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Emission of semen

This is the discharge of semen without sexual intercourse. In traditional Chinese

medicine, it is divided into two types: The emission of semen with dreams of sexual
activity at night; and discharge of semen without dreams and even with a clear mind.

The spontaneous discharge of semen in patients with neurasthenia, prostatitis and
seminal vesiculitis can be treated by the following methods.

Applications of hand therapy:

Massage therapy:

Location: Palm and dorsum of hand, kidney area, reproductive area, and bed-wetting

Method of manipulation: Both hands, especially the palm and dorsum, are rubbed to
produce a hot sensation; heavy digitpressing maneuver applied at kidney and
reproductive areas; persistent digit-pressing and kneading maneuvers at bed-wetting

Acupuncture therapy:

At reflective point:

Location: Kidney point.

Method of manipulation: The needle is inserted for 1.6 cm and retained for five

At reflective areas:

Location: Perineum area in palmar reflective areas and ulnar reverse palmar reflective

Method of manipulation: The needle is shallowly inserted and immediately removed
after needling stimulation.

At special acupoints beside the second metacarpal bone:

Location: Kidney acupoint and lower abdomen acupoint.

Emi ssi on of semen
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Method of manipulation: The needles are inserted for 1.6 cm and retained for 20

Hand bath:

Recipe: Sangpiaoxiao (Ootheca Mantidis)30 g, Yuanzhi (Radix Polygalae) 30 g,
Longgu (fossil bone) 30 g, Danggui (Chinese Angelica) 30 g, Guiban (Plastrum
Testudinis) 20 g, Fuling (Poris cocos) 30 g, and Dangshen (Radix Codonopsis) 30 g.

Function: To adjust and tone heart and kidney and control spontaneous discharge of

Method of manipulation: A hot decoction of these herbs is used to steam and then
wash both hands for 20-30 minutes, twice a day.

Hand qigong: Kongjin exercise.

The hand is prone with palm facing downward and with the fingers kept in the ladder
pattern. The ring and liittle fingers are flexed for 15 minutes, and then the middle
finger is also flexed for 10 more minutes or longer for better results. The flexed
fingers should not be extended before the exercise is ended by making hollow fists.

Herb-holding therapy:

Herbs: Pixiao (Sodium Sulfate) 60 g.

Method of manipulation: The Pixiao is held in both palms until it is completely
dissolved, twice a day.

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Emi ssi on of semen
Copyri ght TCMDi scovery Net Pl ease contact us i f you want to repri nt the arti cl es
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Emi ssi on of semen
Copyri ght TCMDi scovery Net Pl ease contact us i f you want to repri nt the arti cl es