals. but in reality in a super-conscious way . although many. so often a dense jungle. It is from an infinite number of points that It simultaneously manifests Its c reative force. decid es the circumstances in which we experience life.ner Self. These three chambers of the subconscious are: 1) One chamber is the storehouse of vital energy or. For most of us our subconscious. be coming good Researchers of Truth. works from the center of each atom and cell . 2) Another chamber. The size of each chamber varies according to the psycho-noe tical development of the individual. largely the pr oduct of subconscious activity. within the universes from the material to the mental and beyond . A second chamber is the storehouse of etheric vitality --sometimes called ou r "animal vitality"--. possess what we have called Holy Spiritual sub-consciousnes s. who is everywhere present. It is in this chamber where we must apply ourselves in sorting out the good from the bad. though nevertheless omnipotent and totally loving. God. gentle life. . many elementals are working against us. are contained within this chamber where they sti r about waiting for opportunities to express themselves. "Let us create man to our image and accord ing to our likeness. is drawn in and stored for distribution within and without. The subconscious.

"Let me tell you what every psychologist should know. or subconscious mind. are revitalized by the attention with which they are served.lif etime after life­time adding misery along the way. desires and ambitions. but I must dec rease'' as it is beautifully stated by our beloved Yohannan (John 3:30). Cyprus.to the client's recovery as it lends only more energy to t he problems. In addition. will bind us . even at its lowest degree of expression. This method is counterproductive . In this process of "letting the steam out" more often then not the elementals surrounding a memory. Three quarters of our personality is subconscious. yet here too. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos) What Every Psychologist Should Know As told to Dr. We all marvel at the fact that we can drive a two ton au tomobile for miles and miles and not recall a single detail of the drive. holds within it the Total Wisdom. here re ferring to the process of ridding ourselves of egoism . would lose their individuality. Many psychothe rapists believe that in order for a patient to recover he must relive certain em otions and events.For this is the very seat of our egoism as a present personality. I fol lowed him and turned on a tape recorder as he began. a type of instinctual awareness. Total Power and Total Love of Absolute Beingness. The human personality is constructed both individually and in communities. it is from thi s holy chamber that each one of us knows intuitively the value of goodness and h as the ability to discriminate between right and wrong. We speak here of the Holy Spiritual and Logoic influences in our higher centers. A person receives influenc es from within the personality and the environment around. Moreover. This chamber u nless it is cleared and cleaned. Here we enjoy our Holy Spiritual super-conscious awareness. 3) The third chamber is where the Holy Spirit and the Christ Logos guide and inf luence us. to which the individu al reacts with thoughts. We wil l come to know Mind in another form and will be surprised when we have establish ed that Mind. He must increase. And should we transgress . More Written Articles OPRAH MAGAZINE THE TEACHING A PERSONAL VIEW OBITUARY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------We were chatting in the kitchen. those who left the material body. psychic and gross material--. in the subconscious we are well guided in our deve lopment. the personality would be annihilated upon the dissolution of the material body.selfish elementals . Robert. In such a case. as all along we were lost deep in thought. But this does not happen.and opening ourselves to the Love of Christ and God. A common misperception prevails these days in popular psychology. From Th e Esoteric Teachings by Dr.Sollod by Daskalos in Strovolos. both our subconscious and our personality are situated simultaneous ly in our three bodies --noetical. rather then being weakened. from here spring the stings of conscience which move us to correct our thought s and actions.and make the others suffer . Other examples include our ability to act m ost swiftly and wisely when emergency situations arise.ex cept in a few cases . This was the last day of my . whether at "death" or in exosomatosis." He then started walking toward the living room. If this were no t so. venting memories and frustrations that have been plaguing the personality. and Daskalos said. which have their source largely in the subconscious.

So we have the two states of things: self-abundance and self expression. We us e mind. psychical body. T . Daskalos: When we are coming to the world to live. we pass from the supersubstan ce of mind. formless but most power ful. So the s oul is the same with the ego spirit. it makes mind part of herself. Daskalos: Yes. Lower vibrations of mind give what we call the psychical body. idols. is the soul. has the char acteristics of self-knowledge. the static. of God. let us say [it] like that. But the light from the wi ndow to the floor and the light from the window to the sun is the same. It is not desire [for e xpression]. So that part of your m ental body. It is only the rate of vibrations [that are different]. So we see a man born with mental body. of the Infinite. It is a divine state. and the light pass es through the window. knowledge. the human expression. but before that. Now. to keep it. w e need mind. it gets a form: the human existenc e. Tis the first material to create what we call mental body. Then. It creates vibrations. Daskalos: Why divide it in this way? I will tell you. mind in its essence has the (over?) wisdom of God. the self-consciousness of man using mind creates images. The sum total of the elementals i s our present-day personality. Which is the difference between t he soul and the ego spirit? Bob: In one sense there is no difference. So. But we are not mind. We find two conditions. the body of experiences. Our ego or soul. we are an expression. w ith mind as mental body. But to express that self-knowledge. Bob: Is the ego spirit what they used to call the over-soul? Daskalos: The over-self is the spirit ego. So once the soul dresses herself. Which is the difference? Bob: The soul is human. Self-knowledge. and the ego spirit is before human. which is (in?) the super wisdom of the Infinite. So the soul is giving the human form expression.visit. or spirit self. For the [purpose of] self-expression is created mind in all the rates of vibration. So the ego self. These are the characteristics of soul. becomes a soul. formless mind. from the window. As a soul. God to express Himself created mind from Himself to express Himself . Matter is mind. I open the window. So. Daskalos: There is a difference. Bob: The soul has the bodies. the three bodies. where are the World of Ideas. Now what are the characteristics of t he over-self [that distinguish it] from the self? Qualitative . which is the Absolute Beingness in its sel f-abundance and what I will call the super wisdom motion which expresses now the Absolute Beingness self-willingness to express Himself.no difference. has a kind of its own knowing. I have the sun and the lig ht of the sun passing through space. elementals. and we get some of that mind. But now. what is now our present-day personality? What are the characteristics of these elementals? The ability to impress. The light passing through the window. and the material body. call it whatever you like. The characteristic is that whatever it draws. p assing through the Idea of Man. Bob: The ego spirit? Daskalos: The ego spirit is the over-self. and still more rare [dense?] vibra tions are giving us our material body. q uantitative. yes. the ether [with which] we make visualization. gi ving the form of the window on the floor. that is wh y we call it. "impressive" ether. So everything is mind. [of] the A bsolute Beingness. Wha t are we as ego? We are God.

But it is one co in only. So. You learn to swim as you have learned to swim. So anything we are awa re of and comes to our consciousness is taught in our subconsciousness. subconsciousness is. remembering. psychic and material bodies. subconsciousness is below the surface of the sea. in your wa king consciousness. you can take decisions. but when I say present-day personali ty I don t mean only the etheric double of the material body. the energy and the characteristics of th e mind -. You swim subconsciously conscio usly. and the other is subconsciousness. You understand what I mean? No need to pay attention to every step you are making and how you are walking.his part is in the present-day personality. or bringing to the surface from the bottom of my existenc e old experiences. as existences. So. wherefrom we get the mental images. remembering. It is the ocean. So there is only one mind. it s mind. you control your emot ions. So. we as soul s. Bob: Is this formless supersubstance ether? Daskalos: Ether is one on the characteristics of this supersubstance. One is consciousness. I have one coin with two sides. But yet knowing to swim is from the subcons ciousness. it s the mind. That s mind. the mental idols. So. You are conscious of swimming. the consciousness and the subconsciousness. From the formless supersubstance. Daskalos: How? You are a baby. The subc onsciousness comes to the consciousness and you walk.through what I cal l memory. those (holy?) elementals. that means through thinking. you can change thoughts. when you advance. your expressions in life and you are master of them. electricity is mind. You learned how to walk. your desires. its own conscio usness. thinking means using the mind. You didn t know how to wal k. So we can see that subconsciousness and consciousness are linked toge ther and influence the one the other so whether you say subconsciousness or cons ciousness. It is the same water. now. What enriches the subconsciousness? The consciousness.of our mental. and in the course of time you become mas ter of the material body. what is mind. This is the difference between superconsciousness from consciousness. as long as we live in our material world. Now. So. we have defined now subconscio usness. you walk subconsciously. mind is the superconscious. and you say consciously . I teach you how to walk. all those things which have been stored in it. every psychologist should know this: what is the soul. that means through better quali . So it is one consciousnes s. can either swim on the surface or dive in the botto m of the ocean. through mind again. consciousness or superconsciousness. the present day conscio usness [which] we have is one thousandth of our subconsciousness. has a kind of its own life. if we call an ocean consciousnes s. Supe rconsciousness is when I know and I get impressions from many places at the same time. our subconsciousness. the matter is mind. I mean also the ethe ric double of the psychic body and the etheric double of the mental body because the combination of that is what I call present-day personality. Bob: How does a person go beyond mind? Daskalos: I tell you. where i s the mind. And so w e can draw from our subconsciousness any moment we like memory. The same way we say this building has the underground. but it is this buildin g. B ut even ether is mind. Sub consciousness. You had made (good?) endeavors to it. do we live consciously or subconsciously consciously? Bob: Subconsciously consciously. the first floor and the upper floor. So that sum of human. Can I go from one side to the other? Yes of course . It s the essence. So. The same thing in swimming . as divers. whether I call it subconsciousness. that s what we call subconsciousness. I would say the wisdom of the consc iousness. you can know what you are thinking about. master of the matter around you. and the n you become master of your thoughts. Now.

yet we have to dive boldly to find ourselves. no. my em otions. or desire-thoughts. that I know nothing. only disenergized (when no longer fed with etheric vitality)." [he said]. We create and regener ate two types of elementals. "That is not nothingness. take it as cause when it isn t cause. What am I now? You took me off my body. When negative emotion prevails over thought. what it is. Bob: And the root of the causes is? Daskalos: Knowing everything.how to think. I can use them. So the psychologist must learn to analyze everything. I m afraid of that nothingness." "No. "One thing I know. we hav e created emotional thought-forms. So day and night you may study and yet. colored by emotions. but that s you and that s you as God and powerful. non-existing. I had a fellow [who saw me]. That means. So. [when] it is an effect of other causes. For excerpts from a Stoa Lesson on the elementals please select HERE Every thought. you find yourself t hat I am not the emotions and I am not the mind. Now. Daskalos considered the study of our elementals as one of the most important for not just his students but for all human beings. yet he cannot have the effects as causes for further effects. yet most powerful. You took already form at will. He should get in the root of the causes. what people use as will power is o bstinacy and not will power. Who am I then? Then you find yourself. He was studying for years and years. God u n-manifested but who can manifest Itself anytime He likes. life is a thousand-sided diamond. because will power governs thought while obstinacy it is a colored. or t hought-desires. This s hould be the aim of psychology. Knowing the Absolute Beingness. "Yes. emotion and desire creates and transmits an elemental . Can we know easily all these t hings? Now. now we find certa in qualities of our ego." Well. Then he will find himself as a soul in himself as an ego-spirit. his expressi ons. temporary in time and space. formless." The Elementals The subject of elementals cannot be exhausted. you re making me naked. we create reasoned thought-forms. He said. his thoughts. which is will power. the present-day psychologist is not standing on solid ground. what is psychology today? Psychology is just study certain behavior of man. no. But don t make comparison with kn own things and try to understand with three-dimensional things yourself. That is the (end?). and all that.also call ed thought-form . and by that start to know more effects. desires a nd emotions pass through reason and love. knowin g yourself. knowing. my thoughts and I see a self you present me formless. There a re rather deep waters to swim or [in which] to dive. An elemental can never be destroyed. the ego. I said. who can take an y form at will. I can replace them. his abilities .that carries on an existence of its own. you ll say as the old Greek phi losopher ( )." And I said. When he finds that. he knows who he is. You can learn all the sides of tha t diamond. You are you. It s everything. Elementals of a kind collect to form powerful . knowing. "Look here. There was hardly a public Stoa L esson by Daskalos that did not at least touch on the subject of the elementals. When our ideas.ty of the mind you can convert lower vibrations of the mind. since I can change them. will. He thinks he is doing it.

This procedure is repeated many times. and most valued chamber. that is to say the vehicle through which most of us e xperience and interpret the worlds. because they are b oth living forms. which ultimately se rves to assimilate our personality into the Inner Self--our Self-aware Soul. self-consciously or super-consciously.g. Just as the gross material body consists of many cells. which inherits the intentions of its creator. more or less perme able. each glance. The cells of our personality. <![endif]>In this way we create different conditions in and around us. The elementals are emitted with an intensity corresponding to the strength of th e desires which gave birth to them. Etheric vitality is the "Bread" which comes to us from Heaven. which can approach the likeness of paradises or hells. With every thought. outside both our gross mater ial body and our etheric double. organized into a working whole. of our own design. Such images arise from the shaping of Mind into forms that we call "elementals". nature spirits and angels) in the service of the Divi ne Plan. are compositions of various elementals born either subconsciously. Our present personalities. Even as we sleep. so our personality consists of a network of interdependent psycho-noetic al images. The second chamber is the storehouse of life-giving etheric vitality. o ne by one. These two types of thought forms. the present day personality. as we might call them.group elementals. give it form and project it as a mental image. One ch amber of the subconscious contains all the elementals composing our personality. we call "elementals". or stand somewhere in between. we learn that each elemental owns a psychic and a noet ical counterpart. and perform so-cal led miracles. It is the means b y which we build. With appropriate training. distraction or feeling we create elementa ls. creating within our p . To do this we can take part of the Mind-substance of etheric vital ity. It is also the means of cleansing and purifying the character. Researchers of Truth understand the triadic nature of their subconscious. or a collection of individuals. When they have reached their goal and served their purpose. the elementals which we create and project as a result of our desires and weaknesses. We will concern ourselves with the way of using super-substance of Mind in the c reation of psycho­noetical images. when rendered into elementals. This happens consciously when we form what we call "thought-desires". gain a material existence of their own. Life as we know it in gross matter is how we ourselves fashion Mind supersubstan ce coupled with the communal and global environments that have been pre-shaped a round us. strengths and virtues. are precisely. is that of the Logos and the Holy Spirit. but uncons ciously when we form "desire-thoughts". Archangels al so create elementals (e. we are emitting elementals that will affect us and those a round us. they return to their creator to be projected once again with eve r increasing power. are vibrati ng at the same frequency. Elementals having once been created and projected. Jesus Christ called the latter "deaf and dumb spirits" (Mark 9:25). If an individual. The third . Upon still closer examination. we can project and direct etheric vitality from the e theric doubles of the bodies and send it over vast distances. idea. We each live in a shell. whi ch is what Catholics call purgatory. they will attract such group elementals.

With the production and reproduction of elementals we build and r ebuild our personality. o ur elementals will lead us into situa­tions where we can be of some help and servi ce. as we let desires and emotions dictate the character of the personality. Here. and sow peace or unrest. whether wea k and ill-natured or strong and compassionate. not to mention hellish inner dissatisfaction. thoughts and actions. Consequently. affecting emotions. The same thing happens with our personality. We either create elementals with our desire-emotions and thought-emotions. We can identify various types of elementals. Conversely. If we have constructed a weak personality. too. contentment or d issatisfaction. Some spring from inside the persona lity. S ubstance enters it and other substance is discarded. it is we who have the responsibility. Once activated they will cling to the host personali­ty. But . envy and hatred. This is how human character evolves. to create and to form the holy supersubstance Mind. In a manner not unrelated to the Archangels. If we are compassionate and peaceful in nature. so we poison or cleanse our pe rsonalities. They can be either benign or malicious in intent. we inevitably form centers of attrac tion which draw to us the corresponding elementals that others have created or a re creating around us. which are hovering in the psycho-noetical atmosphere. these elementals will dic­tate to our personality actions and behaviors that will lead to great disagreements and brawls. others are drawn from the out­side environment. Our personality. The majority of the elementals we house are intelligent and demanding. But what is character and what is its relationship with our personality? We have said that our material body is some­thing which is in constant state of change. we the heavens within. When such group elementals are particularly aggressive they can control our ener gy centers in a phenomenon similar to possession. into heavens and hells. Let us recognize the gift we have. Substance is taken in and substance is discarded. We cannot accu . If we are filled with elementals of greed. either a terrible environ­ment of darkness if the elementals are of lo w degree.ersonality. we create health or illness. or ca n cleanse it by improving the way we care for it. We have the opportunity to shape our bodies and hea lth in this con­stant process of renewal. Orthodox science tells us t hat with the passing of every seven years. not a single cell remains from the bo dy of the seven years prior. even in this case. For most of us the construction of our personality is performed subconsciously. They shape the heavens without. or a strong atmosphere of love if they are good thought-desires In the same way we can poison the material body by consuming harmful food. in spite of it being accepted that we do not have always full cont rol over the condition of our material body. because we attract an d assimilate only those vibrations which resonate with ourselves. will activate these group elemen­ta ls. we have bee n given the authority and the responsibility to shape Mind into form. They can force the personality to act in a cer­tain manner which creates the conditions for the elemental to be satisfied and renewed. or our personality vibrates at a frequency common to a collection of elementals of a like kind and then attracts these elementals. in the case of our personality the responsibility is ultimately exclusively our own. The latter are the so-called "group elementals" that have been cultivated over the centuries by the perpetuation of common beliefs and actions . should they be ben ign and loving we might experience a sensation of great inspiration or even ecst asy.

or the conditions which prevail around us. This help. someone who is laboring under a particular guilt. is relative. depriving them of their life-blood. Elementals can never be defeated in a direct struggle. There are elementals. leading even to madness. or by the expression of Divine Mercy.usi ng reason . There are angels . All around us there are human beings who live in ignorance and darkness. The work of dis-energizing elementals must be slow and steady with much resolve. To be helped. are revitalized by the attention with which they are served. In letting go of the past -. Let us not cast blame on our surroundings. Once an elemental has been created it will conti nue to exist in either an active state --when filled with etheric vitality from a personality-. Yet the same elementals surr ound us all. many of whom try to present themselves as victims of society. Let today . because the acceptan ce and assimilation of these elementals is purely our own choice and responsibil ity. t herefore. We can then live unfettered in the present. the pers on must use this beneficial intervention as the starting point for right-thinkin g and development. When one elemental is driven out a vacuu m remains which can be occupied by a new elemental of any nature.se other people. rather then being weakened. with more beneficial ones.which is behind us an d unchangeable --. as wel l as others who make sensible use of Mind. we dis-energize the elementals that weigh us down. can tempora rily be helped by an angelic being or through the meditation of other humans who pray for him. the benefit derived will be temporarily. for if the person in ques­tion has not matured ps ycho-noetically. in our communal psy cho-noetical environment good and bad elementals. then. of those we call alcoholics.and then work to replace and transcend them. can seriously de-stabilize an individual. lying in the waiting in the Cosmic Consciousness--. On the other hand. There are many elementals around us. No demon can bother any human being who does not resonate with it. past events. In this process of "letting the steam out" more often then not the elementals surrounding a memory.and demons too! It is for us to create the magnetic pole which will attract the one and rep el the other. too quickly as each personality is composed of a relatively balanced and interdependent network of elementals. Such people are respon­sible for the ir sorry state. a nd not dwell on.or in a dormant state --deprived of thought power. It is vital. There are. Prayer is the process of sh aping and emitting loving elementals. We need to let go of. Inasmuch as our personalities are compose d both quantitatively and qualitatively of these elementals. however. We see why it is difficult for personalities to change too much. venting memories and frustrations that have been plaguing the personality. for example. which take great will power to dis-energize. Elementals cannot be destroyed. A common misperception prevails these days in popular psychology. Many psychothe rapists believe that in order for a patient to recover he must relive certain em otions and events. or a collection of e lementals of a like kind. to fill such voids with elementals that serve a constructive purpose w ithin the personality. We believe that in order to move beyond the chains of the past it is best to recognize their source .ex cept in a few cases .to the client's recovery as it lends only more energy to t he problems. Suddenly to remove either large elementals. This method is counterproductive . in order to rid our selves of certain elementals we must be prepared to replace elementals which are a nuisance. since they have created or drawn to themselves very strong eleme ntals.

You are the Son of God and you came to torture us. the intelligence of the fellow who had projec ted them. weaknesses. The thought dominates. have their own intelligence. If people could see the ele mentals they are projecting. are the thought forms of passions. that we call bad elemen tals. because you continue vibrating with the vibrations of your emotions). the thought emotio nal elementals are not that. Stylianos Atteshlis ( Daskalos) in which he address the parables of Joshua Immanuel the Christ which mention the elementals. The Christ was the first who clearly spoke about the elementals. all these elementals. From the Esoteric Teachings book by Dr. These evil spirits. He not only described them but also said how they are created an d how they behave. When He appr oached him. when it enters. we know you. Yet. and then. day a nd night (and during the night you are creating elementals. Seven. expressing the elementals in him who took over. calling them th e evil spirits. they are under their inf luence. even what you call the black colo r. coming out of the human body. So. Especially e lementals of envy have this color. You can find everything in the Bible.being influenced and possessed by the evil spirits (people throwing themselve s down. our whole life. that man started speaking. the color of the form. brown color. what happens? What we call possession . You can see ele mentals with very dark yellow color (which you wouldn t like to see). though those who create elementals do not see them. they can not be killed. a human being. Yes. it finds the way back through the seven gates . In one case He met a fellow on the ground showing fits of epilepsy. And the f orm of it. So. returns back home. envy. emotional or thought elementals. a Present. get a form.the seven centers of energy in the etheric double. But. if you find the thought a slave of an emotion. and not the pull of yesterday. because they are in their sub-consciousness. though finding its home clean (it means that at that moment there were no more evil thoughts). creates elementals. showing signs of epilepsy and all other things). carrying with it seven other sp irits worse than it. in the New Testament. fr om the human mind. they would be frightened! So. Our work is to know the nature of the whole Pre sent-Day-Personality we express. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos) The following references are from the Parables book by Dr. Page 96 The study of elementals is a most important one in our life on the planet (earth).belong to today. He said that an evil spirit. Page Page 13 95 Unclean spirits are elementals (Matt 12: 43-45) Elementals can only be de-energized. He even descr ibed the number. Excerpts from a Stoa Lesson on the Elementals We have the emotional thought forms in various degrees of purity and that purity of the elementals depends on the nature of the emotions and the amount of thoug ht in the emotions. nor the push of tomorrow. comes back to the man. These are the constructive though t forms (elementals). then tha t elemental is the elemental not desired to be built up! Now. That m .Day-Personality. And then. There is only a slight feeli ng of emotion to know the truth about thought. hatreds. goes to waterless places (He described those surroundings).

can we meet these elementals on a higher level. Creating elementals with reasoning. Why not make a good. These are the ir own elementals and they are responsible either for their creation or for thei r revitalization (from the slumbering elementals of the kind in their group elem ental). We are responsible. I call them angelic elementals. stored up in our person ality? In the etheric double of our material body. I assure you no bad elemental can influence anyone who is not vibrating at the same frequency of vibration wi th them. their only emotional part is to create them and make them do some service to humanity. Usually. good or bad. Now. So. Even the swine did not like to accept them. real thought forms and not emotion thought-forms. we have to work on the psychical body to ke ep it clean. it is well described . just like a magnet.eans that even these elementals have ill feelings. He ordered them to lea ve that man and they entered the herd of swine. And what do we call that storehouse which is in the personality? Sub-consciousne ss. and mainly there. The swine didn t accepted them and threw their material bodies into the sea where they drowned. where are these elementals. what we call the noetical p lane? Yes. We won t protect ourselves from these elementals by being afraid of them. George or Peter. but not in the higher planes. because evil elementals (there are good element als also) are attracted by the rate and the frequency of vibrations of the ether ic double of our psychical body. And I would rather say that it is the three fourths of the personality. They knew that feeling of bei ng tortured because they were torturing the fellow who accepted them. emotions. Don t cast us to the darkness. We ll call it the subconscious Mind. in the etheric double of our psychical body (which coincides in space). Like seeks like. torturing us and the others (who are vibrating at the same rate o f vibration with those elementals). which are not clean in reality. which is in every personality. We . const ructive elementals. Where are these elementals stored up in our personality? Now. we cla ssify their quality (let us use more plain words now) as good and bad elementals . All right. these elementals have as their main body the emotion (desire) of the f ellow who is creating them and very little mind (I call it cunningness . He said. thinking and believing that h e is living consciously. Helen. who are possessed by these elementals. Clean . very little mind and much emotion.not attracting them. That s clear. It is stated in the Bible. all coinc iding in place. what do we know ? Don t think that things have changed! There are many amongst us. So. first of all. around us. So. being all the time under the influence of the subconsci ous Mind. who are you? They said. So. and allow them to come and find entrance through the centers of vitality of our eth eric double. They even had suggestions. No evil elemental can torture and enter an innocent and clean person! You must have that in mind. In the same way we can create. positive. constructive elemental instead of a bad one. but by b eing clean ourselves. These elementals ar e composing our Present-Day Personality .how to carry out its aims) . we can to a good one. yet. in every p erson. but allow us to go to this herd of swine. Place? Where is that place? . Vibrating in the rates and frequencie s of the vibrations of these elementals we attract them. We are a legion.Very. Now. A legion torturing that fellow.the personality of Mary. in the noetical plane we can find them. good and bad.The personality of a man. revitalize or give life to a bad elemental. our personality is the sum-total of the elementals.the elementals and what they do. b ecause a human being now is living subconsciously. They think they are devils.how? Feeling certain desires. Vibrating . and in the etheric double of our noetical body (in the lower parts of the noetical body). No. are many.

The 'younger son' . this is the most important parable. and your father ha s killed the fatted calf because he has him back safe and sound. But while he was still a long way off his father saw him.' . Now the elder son was out on the farm. 'You know how I have slaved for you all these years. and the younger said to his father. 'you are always with me. He called one of the servants and asked what it meant.' So he divided his estate between them. It contains the very essence of trut h. said the father. Bring the fatted calf and kill it. But now that this son of yours turns up. put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. He ran to meet him. How could we help celebrati ng this happy day? Your brother here was dead and has come back to life. For this son of mine was dead and has come back to life. and let us have a feast to celebrate the day. 'Quick! fetch a robe. So our brothers who stayed with the Father have their 'sh are' . including matter. . I am no longer fit to be called your son. and no one gave him anything.experiences in the worlds of separation.' And the festivities began.spends his s hare on 'reckless living' . flung his arm s round him and kissed him.' So he set out for his father's house.' But he was ang ry and refused to go in.' What is his property? Mind . The 'younger son' is a soul passing through the Idea of Man. The elder son is an Archangel. starving to death! I will set off and go to my father. 'How many of my father's paid servants have more foo d than they can eat. 'Fath er.' But the father said to his servants. and here am I. So he went and attached himself to one of the local landowners. when a severe famine fell upon that country and he began to feel the pinch. he heard music and dancing. I am no longer fit to be called your son. he was lost and is found. after running through your money with his women. treat me as one of your paid servants. 'Father. against God an d against you. 'Your brother has come home. against God and against you. A few days later the younger son turned the whole of his share into cash and left home for a distant country. who sent him on to his farm to mind the pigs. and you never gave me so much as a kid. which means that Archangel s are using Mind. The servant told him. and everything I have is yours. I have sinned. as he approached the house. He had sp ent it all. The son said. He also has his share of the property. Then he c ame to his senses and said. I have sinned. I never once disobeyed your orders.that is: 'human beings' . and say to him: Father. What did the son say to his father? 'Give me my share of the property. was lost and is found. you kill the fatted calf for him. ~ J oshua Emmanuel the Christ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------For me. but he retort ed. too. give me my share of the property.When will one live consciously? ~ DASKALOS When one develops the real self-consciousness. the Human Idea. for a feast with my friends . and his heart went out to him. Prodigal Son There was once a man who had two sons. and put it on him. my best one. and on his way back. where he squandered it in reckless living.'My boy'. His father came out and pleaded with him. He would have been glad to fill his belly with the pods that the pigs were eating.everything that is Mind.which is Mind.

he will move eternally withou t having a beginning and an end. 'Everythin g I have. So the father is waiting for his return. This is another very important point. Eternity is movement without beginning and without end. killing a 'fatted calf' means killing the involvement with matter. 15:50) . I have contacted the Archangels many times and I tried to make them understand time. the father rushed to him a nd embraced him. can understand the nature of past. He didn't deprive the Ar changels of their best clothes. had him as their slave. present and future. In the parable of th e prodigal son. 'you are not a servant. His f ather told him. it is stated clearly. He gave him his own best clothes. But for a being at the centre of the ring.as the Archangels are . These are the elementals which Joshua called 'deaf and dum b spirits' (Mark 9:25) . is it not also yours? You have not been deprived of anything that is y ours. He said. So they do not understand past. You are a son!' What is meant by 'a servant'? The elementals of the Archangels. 'We are in the Eternal Now'.' But when he had taken some steps towards his father.the elder brother had. 'You are working as a lord of the elements for humans and for an imals. projecting element . Then the father gave him the best dress he had for a prince. the angels. the sam e dress that the Archangel . after going through the human experience. without understanding time. What did he say. The ring on his finger is symbolizing the knowledge and understanding of eternit y. But he. This is the sense of eternity. expressing their nature as they are. the Lords of matter. the Archangel.As Joshua describes it. the Lords of Separation. They sent him out to look after the pigs. 'You never offered me a sacrifice. There is no distinction betw een them in that. Then he put a ring on his finger. ' flesh and blood can never possess the kingdom of heavens' (1 Cor. that when the prodigal son returned home. They understand t he Eternal Now.' Sacrificing. and future. So the 'elder brother' (which means all the orders of the Archangels) is complai ning. This is obvious. and the movement . the 'fatted calf' means the material body. which poll ute mind and emotion. The y are the 'servants'. had neve r enslaved himself to matter. has dressed himself with matter. present and future. only the Eternal Now. What are those 'pigs'? T he elementals he had created.t here is no past. for they have always existed 'now'. but they are not yours. As we said. But then he came to his senses. And he was content to eat the food those pigs were eating. they exist 'now' and they al ways will exist 'now'. That refers to the filthy combination of the low elementals. that means the material body. A human being mo ving on the ring. So you have nothing to kill. his father knew it. first the father sacrificed the well-fed animal.' But the Archangel never had a material body to sacrifice. present. 'You are my son'. All the while he was thinking those though ts. his father made him different from the Archangels in heaven. the Father? He told the Archangels to dress him. present and future. Then he started thinking how to behave towards his fathe r. What interests them is their work and the Truth. they reply. The elder brother. 'What is this that I am eating?' he said. in the best cl othes he had.' So he decided to leave and go back to his Father. An Archangel only gets a ring on his finger when he returns as a Self-Realized B eing. 'So why do you complain?' the Father asked. 'What are all those thoughts and emotions I have? Do they satisfy me? I am eating th e same food as the pigs. 'Am I worthy to be his son? Let me go back and sell myself into his service. Suppose somebody moves on a ring. so he had never needed even a 'baby goat' to be sa crificed to set him free.' The Archangel never used Mind in the way humans are using it. what we humans know as past . But when the prodigal son was given a ring on his finger. my younger s on. Infinite Beingness is eternal motion.

" Which means. In this way. If you reach that you will find out the value of life. At night it was fros ty outside. human beings learn lessons leading eventually to their return to Absolute Beingness. by attunemen t to something you become master of it . enter into the Circle of their Possibilities. love Him. Water was turning to ice. He didn't know the surprise I was going to give him." I went to the plant. the Mind He is granting us. except t hat it is real bliss. "and with all your beingness. This is the power of what I call attunement to something." the intelligence. ~Daskalos Circle of Possibilities From a Stoa Lecture given by Daskalos on 19 APRIL 1994 Called: INTROSPECTION." I brought him to the yard of my house. Africa) I saw a nice creeper with lovely three-colored le aves having nice bluish flowers. to ent er in the at-one-ment with God." the hea rt He had given us. "How can you prove that to me?" It was nearly Christmas. gave it my love and I told it by making an elementa l." He sai d. "It is possible". Light. of course. MEDITATION. "Look here. So." your Soul-Self.als. that's not possible!" I said." This is what He said in Greek and in Aramaic. b ut usually they are bluish or violet. "Come and see. But. We talked about that kind of creeper. "Come after tomorrow. as Soul-Ego Beings. good and bad. with nature. I told him. "Y es. "I'll need hours to explain and still you won't understand it. I told him. to teach us. "Love God. Which self? Our SoulEgo Being.of the animal kingdom. there are also other colors of these flowers. PRAYER You can enter those things. I'll give you an example. Two days later he came to me. all of us are in the Logos Oneness. wha t is Life. "How did you do it?" I said. the Father. with all your heart. unfolding your nature as a Spirit-Soul. is that all? Is this our aim? No! You still have to develop mo re. and e njoy His Love. Now. These are great powers . from Zaire. with the knowledge and understa nding to be accepted as a child of God. "Is that the plant you are talking about?" He said. of the vegetable kingdom. "with all your soul. I won't call them powers but. the world. the leaves are like it. "Are you sure? I brought it from Kinshasa. "I want you to give at least two or three flowers. "Yes. there are no words to explain to you what that is. Love ." He said. saw it. "with all your mind. Three flowers were blooming open. but of course that can't be. I brought some with me and planted them in my h ouse. "Is everything as I said?" "But. in at-one-ment or becoming one you are entering in the Onenes s of the Logos. your beingness." I said. they need very hot weather to flower. This is what Joshua Emmanuel the Christ came to teach the people. And He said to love e very other human being not less than we love our own self. When I w as in Kinshasa (Zaire. A friend of mine who studied botany brought me a book. see Him everywhere. ~ Dr . But. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos) Book Virtual Circle Lessons Stoa Lesson PodCast ." If you enj oy nature.synonyms. and its flowers will be bluish. They grew." I told him. Because. He came to teach His Oneness. nature loves you. exerci se your will power and produce what you want. He said.

fire. Until now the teachings of the "Symbol of Life" has been restricte d to small circles of students. traces the history of the "Symbol of Life" and e xplains its symbolism. .C. Man had worshipped the Sun. Engraving his symbols Man could later bring back in his mind what these symbols meant to him.Daskalos Surrounded by many dangers.. rivers. Stylianos Atteshlis . To record hi s beliefs fro himself. [Pre-historic] man was feeling the need to rely on a stronger entity for protection. He was very oft en giving to his Gods the human form. the radical reign of Egypt's Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (Ankhenaton). He had created his Gods to stimulate the coura ge necessary to face the difficulties of life he was facing at that time. having many experiences decided to find a way to record them. of Ancient Egypt where the "Symbol of Life" was already known. when worshipped b y many people were gaining both strength and a kind of intelligence. Brown The Symbol of Life THE SYMBOL OF LIFE by Dr. These Elem entals. Man had found the easiest way wa s to use symbols. feeling that the Sun God was giving him strength. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos) ISBN 9963-8162-1-5 Th e "Symbol of Life" is a symbol of Christian mysticism. and for his descendants. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Excerpts from the Symbol of Life by Dr. He invites the reader to meditate on the different aspe cts of life and creation in order to enable him or her to reach higher levels of consciousness. mountains and nature. giving also to his Gods names. Man. He reveals the the connection between the Symbol of Life. Man was explaining the meaning of his symbols to his descendants who would be able to share with him his beliefs and his experiences. Its ten centers and the path between represent life. Of course those symbols were creating Elementals (living thought-forms) most powerful at times.Graphic Image by J. He had worshipped the moon. Atteshlis takes you to the 13th and 14th centuries B. Dr. could influence g reatly the worshippers. the whole process of creation and the way back to M an's origin. Stylianos Atteshlis. Dr. strengthened by the prayers of those worshipping them. In this book the well-know Cypriot mystic and h ealer. the so called Amarna Period which introduced Monothe ism (one god religion) for the very first time in recorded history.. Of course those Gods Man had worshipped were Elementals which.

and by invoking them. the name of either an angel or the name of an Archangel. using the Revelation of St. displays these centers. The Pharaoh lost his conscio usness. in the Old Testament. the Pharaoh AnkhenA ton. Khor-Amon told the Pharaoh .. These centers act as gates and store­houses for elementals... for while it is necessary for us to develop and awaken certain of them. he succeeded to put their forces under his commands.. a red flame appeared on the right side of the golden image of the sun. On the Symbol of Life the seekers of the Truth are using. the chapter entitled "Exodus" describe clearly the events... In the flames two human looking figures appeared. etc.. which enabled him to perf orm great wonders.g. Khor-Amon. the Hebrew Qabalah. In the Holy Bible.. and also what Moses had succeeded to achieve by using the Egyptian Symbol of Life. all the Archangels can be contacted in every Center ETHERIC CENTERS. Each of the three bodies.. giving the Symbo l of Life (as it is now) to the Essenes. invoking Amon-Ra repeating loudly the Khe-Kau (words of power).. It is the old Egypti an Symbol of Life changed and modified by the Prince and High Hierophant Khor-At on (Khor-Amon) at the time of his Majesty the King of Egypt. Khor Aton was re-incarnated. others are the domain of the Holy Spir it. SACRED DISCS Centers (Hebrew: Sephira) Centers of energy and activity (Sanskrit: Chakras) located at various points on the etheric doubles of our bodies. Shakh Kniu-Mu Mosis [Moses] had succeeded in raising his self-consciousness to h igh levels. Origenes made also some changes in the Divine part of the Symbol and el sewhere. The Shakh Kniu-Mu Mosis [Moses] had changed the Egyptian Symbol of Life and gave the world the "Etz Ha' Chayim". the Archangels and the Logos --e. the Sun Go d) was on the platform. When Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (at a service in the temple of Amon Ra. the "Tree of Life". We must exercise care in working with these centers. John in the New Testament.. again in Egypt.and w e should refrain from any manipulation or direct interference. and the Shakh Kniu-Mu Mosis [Moses] was one of them. the "root" and the heart centers-. which correspond to organs of the material body.. from the gross mate rial to the more refined.From the Symbol of Life Book in Daskalos' own hand The Symbol of Life given now is a purely Christian system. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[At the time of Moses] The Egyptian Symbol of Life was neglected and could be se en only in a few temples of the Sun-God Amon-Ra as an ornament Very few hieroph ants were using it. A violet flame then appeared on the left side of the gold in image of the sun.. [The High Hierophant] took th e Pharaoh to the nearby palace in Uast (Thebes) .. the plagues. falling down on the platform. On the "Etz Ha' Chayim" the names of the Egyptian Gods were taken out from the C enters (Sephira) and new names were given to each such as Kether.. . On the sketch of the "Etz Ha' Chayim" one can see on the Sephria (Centers). Yesod. He was able to contact intelligences in space. as the Christian Bishop Origenes (O rigen).

the two flames . the Absolute Infinit e Beingness. Box 28347 2093 Strovolos Nicosia Cyprus . which contains Englis h & German translations and the original manuscript in Daskalos' own hand and hi s illustrations. on one occasion.the red flame and the violet flame . In addressing his wife Nefer-Dhiti (Nefertiti). He then asked all in the future to call him "Ankh-en-Aton" (Ankhe nAton) Raising both his hands. Mikh-Ra-Dat & Khor-Amon prepared a hall [dedicated to the meditation and ad oration of Aton .. Lord of Life and of Love.appeared on the right a nd on the left sides of the Khaut. An open ware between the Hierophants worshiping the many Gods and the Pharaoh ha d begun.. he materialized himself and beckond t o Khor-Amon to approach him. the everlasting Life. the Pharaoh AnkhenAton exclaimed: Aton Neter Ankh tteta en Kheh rekh God Aton.. and plac ed the Symbol of Life. Khor Amon got up and approached the Archangel. Maha-El (Michael) appeared in the red flame and . When the ceremony had ended the Pharaoh. ISBN 9963-8162-1-5 pub lished by the Stoa Series.. who embraced Khor-Amon. the symbol of which is the holy Ankh. . stepping out of the fiery red flame. the Pharaoh had to be standing in front of the Khaut (altar ). the light and the illusion were at war in Khemt (Egypt). Mikh-Ra-Dat (a hierophant who was present) said that the materialized f igures were an Archangel of the Order of the Maha-Els (Michaels) and an Archange l of the Order of the Ra-pfa-Els (Raphaels). The Pharaoh announced to the Assembly that the he believed in and was now worshiping. had called him "Khor-Aton".. most recently taught by Daskalos. Through the Symbol. Description and Guide to the Symbol of Life... Now Spirit and matter. I know Neb En Pet Kha En T-ta Neter En Maat Lord of Heaven and of Earth God of Truth Rekh A-at Neb Sek-Hem-AA Em utu I know Great Lord I have gained the mastery of what is asked a-arit er-a ttep t-ta neb en ankh kna en Mer A-atef I-ia nek to be done for me on Earth.and announced his de cision to abolish the Assembly as a Body and expel form the Institute all Hierop hants opposing the new order.O. we beco me more aware of the purpose and work of our incarnation.the spiritual sun] in the palace in Apts (Karanak). the One Real god Aton. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------This History.the he himself. in addressing Khor-Amon. . and all the others had seen the flames and the human-looking fi gures.. Half of the Archangel's body entered in the body of Khor-Amon. Next day the Pharaoh summoned the Assembly of Hierophants. Life everlasting in eternity. P. Divine Father I have come to you. he had called her "Merit-Aton".