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Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School Term 2 – Unit 5: Billy Beast Media Name: __________________________________ ( Primary 5: _______________________________ ) Date

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Perceptions of Beauty People perceive beauty in different ways. In earlier cultures, a plump woman was attractive. This was because her appearance meant that she would be able to bear lots of children. Some cultures think that women are only beautiful when they sport tattoos on their faces. To them, it is at this time that a girl becomes a woman.

Get into groups of 6-7 and examine how societies perceive beauty, both for men and women. Each group can tackle one of the following; all topics must be taken up. (Teachers can decide otherwise, of course!) 1. Beauty in tribal groups 2. Beauty in Asia (past and present) 3. Beauty in Europe (past and present) 4. Beauty in Singapore 5. Beauty in the animal world 6. Beauty in the future

a. Begin by searching the Internet for images of beauty in these categories and download some for your presentation. Don’t overdo this; a few good images are better than a huge collection. Also look for some sites with the information you need. b. Now work on what you want to say about your presentation. Consider some of themes: - What does beauty look like in this context? Has beauty a value e.g. what is beauty good for here e.g. in the animal world? Your opinions about beauty in this context How beauty has changed over the years


How people make themselves beautiful and what lengths they go to do this.

c. Use these Internet links* to help you but you can look for others. d. In the following weeks, present your findings to the class. You can do this through a 10 or 15-minute Powerpoint presentation. Keep your slides to a maximum of 15 pages. e. The class will vote for the best presentation. f. Don’t forget to allocate jobs to everyone on your group.

INTERNET LINKS (Teachers please check links before passing them on; most are fine but there be an odd one or two you may not approve of)

BEAUTY IN TRIBAL GROUPS - Symbols of Karen Beauty - Philippine Tribal Tattoos - History of Tattoos and Body Piercing - The History and Meaning of Body Art is Hardly Superficial (SignOn San Diego, 3 May 2006)

COSMETIC SURGERY - "Nip, Tuck, ... and Cry?: Experts describe the emotional aftereffects of cosmetic surgery" (WedMD) - :Cosmetic Procedures: Cosmetic Surgery Options -- The Basics (WedMD) - "Plastic Surgery: Beauty or Beast? (APA Online, 8 Sept 2005) - "Plastic Surgery market Stands Firm" (CNN, 20 Feb 2008) - Be Wise About Beauty Campaign website (programme by American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) - Campaign for Real Beauty website (by Dove)


- "Like Father Like Son: Attractiveness is Hereditary" (Science Daily, 20 Nov 2007)

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- "Study Explains Why We're Not All Beautiful" (Live Science, 28 March 2007) Men Choose Beauty Over Age (New Scientist, 27 June 2001) - "Beauty Boils Down to a Simple Average" (Live Science, 28 Sept 2006)

BEAUTY TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE "Who Will Be Beautiful In The Future? (BBC, 1 Dec 2004) - "Looking Into The Future: Surgery Free Beauty (Notebook Magazine) - "Facing the Future" (Stella Magazine, 13 Jan 2008) - Who Will Be Beautiful In The Future? (BBC, 1 Dec 2004) - "Organic the Fashion of the Future" (Beauty Addict Blog, 22 June 2007) nic_the_fashion_of_the_future/

BEAUTY IN THE PAST - "Beauty and make-up History: Make-up Fashion History Before 1950" - "Beauty is Shape"

- History of Beauty - Beauty in History - What is Beautiful? A Brief Look Through History -12 Odd Beauty Products Throughout History