Allah does not wrong people in any way; rather it is people who wrong themsel es! "S#rah $#n#s% &&'


Published by (LO)AL*U)LISHIN( TalatpaSa Mah. Emir Gazi Cad. Ibrahim Elmas Is Merkezi A. Blok Kat 4 kmeyda!" # Ista!bul$Turkey Pho!e% &'() *+*, -*) ./ )) No em+er, -../ Tra!slated by Keith 0ear! Edited by Tam Mossma! By 1aru! 2ahya Pri!ted a!d bou!d by Se3il 4set i! Ista!bul 2uzyil Mah. MAS#SIT Matbaa3ilar Sitesi 4. Cadde 5o% 66 Ba73ilar#Ista!bul$Turkey Pho!e% &'() *+*, /*( )/ +8 All tra!slatio!s 4rom the 9ur:a! are 4rom The Noble Qur'an: a New Rendering of its Meaning in English by 1a;; Abdalha<< a!d Aisha Be=ley> published by Book=ork> 5or=i3h> ?K. +4*) CE$+((( A1. Abbre@iatio!s used% (saas-sall-Allahu 'alyahi wa sallam)% May Allah bless him a!d 7ra!t him pea3e &4ollo=i!7 a re4ere!3e to the Prophet Muhammad, (as-'alayhi's-salam)% Pea3e be upo! him &4ollo=i!7 a re4ere!3e to the prophets or a!7els, www!har#nyahya!0om www!har#nyahya!net

I!trodu3tio! Ahy 0o People Sorro= Ahile They Could Be 1appyB Some People Are ?!happy> Thou7h They Say They Belie@e Cailures o4 Belie4 a!d Beha@ior that 0ri@e People to Se3ret Sorro= 1o= 0o People 0e3ei@e Themsel@esB Se!si!7 I!si!3erity% The SiDth Se!se The Caith4ul I!@ite Also Those Arou!d Them To Be Si!3ere People Aho A!s=er =ith I!si!3erity Ahe! Called o! To Be Si!3ere Allah May I!3rease Aorldly Troubles 4or Those Aho Persist i! I!si!3erity The Se3ret Sorro=s o4 the Aorld May Tur! to E!dless Torme!t i! the 1erea4ter The Solutio! to Se3ret Aorldly Sorro=s Co!3lusio! The 0e3eptio! o4 E@olutio!

A spe3ial 3hapter is assi7!ed to the 3ollapse o4 the theory o4 e@olutio! be3ause this theory 3o!stitutes the basis o4 all a!ti#spiritual philosophies. Si!3e 0ar=i!ism re;e3ts the 4a3t o4 3reatio!Ea!d there4ore> Allah:s eDiste!3eEo@er the last +4) years it has 3aused ma!y people to aba!do! their 4aith or 4all i!to doubt. It is there4ore a! imperati@e ser@i3e> a @ery importa!t duty to sho= e@eryo!e that this theory is a de3eptio!. Si!3e some readers may 4i!d the 3ha!3e to read o!ly o!e o4 our books> =e thi!k it appropriate to de@ote a 3hapter to summarize this sub;e3t. All the author:s books eDplai! 4aith#related issues i! li7ht o4 9ur:a!i3 @erses> a!d i!@ite readers to lear! Allah:s =ords a!d to li@e by them. All the sub;e3ts 3o!3er!i!7 Allah:s @erses are eDplai!ed so as to lea@e !o doubt or room 4or <uestio!s i! the reader:s mi!d. The books: si!3ere> plai!> a!d 4lue!t style e!sures that e@eryo!e o4 e@ery a7e a!d 4rom e@ery so3ial 7roup 3a! easily u!dersta!d them. Tha!ks to their e44e3ti@e> lu3id !arrati@e> they 3a! be read at o!e sitti!7. E@e! those =ho ri7orously re;e3t spirituality are i!4lue!3ed by the 4a3ts these books do3ume!t a!d 3a!!ot re4ute the truth4ul!ess o4 their 3o!te!ts. This a!d all the other books by the author 3a! be read i!di@idually> or dis3ussed i! a 7roup. Feaders ea7er to pro4it 4rom the books =ill 4i!d dis3ussio! @ery use4ul> letti!7 them relate their re4le3tio!s a!d eDperie!3es to o!e a!other. I! additio!> it =ill be a 7reat ser@i3e to Islam to 3o!tribute to the publi3atio! a!d readi!7 o4 these books> =ritte! solely 4or the pleasure o4 Allah. The author:s books are all eDtremely 3o!@i!3i!7. Cor this reaso!> to 3ommu!i3ate true reli7io! to others> o!e o4 the most e44e3ti@e methods is e!3oura7i!7 them to read these books. Ae hope the reader =ill look throu7h the re@ie=s o4 his other books at the ba3k o4 this book. 1is ri3h sour3e material o! 4aith#related issues is @ery use4ul> a!d a pleasure to read. I! these books> u!like some other books> you =ill !ot 4i!d the author:s perso!al @ie=s> eDpla!atio!s based o! dubious sour3es> styles that are u!obser@a!t o4 the respe3t a!d re@ere!3e due to sa3red sub;e3ts> !or hopeless> pessimisti3 ar7ume!ts that 3reate doubts i! the mi!d a!d de@iatio!s i! the heart.

5o= =riti!7 u!der the pe!#!ame o4 1AF?5 2A12A> he =as bor! i! A!kara i! +(8/. 1a@i!7 3ompleted his primary a!d se3o!dary edu3atio! i! A!kara> he studied arts at Ista!bul:s Mimar Si!a! ?!i@ersity a!d philosophy at Ista!bul ?!i@ersity. Si!3e the +(.)s> he has published ma!y books o! politi3al> s3ie!ti4i3> a!d 4aith#related issues. 1aru! 2ahya is =ell#k!o=! as the author o4 importa!t =orks dis3losi!7 the imposture o4 e@olutio!ists> their i!@alid 3laims> a!d the dark liaiso!s bet=ee! 0ar=i!ism a!d su3h bloody ideolo7ies as 4as3ism a!d 3ommu!ism. 1aru! 2ahya:s =orks> tra!slated i!to 86 di44ere!t la!7ua7es> 3o!stitute a 3olle3tio! 4or a total o4 more tha! 48>))) pa7es =ith -)>))) illustratio!s. 1is pe!#!ame is a 3omposite o4 the !ames 1aru! &Aaro!, a!d 2ahya &Goh!,> i! memory o4 the t=o esteemed prophets =ho 4ou7ht a7ai!st their peoples: la3k o4 4aith. The Prophet:s seal o! his books: 3o@ers is symboli3 a!d is li!ked to their 3o!te!ts. It represe!ts the 9ur:a! &the Ci!al S3ripture, a!d Prophet Muhammad &saas,> last o4 the prophets. ?!der the 7uida!3e o4 the 9ur:a! a!d the Su!!ah &tea3hi!7s o4 the Prophet HsaasI,> the author makes it his purpose to dispro@e ea3h 4u!dame!tal te!et o4 irreli7ious ideolo7ies a!d to ha@e the Jlast =ord>J so as to 3ompletely sile!3e the ob;e3tio!s raised a7ai!st reli7io!. 1e uses the seal o4 the 4i!al Prophet &saas,> =ho attai!ed ultimate =isdom a!d moral per4e3tio!> as a si7! o4 his i!te!tio! to o44er the last =ord. All o4 1aru! 2ahya:s =orks share o!e si!7le 7oal% to 3o!@ey the 9ur:a!:s messa7e> e!3oura7e readers to 3o!sider basi3 4aith#related issues su3h as Allah:s eDiste!3e a!d u!ity a!d the 1erea4terK a!d to eDpose irreli7ious systems: 4eeble 4ou!datio!s a!d per@erted ideolo7ies. 1aru! 2ahya e!;oys a =ide readership i! ma!y 3ou!tries> 4rom I!dia to Ameri3a> E!7la!d to I!do!esia> Pola!d to Bos!ia> Spai! to Brazil> Malaysia to Italy> Cra!3e to Bul7aria a!d Fussia. Some o4 his books are a@ailable i! E!7lish> Cre!3h> Germa!> Spa!ish> Italia!> Portu7uese> ?rdu> Arabi3> Alba!ia!> Chi!ese> S=ahili> 1ausa> 0hi@ehi &spoke! i! Mauritius,> Fussia!> Serbo#Croat &Bos!ia!,> Polish> Malay> ?y7ur Turkish> I!do!esia!> Be!7ali> 0a!ish a!d S=edish. Greatly appre3iated all arou!d the =orld> these =orks ha@e bee! i!strume!tal i! ma!y people re3o@eri!7 4aith i! Allah a!d 7ai!i!7 deeper i!si7hts i!to their 4aith. 1is books: =isdom a!d si!3erity> to7ether =ith a disti!3t style that:s easy to u!dersta!d> dire3tly a44e3t a!yo!e =ho reads them. Those =ho seriously 3o!sider these books> 3a! !o lo!7er ad@o3ate atheism or a!y other per@erted ideolo7y or materialisti3 philosophy> si!3e these books are 3hara3terized by rapid e44e3ti@e!ess> de4i!ite results> a!d irre4utability. E@e! i4 they 3o!ti!ue to do so> it =ill be o!ly a se!time!tal i!siste!3e> si!3e these books re4ute su3h ideolo7ies 4rom their @ery 4ou!datio!s. All 3o!temporary mo@eme!ts o4 de!ial are !o= ideolo7i3ally de4eated> tha!ks to the books =ritte! by 1aru! 2ahya. This is !o doubt a result o4 the 9ur:a!:s =isdom a!d lu3idity. The author modestly i!te!ds to ser@e as a mea!s i! huma!ity:s sear3h 4or Allah:s ri7ht path. 5o material 7ai! is sou7ht i! the publi3atio! o4 these =orks. Those =ho e!3oura7e others to read these books> to ope! their mi!ds a!d hearts a!d 7uide them to be3ome more de@oted ser@a!ts o4 Allah> re!der a! i!@aluable ser@i3e. Mea!=hile> it =ould o!ly be a =aste o4 time a!d e!er7y to propa7ate other books that 3reate 3o!4usio! i! people:s mi!ds> lead them i!to ideolo7i3al 3haos> a!d that 3learly ha@e !o stro!7 a!d pre3ise e44e3ts i! remo@i!7

the doubts i! people:s hearts> as also @eri4ied 4rom pre@ious eDperie!3e. It is impossible 4or books de@ised to emphasize the author:s literary po=er rather tha! the !oble 7oal o4 sa@i!7 people 4rom loss o4 4aith> to ha@e su3h a 7reat e44e3t. Those =ho doubt this 3a! readily see that the sole aim o4 1aru! 2ahya:s books is to o@er3ome disbelie4 a!d to dissemi!ate the 9ur:a!:s moral @alues. The su33ess a!d impa3t o4 this ser@i3e are ma!i4ested i! the readers: 3o!@i3tio!. !e poi!t should be kept i! mi!d% The mai! reaso! 4or the 3o!ti!ui!7 3ruelty> 3o!4li3t> a!d other ordeals e!dured by the @ast ma;ority o4 people is the ideolo7i3al pre@ale!3e o4 disbelie4. This 3a! be e!ded o!ly =ith the ideolo7i3al de4eat o4 disbelie4 a!d by 3o!@eyi!7 the =o!ders o4 3reatio! a!d 9ur:a!i3 morality so that people 3a! li@e by it. Co!sideri!7 the state o4 the =orld today> leadi!7 i!to a do=!=ard spiral o4 @iole!3e> 3orruptio! a!d 3o!4li3t> 3learly this ser@i3e must be pro@ided speedily a!d e44e3ti@ely> or it may be too late. I! this e44ort> the books o4 1aru! 2ahya assume a leadi!7 role. By the =ill o4 Allah> these books =ill be a mea!s throu7h =hi3h people i! the t=e!ty#4irst 3e!tury =ill attai! the pea3e> ;usti3e> a!d happi!ess promised i! the 9ur:a!.

0uri!7 the 3ourse o4 your li4e> you ha@e met a 7reat ma!y people. As =ell as those you e!3ou!ter e@ery day i! perso!Eyour 4amily> 4rie!ds a!d your 3ollea7ues at s3hool a!d =orkEyou see doze!s o4 people 4rom all o@er the =orld i! the !e=spapers a!d ma7azi!es. A!d o! your TL s3ree!> you =at3h the beha@ior o4 hu!dreds more. Thi!k 4or a mome!t about these i!di@iduals you re3all i! your memory. Try to 3all to mi!d 4a3ial eDpressio!s a!d 3o!@ersatio!s you ha@e 7ro=! a33ustomed to si!3e your 3hildhood... the 3omme!ts some ha@e made about their li@es> their 3o!3er!s a!d =orries a!d the =ays they eDpress them... the remarks that 3ollea7ues repeat daily> a!d =hat others say amo!7st themsel@es about their 4amilies a!d 4i!a!3ial problems. Try to re3all i! your mi!d:s eye the people you:@e see! i! the street> =aiti!7 at a bus stop> tryi!7 to battle their =ay home throu7h de!se tra44i3> or bei!7 splashed =ith rai!=ater by passi!7 3ars. Femember the ima7es o4 a3tors i! TL pro7rams> those =ho a3t the part o4 happy people> seemi!7ly e!;oyi!7 themsel@es i! 4ro!t o4 the 3ameras a!d =ho 3laim to the press that they:re 4rie!ds but behi!d o!e a!other:s ba3ks> say u!belie@ably bad thi!7s. Thi!k about their spiritual state a!d the state o4 those u!able to prote3t themsel@es 4rom ;ealousy> hatred> ri@alry or other su3h emotio!sEa!d =ho> =hile tryi!7 to e!tertai! others be3ause it is their ;ob to do so> betray their o=! u!happi!ess i! e@erythi!7 they do o44#sta7e a!d o44# 3amera. EDami!e the li@es o4 people =ho ha@e attai!ed the hi7hest possible =orldly ra!k> =ho ha@e e!ou7h mo!ey to buy =hate@er they =a!t =he!e@er they 3hoose> =ho li@e i! the 4i!est houses a!d o=! the latest model 3ars> =ho =ear the most eDpe!si@e 3lothes a!d =hoEbe3ause o4 their a3hie@eme!tsE are most respe3ted a!d liste!ed to i! their 3ommu!ity. Ahe! you 3are4ully 3o!sider all these people> you =ill 3ome a3ross a @ery importa!t truth. Ahate@er their 3ir3umsta!3es may be> there is o!e si7!i4i3a!t 4eature they ha@e i! 3ommo!% The great majority of people lead unhappy lives. The 7oods a!d property they o=!> the ;obs they per4orm> a!d their lo@ed o!es are !ot e!ou7h to make these people happy i! a!y real se!se. These people:s li@es are ruled !ot by happi!ess> tra!<uility> pleasure a!d ;oy> but by !e7ati@e emotio!s like mela!3holy> pessimism a!d hopeless!ess. A 7reat part o4 most people:s time is spe!t i! this mood. Ahe! 3ompared to true happi!ess> those mome!ts =he! they are 3apable o4 bei!7 happy are 4leeti!7 a!d eDtremely shallo=. Sometimes> too> they may be dri@e! to de3ei@e both themsel@es a!d those arou!d them. 2et deep i!side> they are eDperie!3i!7 a se3ret sorro= that pre@e!ts them 4rom taki!7 pleasure i! all the 7ood they see arou!d them. So =hy are these people u!happyB Ahy do they su44er su3h deep i!=ard sorro= a!d lead li@es that la3k tra!<uilityB The reaso! =hy they su44er 4rom sorro= a!d 4eel u!happy e@e! i! the best o4 3ir3umsta!3es is be3ause they li@e at a dista!3e 4rom Allah. Allah 7ra!ts people happi!ess o!ly throu7h 4aith> a!d o!ly i! this =ay it is possible to take 4ull pleasure i! the beauti4ul thi!7s o4 li4e. So lo!7 as !o si!3ere 4aith i! a33orda!3e =ith the 9ur:a! eDists> it is impossible to a3hie@e true happi!ess by a!y mea!s =hatsoe@er.

This book =ill hi7hli7ht this importa!t truth a!d 3all o! people to li@e out true a!d si!3ere 4aith. It =ill eDplai! that people really 3reate =ith their o=! e44orts the systems that pre@e!t them 4rom bei!7 happy a!d e!;oyi!7 li4e:s blessi!7s> a!d =hi3h plu!7e them i!to sorro=. It =ill make it 3lear that the o!ly =ay to be prote3ted a7ai!st se3ret u!happi!ess is to belie@e i! Allah =ith a si!3ere heart. It =ill remi!d the readers that so lo!7 as people do !ot a3hie@e this si!3erity to=ards Allah> they 3a!!ot eDperie!3e real happi!ess by a!y mea!s =hatsoe@erEa!d that the se3ret sorro=s o4 this =orld may =ell tur! to eter!al torme!t i! the 1erea4ter. I! a @erse o4 the 9ur:a!> Allah tells us that those =ho 4i!d happi!ess a!d sal@atio! are the 4aith4ul% It is the +elie ers who are s#00ess2#l! "S#rat al34#min#n% 5'

Why 1o *eople Sorrow While They Co#ld )e Happy6
0espite all their e44orts> ma!y 3a!!ot eDperie!3e happi!ess i! the true se!se. To a3hie@e this purpose> they try e@erythi!7 they 3a! possibly ima7i!e i! the li4e o4 this =orld. They 3o!sta!tly pursue !e= ideals> belie@i!7 that =he! they a3hie@e these> they =ill 4i!d happi!ess as =ell. Some sear3h 4or o!e 7ood 4rie!d> some 4or =ealth> some to attai! their spiritual desires. E@e! i4 their =ishes a!d eDpe3tatio!s do be3ome reality> still the results are !e@er as they hoped. They 3a!!ot taste lasti!7 happi!ess i! the true se!se. Mai!ly> they try !ot to re@eal o! their 4a3es this dissatis4a3tio! =hi3h they 4eel i!side. But !o matter ho= mu3h they mimi3 happi!ess> they are li@i!7 =ith a se3ret sorro= =ithi!. I! 4a3t> they ha@e e@ery opportu!ity to be happy. I! o!e @erse o4 the 9ur:a!> Allah tells us about the blessi!7s 1e 7ra!ts people% I2 yo# tried to n#m+er Allah7s +lessings, yo# 0o#ld ne er 0o#nt them! Allah is E er38orgi ing, 4ost 4er0i2#l! "S#rat an3Nahl% 59' As Allah tells us i! this @erse> a perso! e!3ou!ters remarkable blessi!7s throu7hout his li4e. Allah has e<uipped the =orld =ith all ma!!er o4 =o!ders 4or e@eryo!e to e!;oy. 1o=e@er> 4or people to be happy i! the true se!se> !either these blessi!7s they e!;oy !or the ideals they pursue are ade<uate by themsel@es. The people:s dis3o!te!t arises 4rom the i!3orre3t belie4 systems o! =hi3h they:@e based their li@es.

Unhappy *eople Ha e 8alse )elie2s
There is a =ay o4 li4e that the 7reat ma;ority o4 people share. This =ay o4 li4e =e 3all the Jsata!i3 system>J pre@ails =here there is !o reli7ious morality. This system is 4ou!ded o! a! i!si!3erity that is so deeply rooted i! people:s li@es that e@e! those =ho appear to be the most si!3ere> =hose beha@ior =hi3h is assumed to be per4e3tly strai7ht4or=ard> may ha@e 4u!dame!tally i!si!3ere moti@es. E@e! thou7h people 4ail to attribute a!y !ames to this system> they are !a77i!7ly a=are o4 the error o4 the system u!der =hi3h they li@e. At e@ery opportu!ity> they 3omplai! o4 the hypo3risy o4 others> be3ause they ha@e !ot eDperie!3ed true 4rie!dship or true lo@e a!d ha@e !o o!e they 3a! trust i! the 4ull se!se. Still> they themsel@es do !ot hesitate to display the same 4la=ed morality to=ards all those arou!d them. I! this system> e@eryo!e is dama7ed by his o=! a3tio!s. E@e! i4 su3h people try i! e@ery possible =ay> still they 3a!!ot 4i!d 7e!ui!e i!ter!al ;oy> tra!<uility a!d happi!essEyet they a33ept this as Ja 4a3t o4 li4e.J I! other =ords> a33ordi!7 to them> Earthly li4e is !ot a pla3e =here true happi!ess a!d pea3e 3a! be 4ou!d o! a!y lasti!7 basis. The truth is that u!happi!ess is !ot i! a!y =ay a 4a3t o4 li4e. ! the 3o!trary> it is eDtremely easy 4or people to 4i!d the solutio! 4or the i!ter!al troubles i!to =hi3h they 4all. A @erse i! the 9ur:a! says> :!!! Only in the remem+ran0e o2 Allah 0an the heart 2ind pea0e: &Surat ar#Fa:d% *.,. 1ere> Allah tells people that they 3a! a3hie@e true happi!ess o!ly by 4i!di!7 4aith. !ly i4 they u!dersta!d the mer3y a!d prote3ti@e!ess that Allah holds 4or them a!d li@e out their =orldly li@es i! reli7ious morality 3a! people e!;oy e@ery mome!t. !ly

the! 3a! they praise the beauty o4 =hat they see arou!d them as it should be appre3iated a!d be7i! to eDperie!3e happi!ess. I! the @erse> :Anyone who a0ts rightly, male or 2emale, +eing a +elie er, We will gi e them a good li2e and We will re0ompense them a00ording to the +est o2 what they did: &Surat a!#5ahl% (6,> Allah promises that 1e =ill allo= the 4aith4ul =ho belie@e i! 1im to li@e the 4i!est li@es i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter. Those =ho 4ollo= Allah eDperie!3e the blessi!7s 1e promises> both i! this =orld a!d the !eDt. ! this poi!t> ho=e@er> there is a! importa!t truth that people i7!ore. I! order 4or people to eDperie!3e the 4i!e thi!7s o4 this li4e a!d e!;oy the blessi!7s o4 the =orld a!d the lar7e !umber o4 beauti4ul thi!7s =hi3h Allah has 3reated 4or them> the!> 4aith i! its true mea!i!7 must be lod7ed i! their hearts. ther=ise> by payi!7 the pro@erbial lip ser@i3e to 4aith a!d by resembli!7 the truly 4aith4ul o!ly i! 3ertai! limited =ays> people 3a!!ot prote3t themsel@es 4rom the u!happi!ess =ithi!. To k!o= true happi!ess> people must bi!d their hearts to Allah i! 3omplete submissio! a!d li@e e@ery mome!t i! 3o!4ormity to the 9ur:a!. Caili!7 to do this> they =ill 3o!ti!ue to su44er i!ter!al sorro= duri!7 e@ery sta7e o4 their li@es. 5o matter ho= mu3h they =a!t to be happy they 3a!!ot be. ! the 3o!trary> their li@es =ill be ruled by su3h !e7ati@e emotio!s as despair> pessimism a!d hopeless!ess. As you 3a! see> the road to happi!ess is a! eDtremely simple o!e. Aith the 9ur:a!> the 0i@i!e Book that Allah has besto=ed upo! ma!ki!d as a mer3y> 1e has sho=! people the se3ret o4 happi!ess. People 3a! li@e a beauti4ul li4e o!ly i4 they beha@e i! a33orda!3e =ith their 3reatio! a!d the !ature Allah has determi!ed 4or them. People =ho tur! aside 4rom this path =hi3h Allah has sho=! them as a blessi!7> or =ho 4ail to 4ollo= the path as it should be 4ollo=ed> are 3reati!7 a =orld o4 u!happi!ess 4or themsel@es by their o=! e44orts. As Allah tells us i! the @erse> :Allah does not wrong people in any way; rather it is people who wrong themsel es: &Surah 2u!us% 44,> these people are o!ly torme!ti!7 themsel@es. The u!happi!ess eDperie!3ed by these people leads to the reality des3ribed by Allah i! the @erse> :Lea e them then #ntil they meet their 1ay when they will +e str#0; down +y the )last% the 1ay their ploys will not pro2it them at all and they will not +e helped! And those who do wrong will ha e a p#nishment +esides that, +#t most o2 them do not ;now it: &Surat at#Tur% 48#46,. I! the 1erea4ter> Allah 7i@es people re3ompe!se 4or =hat they do o! Earth> but 1e also =ar!s people that a torme!t o4 =hi3h most are !ot e@e! a=are =ill be7i! i! the li4e o4 this =orld. Allah re4ers to the di44i3ulties that people =ho tur! a=ay 4rom the 4aith =ill eDperie!3e i! =orldly li4e> a!d =hat they =ill re3ei@e i! the 1erea4ter i! this @erse% :!!! i2 anyone t#rns away 2rom 4y reminder, his li2e will +e a dar; and narrow one, and on the 1ay o2 Res#rre0tion We will gather him +lind: &Surah Ta 1a% +*4,. Allah has sho=! people the =ay to prote3t themsel@es 4rom this trouble a!d> as =e ha@e !oted be4ore> it is possible to do so throu7h 7e!ui!e si!3erity a!d a deep 4aith i! Allah.

Some *eople Are Unhappy, Tho#gh They Say They )elie e
The @erse i! the 9ur:a!> :They ha e di22erent ran;s with Allah! Allah sees what they do: &Surah Al :Imra!% +/-,> dra=s our atte!tio! to a! importa!t truth. Some re4use to a33ept the 4aith. But e@e! the 4aith4ul @ary i! their 4ear o4 Allah a!d the 4aith i! 1im =hi3h they hold i! their hearts. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah re4ers to people =ho do !ot belie@e i! the 4ollo=i!7 @erse> :The desert Ara+s say, 7We +elie e!7 Say% 7$o# do not +elie e! Say rather, 7We ha e +e0ome 4#slim,7 2or 2aith has not yet entered into yo#r hearts7!!!: &Surat al# 1u;urat% +4,. I! a!other @erse> Allah tells us that amo!7st belie@ers> there may be those =ho remai! behi!d> stay i! the middle or 4or7e ahead% :Then We made O#r 0hosen ser ants inherit the )oo;! )#t some o2 them wrong themsel es; some are am+i alent; and some o#tdo ea0h other in good +y Allah7s permission! That is the great 2a or: &Surah Catir% -*,. Amo!7st these people des3ribed i! the 9ur:a! is a!other 7roup% Jthose =ho miD up their 4aith =ith =ro!7doi!7>J =hi3h mea!s 4aili!7 to separate o!esel4 4ully 4rom i7!ora!t morality> despite realizi!7 the superiority o4 the true 4aith a!d bei!7 a=are that there is !o other =ay to sal@atio! i! the 1erea4ter tha! by 3o!4ormi!7 to the 9ur:a!. These i!di@iduals may li@e =ith their 4aith> but at mome!ts =he! their i!terests are 3halle!7ed or =he! they are 4a3ed =ith problems> may also demo!strate the beha@ior o4 u!belie@ers i!stead o4 beha@i!7 i! a33orda!3e =ith the 9ur:a!. Ahe! speaki!7 o4 su3h people> !ot o!ly those =ho ope!ly re;e3t the i!stru3tio!s o4 the 4aith a!d demo!strate irreli7ious beha@ior should 3ome to mi!d. The people 3o!3er!ed may 3o!4orm to most pro@isio!s o4 the 9ur:a! a!d beha@e like belie@ers throu7hout a lar7e portio! o4 their li@es. ! 3ertai! matters> ho=e@er> they may !ot like to be a=are that a33ordi!7 to the 9ur:a!> they are i! the =ro!7. r they may !ot be able to u!dersta!d that su3h is the 3ase. Some =ho li@e as Muslims may thi!k that some o4 their belie4s a!d a3tio!s do !ot 3o!4li3t =ith the 9ur:a!> a!d that they do !ot @e!ture i!to =hat is des3ribed as 4orbidde! a!d si!4ul. Cor eDample> some people do !ot u!dersta!dEor do !ot =a!t toEthat emotio!alism is a 3hara3ter trait 3o!trary to the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. This 3a! be see! 3learly i! a !umber o4 @erses. ?po! the death o4 a relati@e> 4or i!sta!3e> a Muslim realizes that the perso! has !ot perished but that 4or him eter!al li4e is a !e= be7i!!i!7. A!d i4 the relati@e =as o!e o4 the 4aith4ul> he takes pleasure i! hopi!7 that he =ill e!ter Paradise. I! additio!> death is a part o4 o!e:s desti!y> predetermi!ed by Allah. Mike e@erythi!7 else> Allah bri!7s death 4or a reaso!. As a result> the belie@er k!o=s that e@e! i! the 3ase o4 a relati@e> there is a blessi!7 i! his death a!d beha@es i! su3h a =ay as to sho= his 3o!te!tme!t. But despite bei!7 a=are o4 this truth> ma!y people sho= i7!ora!t beha@ior =he! 4a3ed =ith death. They beha@e emotio!ally a!d rea3t i! a! eD3essi@e ma!!er. Those =ho do !ot 3o!sider that su3h beha@ioral de4e3ts 3o!4li3t =ith the morality o4 the 9ur:a! see !o reaso! !ot to 3o!ti!ue this beha@ior. At 3ertai! mome!ts o4 their li@es> they li@e like i7!ora!t people> eDhibiti!7 the same 3hara3teristi3s> su44eri!7 the ki!d o4 troubles that belie@ers do !ot su44er> pre@ale!t amo!7st i7!ora!t people. A!d u!like belie@ers> they are 4re<ue!tly u!happy. Be3ause o4 this> e@eryo!e =ho de3lares> JI belie@eJ should 3o!sider =hether Jli@i!7 a beauti4ul li4e i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4terJE=hi3h Allah has promised the 4aith4ul i! the 9ur:a!Eis appare!t i! himsel4 i! the

li7ht o4 this k!o=led7e. I4> at 3ertai! mome!ts> his li4e still 3o!tai!s u!happi!ess> troubles a!d sorro=s to e@e! a small eDte!t> he should take this =ar!i!7 to heed. Cor a perso! =ho su44ers trouble a!d sorro= throu7hout his li4e> the solutio! is simple. As =e are told i! the @erse> :!!! Allah desires ease 2or yo#; He does not desire di22i0#lty 2or yo#!!!: &Surat al#Ba<ara% +.8,. Cor a!yo!e =ho has a!y ope! or se3ret 3hara3teristi3 o4 i7!ora!t morality remai!i!7 =ithi! him> the basi3 solutio! is to aba!do! this mode o4 li@i!7 a!d beha@e i! 3o!4ormity to the 9ur:a!. E@ery perso! =ith 4aith i! Allah a!d e@ery belie@er =ho 3o!4orms to the 9ur:a! must approa3h the Book =ith 7reater si!3erity a!d must be prote3ted 4rom a!y ki!d o4 a3t or thou7ht that ru!s 3ou!ter to the beha@ior o4 the 4aith4ul des3ribed i! its @erses. 1e should !ot re7ard the truths 3o!tai!ed i! the 9ur:a! as theoreti3al> but should apply them i! pra3ti3e i! his li4e a!d 4eel a!d eDperie!3e them at all times. 1e must !ot 4or7et that Allah e!3ompasses e@erythi!7 a!d that 1e k!o=s all the se3ret emotio!s i!side a perso!> i!3ludi!7 3o!3ealed i!si!3erity. A Muslim should !ot re7ard simply per4ormi!7 reli7ious obser@a!3es as su44i3ie!t a!d @ie= the i!si!3erity i!side himsel4 as i!si7!i4i3a!t. 1e should 3o!sider that Allah has the po=er to pu!ish i!si!3erity =ith se@ere torme!t at a!y mome!t a!d that soo!er or later> he =ill be 3alled upo! 4or a re3ko!i!7 a!d treated a33ordi!7ly. E@erythi!7 that o33urs i! the =orld is 3reated by Allah. All li@i!7 3reatures bo= to Allah a!d a3t a33ordi!7 to 1is i!stru3tio!s. Muslims should li@e i! submissio! to their desti!y =ithout 4or7etti!7 these truths a!d k!o=i!7 that i! e@ery e@e!t> there is a 7ood!ess a!d a blessi!7. Ahe! a perso! arri@es at a=are!ess o4 these truths> he =ill see a di44ere!t> beauti4ul li4e be7i! 4or him. 1e =ill u!dersta!d that> up to that time> he !e@er tasted the 4ull 4la@or o4 the blessi!7s that he belie@ed =ere 7i@i!7 him pleasureEa!d ho= ordi!ary are the thi!7s people belie@e bri!7 them happi!ess> =he! 3ompared to true happi!essN 1e =ill realize that e@erythi!7 4rom the meals he eats to the si7hts he sees> to the @ery air he breathes 3a! bri!7 4ar 7reater ;oys tha! he e@er thou7ht. Mo@i!7> bei!7 lo@ed> sho=i!7 moral per4e3tio!> seei!7 the deli3ate beauty i! people> lau7hi!7 a!d e!;oyi!7 himsel4> 4rie!dship a!d 3o!@ersatio! =ill take o! @ery di44ere!t 4la@ors. 1is li4e a!d his =orldly 3ir3umsta!3es =ill> i! a se!se> be3ome remi!is3e!t o4 li4e i! Paradise. At this poi!t> ho=e@er> a!other importa!t matter !eeds to be u!derstood. Ahe! =e speak o4 Jli@i!7 a beauti4ul li4e>J you should !ot take this to mea! that people =ill eDperie!3e !o di44i3ulty> 4or this =orld is a pla3e =here e@eryo!e is tested> a!d a perso! =ill be tested by @arious e@e!ts u!til the e!d o4 his li4e. As Allah tells us i! the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!> e@eryo!e =ill su44er di44i3ulties a!d problems. Some =ill be tested =ith hu!7er> some =ith 4ear> some =ith losses o4 property or lo@ed o!es. But !o!e o4 these detra3t i! the sli7htest 4rom the i!ter!al tra!<uility or the happi!ess i! the heart o4 a belie@er des3ribed here> be3ause a belie@er submits to the desti!y> seei!7 the be!e4its a!d blessi!7s i! e@e!ts> or belie@es i! them e@e! i4 he 3a!!ot per3ei@e them> a!d eDperie!3es the beauty i! all this. Thi!ki!7 positi@ely about e@e!ts a!d submitti!7 to the =ill o4 Allah> the Possessor o4 bou!dless k!o=led7e> bri!7s lasti!7 a!d 7e!ui!e happi!ess. This book is about sho=i!7 people the path to the true> heart4elt happi!ess a!d i!ter!al tra!<uility that is eDperie!3ed by belie@ersEa blessi!7 7ra!ted by Allah o!ly to 1is si!3ere 4ollo=ers =ho ha@e 7e!ui!e 4aith. Allah des3ribes this matter as 7ood !e=s 4or belie@ers i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter% $es, the 2riends o2 Allah will 2eel no 2ear and will ;now no sorrow% Those who +elie e and ha e 2ear o2 Allah, there is good news 2or them in the li2e o2 this world and the Herea2ter! There is no 0hanging the words o2 Allah! That is the great i0tory< "S#rah $#n#s% /-3/&'

I! a!other @erse> Allah tells us that se3urity is a7ai! o!ly 4or those belie@ers =ho ha@e si!3ere 4aith i! their hearts a!d do !ot miD 4aith =ith =ro!7doi!7% Those who +elie e and do not mi= #p their 2aith with any wrongdoing, they are the ones who are sa2e; it is they who are g#ided! "S#rat al3An7am% 9-'

8ail#res o2 )elie2 and )eha ior that 1ri e *eople to Se0ret Sorrow
Si!3e the be7i!!i!7 o4 this book> =e ha@e stated that thou7h some people say that they a33ept the 4aith> i!si!3erity is the reaso! =hy ma!y 3a!!ot eDperie!3e true tra!<uility a!d happi!ess. As Allah tells us i! the @erse> :They a0illate +etween the two>not ?oining these or ?oining those! I2 Allah misg#ides someone, yo# will not 2ind any way 2or him to go: &Surat a!#5isa:% +4-,> these people k!o= e@erythi!7 i! their 3o!s3ie!3es> but de@iate bet=ee! i7!ora!t morality a!d the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. E@e! thou7h they belie@e> demo!strati!7 this moral i!de3isio! 3auses su3h people to li@e i! se3ret su44eri!7. Ce= are a=are that the troubles a!d sorro=s they eDperie!3e is the re3ompe!se 4or the i!si!3erity they 3o!3eal i!side themsel@es. They belie@e that these are J4a3ts o4 li4eJEthat is> a part o4 li4e that almost e@erybody is apt to eDperie!3e. 1o=e@er> !o!e o4 the beha@ior =hi3h tur!s to sorro= 4or them is a! i!es3apable 4a3t o4 li4e. People o4 this type su44er sorro= a!d torme!t either be3ause they ha@e set their 4a3es a7ai!st the reli7ious morality that =ill prote3t them 4rom dark!ess> as Allah tells us i! the @erse> :Ali2 Lam Ra! This is a )oo; We ha e sent down to yo# so that yo# 0an +ring man;ind 2rom the dar;ness to the light, +y the permission o2 their Lord, to the *ath o2 the Almighty, the *raiseworthy: &Surah Ibrahim% +,> or be3ause they do !ot li@e the =ay that reli7ious morality re<uires. I! that 3ase> =hat ideas> de4e3ti@e morality> atta3hme!ts a!d belie4s are dista!3i!7 people 4rom reli7ious morality a!d 3ausi!7 them to demo!strate i7!ora!t beha@iorB I! the 4ollo=i!7 li!es =e =ill a!s=er this <uestio! a!d re4er to the u7ly beha@ior that tur!s people a=ay 4rom happi!ess.

Ina+ility to 8#lly Comprehend the *er2e0tion o2 the 4orality o2 the @#r7an
The pri!3ipal reaso! =hy some people 3o!ti!ue to su44er the se3ret sorro=s o4 a! i7!ora!t li4e> e@e! thou7h they say they belie@e> is their 4ailure to 4ollo= 3ompletely the path sho=! by the 9ur:a!. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah bri!7s the 4aith4ul the 7ood !e=s o4 a beauti4ul li4e i! this =orld. But 4or this> people !eed to 4ollo= 1is i!stru3tio!s u!3o!ditio!ally a!d li@e out the per4e3tio! o4 the morality that 1e appro@es. Ahile li@i!7 out reli7ious morality> i4 a perso! a3ts u!der the i!4lue!3e o4 e@e! a si!7le part o4 i7!ora!t morality> he 3a!!ot 4ully a3hie@e the beauti4ul li4e o4 =hi3h the 9ur:a! speaks. Cor people to be able to li@e the li4e o4 the =orld i! the =ay the 9ur:a! promises> they must u!dersta!d that there is !o li4estyle suitable 4or the huma! 3hara3ter other tha! the morality o4 the 9ur:a!.

*ride Is a Ca#se o2 Sorrow and Tro#+le in This World and the Herea2ter
Pride is a moral de4e3t that Allah does !ot like. A proud perso! is su44eri!7 4rom the disease o4 3o!3eit. The reaso! 4or that 3o!3eit is that the perso! assi7!s himsel4 a separate ide!tity a!d re7ards himsel4 a!d those arou!d him as 3reatures i!depe!de!t o4 Allah. &Surely Allah is beyo!d thatN, Su3h a perso! belie@es that e@erythi!7 he does a!d e@erythi!7 he possesses is his a!d his alo!e. Cor eDample> =he! he a3hie@es a!y

su33ess> he sho=s o44 a!d @ie=s himsel4 as a =o!der4ul perso!. 1e =a!ts to make those arou!d him 4eel that he is superior u!der e@ery 3ir3umsta!3e. I! 4a3t> su3h people 3a! !e@er a3hie@e the true ho!ors they pursue be3ause respe3t is ear!ed o!ly by 4ollo=i!7 the 9ur:a!. Allah i!4orms us o4 this truth% I2 the tr#th were to 2ollow their whims and desires, the hea ens and the Earth and e eryone in them wo#ld ha e +een +ro#ght to r#in! No indeed< We ha e gi en them their Reminder Athat +y whi0h one is remem+ered, i!e!, with praiseB, +#t they ha e t#rned away 2rom it! "S#rat al34#min#n% C5' Ahe! a perso! does !ot 3o!4orm to the 9ur:a!> e@erythi!7 is brou7ht to rui!> as Allah tells us i! this @erse. I! a!other @erse> Allah poi!ts out that people o4te! 4all i!to this error a!d that they seek ho!or a!d respe3t 4or a! illusio! o4 superiority% They say, :I2 we ret#rn to 4adina, the more honora+le will dri e o#t the in2erior!: )#t all honor +elongs to Allah and to His messenger and the +elie ers! )#t the hypo0rites do not ;now this! "S#rat al3 4#na2iD#n% 9' As the @erse tells us> ho!or a!d mi7ht belo!7 to Allah> a!d Allah 7ra!ts this superiority o!ly to those o4 1is 4ollo=ers =ho demo!strate hi7h moral sta!dards. Althou7h they say that they belie@e> some people still remai! u!der the i!4lue!3e o4 su77estio!s they ha@e re3ei@ed duri!7 their i7!ora!t li@es a!d 3a!!ot bear to aba!do! their pride. The truth is> pride a!d 4alse superiority are amo!7 the 4oremost 4a3tors that dri@e people to torme!t. At the same time> pride is a moral de4e3t =hi3h dri@es people i!to si! a!d 3auses them to 3ommit ma!y immoralities a!d bad a3ts =hi3h do !ot 3o!4orm to the 9ur:a!% When he is told to 2ear Allah, he is seiEed +y pride whi0h dri es him to wrongdoing! Hell will +e eno#gh 2or him< What an e il resting3pla0e< "S#rat al3)aDara% -./' A pride4ul perso! lo@es himsel4 more tha! a!ybody else. Be3ause o4 this> i! e@erythi!7 that 7oes a7ai!st his o=! ad@a!ta7e> he pushes his o=! passio!s a!d desires to the 4ore4ro!t rather tha! 3o!sideri!7 the appro@al o4 Allah or his o=! 3o!s3ie!3e. This i!e@itably dire3ts him to=ards =i3ked!ess a!d lo= morality. Thou7h a pride4ul perso! sets himsel4 abo@e e@eryo!e else a!d al=ays pursues his o=! i!terests> he 3a! !e@er 4i!d the happi!ess a!d tra!<uility he seeks. Pride4ul people 3a! !e@er taste the ma!y beauti4ul thi!7s eDperie!3ed by the truly 4aith4ul. Cor eDample> they 3a! !e@er eDperie!3e real lo@e. Be3ause they lo@e themsel@es more tha! a!yo!e or a!ythi!7 else i! the =orld> they are u!able to lo@e others as they should. They 3a!!ot ope!ly eDpress the a44e3tio! they 4eel 4or a!other> a!d 3a!!ot treat others =ith ki!d!ess or sho= them the =armth> si!3erity a!d 4rie!dship that lo@e re<uires. Be3ause o4 the 3old a!d 4ormal 3hara3ter =hi3h they display> they 3a!!ot be lo@ed by others either. Pride4ul people 3a!!ot a33ept bei!7 de4eated i! a!y matter> a!d be3ause their e7os are domi!a!t> they al=ays dama7e 4rie!dships a!d display beha@ior that 3auses te!sio! a!d u!ease. They 3a!!ot display a!

optimisti3> patie!t> humble> 4or7i@i!7 a!d 3o!3iliatory 3hara3ter. They =a!t =hate@er they say to al=ays be a33epted. Ahe! there is a disa7reeme!t> they beha@e i! a! obsti!ate> sti44#!e3ked 4ashio! a!d re4use to ba3k do=!. Ahe! =hat they =a!t is !ot do!e> they make trouble> =hi3h all 3auses them to be re7arded as di44i3ult a!d <uarrelsome. It is @ery di44i3ult 4or them to make 4rie!dships> to ha@e a 4rie!dly 3hat or eDperie!3e lo@e> 4rie!dship a!d superior morality. This 3auses them to be3ome u!lo@ed by people arou!d them. Their prese!3e 3auses dis3om4ort 4or others> a!d 4or them this is a 7reat loss. Aithi! these people> i!ability to eDperie!3e these beauti4ul 4eeli!7s se3retly tur!s i!to a 7reat sorro=. Althou7h they 4eel a !eed to lo@e a!d be lo@ed> make 4rie!dships a!d share superior morality =ith others> their o=! pride a!d 3o!3eit simply pre@e!t them 4rom doi!7 so. They 4eel a deep lo!7i!7 4or these thi!7s> but 3a!!ot attai! them> =hi3h 3auses them to 3o!ti!ually su44er 4rom se3ret sorro=. A!other ki!d o4 sorro= that pride 3auses is the 4ear these people ha@e o4 maki!7 mistakes. Be3ause they 3laim to be 4la=less> they also 3laim to be immu!e to error. As a result> they 4eel @ery troubled =he!e@er they do make a mistake. They aim to prote3t their presti7e i! the eyes o4 others> i!stead o4 ear!i!7 Allah:s appro@al. 1a@i!7 a!other perso! poi!t out their errors or de4e3ts is @ery hurt4ul to their pride. I! su3h a! e@e!t> they 4eel shake!> thi!ki!7 they ha@e demea!ed themsel@es a!d lost 4a3e i! the eyes o4 others. Cor this reaso!> they are 3o!sta!tly li@i!7 i! 4ear a!d te!sio! i!side themsel@es. They 3a!!ot a3t as they =ould like a!d li@e a !ormal li4e. Part o4 their mi!ds is al=ays 3al3ulati!7> so that they beha@e a33ordi!7 to the 3al3ulatio! i!stead o4 si!3erely a!d 4rom the heart. Be3ause o4 this> they are u!der stress a!d al=ays 3ompelled to a3t arti4i3ially. Cor eDample> =here e@erybody is e!;oyi!7 themsel@es> i! 3o!trast to e@eryo!e else> proud people su44er sorro=. ! the o!e ha!d> they 4eel a 7reat desire to ;oi! i! the e!tertai!me!t> but o! the other> they remai! aloo4 out o4 4ear that they =ill demea! themsel@es i4 they demo!strate u!di7!i4ied beha@ior. Be3ause o4 their o=! approa3h> these people are 4or3ed to li@e =ith their obsti!a3y i! a 3old a!d lo!ely =orld. I4 they =ere able to sho= a submissi@e 3hara3ter to=ards Allah a!d the 4aith4ul> all these troubles =ould be at a! e!d. Aith submissio!> they =ould a3<uire 3heer4ul!ess> tra!<uility a!d happi!ess i! pla3e o4 sorro= be3ause a submissi@e perso! has !o 4ear o4 maki!7 mistakes. Ahe! a mistake he:s made is poi!ted out to him> he immediately tur!s to=ards Allah to ask 4or 4or7i@e!ess a!d 3orre3ts his i!te!tio!s a!d beha@ior. Moreo@er> throu7h his de@otio!> he re7ards the 3orre3tio! as a blessi!7 4or him a!d is happy to thi!k that it is a mea!s o4 de@elopi!7 himsel4 4urther. 1e sets store !ot o! =hat others thi!k o4 him> but o! Allah:s appro@al. b@iously the spiritual state a!d the li4e o4 a perso! =ho thi!ks like this are <uite di44ere!t 4rom those o4 a perso! =ho su44ers te!sio! a!d dis3om4ort be3ause o4 his pride. 5e@er 4or7et that pride is the basi3 3hara3teristi3 o4 sata!. It 3aused his eDpulsio! 4rom Paradise> his 3o!dem!atio! by Allah a!d has e!sured his abode a!d torme!t i! 1ell. Cor this reaso!> people =ho 4or7et their o=! 4eeble!ess =ith re7ards to the po=er o4 Allah a!d e!ter i!to 3ompetitio! =ith others out o4 u!;usti4ied pride should 4ear the same re=ards as sata!:s. I!deed Allah has poi!ted out that bitter torme!t i! the 1erea4ter a=aits people =ho 3a!!ot res3ue themsel@es 4rom the @alue ;ud7me!ts o4 the so3iety o4 the i7!ora!t a!d persist i! their obsti!a3y i! the !ame o4 perso!al ho!or. Allah tells us ho= those =ho prete!d to =orldly 7reat!ess =ill be 3alled upo! o! that day% Taste that< $o# are the mighty one, the no+le one< "S#rat ad31#;han% &F'

True ho!or a!d superiority are 4or people =ho beha@e submissi@ely> i!o44e!si@ely a!d 7e!tly =hile o! Earth. Allah 7i@es the 4aith4ul this 7ood !e=s% I2 yo# a oid the serio#s wrong a0tions yo# ha e +een 2or+idden, We will erase yo#r +ad a0tions 2rom yo# and admit yo# +y a (ate o2 Honor! "S#rat an3Nisa7% G5'

8ail#re to Consider the *er2e0tion o2 1estiny and that There Is (oodness in E erything
I! o!e @erse o4 the 9ur:a!> Allah tells us> :!!! It may +e that yo# hate something when it is good 2or yo# and it may +e that yo# lo e something when it is +ad 2or yo#! Allah ;nows and yo# do not ;now: &Surat al#Ba<ara% *+/,. 0uri!7 their li@es> people may e!3ou!ter u!eDpe3ted> u!=a!ted a!d u!desirable e@e!ts. E@ery o!e o4 these is a spe3ial situatio! 3reated to test them> as =e are told i! the @erse> :He Who 0reated death and li2e to test whi0h o2 yo# is +est in a0tion!!!: &Surat al#Mulk% *,. Ahat people !eed to do> !o matter ho= di44i3ult a!d !e7ati@e =hat happe!s to them may seem> is to trust i! Allah a!d be a=are that our Mord predesti!es 7ood 4or them i! e@ery e@e!t. The se3urity a!d submissio! =hi3h a 4aith4ul perso! 4eels i! his heart 3o!trols his morality. This is the ki!d o4 beha@ior by =hi3h a perso! puts his trust i! Allah. Putti!7 trust i! Allah is a blessi!7 a!d a 7reat 3o!solatio! 4or people> pro@ided by Allah. People =ho u!dersta!d the truth de3lared by Allah i! the @erse> :H What assailed yo# on the day the two armies met was +y Allah7s permission!!!: &Surah Al :Imra!% +//, surre!der themsel@es to Allah:s =isdom> so they both see beauties a!d blessi!7s at e@ery mome!t o4 their li@es a!d sho= their 4aith a!d trust i! Allah throu7h their morality. I! retur! 4or this morality> Allah eases their paths> as =e are told i! the @erse> :!!!Whoe er 2ears Allah>He will ma;e matters easy 2or him: &Surat at#Tala<% 4,. As Allah i!4orms us i! the @erse> :It is He Who sent down serenity into the hearts o2 the +elie ers there+y in0reasing their 2aith with more 2aith> the legions o2 the hea ens and the Earth +elong to Allah! Allah is All3Inowing, All3Wise: &Surat al#Cath% 4,> i! retur! 4or the submissio! =hi3h they display> Allah 3alms the hearts o4 the 4aith4ul a!d 7i@es them 4eeli!7s o4 tra!<uility a!d se3urity. The 9ur:a! tells us ho= belie@ers> =ho k!o= that Allah =ill tra!s4orm all e@e!ts that appear o! the sur4a3e to be 7ood or bad i!to somethi!7 auspi3ious 4or 1is si!3ere ser@a!ts> eDpress their submissio! to 1im% :And why indeed sho#ldn7t we p#t o#r tr#st in Allah when He has g#ided #s to o#r ways6 We will +e stead2ast howe er m#0h yo# harm #s! Those who tr#st p#t their tr#st in Allah!: "S#rah I+rahim% 5-' A perso! =ho trusts i! Allah a!d relies upo! 1im su44ers !o pai! or 7rie4. This is Allah:s promise to 1is de@oted 4ollo=ers. I! the 9ur:a!> =e are told this% Those who say, :O#r Lord is Allah,: and then go straight will 2eel no 2ear and will ;now no sorrow! "S#rat al3AhDa2% 5G' As =e 3a! see> i4 Allah =ills> submitti!7 to 1im makes e@erythi!7 easier. I! the abse!3e o4 submissio!> e@ery detail o4 o!e:s li4e tur!s i!to a! additio!al di44i3ulty> trouble a!d sorro=. E@ery task be3omes more

3ompli3ated> e@e! i!soluble. The most ordi!ary a!d basi3 o33urre!3es> a!d those that are easiest to resol@e> 7ro= to problemati3 proportio!s i! the eyes o4 those =ho are !ot submissi@e. E@e! =he! they 3laim they belie@e i! Allah> su3h people may 4or7et ho= desti!y is =o@e! i! a =o!der4ul patter! or be3ome trapped i! the idea that e@e!ts o33ur i!depe!de!tly o4 1im. &Surely Allah is beyo!d thatN, Be3ause o4 this> they 3a!!ot look positi@ely at e@e!ts that happe! to them a!d see the 7ood!ess i! e@e!ts. They li@e i! 3o!ti!ual 4ear a!d 3o!3er!. They eDperie!3e te!sio! brou7ht about by their la3k o4 submissio! by thi!ki!7 up !e7ati@e possibilities> e@e! =he! these are !ot at all likely. I! the same =ay> they 4i!d somethi!7 to des3ribe as a dra=ba3k> e@e! i! a44airs that are ru!!i!7 per4e3tly smoothly. I! additio!> be3ause they do !ot 3o!sider that e@ery e@e!t they eDperie!3e is 4rom Allah> they 7et i!to terrible troubles by belie@i!7 that they ha@e to sol@e e@ery di44i3ulty or problem by themsel@es. I! 4a3t> !o matter =hat they do> it is impossible to sol@e a!ythi!7 =ithout Allah:s =illi!7 it. Cor this reaso!> a submissi@e perso! =ill attempt e@ery solutio! a!d make e@ery e44ort he 3a!. But be3ause he k!o=s that Allah =ill bri!7 about the out3ome> he does all this 3almly a!d 3om4ortably. The problems su44ered by people =ho la3k submissi@e!ess are 4re<ue!tly e!3ou!tered i! e@eryday li4e. Cor eDample> you =ill ha@e o4te! ru! a3ross the ra7e a!d the a!7ry =ords o4 a perso! =ho:s missed his bus o! the =ay to =ork. 1e 3a!!ot pull himsel4 to7ether 4or se@eral mi!utes. E@e! i4 he 4i!ds a!other =ay o4 7etti!7 to =ork o! time> he is upset by this i!3ide!t throu7hout the day. 1e =ill be3ome stressed a!d torme!t himsel4 by thi!ki!7 that e@erythi!7 =ill 7o =ro!7 o! a day that:s be7u! badly. I4 i!stead o4 this> he 3o!siders the possible be!e4its that Allah may 7ra!t throu7h this e@e!t> he =ould !ot be3ome so troubled. 1e =ould 7o o! hopi!7 4or Allah:s appro@al be3ause he surre!ders himsel4 to Allah e@e! =he! e@erythi!7 appears to be 7oi!7 =ro!7. I! the same =ay> a perso! i!;ured i! a! a33ide!t 3a!!ot be prote3ted 4rom the =orry i!to =hi3h he 4alls =he! he beha@es =ith a la3k o4 trust i! Allah to=ards =hat has be4alle! him. Be3ause he has 4or7otte! that it =as Allah Aho 3reated this e@e!t> he looks 4or the 4ault i! the dri@er o4 the @ehi3le or i! himsel4 a!d 7ets a!7ry. I! 4a3t> all his =orry is e!tirely 7rou!dless. I! su3h a situatio!> thi!ki!7 about ;ust o!e positi@e aspe3t o4 =hat happe!ed is e!ou7h to res3ue the perso! 4rom this irre3o!3ilable 3o!3er!. Cor eDample> 3o!sideri!7 that the out3ome 3ould ha@e bee! !ot i!;ury but death is a reaso! to be 7rate4ul to Allah a!d a sour3e o4 3alm a!d 3heer4ul!ess. r the patie!t should take pleasure i! thi!ki!7 that i!;ury is a mea!s o4 4eeli!7 3lose to death a!d the 1erea4ter> a!d that this bri!7s him @ery 3lose to Allah a!d i!3reases his 4ear o4 Allah. Perhaps be3ause o4 this he =ill be res3ued 4rom pride a!d @a!ity> a!d his submissio! =ill make Allah pleased =ith him. This =ill bri!7 him 7reat blessi!7s a!d be!e4its i! the 1erea4ter. Thus a perso! =ho belie@es =ith 3ertai!ty i! Allah a!d the 0ay o4 Gud7me!t 3a! u!dersta!d the be!e4its a!d blessi!7s Allah has 3reated i! a!y situatio!. People =ho ha@e o!ly a super4i3ial 4aith may o4te! beha@e =ith la3k o4 submissio!. A!d be3ause o4 this> i! 3o!trast =ith true belie@ers> their li@es may be 4illed =ith troubles a!d sorro=s. I4 su3h people submit to Allah i! the =ay the 4aith4ul are i!stru3ted to do i! the @erse> :A)elie ers areB those to whom people said, 7The people ha e gathered against yo#, so 2ear them!7 )#t that merely in0reased their 2aith and they said, 'Allah is enough for us and the Best of Guardians7: &Surah Al :Imra!% +6-,> the sorro=s they su44er =ill 3ome to a! e!d.

I! the 9ur:a!> Allah makes me!tio! o4 a !e7ati@e moral 3hara3teristi3 3ommo!ly 4ou!d =ithi! ma!% :!!! When We let a man taste mer0y 2rom Us, he e=#lts in it! )#t i2 something +ad stri;es him 2or what he has done, he is #ngrate2#l: &Surat ash#Shura% 4.,. Certai!ly some people are u!7rate4ul to Allah i! spite o4 the 3ou!tless blessi!7s amo!7st =hi3h they li@e. Althou7h they may !e@er ha@e 3o!sidered this> su3h poor moral beha@ior to=ards Allah is o!e o4 the pri!3ipal reaso!s 4or their u!happi!ess. I! the @erse> :Remem+er 4e>I will remem+er yo#! (i e than;s to 4e and do not +e #ngrate2#l: &Surat al#Ba<ara% +8*,> Allah orders people to a@oid i!7ratitude. 0espite ha@i!7 4aith> their 4ailure to appre3iate Allah:s mer3y a!d all the 4i!e thi!7s 1e has 7ra!ted them =ill !aturally 7ro= i!to a torme!t 4or them. The 4u!dame!tal reaso! 4or these people:s sho=i!7 su3h poor moral beha@ior is that they ha@e !ot 4ully 7rasped the esse!3e o4 reli7io!. Their i!ability to 3o!sider the per4e3t stru3ture o4 desti!y> or that there is 7ood!ess i! e@erythi!7 =hether it appears 7ood or bad> 3auses them to re7ard e@e!ts !e7ati@ely. I! e@ery e@e!t> there are really hu!dreds o4 details i! =hi3h a perso! 3a! 4i!d a blessi!7 a!d take pleasure. But be3ause o4 their distorted @isio!> these people 3a!!ot see the blessi!7s a!d be 7rate4ul as they should. Some see these beauti4ul thi!7s =hi3h ha@e 3ome to them 4rom Allah a!d thi!k they o=! them a!d he!3e> do !ot sho= the !e3essary 7ratitudeE;ust as 9aru!> =ho =as 7i@e! so mu3h =ealth that he 3ould !ot e@e! 3arry his keys> beha@ed u!7rate4ully to=ards Allah. As =e are told> :He A@ar#nB said, 7I ha e only +een gi en it +e0a#se o2 ;nowledge I ha e!!!7: &Surat al#9asas% 6.,. Su3h people start thi!ki!7 that they deser@e the thi!7s they possess. Cor this reaso!> they do !ot re7ard them as blessi!7s that bri!7 ;oy a!d happi!ess. Be3ause they ha@e !ot 3ompletely pur7ed =orldly ambitio! 4rom their hearts> =hat they do possess does !ot seem e!ou7h 4or them. They sho= a 3o!trary 3hara3ter to=ards their blessi!7s be3ause they are 3o!3eited> yet dissatis4ied. These people also 4or7et that it:s Allah Aho 7i@es blessi!7s a!d takes them a=ay a!d Aho i!3reases or redu3es them. Cor this reaso!> =he!e@er they su44er a loss> they are plu!7ed i!to deep disappoi!tme!t. I! 4a3t> this is o!e o4 Allah:s testsEa! importa!t lear!i!7 opportu!ity 4or people to u!dersta!d the true @alue o4 =hate@er they ha@e. People should take ad@a!ta7e o4 the opportu!ities that Allah pro@ides them a!d try to ear! Allah:s appro@al =ith a 7rate4ul approa3h. Ae are told i! the 9ur:a! that people =ho are u!7rate4ul to Allah =hile i! the midst o4 1is blessi!7s may su44er the loss o4 those same blessi!7s as a result. The @erse =hi3h tells us this truth is% Allah ma;es an e=ample o2 a 0ity whi0h was sa2e and at pea0e, its pro ision 0oming to it plenti2#lly 2rom e ery side! Then it showed ingratit#de 2or Allah7s +lessings, so Allah made it wear the ro+es o2 h#nger and 2ear 2or what it did! "S#rat an3Nahl% 55-' I4 people like those des3ribed i! the @erse sho= 7ratitude i!stead o4 i!7ratitude> Allah =ill i!3rease their blessi!7s. People =ho belie@e li@e =ith the tra!<uility a!d happi!ess this morality bri!7s. Be3ause they look at e@erythi!7 =ith the eyes o4 4aith a!d =isdom> they immediately !oti3e the blessi!7s a!d the 4i!e a!d beauti4ul thi!7s arou!d them. Be3ause they are !ot ambitious 4or =orldly ad@a!ta7es> they k!o= ho= to be satis4ied =ith =hat they ha@e. They mai!tai! this morality e@e! u!der the most di44i3ult 3o!ditio!s a!d i! the most troubli!7

3ir3umsta!3es. Father tha! seei!7 a!ythi!7 bad i! a! e@e!t a!d letti!7 it make them u!happy> they k!o= ho= to see that e@e!t:s 7ood aspe3ts. I! retur! 4or this superior morality> Allah re=ards 1is si!3ere 4ollo=ers by i!3reasi!7 their blessi!7s still 4urther> as =e are told i! the @erse% !!! yo#r Lord anno#n0ed% :I2 yo# are grate2#l, I will 0ertainly gi e yo# in0rease, +#t i2 yo# are #ngrate2#l, 4y p#nishment is se ere!: "S#rah I+rahim% C'

I! the 9ur:a!> Allah tells us o4 a =eak!ess i! people:s !atures =ith the @erse> :!!! people are prone to sel2ish greed!!!: &Surat a!#5isa:% +*.,. I!deed> ma! is pro!e to su33umbi!7 to sel4ish desires. 1e is ready to put himsel4 4irst at e@ery opportu!ity> look a4ter his o=! sel4ish be!e4its a!d lo@e himsel4 abo@e all others. I4 a perso! is !ot su44i3ie!tly stro!7#=illed i! his 4ear o4 Allah a!d i! superior morality> this =ill prompt him to sel4ish desires su3h as JMet o!ly me be lo@ed>J or JMet me be admiredJ a!d JMet me be praised.J Su3h a! immoral approa3h i!@ariably puts the 3om4ort> tra!<uility a!d happi!ess o4 others i! se3o!d pla3e. I!stead o4 thi!ki!7 su3h sel4#sa3ri4i3i!7 thou7hts as> JCirst> let me e!sure the 3om4ort o4 others>J or JMet it be to their ad@a!ta7e a!d i4 !e3essary> I:ll sa3ri4i3e my o=! be!e4its>J a!d JMet others be happy a!d let me take pleasure 4rom their happi!ess>J he =ill 3ome to a3t =ith the idea o4 JMe 4irst> !o matter =hatNJ Belie@ers 3o!<uer this te!de!3y i! their !atures a!d li@e out the morality =hi3h Allah appro@es. But some people 4all i!to the error o4 thi!ki!7 JI already 4ul4ill 3ertai! reli7ious obli7atio!s> =hat 3a! be =ro!7 i4 o33asio!ally I look a4ter my o=! i!terestsBJ a!d re7ard this as a harmless de4i3ie!3y i! their morality. They 7o 4urther a!d @ie= prote3ti!7 their o=! ad@a!ta7es as Ja 4a3t o4 li4e.J I! other =ords> e@e! thou7h the 9ur:a! tells them this is =ro!7> they pri@ately belie@e that to stay ali@e a!d prosper> they !eed to put their o=! i!terests 4irst. They thi!k that !obody else 3a! look out 4or their i!terests a!d that others =ill suppress a!d harm them. Moreo@er> =he! e@eryo!e else demo!strates this morality a!d looks a4ter his o=! i!terests> but o!e o4 them is 7e!erous a!d sel4#sa3ri4i3i!7> they belie@e this o!e is maki!7 a 4ool o4 himsel4. Be3ause o4 these ideas> they 3a!!ot dire3t their thi!ki!7 to=ard sel4#sa3ri4i3e. I! 4a3t> there is o!ly o!e Po=er Aho 3a! prote3t people:s ad@a!ta7es> a!d that Po=er is Allah. 5either sel4ish!ess !or the pursuit o4 his o=! i!terests 3a! bri!7 a perso! a!y ad@a!ta7e. Allah eDplai!s this i! a @erse% I2 Allah a22li0ts yo# with harm, no one 0an remo e it e=0ept Him! I2 He desires good 2or yo#, no one 0an a ert His 2a or! He +estows it on whi0he er o2 His ser ants He wills! He is E er38orgi ing, 4ost 4er0i2#l! "S#rah $#n#s% 5.C' People:s e7otism emer7es most 3learly throu7h their passio! 4or li4e a!d property. Cor eDample> =he! a perso! is asked to le!d somethi!7 he o=!s> he may lie a!d say> JI do!:t ha@e it =ith me>J be3ause he does!:t =a!t to ha!d it o@er. This sel4ish te!de!3y ma!i4ests itsel4 at e@ery sta7e o4 li4e. Su3h people =a!t a 4i!e meal to be ser@ed to them alo!e. To a@oid shari!7 it =ith others> they take pai!s to e!sure that they di!e =he! !obody else is i! the house. Ahe! shari!7 is u!a@oidable> they keep the 3hoi3est parts o4 the meal 4or themsel@es a!d o44er the others =hat is le4t. I! the same =ay> =he! there is a di44i3ult ;ob to be do!e> they use

@arious eD3uses to es3ape doi!7 it a!d try to arra!7e 4or someo!e else to do it. They re7ard their o=! sel@es as more importa!t tha! a!ybody else:s. Cor this reaso! they still seek =ays o4 es3api!7 =ork> e@e! i4 they ha@e !othi!7 to do a!d others are @ery tired or busy. This attitude that su3h people 3o!3eal i! their hearts is !ot limited to property a!d 4ood> but be3omes appare!t i! ma!y other sub;e3ts. !e =hose soul is !ot 3lea!sed o4 e7otism =ill stoop to ma!y thi!7s. 1e al=ays =a!ts his o=! =ishes to be 3arried out a!d his to be the last =ord. Cor eDample> =he! ma!y others are prese!t> he =a!ts to liste! to his 3hoi3e o4 musi3 a!d =at3h his 3hoi3e o4 TL pro7rams. 1e !e@er re7ards the =ishes o4 others as a priority. 1e rushes to 7rab the most 3om4ortable seat. Ahe! =ork is bei!7 di@ided up> he J@olu!teersJ 4or the easiest tasks a!d dumps the most di44i3ult o! others. I! situatio!s that re<uire e44ort or sel4# sa3ri4i3e> he a3ts slo=ly a!d is al=ays o!e step behi!d. I! 3o!@ersatio!> he re7ards pushi!7 himsel4 4or=ard as a tale!t> rather tha! beha@i!7 =ith humility. The truth is> beha@i!7 i! this =ay to obtai! mi!is3ule ad@a!ta7es pushes a!yo!e =ho 3laims to be a belie@er a!d k!o=s about the morality o4 the 9ur:a! i!to 7reat hypo3risy. I!si!3erity al=ays 3auses substa!tial u!easi!ess. A perso! =ho 3o!ti!ually pursues his o=! i!terests must u!dertake massi@e e44orts to de3ei@e others arou!d him. 1e li@es =ith the 4ear that this o!7oi!7 se3ret hypo3risy =ill be dis3o@ered. Si!3ere Muslims !e@er eDperie!3e su3h 4ears. Ae are told i! the 9ur:a! that i4 !eed be> si!3ere Muslims put their li@es a!d their 7oods i! ;eopardy to ear! Allah:s appro@al> a3t =ith !o eDpe3tatio! o4 a!y retur! a!d put the !eeds o4 other Muslims ahead o4 their o=!% Those who were already settled in the a+ode A4adinaB, and in 2aith, +e2ore they 0ame, lo e those who ha e migrated to them and do not 2ind in their hearts any need 2or what they ha e +een gi en and pre2er them to themsel es e en i2 they themsel es are needy! It is the people who are sa2eg#arded 2rom the a ari0e o2 their own sel es who are s#00ess2#l! "S#rat al3Hashr% F' They Athe +elie ersB gi e 2ood, despite their lo e 2or it, to the poor and orphans and 0apti es! :We 2eed yo# only o#t o2 desire 2or the 8a0e o2 Allah! We do not want any repayment 2rom yo# or any than;s! Tr#ly We 2ear 2rom o#r Lord a glowering, 0alamito#s 1ay!: So Allah has sa2eg#arded them 2rom the e il o2 that 1ay and has made them meet with radian0e and p#re ?oy! "S#rat al3Insan% 9355' As =e 3a! see> Allah bri!7s Muslims radia!3e a!d li7ht be3ause o4 their sel4#sa3ri4i3i!7 morality. Cor the sel4ish> i! 3o!trast> Allah 3reates a se3ret torme!t. These sel4ish people belie@e that they are i!telli7e!t a!d are setti!7 traps 4or others> but really 4all i!to their o=! trap. This is o!e o4 the se3rets the 9ur:a! re@eals to us. !e =ho displays sel4#sa3ri4i3i!7 morality may seem to tire himsel4 more be3ause he a33epts more respo!sibilities> eDpe!ds his 7oods a!d mo!ey> a!d re!ou!3es his o=! ri7hts a!d desires. But he li@es a 3om4ortable> happy a!d beauti4ul li4e =ith a 3lear 3o!s3ie!3e. A sel4ish a!d e7o3e!tri3 perso! li@es a troubled> di44i3ult li4e i! the attempt to prote3t his o=! i!terests> the sli7htest threat to =hi3h is e!ou7h to make him u!3om4ortable a!d u!happy.

The Tension Created in *eople +y Hatred and Anger

Amo!7 moral 3hara3teristi3s> hatred a!d a!7er play a @ery substa!tial role i! 3ausi!7 people to 4all i!to trouble a!d sorro=. I! daily li4e> people may 3ome a3ross u!pleasa!t beha@ior as =ell as ma!y e@e!ts =hi3h do !ot please them. I! su3h 3ir3umsta!3es> some immediately be3ome a!7ry a!d do !ot stop there> but tur! their i!!er a!7er i!to hatred. The 4aith4ul pay !o atte!tio! to this te!de!3y =ithi! themsel@es be3ause Allah de4i!es those o4 1is 4ollo=ers =ho ear! 1is appro@al a!d rea3h Paradise> as :those who gi e in times o2 +oth ease and hardship, those who 0ontrol their rage and pardon other people>Allah lo es the good3doers: &Surah Al :Imra!% +-4,. Be3ause o4 this> the 4aith4ul take re4u7e i! Allah 4rom a!7er a!d hatred a!d pray like this% !!! :O#r Lord, 2orgi e #s and o#r +rothers who pre0eded #s in 2aith and do not p#t any ran0or in o#r hearts towards those who +elie e! O#r Lord, $o# are All3(entle, 4ost 4er0i2#l!: "S#rat al3Hashr% 5.' Cor the 4aith4ul> 4eeli!7s o4 hatred or ra7e a7ai!st other belie@ers should really be 4eared a!d a@oided be3ause i! the 9ur:a!> Allah tells us that the 4aith4ul are o!e a!other:s 7uardia!s% :$o#r 2riend is only Allah and His messenger and those who +elie e% those who per2orm prayer and gi e alms, and +ow: &Surat al# Ma:ida% 88,. Ca3ed =ith people =ho lo@e Allah> seek 1is appro@al> li@e out the morality o4 the 9ur:a! a!d de@ote their li@es to ser@i!7 their reli7io!> 4eeli!7 su3h emotio!s as hatred or a!7er sho=s that 4aith has !ot 4ully take! root i! a perso!:s heart. Su3h i!si!3erity to=ards Allah a!d 1is 4ollo=ers makes a perso! u!able to li@e i! the tra!<uility a!d happi!ess o4 4aith as he should. People like this 3a!!ot at all prote3t themsel@es a7ai!st the e44e3ts o4 u!eDpe3ted e@e!ts> =hi3h> i! 4a3t> they 3ould easily tolerate. A simple i!3ide!t or somebody else:s i!!o3e!t mistake is e!ou7h to e!ra7e them. Be3ause sometimes they see o!ly throu7h the eyes o4 a!7er> they may per3ei@e e@e! per4e3tly !ormal beha@ior as i!4uriati!7. ?!der a!7er:s i!4lue!3e> they 3a!!ot thi!k 3learly or e@aluate e@e!ts 4airly a!d ob;e3ti@ely. More importa!t> their mome!tary desire to satis4y their a!7er take pre3ede!3e be4ore a 7reat ma!y other 7oals. Althou7h they k!o= that Allah =a!ts 4or them to 3o!<uer their a!7er a!d beha@e 3haritably a!d 4or7i@i!7ly> bei!7 u!der the i!4lue!3e o4 their lo=er sel@es> they 3a!!ot keep themsel@es 4rom 7ro=i!7 a!7ry. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah tells people to :ma;e allowan0es 2or people, 0ommand what is right, and t#rn away 2rom the ignorant: &Surat al#A:ra4% +((,. Be3ause o4 this> a belie@er seeki!7 Allah:s appro@al =ill 4or7i@e the 4aults o4 his brothers a!d sisters amo!7 the 4aith4ul> e@e! i4 they made serious mistakes. Moreo@er> these people should!:t de3ei@e themsel@es by hidi!7 their hatred a!d a!7er i!side a!d !ot sho=i!7 it out=ardly. Ahat Allah =a!ts is 4or people !ot to 4eel these emotio!s> e@e! se3retly. They also 4or7et that Allah k!o=s =hat they 3o!3eal i! their hearts. Allah tells us i! a @erse% Or did those with si0;ness in their hearts imagine that Allah wo#ld not e=pose their male olen0e6 "S#rah 4#hammad% -F' As =ith all moral de4e3ts> hatred a!d a!7er harm those =ho harbor them 4ar more tha! they i!;ure a!yo!e else. Most o4 the time> others are !ot a=are that they are 4eeli!7 like this> thou7h at the time> the people 4eeli!7

so 3a! thi!k o4 !othi!7 else. So lo!7 as they 3a!!ot 3ast out the a!7er i! their hearts> they 4i!d it impossible to 3o!3e!trate o! a!y other matter> use their i!telli7e!3e> do =ork or e@e! hold a !ormal 3o!@ersatio! =ith others. 5or 3a! the physi3al e44e3ts o4 a!7er be take! li7htly. This type o4 moral de4e3t is usually the root o4 su3h ailme!ts as i!ter!al upsets> heada3hes> stoma3ha3hes a!d i!som!ia. These moral de4e3ts arise 4rom 4or7et4ul!ess o4 Allah> their desti!y> a!d o4 the 4a3t that they are bei!7 tested a!d =ill be 3alled upo! to 7i@e a! a33ou!t i! the 1erea4ter. Fe4le3ti!7 o! these thi!7s> it is impossible to thi!k 4or hours> days or e@e! =eeks about a!other:s beha@ior a!d harbor a!7er i! o!e:s heart as a result. A!yo!e =ho 4ears Allah i! the true se!se is a=are that his lo=er sel4 de3ei@es him o! su3h matters a!d beha@es as Allah i!stru3ts us% As 2or those who g#ard against e il, when they are +othered +y isitors 2rom satan, they remem+er and immediately see 0learly! "S#rat al3A7ra2% -.5' 1atred a!d a!7er pre@e!t a!y true 3o!3eptio! o4 4rie!dship> lo@e a!d to7ether!ess 4rom de@elopi!7. Su3h people al=ays remai! 4rie!dless a!d alo!eK a!d it is impossible 4or a 4rie!dless> lo!ely perso! to be happy a!d e!;oy blessi!7s. People ha@e bee! 3reated to deri@e pleasure 4rom shari!7 4rie!dship> lo@e> a44e3tio! a!d ;oy =ith others> a!d 4rom bei!7 i! the 3ompa!y o4 those they trust. Be3ause lo!eli!ess a!d 4rie!dless!ess are a7ai!st huma! !ature> they =eary people a!d plu!7e them i!to sorro=. 5o matter ho= mu3h people may 3laim> JI am happy to be alo!e. I lo@e !obody eD3ept mysel4 a!d take 3om4ort 4rom this>J they are !ot si!3ere. They remai! u!happy be3ause o4 their hatred o4 others> or their i!ability to 4i!d a!yo!e =ith =hom they 3a! 4orm a 4rie!dship. They say su3h thi!7s o!ly to make others belie@e they are happy. People =ho 3a!!ot make 4rie!ds o4te! be4rie!d do7s> 3ats a!d birds out o4 desperate!ess> =hi3h is the moti@e behi!d their be3omi!7 so de@oted to them a!d e@e! talki!7 to these a!imal pets as i4 they =ere huma!. I! short> hatred a!d a!7er are a7ai!st huma! !ature a!d i!e@itably dri@e people i!to lo!eli!ess> u!happi!ess a!d helpless!ess. I! Paradise> there is !o pla3e 4or hatred a!d a!7er> as =e are told i! these @erses% :7Enter them in pea0e, in 0omplete se0#rity<7 We will strip away any ran0or in their hearts>+rothers, resting on 0o#0hes 2a0e3 to32a0e: &Surat al#1i;r% 4/#46,. This bei!7 the 3ase> a belie@er =hose aim is Paradise !eeds to pur7e himsel4 o4 these moral de4e3ts.

A22e0tation% A Chara0teristi0 that Wearies and 1is0om2orts *eople
The 3atalyst that dri@es people i!to a44e3ted beha@ior is their 3o!3eali!7 a!y !umber o4 se3ret thou7hts i! their hearts. Be3ause their i!ter!al a!d eDter!al beha@iors are 3o!tradi3tory> these people 4i!d it eDtremely di44i3ult to beha@e !aturally a!d si!3erely 4rom =ithi!. They are al=ays 3o!3eali!7 a!d simulati!7> tryi!7 to de3ei@e others by putti!7 o! a! a3t. Cor this reaso! their eDpressio!s are !ot authe!ti3> their @oi3es are !ot their !atural to!es> a!d =hat they say seldom re4le3ts their true thou7hts. Be3ause o4 their prete!ded beha@ior> it is impossible 4or su3h people to 4orm relatio!ships. They 3o@er up their real 3hara3ters a!d try to keep se3ret their real opi!io!s about others> their true i!terpretatio!s o4 e@e!ts> a!d their o=! =eak!esses> ambitio!s a!d desires. E@e! =he! their a44e3ted beha@ior a!d the situatio! i! =hi3h they 4i!d themsel@es is eDplai!ed to them a!d they

are asked to be si!3ere> still they respo!d =ith the same a44e3ted rea3tio!s. As a result> it:s !e@er possible to u!dersta!d these people:s true 3hara3ter a!d dis3o@er their real ideas. I! 3o!se<ue!3e> it:s hard to be 3om4ortable arou!d them be3ause a!yo!e =ho 3o@ers up his real sel4 may beha@e u!eDpe3tedly a!d badly at a!y time. By 3o!trast> o!e o4 the mai! 3hara3teristi3s o4 a belie@er is trust=orthi!ess. Ahat a44ords him this trust=orthi!ess is his 4eari!7 Allah> taki!7 re4u7e i! 1im> a!d his si!3ere e44ort to 3orre3t a!y mistakes or de4e3ts i!stead o4 tryi!7 to hide them. Beha@ior 3o!trary to this is 4irst o4 all> i!si!3erity to=ards Allah a!d se3o!dly> hypo3risy to=ard other people. 1ypo3risy bri!7s pai! be3ause it is as di44i3ult a!d troublesome as si!3erity is easy a!d 3om4ortable. I!si!3erity re<uires that a perso! put o! a! a3t throu7hout li4e> =ithout a mome!t:s respite. Co!3e!trati!7 to mai!tai! the u!!e3essary pose a!d 3o!ti!ually pla!!i!7 a!d 3al3ulati!7 are @ery di44i3ult. I! the same =ay> 3urbi!7 the 7e!ui!e desires that arise 4rom =ithi! a!d !e@er li@i!7 a !atural li4e dri@e people i!to serious su44eri!7. To tur! the bad thou7hts i! their hearts i!to positi@e thi!ki!7> adopt superior morality a!d ideas a!d as a result> be u!hesitati!7 i! beha@i!7 si!3erely> !aturally a!d 3om4ortably is mu3h easier tha! to li@e that =ay. Merely imitati!7 a reli7ious a!d moral li4e> =hile prete!di!7 7e!ui!e si!3erity to=ards Allah> 3auses those =ho do so to su44er loss i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter. Be3ause o4 this> !othi!7 should be le4t i! a perso!:s heart =hi3h is !ot i! keepi!7 =ith the 9ur:a!. !e should beha@e =ith the utmost si!3erity> dire3t!ess a!d ho!esty to=ards Allah a!d 1is 4ollo=ers.

En y
This is a serious beha@ioral de4e3t that arises 4rom de@otio! to =orldly li4e. Allah tells us that su3h a! emotio! is lod7ed i! the huma! soul i! this @erse o4 the 9ur:a!% :Or do they in 2a0t en y other people 2or the +o#nty Allah has granted them6 !!!: &Surat a!#5isa:% 84,. Ae are told that 4or huma! sal@atio!> it is !e3essary to 3lea!se the soul o4 su3h e@il% :He who p#ri2ies it has s#00eeded: &Surat ash#Shams% (,. The 3o!trary> that su3h a! e@il i! the soul dri@es people to destru3tio!> is made 3lear i! the @erse> :He who 0o ers it #p has 2ailed: &Surat ash#Shams% +),. The dama7e a!d torme!t that e!@y bri!7s do=! o! people i! this =orld 3learly demo!strate the 4orm =hi3h the 4ailure re4erred to by the @erse may take i! this =orld. Amo!7 the i7!ora!t> the @ie= o4 e!@y is @ery di44ere!t 4rom that 7i@e! i! the 9ur:a!. People assume that e!@y is a !atural huma! 3hara3teristi3> prese!t i! e@erybody to a 7reater or lesser de7ree. They re7ard as stra!7e people =ho say> JI am !ot at all e!@ious.J As 4or themsel@es> they are ;ealous o4 almost e@erythi!7 possessed by the people they li@e !ear% their i!telli7e!3e> appeara!3e> 7oods> 3hildre!> houses> ;obs> a!d so o!. I!stead o4 shari!7 i! their pleasure> e!@ious people 4eel u!3om4ortable at others: @irtue> beauty a!d su33ess. Their rese!t4ul!ess lea@es them deeply sadde!ed by the blessi!7s that others e!;oy. This i!=ard emotio! 3a! e@e! make them =a!t to harm others. Be3ause o4 this> i! the 9ur:a! Allah =ar!s the 4aith4ul% Say% :I see; re2#ge with the Lord o2 1ay+rea;, 2rom the e il o2 what He has 0reated and 2rom the e il o2 the dar;ness when it gathers and 2rom the e il o2 women who +low on ;nots and 2rom the e il o2 an en ier when he en ies!: "S#rat al38alaD% 53J' The 4aith4ul k!o= that this 3hara3teristi3> harbored by i7!ora!t people> is basi3ally bad. I! 3o!trast> they praise others: 7ood 3hara3teristi3s a!d pray to Allah 4or the 7ood a!d the be!e4it o4 o!e a!other. A3tually>

a!yo!e =ho k!o=s the 9ur:a! a!d li@es out its morality 3a!!ot 3o!template doi!7 other=ise. But i! spite o4 this> some people say they do belie@e> but 3a!!ot a3hie@e this moral approa3h. Su3h people do !ot re7ard e!@y as !atural> as i! the 3ommu!ity o4 the i7!ora!t =ho de4e!d it ope!ly. 2et they are dri@e! i! this dire3tio! by the bla!dishme!ts o4 their o=! lo=er sel@es. Some de3ei@e themsel@es by thi!ki!7 that i! 3ertai! situatio!s> 4eeli!7 this emotio! is !atural a!d !ot 3o!trary to the 9ur:a!. Cor eDample> as a !atural desireEa!d o!e =hi3h is i! a33orda!3e =ith the 9ur:a!Ethey =a!t to be 4oremost amo!7st the 4aith4ul i! matters o4 a44e3tio!> 4rie!dship a!d reliability. 4 3ourse> a!y belie@er =a!ts to 7ai! the a44e3tio!> 4rie!dship a!d trust o4 Allah a!d 1is 4aith4ul 4ollo=ers> as mu3h as possible. But to the same eDte!t> he also =a!ts other belie@ers to a3<uire these blessi!7s. I4 a!other 3a! demo!strate morality superior to his o=!> the! he should praise a!d admire him. E!@y has !o pla3e i! the morality o4 the 4aith4ul. But e!@ious people may 3o!4use admiri!7 others =ith bei!7 ;ealous o4 them. Cor e@ery o!e o4 these people> be3omi!7 4amiliar =ith reli7ious morality bri!7s a! u!dersta!di!7 o4 the 3lear disti!3tio! bet=ee! 7ood a!d e@il a!d ri7ht a!d =ro!7. The @erses o4 the 9ur:a! sho= people a!d their 3o!s3ie!3es =hat arises 4rom e!@y> a!d =hat 4rom !atural desires. 0espite this> some 7o o! de3ei@i!7 themsel@es by methods all based o! their i!si!3erity to=ards Allah. Althou7h they 3ould li@e i! the tra!<uil morality o4 the belie@ers> their i!si!3erity 4or3es them to se3retly eDperie!3e the torme!t o4 li@i!7 out the morality o4 the i7!ora!t. People =ho keep e!@y ali@e i! their hearts li@e i! a =orld that:s perpetually u!happy. The @ery eDiste!3e o4 others =ho are more attra3ti@e a!d more tale!ted> a!d the praise a!d a44e3tio! 7ra!ted to those people by others> 3ause them sorro= a!d su44eri!7Ebe3ause they do !ot k!o= ho= to be satis4ied =ith the blessi!7s Allah has 7i@e! them> !or ho= to be 7rate4ul a!d 3o!se<ue!tly> happy. The o!ly =ay to be res3ued 4rom these se3ret torme!ts is to 3lea!se o!e:s soul o4 su3h bad 3hara3teristi3s a!d e@aluate e@erythi!7 a33ordi!7 to the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!. A!yo!e =ho 3a! do this k!o=s that the real o=!er o4 all the 7ood thi!7s o4 li4e> o4 all 7oods a!d property> is AllahK a!d that i! the =orld> Allah tests people:s morality by 7ra!ti!7 them these thi!7s i! di44ere!t measures. Be3ause he a3ts i! the li7ht o4 this truth> e@ery beauti4ul thi!7 3a! be3ome a pleasa!t blessi!7 4or him.

Calsehood is a bad moral 3hara3teristi3> but =idespread i! 3ommu!ities o4 the i7!ora!t. A 7reat ma;ority belie@es that there is !o problem about telli!7 a lie =hi3h they> to their o=! mi!ds> ha@e 3le@erly pla!!ed that others 3a!!ot dete3t it be3ause su3h people re7ard themsel@es as bei!7 respo!sible solely to others. They belie@e that o!3e they ha@e de3ei@ed a!d 3o!@i!3ed others> !o problem remai!s. But i! 4a3t> the =hole o4 huma! respo!sibility is to Allah. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah i!stru3ts people to a@oid lyi!7 i! the @erse> :!!! ha e done with telling lies: &Surat al#1a;;% -),. 5o matter ho= 3le@er a lie may be or ho= =ell it de3ei@es others> Allah k!o=s the truth a!d 1e sees that the perso! is lyi!7. Belie@ers k!o= that lyi!7 is a type o4 beha@ior =hi3h Allah has 4orbidde! a!d they stro!7ly abstai! 4rom telli!7 4alsehoods o! e@e! the most tri@ial matter. But some i! their i7!ora!t li@es> i!4lue!3ed by their o=! sel4ish dri@es> persist i! this moral de4e3t =hi3h should be le4t behi!d. Ahe! asked> these people =ill !aturally de!y that they =ould e@er do a!ythi!7 at all that is 4orbidde! by Allah> but u!der pressure> their desires may still prompt them i!to lyi!7.

A perso! telli!7 a lie> =ho k!o=s this is 4orbidde! by Allah> may at 4irst belie@e that he has prote3ted himsel4 or 7ai!ed somethi!7> but this is !ot true. Myi!7 troubles a perso!:s 3o!s3ie!3e a!d makes him u!3om4ortable. Su3h a perso! al=ays remai!s a4raid that his lies =ill be dis3o@ered a!d that as a result> other people =ill demea! him. 1e li@es =ith this te!sio! all the time. 0eep i!side> he 4eels u!3om4ortable be3ause he k!o=s he has do!e somethi!7 4orbidde! by Allah. Curthermore> o!3e a perso! tells a lie> he 4eels the !eed to tell more lies> o!e a4ter a!other> i! order !ot to let his 4irst lie be dis3o@ered. Ea3h time he is dra=! deeper i!to the s=amp o4 4alsehoods a!d 4eels stress i! his heart be3ause he 3a!!ot es3ape 4rom it. I! additio!> liars are suspe3ted ri7ht a=ay by those arou!d them a!d as a result> are !either trusted !or respe3ted. This makes a liar 4eel e@e! lo=er. People =ho tell lies to eDalt a!d be!e4it themsel@es 4i!d that the re=ard they re3ei@e is eDa3tly the opposite. Allah tells us i! the 9ur:a! that su3h people are a3ti!7 u!der the i!4lue!3e o4 sata!% Shall I tell yo# #pon whom the satans des0end6 They des0end on e ery e il liar! They gi e them a hearing, and most o2 them are liars! "S#rat ash3Sh#7ara7% --53--G' As =ith all 4orms o4 i!si!3erity> the solutio! is to take re4u7e i! Allah =ith si!3ere repe!ta!3e a!d li@e out the morality o4 the 9ur:a! i! 4ull. I4 people do this> their =orldly troubles =ill e!d a!d they =ill be able to hope 4or sal@atio! 4rom eter!al torme!t i! the 1erea4ter.

Emotio!alism is a si7!i4i3a!t 4a3tor that makes people lead troubled li@es. It is !ot i! 3o!4ormity =ith the approa3h i!stru3ted by Allah i! the 9ur:a!> but most people do !ot !oti3e its da!7er. I!deed most o4 the time> bei!7 emotio!al attra3ts others: praise> admiratio! a!d e!3oura7eme!t. It is deemed to be a ma!i4estatio! o4 a44e3tio!> =hereas i! 4a3t it 3reates torme!t =ithi! people =ho are dista!3ed 4rom the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. True a44e3tio! is a 7e!ui!e a!d si!3ere emotio! =hi3h is sho=! =ith !either hesitatio! !or 3o!3eit. As 4or emotio!alism> it spri!7s 4rom 3o!3eali!7 a44e3tio! or 4rom dire3ti!7 to=ard people the lo@e =hi3h ou7ht to be 4elt 4or Allah. Those =ho beha@e i! this =ay !urture 4eeli!7s that border o! the idolatrous to=ard those =hom they lo@e. Be3ause o4 this> they li@e i! 3o!sta!t a!Diety. Emotio!alism is 3o!trary to reli7io!. The 9ur:a! bri!7s people the ability to obser@e e@e!ts ob;e3ti@ely a!d i!terpret them lo7i3ally. Emotio!alism> o! the other ha!d> dista!3es people 4rom reality> pushes them i!to illo7i3al thi!ki!7> a!d dire3ts i!to maki!7 =ro!7 de3isio!s. Cor people =ho 7rasp 4aith a!d the morality o4 the 9ur:a!> there is !o positi@e side to emotio!alism. They realize that this mi!dset dri@es people i!to sorro=> disappoi!tme!t a!d harm. Be3ause o4 this> they permit !o su3h =eak!ess i! their hearts> either ope!ly or se3retly. People o4 4aith =ho are u!a=are that these aspe3ts o4 emotio!alism are 3o!trary to the 9ur:a! or =ho pla3e !o importa!3e o! them may sho= =eak!ess i! this matter. Sometimes they merely keep it 3o!3ealed i!side themsel@es> a!d other times let it ope!ly 3o!trol their beha@ior. !e o4 its 3learest i!di3atio!s is a! u!3o!trollable te!de!3y to 3ry> 4rom sorro= o@er somethi!7 a perso! 3a!!ot 3ope =ith a!d 4rom 4ailure to submit =ith heart4elt 3alm a!d 7rati4i3atio! to =hate@er desti!y Allah has 3reated.

?!der the i!4lue!3e o4 emotio!alism> these people ha@e a perma!e!tly sorro=4ul appeara!3e. They =ill de4i!itely 4i!d somethi!7 i! e@ery e@e!t they eDperie!3e to upset a!d dis3om4ort them. Be3ause o4 this> they li@e =ith a 3o!ti!ual te!de!3y to=ards =eepi!7> but a perso!:s tears should !ot be all that 3omes to mi!d. Sometimes they 3ry =ith 7e!ui!e tears> but sometimes 7o o! =eepi!7 e@e! thou7h !ot sheddi!7 tears physi3ally. This is the =aili!7 o4 the body. I! this spiritual state> a perso!:s eyes may moiste! sli7htly. A 3ertai! pallor 3aused by sorro= sho=s itsel4 o! their 4a3es. There is !o stre!7th or li4e i! their @oi3es. Their looks are sti44 a!d 7rie@i!7. There is a hea@i!ess a!d =eari!ess about them> a!d a deep hopeless!ess pre@ails i! their spee3h. Their bodies 3a!!ot per4orm 4u!3tio!s as they should be3ause o4 i!te!se stress. Cor this reaso!> su3h people su44er !ot o!ly spiritual depressio! but serious physi3al problems as =ell. At times> =he! they are deep i! this spiritual state> e@e! =ere the =orld:s 7reatest blessi!7s o44ered to them> they =ould be u!able to take a!y pleasure 4rom them. 5o!e o4 them =ill be e44e3ti@e i! res3ui!7 them 4rom their sorro=. Ahile they 3ould li@e i! the 3alm a!d 3om4ort o4 4aith a!d submissio!> they 3reate a =orld 4ull o4 pai! 4or themsel@es =ith their o=! e44orts. I! the 9ur:a! Allah re@eals the 4ollo=i!7 =ith re7ard to u!belie@ers% :Let them la#gh little and weep m#0h!!! : &Surat at#Ta=ba% .*,. That is> 3ryi!7> 7rie@i!7 a!d 4eeli!7 sorro= are 3hara3teristi3 o4 u!belie@ers. I! the same =ay> @erses o4 the 9ur:a! o4te! re4er to the u!happi!ess a!d miserable state o4 u!belie@ers a!d the trouble#4illed li@es they lead. I! the 9ur:a!> the 4aith4ul are e!3oura7ed to be 3heer4ul al=aysK a!d a 7reat ma!y @erses 7i@e them 7ood !e=s about matters that =ill bri!7 them ;oy i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter. This bei!7 the 3ase> i4 a perso! =ho pro4esses 4aith is 3o!ti!ually 4illed =ith sorro= or is i! a spiritual state te!di!7 to=ards the tear4ul> this i!di3ates that he is super4i3ially e@aluati!7 a !umber o4 matters> i!3ludi!7 submissio! to Allah> a!d is !ot i! a truly reli7ious state o4 mi!d. Cor these reaso!s> a perso! =ho says he has 4aith should !ot re7ard 7rie@i!7 a!d bei!7 sorro=4ul as !ormal 4or a!y reaso!. Father tha! 7i@e =ay to su3h 4eeli!7s he should take re4u7e i! Allah. 1e should !ot re7ard li@i!7 a li4e o4 su3h torme!t as !atural> =he! it is possible to be 4rie!ds =ith Allah a!d li@e i! tra!<uility by trusti!7 i! 1im. As Allah poi!ts out i! the 9ur:a!> :They will say, 7O#r Lord, o#r misera+le destiny o erpowered #s! We were misg#ided people! O#r Lord, remo e #s 2rom it< Then i2 we re ert again, we will de2initely +e wrongdoers: &Surat al#Mumi!u!% +)/#+)6,> =e should take =ar!i!7 4rom the situatio! o4 people> de4eated by u!happi!ess i! the li4e o4 this =orld> =ho e!ter the 1erea4ter i! a state o4 re7ret. Ae should aim to attai! a true a!d u!shakable 4aith.

Irrita+ility and S#l;
A!other beha@ioral de4e3t that 3auses people to su44er sorro= is irritability. Irritable people may be3ome o44e!ded at a!y e@e!t they =it!ess or a!ythi!7 they hear u!der the i!4lue!3e o4 the spiritual state they are i!> e@e! thou7h there is !o ;usti4i3atio! 4or su3h a rea3tio!. The =ords spoke! may ha@e !othi!7 to do =ith them. r be3ause o4 their irritability> su3h people may 3ompletely misu!dersta!d =hat is said to them. I!stead o4 seei!7 the se!se i! =hat is said> they dra= totally u!=arra!ted 3o!3lusio!s a!d use these to 4uel their rese!tme!t. Those arou!d them 3a!!ot u!dersta!d =hy irritable people beha@e as they do be3ause they seldom say ope!ly =hat they are @eDed about> =hat is upsetti!7 them. ther bysta!ders try @arious methods o4 =orki!7 out the problem> but most o4 the time they 3a!!ot 4i7ure out =hy these people ha@e bee! o44e!ded.

!e o4 the reaso!s 4or su3h people:s irritability is that they do !ot re7ard those arou!d them as 4rie!ds a!d do !ot trust them. I!@ariably they i!terpret others: =ords a!d beha@ior as hostile. A!other reaso! is these people:s la3k o4 tra!<uility a!d the i!si!3erity i!side. Be3ause they are a=are o4 their o=! u!s3rupulous!ess> they thi!k others may !oti3e it a!d thro= it up to them at a!y mome!t. Allah tells us o4 this 3hara3teristi3 o4 hypo3riti3al people% When yo# see them, their o#tward 2orm appeals to yo#, and i2 they spea; yo# listen to what they say! )#t they are li;e propped3#p plan;s o2 wood! They imagine e ery 0ry to +e against them! They are the enemy, so +eware o2 them! 4ay Allah destroy them< How they are per erted< "S#rat al34#na2iD#n% &' Some people =ho do !ot really take o44e!se deliberately beha@e as thou7h they did a!d 4rom this> try to deri@e a! u!deser@ed ad@a!ta7e. By sulki!7> they =a!t to make the perso! they are speaki!7 =ith 4eel sorry a!d ba3k do=!. Belie@ers do !ot stoop to su3h methods. I! the morality o4 the 9ur:a!> i4 the other perso! beha@es i7!ora!tly> =ro!7ly or thou7htlessly> there is still !o reaso! 4or irritability or sulk% A belie@er k!o=s that e@ery e@e!t> e@ery a3t a!d e@ery =ord has bee! 3reated a33ordi!7 to the desti!y predetermi!ed by Allah. Beha@i!7 badly i! spite o4 this is a mistake 3ommitted a7ai!st Allah. I! additio!> the 4aith4ul k!o= that tolera!t> 4or7i@i!7 a!d a44e3tio!ate beha@ior is !e3essary 4or Allah:s appro@al. Allah i!di3ates the importa!3e o4 this i! the 9ur:a!% The repayment o2 a +ad a0tion is one eD#i alent to it! )#t i2 someone pardons and p#ts things right, his reward is with Allah! Certainly He does not lo e wrongdoers! "S#rat ash3Sh#ra% &.' Irritable people 3a!!ot be 4rie!ds =ith a!ybody. They 3a!!ot lo@e a!yo!e a!d 3a!!ot be lo@ed. They li@e i! 3o!ti!ual trouble a!d sorro=. Be3ause they take e@erythi!7 amiss> they are al=ays lo!ely. It is @ery importa!t 4or e@ery Muslim to a33ept that irritability a!d @eDatio! =ith others are !ot i! harmo!y =ith the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. A Muslim> e@e! =he! he is i! the ri7ht> speaks ope!ly to others about matters that upset himK a!d i4 he is i! the =ro!7> he 3orre3ts his beha@ior. I4 somebody else is beha@i!7 i!3orre3tly> he is !ot put out by that perso!> but i!stead =ar!s him by remi!di!7 him o4 the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!.

A oiding Tho#ghts A+o#t 4atters that 1estroy Worldly Am+ition
0espite ha@i!7 4aith> o!e importa!t reaso! =hy some are troubled at times is their 7reat desire 4or =orldly 7oods a!d their relu3ta!3e to thi!k about matters that =ill remo@e this same desire. Crom the 9ur:a!> =e u!dersta!d that the sub;e3ts =hi3h trap people i! =orldly li4e are al=ays the same. Amo!7 the most importa!t are the dri@e to a33umulate property> 4o!d!ess 4or o!e:s li4e> the desire to 7ai! presti7e a!d a@oid losi!7 respe3t i! the eyes o4 other people. Allah tells us about people =ho are trapped i! =orldly ambitio! by these matters i! the 4ollo=i!7 @erse% To man;ind, the lo e o2 worldly appetites is painted in glowing 0olors% women and 0hildren, and heaped3#p mo#nds o2 gold and sil er, and horses with 2ine mar;ings, and li esto0; and 2ertile 2armland!

All that is merely the en?oyment o2 the li2e o2 this world! The +est home0oming is in the presen0e o2 Allah! "S#rah Al 7Imran% 5&' All these are surely the blessi!7s o4 the li4e o4 this =orld. Allah has 3reated people i! a =ay 4or us to take pleasure 4rom them. A=are that ea3h o4 these =orldly pleasures is a blessi!7 4rom Allah> the ri7ht thi!7 to do is to treat them =ith 7ratitude. It is =ro!7 to atta3h more importa!3e to these blessi!7s tha! the li4e i! the 1erea4ter a!d thus be3ome trapped i! a passio! 4or them. The pri!3ipal =ays that e!able people to o@er3ome =orldly ambitio! are dealt =ith at le!7th i! the 9ur:a!. These are the sub;e3ts that most people do !ot 3are to thi!k about. They 3a! be listed as 4ollo=s%

5! Consideration o2 the 2leeting nat#re o2 li2e
Some a@oid thi!ki!7 about the temporary !ature o4 =orldly li4eE!ot> ho=e@er> be3ause o4 their i!ability to u!dersta!d this truth. Almost e@ery day> they meet =ith a 7reat ma!y i!3ide!ts that make it 3lear. At @arious times they =it!ess lo@ed o!es 7oi!7 ba!krupt> ha@i!7 a33ide!ts> e@e! losi!7 their li@es. Most importa!tly> they =it!ess that e@eryo!e> i!3ludi!7 themsel@es> mo@es 3loser to death =ith e@ery passi!7 day. The loss o4 beauty that 3omes =ith a7i!7> ill!esses> i!3apa3ities a!d =eak!esses are more tha! e!ou7h to let people u!dersta!d the tra!sitory !ature o4 this =orldly li4e. 0espite all> some people a@oid thi!ki!7 about these matters> bei!7 a=are that doi!7 so =ill loose! their atta3hme!t to the =orld. Co!sideri!7 that li4e is @ery shortK that o!e 3a! lose it u!eDpe3tedly at a!y mome!t 4or a!y reaso!K a!d that prized <ualities su3h as beauty> =ealth a!d respe3t 3a! be =iped out at a!y time =ill pla3e o! these =orldly thi!7s o!ly the @alue they deser@e. As a result> o!e =ill u!dersta!d the irratio!ality o4 desiri!7 temporal possessio!s a!d dire3t himsel4 to=ards 7ai!i!7 Allah:s appro@al a!d eter!al li4e i! the 1erea4ter. At times> this habit o4 a@oida!3e 4rom thou7htE3ommo! i! i7!ora!t so3ietiesE3a! be obser@ed e@e! i! people =ho 3laim to be belie@ers. 4 3ourse> their outlook o! li4e di44ers 7reatly 4rom those people o4 the i7!ora!t so3ieties. But i! spite o4 u!dersta!di!7 the true !ature o4 the li4e o4 the =orld> they err i! !ot li@i!7 this truth as they should. They k!o= per4e3tly =ell that they should !ot be ambitious i! a!y matter 3o!3er!i!7 the li4e o4 the =orld a!d that their li@es =ill e!d =ithi! /) to 6) years> at most. They are also a=are that they must make a! e44ort to=ards the eter!al li4e i! the 1erea4ter a!d take e@ery opportu!ity to tell this to others. 1o=e@er> they 4ail to adopt this realizatio! i!to their daily li@es. A! eDample =ill illustrate. !e =ho buys a bra!d#!e= 3ar may take e@ery opportu!ity to admit that it is o!ly o!e o4 the 4leeti!7 blessi!7s o4 =orldly li4e a!d thus> it:s u!reaso!able to be passio!ate about this 3ar. 1o=e@er> i! 3ase someo!e =a!ts to borro= the 3ar i! a! emer7e!3y> he may 4or7et =hat he has said a!d su33umb to a prote3ti@e passio! 4or his 3ar. Thou7h he has 3o!dem!ed su3h beha@iors at e@ery opportu!ity up till the!> he 4ails to a3t 3orre3tly =he! 4a3ed =ith su3h a test i! real li4e. These people i7!ore these moral matters =he! they 3o!4li3t =ith their i!terests> despite their 3o!s3ie!3es: a=are!ess. This 3auses serious trouble =ith their 3o!s3ie!3e> a!d a spiritual torme!t brou7ht about by these people:s 4ailure to li@e =hat they k!o= to be ri7ht. There4ore> they 3o!ti!ually eDperie!3e a troubled spiritual state. A7i!7> ill!ess> loss o4 property a!d others: respe3t are ma;or 3auses o4 te!sio! 4or a!yo!e =ith =orldly passio!s. A perso! =ho keeps i! mi!d that he =ill die o!e day a!d 3a! take !o!e o4 his mo!ey a!d property

=ith him 3a!!ot 4eel a passio! 4or a!ythi!7. 1e uses e@erythi!7 7e!erously i! the =ay Allah appro@esK he 3o!3e!trates o! the eter!al li4e o4 the 1erea4ter rather tha! the 4leeti!7 li4e o4 this =orld a!d =orks to=ards this e!d.

-! Remem+ering that there is no deity +#t Allah
E@ery o33urre!3e i! the u!i@erse happe!s throu7h Allah:s po=er a!d =ill. There is !o po=er other tha! Allah. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah re@eals this truth as 4ollo=s% Allah, there is no deity +#t Him, the Li ing, the Sel23S#staining! He is not s#+?e0t to drowsiness or sleep! E erything in the hea ens and the Earth +elongs to Him! Who 0an inter0ede with Him e=0ept +y His permission6 He ;nows what is +e2ore them and what is +ehind them +#t they 0annot grasp any o2 His ;nowledge sa e what He wills! His 8ootstool en0ompasses the hea ens and the Earth, and their preser ation does not tire Him! He is the 4ost High, the 4agni2i0ent! "S#rat al3)aDara% -JJ' 0espite this 4a3t> the @ast ma;ority 4ail to belie@e i! Allah =ith a pure 4aith. As Allah tells us i! the @erse% I2 yo# as; them, :Who 0reated the hea ens and the Earth6: they will say, :Allah!: Say% :So what do yo# thin;6 I2 Allah desires harm 2or me, 0an those yo# 0all #pon +esides Allah remo e His harm6 Or i2 He desires mer0y 2or me, 0an they withhold His mer0y6: Say% :Allah is eno#gh 2or me! All those who tr#ly tr#st p#t their tr#st in Him!: "S#rat aE3K#mar% G9' Some a33ept the po=er o4 Allah> but also adopt deities other tha! 1im. But these deities that people eDalt a!d =hose 7ood=ill they try to ear! are !othi!7 but 3reatio!s =hi3h ha@e !o po=er to do a!ythi!7 a!d 3a!!ot e@e! bri!7 themsel@es a!y be!e4it. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah tells the impote!3e o4 deities other tha! 1im as 4ollo=s% )#t they ha e adopted deities apart 2rom Him whi0h do not 0reate anything +#t are themsel es 0reated! They ha e no power to harm or help themsel es! They ha e no power o er death or li2e or res#rre0tion! "S#rat al38#rDan% G' Those yo# 0all on +esides Allah are ser ants ?#st li;e yo#rsel es! Call on them and let them respond to yo# i2 yo# are telling the tr#th! "S#rat al3A7ra2% 5F&' But keep i! mi!d that =he! asked> most people !e@er re4er to these bei!7s they eDalt as deities a!d do !ot a33ept that they re7ard them as su3h. 2et all their beha@iors re@eal that they do so. Ahile they !eed o!ly to ask 4or help 4rom Allah a!d be 7rate4ul to 1im> these people seek help a!d assista!3e 4rom the 4alse deities they belie@e to ha@e po=er. !e !eeds to 4ear o!ly 1im a!d seek o!ly 1is appro@al> but they set the 7ood=ill o4 these 4alse deities abo@e 1is appro@al. Some> o! the other ha!d> make deities o4 themsel@esEas =e are told i! the @erse> :Ha e yo# seen him who has ta;en his whims and desires to +e his deity6 Will yo# then +e his g#ardian6: &Surat al#Cur<a!% 4-,. 0espite their total impote!3e i! the 4a3e o4 Allah:s po=er> these people belie@e they are i!depe!de!t bei!7s. Their a33omplishme!ts> they belie@e> are o4 their o=! maki!7> a!d their 4ailures are the result o4 their o=! mistakes. 4 3ourse> this is the result o4 people:s 4ailure to appre3iate Allah:s po=er as they should. The 4a3t is that> there is !o deity but Allah. As is the 3ase =ith e@ery o33urre!3e i! the u!i@erse> o!ly by Allah:s =ill a!d 1is

order do these e@e!ts take pla3e. !ly Allah 3a! a!s=er people:s prayers> 7ra!t their aspiratio!s> ease their troubles> bri!7 pea3e a!d se3urity to hearts a!d e!sure them beauti4ul li@es. As Allah tells us i! the 9ur:a!> :!!! All might +elongs to Allah!!!: &Surah 2u!us% /8,. Some people:s heedless!ess o! this sub;e3t pre@e!ts them 4rom li@i!7 the pea3e o4 4aith as they should a!d 3ause them trouble i! a !umber o4 =ays. Crom others they eDpe3t lo@e> respe3t> a44e3tio!> 4rie!dship> sel4# sa3ri4i3e> patie!3e> 4or7i@e!ess a!d ma!y other blessi!7s. Mike=ise> they belie@e that they =ill a3hie@e them by their o=! a3ts> e44orts a!d their o=! =ill. 1o=e@er> o!ly Allah 3a! make a! i!di@idual be lo@ed> respe3ted a!d admired. 5o matter ho= hard he tries> a perso! 3a! !e@er a44e3t the hearts o4 others. Allah pla3es lo@e i! a perso!:s heart as a blessi!7 resulti!7 4rom his obser@a!3e o4 the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. Mike=ise> !o o!e 3a! 3reate lo@e 4or a!other i! his o=! heart. It is Allah Aho 7i@es him this emotio!. Ahate@er people a3<uire materially or spiritually is 3reated by Allah. Allah tells us this i! the 9ur:a!% !!! Say, :All 2a or is in Allah7s Hand, and He gi es it to whoe er He wills! Allah is All3 En0ompassing, All3Inowing!: He pi0;s o#t 2or His mer0y whoe er He wills! Allah7s 2a or is indeed immense! "S#rah Al 7Imran% CG3C&' I2 Allah helps yo#, no one 0an anD#ish yo#! I2 He 2orsa;es yo#, who 0an help yo# a2ter that6 So the +elie ers sho#ld p#t their tr#st in Allah! "S#rah Al 7Imran% 5/.' Setti!7 the appro@al o4 others abo@e Allah:s appro@al 3auses 3o!siderable trouble. Mi@i!7 a33ordi!7 to others: rules a!d ideas rather tha! those o4 the 9ur:a! also has the same e44e3t> 4or !o o!e 3a! please a lar7e !umber o4 people at the same time. Ahe! a parti3ular beha@ior pleases o!e perso!> it a!7ers somebody else. This is a @i3ious 3ir3le> a!d su3h a! i!di@idual is doomed to li@e a! u!easy li4e. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah re@eals the 4ollo=i!7 about people o4 this ki!d% Allah has made a metaphor 2or them o2 a man owned +y se eral partners in disp#te with one another and another man wholly owned +y a single man! Are they the same6 *raise +e to Allah< The 2a0t is that most o2 them do not ;now! "S#rat aE3K#mar% -F' Cor a perso! =ho seeks o!ly Allah:s appro@al> e@erythi!7 is easy. The 9ur:a! i!4orms him o4 all the deeds to =hi3h he should 3o!4orm> a!d =hi3h he should a@oid> duri!7 his li4e. Ahat others thi!k a!d ho= they beha@e to=ards him is o4 !o importa!3e. As lo!7 as he 3o!4orms to Allah:s =ill> a si!3ere Muslim li@es i! the hope o4 4i!di!7 sal@atio! both i! this =orld a!d the !eDt. Co!se<ue!tly> he li@es out a 4ar more tra!<uil> simple a!d beauti4ul li4e tha! those =ho 4eel 3ompelled to ;ud7e themsel@es a7ai!st those arou!d them a!d seek the appro@al o4 others. Allah des3ribes the situatio! o4 people =ho seek the appro@al o4 others i! this @erse% :4ost o2 them do not +elie e in Allah witho#t asso0iating others with Him: &Surah 2usu4% +)/,. Cor this reaso!> =ithout eD3epti!7 himsel4> e@eryo!e should thi!k 3are4ully o! the sub;e3t o4 idolatry a!d re7ulate his belie4s a!d his li4e a33ordi!7 to this truth. As Allah tells us%

Allah does not 2orgi e anything +eing asso0iated with Him, +#t He 2orgi es whoe er He wills 2or anything other than that! Anyone who asso0iates something with Allah has 0ommitted a terri+le 0rime! "S#rat an3Nisa7% &9' E@erybody should take a =ar!i!7 4rom this importa!t truth =hi3h Allah re@eals to us i! the @erse% That is part o2 the wisdom yo#r Lord has re ealed to yo#! 1o not set #p another deity together with Allah and so +e thrown into Hell, +lamed and dri en o#t! "S#rat al3Isra7% GF'

I! this se3tio!> you ha@e see! the @arious reaso!s behi!d the se3ret sorro=s that people su44er. I! times o4 trouble> true 4aith !e@er 3reates 4eeli!7s o4 distress or hopeless!ess. I4 a perso! su33umbs to su3h 4eeli!7s> he 4irst !eeds to re3o!sider his 4aith a!d remi!d himsel4 o4 the @erses o4 the 9ur:a! a!d o4 the 4a3ts i! the li7ht o4 the 9ur:a!. ther=ise> !o matter ho= mu3h o!e 3laims to ha@e 4aith i! Allah> he =ill de4i!itely su44er u!less he li@es as 4aith re<uires a!d re7ulates his li4e a!d attitudes a33ordi!7 to the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!. As Allah tells us> the hearts o4 those =ho do !ot li@e by the reli7io! are al=ays troubled% When Allah desires to g#ide someone, He e=pands his +reast to Islam! When He desires to misg#ide someone, He ma;es his +reast narrow and 0onstri0ted as i2 he were 0lim+ing #p into the s;y! That is how Allah de2iles those who ha e no 2aith! "S#rat al3An7am% 5-J'

How 1o *eople 1e0ei e Themsel es6
!e issue that dra=s people i!to trouble a!d u!see! torme!t is their sel4#de3eptio! a!d belie4 i! the =orld:s 4alsehoods. By i!3ul3atio!> a perso! 3a! persuade himsel4 that somethi!7 he =a!ts to be true> really is. Si!3e he i!terprets e@e!ts i! a =ay as he =ishes to @ie= them> he 3omes to belie@e i! his o=! i!terpretatio!sE so mu3h so that e@e! =he! those o44eri!7 a di44ere!t opi!io! are 3learly telli!7 the truth> he thi!ks that they are 3ommitti!7 a! error. Cor eDample> by o!e:s o=! sel4#i!3ul3atio!> a perso! may 3ome to thi!k that his 4rie!ds do !ot lo@e him e!ou7h. Throu7h su3h i!terpretatio!s o4 e@ery i!3ide!t> he may 3reate ple!ty o4 e@ide!3e that he is ri7ht. E@e! i4 people make satis4a3tory eDpla!atio!s a!d per4orm a3ts that ou7ht to pro@e the 3o!trary> a perso! =ho has 3o!@i!3ed himsel4 that he is ri7ht respe3ts !o!e o4 them. 1e uses e@ery detail to rei!4or3e his o=! assumptio!s a!d e@e! makes up ima7i!ary e@ide!3e to 3o!@i!3e himsel4 o4 =hat he =a!ts to belie@e. The 4a3t is> ho=e@er> that the perso! i! <uestio! @ie=s the =orld as he =a!ts to a!d i!terprets e@e!ts as he likes. Cor this reaso!> he li@es i! 3o!ti!ual torme!t. This 3hara3teristi3 3a! be obser@ed i! most people i! i7!ora!t so3ieties> but may also be see! i! belie@ers =ho ha@e !ot 4ully established 4aith i! their hearts a!d =ho 4ail to i!terpret e@ery i!3ide!t i! their li@es a33ordi!7 to the 9ur:a!. Cailure to i!terpret e@e!ts i! the li7ht o4 the 9ur:a! al=ays dri@es people i!to error. Ahere they do !ot take the 9ur:a! as their 7uideli!e> people make de3isio!s a33ordi!7 to the i7!ora!t so3iety:s @ie=poi!t. That is to say> they =ill side =ith their sel4ish desires a!d the sata!:s. As a result> they @ie= e@ery e@e!t arou!d them> i!3ludi!7 their per3eptio!s about themsel@es> i! a t=isted =ay that arises pri!3ipally 4rom their o=! sel4#de3eptio!. Cor eDample> a perso! re7arded to be heedless a33ordi!7 to the morality o4 the 9ur:a! may 3o!sider himsel4 to be @ery ki!d> a33ordi!7 to his i7!ora!t @ie=poi!t. Alter!ati@ely> o!e =ho beha@es arro7a!tly a33ordi!7 to the 9ur:a!:s de4i!itio! may thi!k himsel4 to be @ery humble a!d submissi@e> si!3e he 4ails to measure his beha@ior by the 9ur:a! a!d thi!k i! its terms. I! the same =ay> those o4 =eak 4aith may 3o!@i!3e themsel@es they 4ear Allah> are =holly a!d purely 3ommitted to the morality o4 the 9ur:a! a!d are 3ompletely ho!est a!d si!3ere to=ards 1im. 1o=e@er> at this sta7e> people ha@e a !umber o4 irratio!al ;ud7me!ts 3o!trary to the 9ur:a! that they employ to 3o!@i!3e themsel@es a!d suppress their 3o!s3ie!3es. Fatio!alizi!7 these 4la=ed ;ud7me!ts =ithi! themsel@es> they 3o!@i!3e themsel@es that they do !ot 4all a4oul o4 the reli7io! a!d that their eD3uses =ill be a33epted i! the si7ht o4 Allah. Su3h a! attitude dista!3es people 4rom si!3erity. The 3laims a!d attitudes o4 people =ho de3ei@e themsel@es pro@e to be i!3ompatible> 4or they also 3laim to be pious Muslims. But su3h a! attitude al=ays 3auses them trouble. Sub3o!s3iously a=are o4 their true la3k o4 moral per4e3tio!> they e!dure 3o!sta!t pa!7s o4 3o!s3ie!3e. 5e@ertheless> i!stead o4 taki!7 !oti3e o4 these a!d 3orre3ti!7 the 4la=s i! their beha@ior> they pre4er to de3ei@e themsel@es a!d 3o@er up their mistakes. This i! tur! 3auses them material a!d spiritual harm. The 4ollo=i!7 pa7es =ill deal =ith this harm =hi3h the =orld eDperie!3es as torme!t.

The 1amage Ca#sed +y Insin0erity
I!si!3erity is a se3ret 3urse that !ot o!ly makes people:s li@es di44i3ult> leadi!7 them i!to misery> but also 3auses them s=i4t physi3al a!d spiritual harm. Some may !ot be a=are o4 the harm they su44er. Assumi!7 that the i!si!3erity they hold i!side i!4li3ts !o harm o! them> they make i!si!3erity their =ay o4 li4e. To a!yo!e o4 pure 4aith> ho=e@er> the harm these people su44er is ob@ious. 4te! belie@ers try to eDplai! their situatio!> 3all them to si!3erity. 1o=e@er> some people:s spiritual state 3auses them to approa3h =ith the same i!si!3erity those =ho try to =ar! them. As a result> they 3a!!ot take ad@a!ta7e o4 the truths they are told. Ae 3a! list some o4 i!si!3erity:s !e7ati@e e44e3ts o! people% La0; o2 Wisdom This is o!e ob@ious e44e3t o4 the 4ailure to li@e by the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. Allah 7ra!ts =isdom to people o!ly i4 they ha@e si!3ere 4aith. ther tha! =isdom> all other tale!ts 3a! be displayed throu7h i!telli7e!3e alo!e. At 4irst 7la!3e> a! i!telli7e!t perso! may be assumed to ha@e the same 3hara3teristi3s as o4 a =ise o!e. I!deed> this is the mai! reaso! =hy so ma!y people err i! belie@i!7 themsel@es to be =ise. 1o=e@er =isdom is a superior 3hara3teristi3 e!sued by 3o!4ormi!7 to the 9ur:a!. Allah speaks o4 a spe3ial type o4 3omprehe!sio! 7ra!ted o!ly to those =ho 4ear a!d take re4u7e i! 1im% $o# who +elie e< I2 yo# 2ear Allah, He will gi e yo# dis0rimination and erase yo#r +ad a0tions 2rom yo# and 2orgi e yo#! Allah7s 2a or is indeed immense! "S#rat al3An2al% -F' This 3omprehe!sio! allo=s people to disti!7uish ri7ht 4rom =ro!7 i! e@ery matter relati!7 to their li@es> i!3ludi!7 those dire3tly i!@ol@i!7 themsel@es. People =ho be3ome dista!3ed 4rom the morality o4 the 9ur:a! or =ho permit i!si!3erity at 3ertai! poi!ts i! their li@es are =eak i! disti!7uishi!7 ri7ht 4rom =ro!7. The ma;or si7! o4 this de4i3ie!3y is their i!ability to see the situatio! i! =hi3h they 4i!d themsel@es a!d e@aluate it a33ordi!7 to the 9ur:a!Eto su3h a! eDte!t that =he! their i!3omprehe!sio! is poi!ted out by others> it still persists. These people la3k the 3larity> purity a!d simpli3ity that eDist i! si!3ere people:s mi!ds. ! the 3o!trary> turbidity a!d 3o!4usio! domi!ate their mi!ds. Ahe! 3ompared =ith the 3lear si7!s o4 =isdom i! pious belie@ers> their state be3omes espe3ially ob@ious. Cor su3h people> their i!ability to a3hie@e 3larity o4 thou7ht a!d de3isi@e!ess i! maki!7 assessme!ts is a 4orm o4 torme!t. 0ue to the 3o!4usio! i! their mi!ds> they may e@e! !ot re3o7!ize this torme!t> but they 3a! !e@er attai! the 3om4ort o4 =isdom brou7ht by si!3ere 4aith. The =ay they i!terpret e@e!ts a!d others: beha@ior 3learly re4le3ts their la3k o4 =isdom. Spirit#al and *hysi0al Lethargy A!other harm brou7ht by i!si!3erity> this =eari!ess results 4rom the pressure they pla3e upo! themsel@es by k!o=i!7ly i7!ori!7 their 3o!s3ie!3e. The spiritual torme!t produ3ed by a troubled 3o!s3ie!3e deeply a44e3ts both their spiritual state a!d physi3al 4u!3tio!s. E@e! i4 su3h people li@e i! the most 3om4ortable homes> a3<uire e@erythi!7 they =a!t> li@e amo!7 people =ith moral per4e3tio! a!d possess the hi7hest le@els o4 health a!d beauty> they still 3a!!ot be res3ued 4rom this trouble. They 3a!!ot e!;oy as they should a!y o4 the blessi!7s arou!d them.

5either a deli3ious meal> !or 3a!did talk o4 a 4rie!d> !or a beauti4ul la!ds3ape 7i@e them a!y pleasure. 0eep i!side> they 4eel 7rie4 i! e!@iro!me!ts =here others lau7h a!d e!;oy themsel@es. 5o matter ho= they imitate the happi!ess a!d 3heer o4 those arou!d them> their i!!er spiritual torme!t !e@er lea@es them> !ot 4or a mome!t. 5e@er 3a! they eDperie!3e the 3heer4ul!ess or tra!<uility that others 4eel. They 3a! a3hie@e these o!ly throu7h spe3ial e44orts o4 =ill a!d 3o!3e!tratio!. As a result they al=ays 4eel a =eari!ess that 3auses them to li@e i! a ki!d o4 stupor e@e! =he! their bodies are a=ake. The =ay they look at thi!7s 3learly eDpress their =eari!ess. Their eyes are ope!> but ha@e a dull a!d torpid look> a!d they are 4ar 4rom the si7!s o4 alert!ess appare!t i! a belie@er. The =eari!ess 3aused by this spiritual pressure also has ma;or physi3al e44e3ts. Su3h people la3k kee! per3eptio!> spee3h> 3oordi!atio! a!d other skills. They are physi3ally 3apable> but the pressure a!d dull!ess i! their brai!s pre@e!t them 4rom leadi!7 a !ormal li4e. At a sub3o!s3ious le@el> they al=ays 4eel the dis3om4ort stemmi!7 4rom a troubled 3o!s3ie!3e. As lo!7 as they 4ail to resol@e this u!rest> they 3a!!ot 4eel at ease. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah des3ribes the troubled spiritual state o4 su3h people =ho ha@e !ot 4ully pla3ed 4aith i! their hearts as 4ollo=s% AHe said,B :)#t i2 anyone t#rns away 2rom 4y reminder, his li2e will +e a dar; and narrow one and on the 1ay o2 Res#rre0tion We will gather him +lind!: "S#rah Ta Ha% 5-&' 4aterial and Spirit#al Imp#rity I! this @erse o4 the 9ur:a!> =e are told o4 a!other 4orm o4 harm that i!si!3erity i!4li3ts people% :!!! He 0asts #n0leanness on those who do not #se their intelle0t!: "S#rah $#n#s% 5..' Allah repays those =ho do !ot eDer3ise their 3o!s3ie!3es or remai! si!3ere to Allah> =ith a 3urse des3ribed i! the 9ur:a! as Ju!3lea!!ess.J I! o!e @erse> Allah re@eals> :)#t as 2or those with si0;ness in their hearts, it adds #n0leanness to their #n0leanness, and they die while they are #n+elie ers: &Surat at#Ta=ba% +*8,. By Allah:s =ill> this 3a! be see! i! people i! the 4orm o4 both physi3al a!d spiritual impurity. I4 1e =ishes> su3h people may i!deed take o! a dirty appeara!3e. The la3k o4 tra!<uility a!d stress they eDperie!3e may 3ause their ski! to deteriorate mu3h 4aster tha! !ormal a!d also 3ause bad breath a!d body odors. Mea!=hile> e@e! i4 these people take all physi3al pre3autio!s a!d take 7reat 3are i! their perso!al hy7ie!e> they 3a!!ot sa@e themsel@es 4rom spiritual impurity> a!d al=ays 7i@e the impressio! o4 bei!7 dirty. 4 3ourse> this is a! impressio! 3reated by Allah as a retur! 4or their i!si!3erity. 5o matter ho= 3lea! they may be> e@e! sitti!7 =here they ha@e sat> shari!7 their 4ood a!d ha!dli!7 ob;e3ts they ha@e pre@iously tou3hed may disturb others. This 3a! i! tur! be3ome a sour3e o4 i!!er distress 4or them. Su3h people ha@e 4or7otte! Allah a!d 3hose! to pursue the appro@al o4 others. But the @ery people =hose 7ood=ill they sou7ht> !o= a@oid them a!d look do=! o! them. This is a se3ret 3urse =ith =hi3h Allah a44li3ts people =ho do !ot li@e i! the true 4aith> e@e! thou7h their 3o!s3ie!3es tell them to do so. La0; o2 Spirit#al Light A!other aspe3t o4 the spiritual impurity re4erred to i! the @erse <uoted abo@e is a la3k o4 illumi!atio! i! the 4a3es o4 i!si!3ere people. This la3k does !ot ma!i4est itsel4 i! the same =ay i! e@eryo!e. I! some 4a3es> it

makes itsel4 k!o=! throu7h the abse!3e o4 the li@ely> ea7er a!d ho!est eDpressio!s that appear o! the 4a3es o4 the 4aith4ul. I! others it appears as the impressio! o4 aimless!ess a!d empti!ess. I! still others> it takes the 4orm o4 a darke!i!7 that 3omes about =ith !o ob@ious reaso!. All these i!di3ate the dark!ess o4 spirit these people eDperie!3e i!side. Ahat is striki!7 is that this dark!ess has !othi!7 to do =ith physi3al beauty. I! 3ase o4 i!si!3erity to=ards Allah> the most beauti4ul 4a3e> the most 4la=less ski! or the best#shaped eyes 3a!!ot 3ompe!sate 4or a la3k o4 li7ht i! the 4a3ial eDpressio!. That is be3ause su3h li7ht is a 3hara3teristi3 Allah 7ra!ts o!ly to those =ho belie@e =ith a si!3ere heart. Allah tells us this i! a @erse o4 the 9ur:a!% Or they Athe a0tions o2 those who do not +elie eB are li;e the dar;ness o2 a 2athomless sea whi0h is 0o ered +y wa es a+o e whi0h are wa es a+o e whi0h are 0lo#ds, layers o2 dar;ness, one #pon the other! I2 he p#ts o#t his hand, he 0an s0ar0ely see it! Those Allah gi es no light to, they ha e no light! "S#rat an3 N#r% &.' I! the 9ur:a!> Allah dra=s atte!tio! to the impa3t o4 =hat the si!3ere a!d the i!si!3ere eDperie!3e i! their souls upo! their bodies =ith the 4ollo=i!7 3ompariso!% Those who do good will ha e the +est and more< Neither d#st nor de+asement will dar;en their 2a0es! They are the Companions o2 the (arden, remaining in it timelessly, 2or e er! )#t as 2or those who ha e earned +ad a0tions>a +ad a0tion will +e repaid with one the li;e o2 it! 1e+asement will dar;en them! They will ha e no one to prote0t them 2rom Allah! It is as i2 their 2a0es were 0o ered +y dar; pat0hes o2 the night!!! "S#rah $#n#s% -/3-C' Negati e :Li+es: To people =ho belie@e i! 1im =ith a si!3ere heart> Allah 7i@es a beauty a!d health that these people bri!7 to e@ery e!@iro!me!t they e!ter. Mooki!7 i! their 4a3es> heari!7 their @oi3es a!d =it!essi!7 their attitudes be3ome a blessi!7 4or those arou!d them. The 9ur:a! dra=s atte!tio! to this 3hara3teristi3 o4 the 4aith4ul a!d the Jtra3e o4 prostratio!J that ma!i4ests itsel4 o! their 4a3es% 4#hammad is the 4essenger o2 Allah, and those who are with him are 2ier0e to the dis+elie ers, mer0i2#l to one another! $o# see them +owing and prostrating, see;ing Allah7s good 2a or and His pleas#re! Their mar; is on their 2a0es, the tra0es o2 prostration!!! "S#rat al38ath% -F' I! 3o!trast to the 4aith4ul> people =ho beha@e i!si!3erely prese!t a !e7ati@e appeara!3e. The la3k o4 4aith these people ha@e i!side> their torme!ted> troubled a!d te!se spiritual state a!d their pride 3ause a !e7ati@e breeze i! e@ery e!@iro!me!t they e!ter. Ahate@er they say or do> they spread !e7ati@ity arou!d them. Their te!se spiritual 3o!ditio!s> their torme!ted 4a3es a!d troubled @oi3es make others per3ei@e this 3learly. So lo!7 as they are i!si!3ere a!d do !ot sho= stead4ast ho!esty to=ards Allah> they 3a!!ot o@er3ome this. They 3a! do =hate@er they =a!t to appear sympatheti3 to the people arou!d them> but it =ill ha@e !o positi@e e44e3t.

This is a mira3ulous situatio! =hi3h Allah 3reates. Some may !ot be able to des3ribe this !e7ati@e 4eeli!7 at times> but most re3o7!ize su3h people a!d a@oid them. This is o!e o4 the i!ter!al torme!ts that a44li3t a perso! =ho harbors !e7ati@e thou7hts. 1o=e@er> keep i! mi!d that 4rom the mome!t a perso! puri4ies his heart a!d a3ts =ith si!3ere i!te!t to=ards Allah> by the =ill o4 Allah> this !e7ati@e appeara!3e melts a=ay a!d is repla3ed by a bri7ht a!d ope! @isa7e. These traits listed up to !o= are ;ust some o4 the re3ompe!se that Allah may 7i@e 4or la3k o4 true 4aith i! 1im. Allah:s po=er is bou!dless. 0espite all these 3lear si7!s> i4 o!e i7!ores ho= he su44ers a!d 4ails to take re4u7e i! Allah> 1e may bri!7 still more harm upo! him. 5obody should de3ei@e himsel4 sayi!7> JI belie@e. I per4orm my =orship.J 1e should puri4y his heart 4or Allah a!d lea@e !ot a tra3e o4 i!si!3erity. To a@oid a! out3ome su3h as the o!e des3ribed i! the @erses> :No indeed< Tr#ly man is #n+ridled, seeing himsel2 as sel23s#22i0ient: &Surat al#:Ala<% /#6,> he must take re4u7e i! Allah.

Sensing Insin0erity% The Si=th Sense
People =ho harbor immorality i! their hearts make e@ery e44ort to 3o!3eal it 4rom the 4aith4ul. Their appare!t =ay o4 li4e> spee3h> beha@ior> the thi!7s they do a!d the =ay they lead their li@es all resemble those o4 the pious. I!deed> they do !ot seem @ery di44ere!t> 4or they 3o!3eal their immorality a!d se3retly eDperie!3e the su44eri!7 that it e!tails. 0espite this> ho=e@er> some o4 their attitudes re@eal the di44ere!t spiritual state they eDperie!3e. Striki!7ly> it is !ot o!ly the belie@ers =ho !oti3e this situatio!. Thou7h la3ki!7 3o!3rete e@ide!3e> =ithi! a short =hile> e@e! a perso! =ho has adopted the i7!ora!t so3iety:s belie4s 3a! 4orm a! idea o4 =hether someo!e is si!3ere or !ot. This is a truth k!o=! i! e@ery so3iety. Cor i!sta!3e> as =ell as usi!7 e@ide!3e> a ;ud7e bases his @erdi3t about a! a33used o! his beha@ior a!d his =ords> the =ay he speaks> his eyes a!d the opi!io! others 4orm about him. I! the same =ay> e@e! i4 there eDists !o e@ide!3e a7ai!st him> a 7uilty perso!:s eyes> spee3h a!d beha@ior 3ause a! i!e44able dis3om4ort i! other people a!d make them belie@e he may be 7uilty. Ahile hiri!7 employees> as =ell as 3o!sideri!7 appli3a!ts: ba3k7rou!ds> 3ompa!ies also i!ter@ie= the 3a!didates. 0uri!7 the 3ourse o4 these i!ter@ie=s> the a!s=ers they re3ei@e a!d their obser@atio!s about a! appli3a!t:s beha@ior pro@ide the authorities =ith e!ou7h i!4ormatio! to 4orm a! impressio! o4 the 3a!didate:s appetite 4or =ork> his dis3ipli!e a!d reliability. Thus the impressio! 4ormed duri!7 the i!ter@ie= be3omes i!4lue!tial i! a33epti!7 or re;e3ti!7 the 3a!didate. This is also the 3ase =ith belie@ers> =ho re3o7!ize a perso! =ho may display i!si!3ere attitudes i! some parti3ular situatio!s. I! 4a3t> be3ause they thi!k a33ordi!7 to the 9ur:a!> =ith the =isdom a!d per3eptio! 7ra!ted to them by Allah> belie@ers 3a! 4orm more a33urate opi!io!s. Tryi!7 to eDplai! these ;ud7me!ts to others> they may 4ail to pro@ide 3o!3rete e@ide!3e to pro@e their poi!t> 4or these are matters that 3a!!ot be 3learly eDpressed. This tale!t 4or dis3er!me!t 3a! be re4erred to as a JsiDth se!se.J Aith it> people 4eel =hether a perso! is si!3ere> merely by the i!spiratio! o4 Allah. E@e! i4 a! i!si!3ere perso! is !o di44ere!t 4rom belie@ers i! ho= he eats> dri!ks> lau7hs a!d talks> a!d eDhibits !o irritati!7 beha@ior> still the 4aith4ul 3a! se!se the di44ere!3e i! him. 1ere> i!deed> the term J!e7ati@e @ibesJ =idely used i! so3iety> 4i!ds its 4ull impa3t. The 4aith4ul realize the !e7ati@e spiritual state dista!3ed 4rom the morality o4 the 9ur:a! o4 these people 4rom the !e7ati@e impressio!s they 7i@e o44Esi!3e u!like belie@ers> they do !ot e!;oy a tra!<uil> si!3ere> relaDed a!d 3om4ortable spiritual state. The di44ere!3e i! their spee3h is a!other si7! that the siDth se!se 3a! dete3t. I! i!si!3ere people:s spee3h> there may be !othi!7 out o4 the ordi!ary. They may say almost eDa3tly the same thi!7s as belie@ers> but i! their ma!!er o4 speaki!7> a di44ere!3e still be3omes dis3er!ible. There is a te!sio! i! their to!e o4 @oi3e> the =ay the =ords 3ome out> their 4lo= a!d modulatio! that 3reates serious dis3om4ort i! the hearts o4 the si!3ere. I! additio!> su3h beha@ior as tryi!7 to push themsel@es to the 4ore amo!7 speakers> usi!7 eDpressio!s that pa!der to their e7o a!d speaki!7 a33ordi!7 to a !e7ati@e pla! i! their heads 7i@e them a=ay. These people:s !e7ati@e aspe3ts are 4elt by e@eryo!e i! the room. Ahe! asked their opi!io!s> these others seem to share the same opi!io! as e@erybody else. Commo! opi!io!s about a perso! 3a! be importa!t i! dete3ti!7 i!si!3erity.

People usually take the phrase JsiDth se!seJ to mea! seei!7 i!to the 4uture> k!o=i!7 about e@e!ts be4ore they happe!> 7i@i!7 i!4ormatio! about the u!see!> a!d similar other thi!7s =hi3h are impossible =ithout the =ill o4 Allah. As =e are told i! the @erse> :The ;eys o2 the Unseen are in His possession! No one ;nows them +#t Him!!!: &Surat al#A!am% 8(,> !o o!e other tha! Allah 3a! k!o= the u!see!. Ahat is mea!t by Jthe siDth se!seJ here is di44ere!t% Celt by Allah:s =ill> it makes o!e se!se e@e!ts that are happe!i!7 at that mome!t> a!d !ot i! the 4uture. Cor this reaso!> by Allah:s =ill> it is impossible 4or a perso! to 3o!3eal his i!si!3erity 4rom the 4aith4ul. A33ordi!7 to the 9ur:a!:s morality> =hat be4its a perso! i! su3h a situatio! is to set 4orth ho!estly =hate@er is de4e3ti@e or mistake! i! o!e:s heart. This =ay> it is mu3h easier to 3ompe!sate 4or mistakes a!d attai! si!3erity by the support o4 the 4aith4ul. ther=ise> e@ery 3o!3ealed i!si!3erity =ill bri!7 yet a!other a!d 4urther dista!3e the su44erer 4rom the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. A!other poi!t deser@es me!tio! here. By their siDth se!se> the 4aith4ul 3a! se!se the immorality a!d i!si!3erity o4 others. 1o=e@er> the 4aith4ul remai! a=are that huma!s 3a! al=ays err a!d their hearts are i! Allah:s ha!ds. They make !o a33usatio!s a7ai!st these people out o4 their 3o!s3ie!3es a!d se!se o4 ;usti3e. A !e7ati@e impressio! se!sed is o!ly a 4eeli!7> !ot e@ide!3e. I! su3h a situatio!> a belie@er seized by su3h a! impressio! takes a!y !e3essary measures to a@oid possible harm. But he =ill !e@er arri@e at a ;ud7me!t about someo!e:s heart or a33uses him o4 i!si!3erity. Cor so lo!7 as a perso! does !ot ope!ly 3o!4ess> o!ly Allah k!o=s =hat is i! his heart.

The 8aith2#l In ite Also Those Aro#nd Them To )e Sin0ere
I! this @erse o4 the 9ur:a!> :Let there +e a 0omm#nity among yo# who 0all to the good, and en?oin the right, and 2or+id the wrong! They are the ones who ha e s#00ess: &Surah Al :Imra!% +)4,> Allah a!!ou!3es that 1e has made the 4aith4ul respo!sible 4or summo!i!7 people to @irtue a!d res3ui!7 them 4rom the errors i! =hi3h they 4i!d themsel@es. Co!sider a!other @erse% The men and women o2 the +elie ers are prote0tors o2 one another! They 0ommand what is right and 2or+id what is wrong, and per2orm prayer and gi e the alms, and o+ey Allah and His messenger! They are the people on whom Allah will ha e mer0y! Allah is Almighty, All3Wise! "S#rat at3Taw+a% C5' 1ere> Allah poi!ts out that they ha@e the duty o4 prote3ti!7 a!d =at3hi!7 o@er o!e a!other. I! li!e =ith this i!stru3tio! o4 Allah> the 4aith4ul poi!t out the de4e3ts they see i! o!e a!other i! the =ay laid do=! by the 9ur:a!> that is> by :only saying the +est: &Surat al#Isra:% 8-,. The belie@er =ho pro@ides a! i!@itatio! to @irtue has !o respo!sibility 4or the rea3tio! o4 the other party or =hether he a7rees =ith the ad@i3e 7i@e!. Allah poi!ts out this truth i! the @erse> :$o# 0annot g#ide those yo# wo#ld li;e to, +#t Allah g#ides those He wills! He has +est ;nowledge o2 the g#ided: &Surat al#9asas% 8/,. 1e remi!ds us that people 3a! see the truth o!ly throu7h 1is =ill. Cor this reaso!> =hile the 4aith4ul try to i!stru3t o!e a!other i! @irtue a!d prote3t ea3h other 4rom e@il> they do this by aski!7 it 4rom Allah a!d submitti!7 to 1im i! =hate@er the out3ome may be. E@e! so> they =ish most arde!tly 4or e@eryo!e to k!o= a!d li@e the beauty a!d true happi!ess that si!3erity bri!7s. The 4aith4ul k!o= that a li4e li@ed i! a 3o!trary 4ashio! may appear !ormal> but is truly 4illed =ith 3orrosi@e torme!ts that rui! the huma! soul. They are a=are> too that these i!si!3ere people bri!7 7reat material a!d moral harm upo! themsel@es by 3o!3eali!7 the u!seemly ideas a!d spiritual state they eDperie!3e. Cor this reaso!> i4 a belie@er 4eels e@e! a tra3e o4 i!si!3erity i! a!other> he simply i!@ites that perso! to the morality o4 the 9ur:a! =ithout ;ud7i!7 him i! a!y =ay. 1e remi!ds him that to all types o4 se3ret sorro= a!d trouble> la3k o4 tra!<uility a!d u!happi!ess> the sole solutio! is to li@e out a morality appro@ed by Allah.

*eople Who Answer with Insin0erity When Called on To )e Sin0ere
Ae ha@e me!tio!ed ho= those =ho 7rasp ho= true submissio! to Allah should be> make e@ery e44ort to eDplai! this to others as =ell. But some =ho re3ei@e su3h ad@i3e do !ot approa3h it =ith e<ual 7ood =ill a!d may e@e! rea3t i! =ays that do !ot a33ord =ith the 9ur:a!. 1o=e@er> i4 a belie@er makes a! e44ort o! behal4 o4 the other> determi!es his =eak!esses 4or him> thi!ks about =ays o4 o@er3omi!7 them a!d prese!ts these i! a! e!3oura7i!7 ma!!er so as to make them seem easy> it 3a! be o4 7reat be!e4it. Su3h ;ud7me!ts made by a belie@er =ho 4ears Allah al=ays a33ord =ith the 9ur:a!% They are ho!est a!d si!3ere. Moreo@er> =ith a! eye =hi3h 3a! e@aluate ob;e3ti@ely> this belie@er 3a! 3learly ide!ti4y de4e3ts o4 beha@ior a!d 4aith that the perso! himsel4 has bee! u!able to> a!d thus help his brother o! this matter. Be3ause a si!3ere Muslim 7i@es =ar!i!7s 4or e!3oura7eme!t> =hat he says is al=ays eDtremely importa!t a!d should be take! seriously. 5e@ertheless some people> thou7h =ell a=are o4 these 4a3ts> do !ot a33ept 3riti3ism. But as =e k!o= 4rom the @erse> :In 2a0t, man will +e 0lear proo2 against himsel2! In spite o2 any e=0#ses he might o22er: &Surat al#9iyama% +4#+8,> those =ho re;e3t 3riti3ism a!d =ar!i!7s by prete!di!7 !ot to u!dersta!d them> i! 4a3t k!o= the truth. 1e!3e !o matter ho= mu3h a perso! =a!ts to persuade a!d de3ei@eE4irst himsel4 a!d the! people arou!d himEi!to belie@i!7 the 3o!trary> i! his 3o!s3ie!3e he k!o=s the truth. 5ot applyi!7 realities k!o=! by the 3o!s3ie!3e to li4e 3auses i!ter!al stri4e> a!d is de4i!itely o!e o4 the se3ret torme!ts 7i@e! to people i! the =orld =ho la3k si!3ere i!te!tio!s. But some 4ail to u!dersta!d this truth. They 4ei7! i7!ora!3e that the la3k o4 tra!<uility i! their hearts arises 4rom their o=! mistake! beha@ior a!d thi!ki!7. Cor this reaso!> they rea3t to the =ar!i!7s i! =ays that do !ot a33ord =ith the 9ur:a!E=hi3h> i! 4a3t> 3o!stitutes a se3o!d proo4 o4 the a33ura3y o4 =hat is said to them. That is be3ause a si!3ere belie@er> =he! i!@ited to a! e@e! better morality> a33epts this i!@itatio!. Allah tells us ho= si!3ere belie@ers beha@e a4ter !oti3i!7 their errors% A*eople who g#ard against e il areB those who, when they a0t inde0ently or wrong themsel es, remem+er Allah and as; 2orgi eness 2or their +ad a0tions "and who 0an 2orgi e +ad a0tions e=0ept Allah6' and do not ;nowingly persist in what they were doing! "S#rah Al 7Imran% 5GJ' So i4 a perso! has a3hie@ed 7e!ui!e si!3erity as he 3laims> =he! he !otes a!y error he should ri7ht a=ay take re4u7e i! Allah a!d !ot persist i! his erro!eous beha@ior. The aim o4 the si!3ere belie@er is al=ays to try to 7ai! Allah:s appro@al a!d a44e3tio!. !e =ay o4 7ai!i!7 Allah:s a44e3tio! is eDplai!ed i! a @erse o4 the 9ur:a! =ith the =ords> :Allah lo es those who p#ri2y themsel es: &Surat at#Ta=ba% +).,. Ahe! i!@ited to si!3erity> these people:s rea3tio!s that do !ot a33ord =ith the 9ur:a! arise basi3ally 4rom their !ot ha@i!7 u!derstood the 4aith as they should. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah tells us =hi3h people te!d to take ad@i3e%

$o# 0an only warn those who a0t on the Reminder and 2ear the All34er0i2#l in the Unseen! (i e them the good news o2 2orgi eness and a genero#s reward! "S#rah $a Sin% 55' I! the 4ollo=i!7 pa7es> =e =ill re4er to beha@ioral de4e3ts sho=! by 3ertai! people =ho> 7i@e! a! admo!itio!> de3ei@e themsel@es that their i!si!3erity 3a! !ot be pro@e!. These types o4 beha@ior are !ot i! a33orda!3e =ith the 9ur:a!. I!deed> it =ill be possible 4or people to be res3ued 4rom these se3ret i!si!3erities> o!ly throu7h their u!dersta!di!7 that they are 3o!trary to the 9ur:a! a!d that i! the si7ht o4 Allah> they all amou!t to si!s. Keep i! mi!d that Allah:s mer3y a!d 7e!erosity are there 4or those =ho re3o7!ize this truth a!d si!3erely 3ha!7e their beha@iorEas =e are remi!ded i! this @erse% )#t i2 anyone repents a2ter his wrongdoing and p#ts things right, Allah will t#rn towards him! Allah is E er38orgi ing, 4ost 4er0i2#l! "S#rat al34a7ida% GF'

8ail#re to Thin; and Unwillingness to Thin;
Sata! makes e@ery e44ort he 3a! to di@ert belie@ers to his o=! path. !e o4 the thi!7s he =a!ts the least is 4or belie@ers> by 7ai!i!7 true si!3erity> to a3hie@e a morality that Allah =ill appro@e. Cor this reaso!> =he! people are summo!ed to the true 4aith> sata! =ill de4i!itely try to i!4lue!3e them i! the opposite dire3tio!. !e o4 sata!:s e44orts to=ards this e!d is pre@e!ti!7 people 4rom thi!ki!7. Cor this purpose> sata! does his best to steer people i!to de4e!di!7 themsel@es a!d 4i!di!7 eD3uses 4or their mistakes. A perso! =ho is u!der his i!4lue!3e be7i!s to 4eel a!7ry =ith belie@ers =ho =ar! him a!d thi!ks he:s su44eri!7 a! i!;usti3e. I! additio!> si!3e he realizes that =he! he thi!ks he =ill 3learly see the realities a!d be 4or3ed to 3o!4ess his i!si!3erity> he 3ompletely shuts do=! his thi!ki!7 pro3ess. A perso! =hose mi!d is i!4e3ted =ith this type o4 i!si!3erity 3a!!ot 3orre3t his mistakes by thi!ki!7 matters throu7h. As a result o4 their 3o!ditio!> people i! <uestio! pay atte!tio! o!ly to those u!healthy thou7hts that 3ross their mi!ds. They 4orm 4iDed ideas i! 3omplia!3e =ith their o=! opi!io!s a!d 4or this reaso!> try !ot to liste! to> hear or u!dersta!d =hat is said to them. 5o matter ho= e44e3ti@e or striki!7 a!other perso!:s =ords may be> they do !ot 3ha!7e the thou7hts i! their 3losed mi!ds. Sata! i!te!si4ies their a@oida!3e to su3h a! eDte!t that> e@e! =he! thi!7s are poi!ted out to them =ith @erses o4 the 9ur:a!> they do !ot thi!k about them or e@e! =a!t to thi!k about them. Ahe! remi!ded about Allah:s eDiste!3e> that they =ill be 3alled o! to a33ou!t 4or their a3tio!s> that 1e sees e@erythi!7 a!d that the payba3k 4or their beha@ior may be the eter!al torme!ts o4 1ell> they arri@e at a heedless!ess a!d a me!tal @a3uum that =ill !ot allo= these truths to a44e3t them. I! this =ay> they =ill4ully 3lose their mi!ds to admo!itio!s. But deep i!side> they 3ertai!ly k!o= that they are =ro!7. Be3ause o4 this> they 3o!dem! their 3o!s3ie!3es to li@e i! trouble a!d la3k o4 tra!<uility. They =a!t to li@e li@es di3tated by their sel@es: desiresE=hi3h is surely a li4e 4ar remo@ed 4rom the tea3hi!7s o4 the 9ur:a!. Mea!=hile> they are also a=are that su3h a li4estyle may 3ause them 7reat disappoi!tme!t i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter. As a result> they spe!d their li@es i! i!ter!al 3o!4li3t> 4orebodi!7 a!d =orry. Su3h a heedless attitude is !ot to be 4ou!d i! people o4 4aith. Co!trary to this beha@ior> the rea3tio! o4 the 4aith4ul to a =ar!i!7 is to 3o!sider it a!d lear! 4rom it. This is poi!ted out i! ma!y @erses o4 the 9ur:a!> a!d me!tio!ed i! the Surat al#A:la. I! these @erses> Allah tells us that thi!ki!7 a!d taki!7 ad@i3e are 3hara3teristi3s o4 people =ho 4ear 1im i! their hearts%

Remind, then, i2 the reminder +ene2its! He who has 2ear will +e reminded! )#t the most misera+le will sh#n it, those who will roast in the (reatest 8ire! And then neither die nor li e in it! He who has p#ri2ied himsel2 will ha e s#00ess! "S#rat al3A7la% F35&'

)eha ioral 1e2e0ts
The rea3tio!s o4 those =ho 3a!!ot 3ompletely res3ue themsel@es =he! i!@ited to si!3erity> e@e! thou7h they say they belie@e> make themsel@es e@ide!t to a lar7e eDte!t i! de4e3ts o4 the @oi3e> ma!!er o4 speaki!7 a!d eDpressio!. As =e ha@e me!tio!ed> they may pla3e 7reat importa!3e o! their ima7e i! the eyes o4 others> thou7h they k!o= @ery =ell that =hat is most importa!t is to ear! the appro@al o4 Allah. Bei!7 the tar7et o4 3riti3ism a!d ha@i!7 their errors dete3ted are amo!7 the thi!7s that dama7e this ima7e the most. Be3ause o4 this> =he! they 4i!d themsel@es i! 3ir3les =here this o33urs> they display di44ere!t @oi3es> spee3h a!d eDpressio!s that are i!appropriate to the morality o4 the 4aith4ul. To list these rea3tio!s =he! their i!si!3erity is dis3o@ered% Rea0tions apparent in the oi0e 5o doubt> people:s @oi3es are o!e o4 the most importa!t mea!s by =hi3h they re4le3t their emotio!s a!d thou7hts to the outside =orld. Most o4 the time> =hether they =a!t to or !ot> they make their ;oy> pleasure> a44e3tio!> i!terest> 4ears a!d 3o!3er!sEor their tra!<uility a!d 3om4ortEappare!t throu7h their to!e o4 @oi3e. Ca3ed =ith a =ar!i!7 about his A4terli4e> a perso! =ho li@es the morality o4 the 9ur:a! tries to u!dersta!d a!d impleme!t =hat he is told =ith pleasure a!d ea7er!ess. That pleasure 3a! be easily re3o7!ized i! his @oi3e. But i! the 3ase o4 a! i!si!3ere perso!> !o matter ho= mu3h he tries to hide the te!sio! he 4eels be3ause his i!si!3erity has bee! dis3o@ered> sometimes his @oi3e re4le3ts this. The !atural> stro!7> li@ely> 4lo=i!7> easy a!d healthy @oi3e he uses i! e@eryday li4e 7i@es =ay to a to!e =hi3h is u!3om4ortable> sti44> 3old> 3hoked> hoarse> stra!7led a!d troubled a!d is @ery di44i3ult to u!dersta!d. I! su3h 3ir3umsta!3es> the ma!!er o4 speaki!7 he uses is !ot the o!e !ormally adopted> a!d espe3ially !ot duri!7 3heer4ul mome!ts. The best =ay o4 ;ud7i!7 this is to 3ompare the perso!:s @oi3e =ith the to!e he adopts =he! ser@ed a dish he likes @ery mu3h> =he! a 4a@orite pie3e o4 musi3 is playi!7> or =he! he is 7i@e! somethi!7 he =a!ts @ery mu3h. I! 7e!eral> a perso!:s !ormal to!e is o!e he uses =he! he is 3heer4ul a!d at pea3e. The loss o4 this to!e =he! he is 7i@e! ad@i3e or a =ar!i!7E that is> =he! a! e!@iro!me!t pla3es a strai! o! himEresults 4rom his harbori!7 !e7ati@e thou7hts i!side. 4 3ourse> all these details i! a perso!:s @oi3e ha@e mea!i!7 a!d 3o!tai! a messa7e. 1e se!ds the impressio! that he is !ot happy about the 3riti3ism> =a!ts the sub;e3t 3losed ri7ht a=ay a!d other=ise> =ill put a! e!d to his 3o!@ersatio! =ith the other perso! a!d dista!3e himsel4. By this mea!s> he is implyi!7 that i4 the perso! he:s talki!7 =ith u!3o@ers his de4e3ts a!d mistakes> his spiritual state =ill be disturbed a!d he =ill lose his !ormal pea3e o4 mi!dEso that the other should !ot 7o o! talki!7 about him i! this =ay a!d should e@e! take a step ba3k. 5o matter ho= mu3h he may seem to be sayi!7 positi@e thi!7s> su3h a perso! usi!7 this @oi3e may i! 4a3t be sayi!7 the eDa3t opposite. This is the Jre;e3tio! to!e o4 @oi3e.J Althou7h he may seem to a7ree> he is !ot o4 the same opi!io! i! his heart. This is o!e o4 the most si7!i4i3a!t si7!s o4 the se3ret i!si!3erity =e ha@e bee! dis3ussi!7 4rom the start. It 3a! be realized @ery 3learly 4rom his to!e o4 @oi3e that he does !ot a7ree =ith =hat:s bei!7 said to him> is !ot 3o!@i!3ed by the eDpla!atio!s a!d !ot pleased by the 3riti3ism. But be3ause his =ords

seem to be a! a33epta!3e o4 =hat he:s bei!7 told> it:s impossible to eDplai! a!ythi!7 to him or persuade him that =hat he:s do!e is =ro!7. The perso! already k!o=s this a!d is applyi!7 this sata!i3 ta3ti3 as a =ay o4 maki!7 a 3o!3ealed protest. 1o=e@er> someo!e =ho si!3erely =a!ts to 3orre3t his mistakes a!d desires to a3hie@e moral per4e3tio! eDpresses his humility> submissio! a!d a33epta!3e i! the best possible =ay =ith his attitude a!d @oi3e. By speaki!7 i! a33orda!3e =ith the 9ur:a! =ith a =arm a!d si!3ere to!e> he demo!strates beha@ior that i!spires trust i! the o!e he:s talki!7 to. The !e7ati@e beha@ior o4 people o4 the opposite sort spri!7s 4rom their desire to 3o!ti!ue their immorality a!d make other people 4eel troubled. But !e@er 4or7et that someo!e =ho dista!3es himsel4 4rom the morality o4 the 9ur:a! 3auses the 7reatest harm to himsel4. I4 he is i!@ited to 4aith> =ar!ed =ith @erses 4rom the 9ur:a! a!d 3a! see 4or himsel4 =hat is 3orre3t but still se3retly persists i! his i!si!3erity> he deser@es se3ret torme!t i! the li4e o4 the =orld a!d the torme!t o4 1ell i! the 1erea4ter. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah des3ribes the state o4 people =ho thi!k they are de3ei@i!7 the 4aith4ul =ith their ta3ti3al ma!eu@ers% They thin; they de0ei e Allah and those who +elie e! They de0ei e no one +#t themsel es +#t they are not aware o2 it! There is a si0;ness in their hearts and Allah has in0reased their si0;ness! They will ha e a pain2#l p#nishment on a00o#nt o2 their denial! "S#rat al3)aDara% F35.' 4ani2estations o2 insin0erity in spee0h 0e4e3ts o4 spee3h are also amo!7 the 4a3tors that most 3learly betray people:s i!si!3erity. I! 3o!trast to belie@ers =ho> =he! remi!ded o4 the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!> immediately sho= their humility i! their =ords a!d beha@ior> i!si!3ere people usually be7i! to speak i! a ma!!er that does !ot 3o!4orm to the 9ur:a!:s morality. Allah dra=s atte!tio! to their =ay o4 speaki!7> =hi3h is like a mirror i! =hi3h their true spiritual state 3a! be see!> i! this @erse o4 the 9ur:a!% I2 We wished, We wo#ld show them to yo# and yo# wo#ld ;now them +y their mar; and ;now them +y the +#rden o2 their spee0h! Allah ;nows yo#r a0tions! "S#rah 4#hammad% G.' The de4e3ts i! these people:s spee3h ma!i4est themsel@es i! a !umber o4 =ays. The most 3ommo! o!es i!3lude% 3 The 0ollapse o2 logi0al spee0h% Some eDhibit serious de4e3ts i! their 3hai! o4 lo7i3. Most o4 the time> they themsel@es are !ot a=are o4 this 3ollapse o4 lo7i3> =hi3h is readily appare!t to others. Cor eDample> =hile tryi!7 to pro@e that 3riti3ism dire3ted at them is 7rou!dless> they put 4orth e@ide!3e to pro@e that it is i!3orre3t. E@ery stateme!t they make is based o! more t=isted lo7i3 tha! be4ore. I! e@ery attempt to tur! the situatio! i! their 4a@or> they be3ome e@e! more irratio!al.

3 Spee0h in0ompati+le with the @#r7an !e o4 belie@ers: most importa!t 3hara3teristi3s is that the morality o4 the 9ur:a! 7o@er!s them at e@ery mome!tK a!d that their e@ery =ord 3o!4orms to the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!. Some i!si!3ere people =ho re3ei@e ad@i3e may a@oid re4erri!7 to the 9ur:a! or me!tio!i!7 Allah:s !ame> 4or i4 they did> they k!o= that they =ould ha@e to li@e =hat they say. Cor i!sta!3e> =he! o!e o4 their de4e3ts is poi!ted out to them> i4 they eDpress the attitude o4 the 4aith4ul re4erred to i! the @erse> :A*eople who g#ard against e il areB those who, when they a0t inde0ently or wrong themsel es, remem+er Allah and as; 2orgi eness 2or their +ad a0tions "and who 0an 2orgi e +ad a0tions e=0ept Allah6' and do not ;nowingly persist in what they were doing: &Surah Al :Imra!% +-8,> the!> i! 3omplia!3e =ith the 9ur:a!> they should immediately aba!do! their i!si!3erity. I! the same =ay> i4 e@e! 4or a mome!t they remember a!d de3lare that there is !o bei!7 other tha! AllahEthat they are impote!t i! the 4a3e o4 the po=er o4 Allah> that e@erythi!7 pro3eeds a33ordi!7 to the desti!y Allah has determi!ed> that 1e k!o=s =hat is i! the i!most depths o4 their hearts> that people are torme!ted i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter i! retur! 4or their i!si!3erity> that 1ell is eter!al a!d that the pai! there is real a!d lasti!7Ethe! they 3a! hardly demo!strate the 3oura7e to persist i! their immorality. I! su3h a situatio!> a perso! 3a! !o lo!7er pursue his o=! sel4ish ideas or use a ma!!er o4 speaki!7 arisi!7 4rom i7!ora!3e. E@erythi!7 is tur!ed o! its head a!d he 3a! !o lo!7er satis4y his lo=er sel4:s desires. All his beha@ior> his ma!!er o4 speaki!7 a!d his to!e o4 @oi3e retur! to !ormal. 1e 3a!!ot pra3ti3e de3eptio! or be3ome irritable or protest to=ard the other perso!. 5o matter ho= hard o! his pride> !o matter ho= 3o!trary to the ima7e he belie@es he has 3reated> he must admit his mistakes a!d take the e44ort to o@er3omi!7 them> =asti!7 !o time. Cor people =ho a@oid thi!ki!7 i! a33orda!3e =ith the 9ur:a!> 1ell is o!e o4 the most importa!t remi!ders to make them thi!k. Ahe! asked a <uestio! like> JI4 you =ere o! the ed7e o4 1ell a!d =ere to be thro=! i!to it or res3uedEa33ordi!7 to your beha@iorE=ould you still persist i! the same beha@iorBJ> these people are pushed i!to a 3or!er be3ause !o o!e o! the ed7e o4 the 4ire 3a! sho= the 3oura7e to beha@e i! a =ay 3o!trary to the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. Su3h a! a!alo7y dramatizes that most people:s i!si!3erity arises 4rom their i!ability to 4oresee Allah:s torme!t or their la3k o4 a 4irm belie4 i! the 1erea4ter. I! a @erse o4 the 9ur:a!> Allah =ar!s su3h people% What are they waiting 2or +#t 2or the angels to 0ome to them or 2or yo#r Lord Himsel2 to 0ome, or 2or one o2 yo#r Lord7s signs to 0ome6 On the day that one o2 yo#r Lord7s signs does 0ome, no 2aith whi0h a sel2 pro2esses will +e o2 any #se to it i2 it did not +elie e +e2ore and earn good in its 2aith! Say% :Wait, then; We too are waiting!: "S#rat al3Anam% 5J9' I! 3o!3lusio!> keepi!7 i! mi!d the abo@e @erse> thi!ki!7 si!3erely that the retur! 4or =hat o!e has do!e may be the torme!t i! 1ell a!d so> aba!do!i!7 i!si!3erity 3a! be the mea!s to 3o!ti!ue o!e:s li4e as a! ho!est perso!. 3 Lehement de2ensi eness and protests A!other 3hara3teristi3 o4 some =ho are determi!ed i! their i!si!3erity attra3ts atte!tio!% Sometimes> rather tha! tryi!7 to u!dersta!d =hat is said to them> they rea3t by protesti!7 @eheme!tly a!d de4e!di!7

themsel@es. A belie@er should liste! to 3omme!ts made about him or ad@i3e o44ered> ask <uestio!s a!d try to lear! a!d u!dersta!d. Mater> su3h a perso! sho=s that he has u!derstood the =ar!i!7 he:s re3ei@ed a!d makes a si!3ere e44ort a33ordi!7 to the 9ur:a!. But su3h a! e44ort is seldom obser@ed i! the ki!d o4 3hara3ter =e are talki!7 about. Allah o44ers the eDemplary beha@ior o4 the Prophet 2usu4 &as, as a! eDample to the 4aith4ul i! the 9ur:a!. 0espite bei!7 4a3ed =ith a 3alum!y> the Prophet 2usu4 &as, k!e= that he should !ot de4e!d his lo=er sel4. !e @erse <uotes him as 4ollo=s% :I do not say my sel2 was 2ree 2rom +lame! The sel2 indeed 0ommands to e il a0ts>e=0ept 2or those my Lord has mer0y on! 4y Lord, He is 8orgi ing, 4er0i2#l!: "S#rah $#s#2% JG' 3 Silen0e A!other rea3tio! that re@eals i!si!3erity is =he! people =ho !ormally display a li@ely> 3heer4ul 3hara3ter a!d e!7a7e i! sustai!ed> =arm 3o!@ersatio!s> are 3o!4ro!ted =ith 3riti3ism. Sudde!ly they 4all sile!t a!d seem u!able to speak. Belie@ers i! the true 4aith lose !o!e o4 their ea7er =illpo=er> e@e! u!der the most di44i3ult 3ir3umsta!3es. ! the 3o!trary> su3h 3ir3umsta!3es make them more ea7er still a!d they sho= the stre!7th o4 their 4aith by maki!7 e@e! 7reater e44orts. I! su3h 3ir3umsta!3es> o4 3ourse> people =ho pre4er to remai! sile!t rather tha! pro@ide satis4a3tory eDpla!atio!s do so as a protest. I! this =ay> they =a!t to =ear do=! the belie@er =ho is =ar!i!7 them. But =he! they are told that this beha@ior is u!seemly> they o44er the eD3use that they said !othi!7 be3ause !othi!7 3rossed their mi!ds. Beha@ior o4 this type is 3arried out 3u!!i!7ly a!d 3a!!ot be pro@ed. A7ai!> it 3a! be dete3ted a!d re3o7!ized o!ly =ith the siDth se!se. A! i!si!3ere perso! takes ad@a!ta7e o4 the la3k o4 proo4 a!d 3o!ti!ues his protest. But =ith this u7ly obsti!a3y> he loses both Allah:s appro@al a!d the trust> respe3t a!d a44e3tio! o4 the 4aith4ul. Be3ause o4 his 3ra4ty pla!s> the perso! i! <uestio! has a! eDtremely 3o!4used spiritual state. 1e li@es =ith a troubled 3o!s3ie!3e> k!o=i!7 that =hat he:s do!e is i!si!3ere> a!d li@es =ith 3o!ti!ual te!sio! a!d dis3om4ort. This> too> is o!e o4 the torme!ts 7i@e! by Allah to people =ho pra3ti3e i!si!3erity. 3 A22e0ted spee0h People =ho 4or7et that Allah k!o=s =hat is hidde! i! their hearts thi!k it:s e!ou7h i4 they 3a! o!ly 3o!@i!3e the people arou!d them. I! this situatio!> they resort to a44e3ted spee3h a!d attitude to 3o!3eal =hat is i!side a!d try to make others belie@e =hat is !ot i! their hearts throu7h a44e3ted beha@ior. They also use a44e3ted attitudes a!d spee3h to hide 4rom people =hat they =a!t to keep se3ret. Allah re4ers to people like this i! a @erse o4 the 9ur:a!% !!! They please yo# with their mo#ths +#t their hearts +elie their words! 4ost o2 them are de iators! "S#rat at3Taw+a% 9'

4 3ourse> mai!tai!i!7 this hypo3riti3al spiritual state 3o!siste!tly is eDtremely di44i3ult. Cor a perso! to seem to 4eel thi!7s he does !ot eDperie!3e re<uires a 7reat eDpe!diture o4 e44ort. People =ho mai!tai! this eDtremely =earyi!7 beha@ior 3reate troubles 4or themsel@es. Ahe! ad@i3e is 7i@e! them> they prete!dE=ith eDa77erated 7estures a!d emphases a!d lo!7 a!d detailed eDpla!atio!sEto ha@e a33epted =hat has bee! said. Most o4 the time> they truly are thi!ki!7 the eDa3t opposite a!d appear to a33ept o!ly be3ause they =a!t the sub;e3t 3losed. They 3al3ulate =hat sort o4 stateme!ts the other perso! =a!ts to hear a!dE=ithout thou7ht> 4eeli!7 or u!dersta!di!7Ethey say =hat they thi!k =ill pa3i4y the other. But =hile this takes pla3e> their beha@ior usually does !ot 3ha!7e 4or the better. Aith the help o4 Allah> Muslims 4eel that the =ords o4 these people are de3eit4ul. People =ho pra3ti3e this de3eit belie@e that they ha@e 3leared a!d prote3ted themsel@es at the time> but Allah k!o=s the most 3are4ully 7uarded se3rets they keep i!side. I! the 9ur:a!> 1e re@eals the 4ollo=i!7 about people =ho belie@e they are 3o!3eali!7 thi!7s i! their hearts% See how they wrap themsel es ro#nd trying to 0on0eal their 2eelings 2rom Him< No, indeed< When they wrap their garments ro#nd themsel es, He ;nows what they ;eep se0ret and what they ma;e p#+li0! He ;nows what their hearts 0ontain! "S#rah H#d% J' 3 Using a 0ontrary manner o2 spea;ing To re!der ad@i3e 7i@e! them i!e44e3ti@e> some resort to usi!7 a 3o!trary ma!!er o4 speaki!7. I! this =ay they de3ei@e themsel@es> belie@i!7 that they 3a! dissuade Muslims =ho e!;oi! the 7ood a!d 4orbid e@il. They de3ei@e themsel@es be3ause a pious Muslim is respo!sible o!ly 4or re@eali!7 truths. A!other:s rea3tio! 3a!!ot a44e3t his beha@i!7 i! a33orda!3e =ith Allah:s appro@al. These t=o#4a3ed people use 3o!trari!ess i! the same 3u!!i!7 =ay as their other beha@ioral ploys. They try !ot to 7i@e a=ay too ma!y i!di3atio!s or too mu3h e@ide!3e o4 =hat they really thi!k. Abo@e all> there is a 3o!3ealed obsti!a3y i! their spee3h. Aith the support o4 barely per3eptible 7estures a!d emphases> they se3retly de4y the perso! they are talki!7 =ith. At 4irst heari!7> their =ords may seem respe3t4ul a!d reaso!able. 1o=e@er> their =ay o4 sayi!7 these =ords> the emphases they use> the tou7h!ess i! their eDpressio!s a!d their i!appropriate 7estures 7i@e the impressio! that they:re really 3o!tradi3ti!7 those they:re talki!7 to. I! the morality o4 the 9ur:a!> there is !o pla3e 4or 3o!trary beha@ior> =hether ope! or se3ret. !e o4 the most importa!t 3hara3teristi3s disti!7uishi!7 the 4aith4ul 4rom the i7!ora!t is their 7e!tle> humble> submissi@e patie!3e a!d 3ompassio!. The o!ly po=er that 3a! 7ra!t these <ualities to people is the 4ear o4 Allah. Cor this reaso!> a!yo!e =ho e!7a7es i! se3ret 3o!trari!ess should aba!do! this ri7ht a=ay by 4eari!7 Allah to his utmost> taki!7 re4u7e i! 1im> a!d demo!strati!7 a 7e!tle a!d submissi@e morality. 1e2e0ts o2 e=pression in eyes A!other i!di3ator o4 3hara3ter> emotio!s> thou7hts a!d le@el o4 si!3erity is people:s eDpressio!s i! their eyes. Most o4 =hat a perso! eDperie!3es i!side> =hat he hides i! his heart a!d =hat passes throu7h his mi!d is re4le3ted i! his eDpressio!. This is a truth =ell k!o=! by most people> 4or =hi3h reaso!> eDpressio!s hold a! importa!t pla3e i! people:s ability to 7et to k!o= a!d e@aluate o!e a!other.

Allah tells us that eDpressio!s are a! importa!t measure o4 people:s i!ter!al =orlds. Some o4 the @erses i! the 9ur:a! dra=i!7 atte!tio! to this are these% Those who do not +elie e all +#t stri;e yo# down with their e il loo;s when they hear the Reminder and say, :He is D#ite mad!: "S#rat al3@alam% J5' He ;nows the eyes7 de0eit and what people7s +reasts 0on0eal! "S#rah (ha2ir% 5F' As you 3a! see i! the abo@e @erses> eDpressio!s i! o!e:s eyes 7i@e a=ay the true thou7hts a!d spiritual state. Su3h people try to 7i@e the impressio! that they are morally upri7ht. But i4 a!ythi!7 3o!4li3ts =ith their i!terests> they 7i@e =ay to a!7er ri7ht a=ay. But they k!o= that a!7er is a7ai!st the morality o4 the 9ur:a!> so they try to 3o!3eal it. By doi!7 so> they both =it!ess their o=! immorality a!d 4eel troubled by it> torme!ti!7 themsel@es u!!e3essarily =ith 4eeli!7s o4 ra7e. The eDpressio!s o4 a si!3ere perso! re4le3t his ho!esty. I! 3o!trast to people =ho =ro!7 themsel@es> they li@e =hat they 4eel. Their tra!<uil a!d 3o!te!ted spiritual state re@eals itsel4 i! their eyes as li@eli!ess a!d depth.

Immediate S#+mission to Hopelessness
Ahe! met =ith 3riti3ism> people =ho do !ot li@e a33ordi!7 to the re<uireme!ts o4 the morality o4 the 9ur:a! immediately des3e!d i!to hopeless!ess a!d de4eatism. People =ho u!dersta!d Allah:s po=er a!d 1is mer3y a!d 7e!erosity to=ards 1is 4aith4ul 4ollo=ers do !ot submit to hopeless!ess i! a!y =ay. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah tells us o4 these =ords o4 the Prophet 2a:<ub &as, o! the sub;e3t o4 hopeless!ess% :4y sons< See; news o2 $#s#2 and his +rother! 1o not despair o2 sola0e 2rom Allah! No one despairs o2 sola0e 2rom Allah e=0ept 2or people who are dis+elie ers!: "S#rah $#s#2% 9C' Bei!7 a=are o4 his o=! de4e3ti@e aspe3ts is a 7reat blessi!7 a!d a! opportu!ity 4or a perso!. I! this =ay> he 3a! 3lea!se himsel4 o4 his errors. But =he! =ar!ed or 3au7ht out i! mistake! beha@ior> some people immediately 7i@e =ay to hopeless!ess. This is a! i!di3atio! o4 their 4ailure to pla3e their trust i! Allah. Ma3k o4 submissio! is o!e o4 the =orst 3urses that 3a! be su44ered i! this =orld> be3ause a!yo!e =ho belie@es that some e@e!ts o33ur i!depe!de!tly o4 Allah =a!ts to al=ays ha@e them u!der his o=! 3o!trol. But be3ause he 3a! !e@er su33eed i! this> his li4e is 3o!ti!ually spe!t i! 4ear> =orry> te!sio! a!d stress. This spiritual state> eDperie!3ed by people =ho 4or7et Allah:s bou!dless po=er a!d 1is suprema3y o@er e@erythi!7> is really o!e o4 the 4orms o4 torme!t 3reated 4or people i! =orldly li4e.

The *sy0hology o2 )attling In?#sti0e and Co#nteratta0;s
Those =ho 3a!!ot u!dersta!d &as they should, Allah:s ;usti3e> 1is 3ompassio! to=ards 1is 4aith4ul ser@a!ts a!d> at the same time> the moral per4e3tio! o4 a belie@er =ill i!terpret a!y =ar!i!7 they re3ei@e as a! u!;ust perso!al atta3k. They 3a!!ot u!dersta!d that the o!e 7i@i!7 the =ar!i!7 seeks !o be!e4it 4or himsel4> but is maki!7 a si!3ere e44ort to impro@e a!other:s li4e i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter.

As Allah poi!ts out i! the @erse> :1o they then see; the ?#dgment o2 the Time o2 Ignoran0e6 Who 0o#ld +e +etter at gi ing ?#dgment than Allah 2or people with 0ertainty6: &Surat al#Ma:ida% 8),> they assess the matter =ith i7!ora!t 3riteria. I! i7!ora!t so3ieities> 3riti3ism is made 4or the purpose o4 setti!7 the 3riti3 abo@e others a!d belittli!7 others a!d maki!7 them ashamed by poi!ti!7 out their =eak!esses. Criti3ism> a33ordi!7 to this thi!ki!7> is made to eDpress to someo!e that the 3riti3 does !ot like him or appro@e o4 his beha@ior. It is !ot made to sol@e a problem or as a mea!s to help the other perso! o@er3ome his de4e3ts> be3ome better a!d ear! eter!al li4e i! the 1erea4ter. Si!3e i!si!3ere people e@aluate e@e!ts !ot 4rom the @ie=poi!t o4 the 9ur:a!> but usi!7 the 3riteria o4 the i7!ora!t> they i!terpret a!y positi@e 3riti3ism o44ered to them as detrime!tal. People =ho do !ot beha@e i! a33orda!3e =ith the 9ur:a! usually thi!k that they are bei!7 4or3ed to su44er a! i!;usti3e =he! they e!3ou!ter su3h a situatio!. They utter hurt4ul =ords to =hoe@er =ar!s them> be3ome a!7ry> a!d beha@e dista!tly a!d 3oldly. 1o=e@er> it should be 3lear that !o!e o4 this beha@ior 3o!4orms =ith the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. Abo@e e@erythi!7> Allah:s ;usti3e de4i!itely ma!i4ests itsel4 o! e@ery perso! a!d Allah tells us that !obody =ill su44er i!;usti3e i! the @erse> :Allah does not wrong anyone +y so m#0h as the smallest spe0;! And i2 there is a good deed Allah will m#ltiply it and pay o#t an immense reward dire0t 2rom Him: &Surat a!#5isa:% 4),. A belie@er al=ays hopes that Allah:s ;usti3e =ill make itsel4 appare!t i! e@ery situatio!> a!d 4or this reaso! he eDhibits 3alm a!d submissi@e beha@ior. Those =ho say they belie@e i! Allah> but 4or7et 1is ;usti3e a!d po=er> li@e li@es o4 3o!ti!ual trouble a!d te!sio! =ith their sta!3e o4 battli!7 a7ai!st i!;usti3e.

Cra2ty )eha ior on the :Limit *rin0iple:
Some =ho share the morality that 3o!stitutes the sub;e3t o4 this book =ill say that they 3o!4orm to the 9ur:a!> yet mai!tai! their i7!ora!t morality se3retly a!d 3u!!i!7ly. 1o=e@er> all this is do!e =ithi! the Jlimit pri!3iple>J mea!i!7 that the i!di@idual e!7a7es i! all ki!ds o4 i!si!3ere a3ts that 3a!!ot be pro@e!. 1e is also 3are4ul to do them i! su3h a =ay that !o o!e 3a! 3laim that they are ope!ly a7ai!st the 9ur:a!. All his se3ret a3ti@ities are kept =ithi! 3ertai! limits. I! order to mai!tai! these limits> the perso! may 3arry out both broad a!d 4i!e tu!i!7> as !e3essary. Broad tu!i!7 is determi!ed 4rom the outsetK 4i!e tu!i!7 is put i!to e44e3t =he! the 4aith4ul dis3o@er his i!si!3erities. Cor eDample> =he! he says somethi!7 irritable a!d is told that speaki!7 i! su3h a =ay does !ot a33ord =ith the morality des3ribed i! the 9ur:a!> he 3a! immediately ad;ust bet=ee! speaki!7 3rossly a!d !ormal speaki!7. At e@ery =ar!i!7> he redu3es the dose o4 irritability i! =hat he says> but still does this =ith 4ra7me!ts o4 sata! i!side. At !o sta7e does he submit to ad@i3e 7i@e! o! the basis o4 the 9ur:a!. But he 3a! re4i!e a!d !arro= the borderli!e bet=ee! submissio! a!d !ot submitti!7. 1e uses 3o!3ealed rude!ess> 3o!3ealed protest a!d 3o!3ealed obsti!a3y i! su3h limited doses that they 3a!!ot be pro@e!. I! 4a3t> e!teri!7 i!to so mu3h trouble a!d 3o!4usio! to hide i!si!3erities a!d prote3t o!esel4 is mea!i!7less. It is to li@e su3h a li4e a!d 4eed 3orrosi@e troubles that torme!t the 3o!s3ie!3e. Si!3erity is mu3h easier> mu3h 4i!er a!d mu3h more do=!#to#earth. 5e@er 4or7et that> as =e are told i! the @erse> :On that 1ay yo# will +e e=posed>no 0on0ealed a0t yo# did will stay 0on0ealed: &Surat al#1a<<a% +.,. E@e! i4 4i!e tu!i!7 is 3arried out a!d their dosa7e redu3ed> all i!si!3erities are 3learly see! a!d k!o=! by Allah. A!d as 1e tells us i! the @erse> :Whoe er does an atom7s weight o2 good will see it! Whoe er does an atom7s weight o2 e il will see it: &Surat az#Oilzal% 6#.,. E@ery a3t =ill de4i!itely re3ei@e a retur! i! the 1erea4ter. Cor this reaso!> i!

1is @erses> Allah i!stru3ts people to 7i@e up their si!s> =hether ope! or hidde!> a!d =ar!s them o4 the torme!t to 3ome% A+andon wrong a0tion, o#tward and inward! Those who 0ommit wrong a0tion will +e repaid 2or what they perpetrated! "S#rat al3An7am% 5-.' !!! that yo# do not approa0h inde0en0y>o#tward or inward! "S#rat al3An7am% 5J5'

The *sy0hology o2 *rotest and Rea0tion
Ahe! the i7!ora!t are upset by somebody:s =ords or beha@ior> the 7reat ma;ority u!hesitati!7ly rea3t by slammi!7 doors> beha@i!7 3oldly to=ards other people> !ot talki!7 to them> re4usi!7 to eat 4ood prepared 4or them or !ot doi!7 ;obs that !eed to be do!e. People 4amiliar =ith the morality o4 the 9ur:a! k!o= that su3h beha@ior is !ot appropriate 4or belie@ers a!d so do !ot resort to su3h protests. Some =ho la3k si!3ere 4aith ha@e !o hesitatio! i! 3arryi!7 out protest a3tio!s that do !ot 3o!4orm to the morality o4 the 9ur:a!> but do !ot do so ope!ly> mostly =ith i!di44ere!t> sile!t> 3old beha@ior. Ahe! people i! su3h a spiritual state is asked a <uestio!> they 3a!!ot 7i@e a plai!> !ormal a!s=er. Sometimes they 7i@e a short> belittli!7 a!s=er a!d sometimes se3retly protest by 7i@i!7 3urt a!s=ers like J2es>J J5o>J or JI do!:t k!o=.J This is a! attempt to seem to be replyi!7. I4 asked> JAhy did!:t you a!s=erBJ> they put the other perso! i! the =ro!7 by sayi!7> JI did.J Sometimes they play 4or time by 7i@i!7 @ery @a7ue a!s=ers a4ter a delay. Ahe! asked =hy they remai!ed sile!t or a!s=ered late> they put 4or=ard =hi3h are ob@iously i!si!3ere eD3uses that 3a!!ot be pro@ed as su3hE4or eDample> JI =as thi!ki!7>J or JI 3ould!:t thi!k =hat I =a!ted to say.J I! a! e!@iro!me!t =here all others are e!;oyi!7 themsel@es> they 3a!!ot e!;oy themsel@es as they =ould like a!d o!ly 3o!te!t themsel@es =ith smili!7 a!d beha@i!7 =earily a!d 3oldly. But =he! asked =hy they are beha@i!7 like this a!d =hether or !ot there:s a problem> they 7i@e a 4alse a!s=er by sayi!7> J5othi!7 is =ro!7.J Sometimes they dis7uise their protest by o44eri!7 eD3uses su3h as ill!ess or sleepless!ess. I! this =ay> =he! they re3ei@e a 3omplai!t about their beha@ior> they 3laim that !o!e o4 it is deliberate> but they are beha@i!7 that =ay be3ause they are ill. Those =ho eDhibit su3h u7ly beha@ior should k!o= that the o!ly o!es =ho su44er 4rom this situatio! are themsel@es. E@e! =he! others ha@e !o 3lear proo4> most o4 them realize that su3h a perso! is beha@i!7 i!si!3erely. I! a33orda!3e =ith the morality o4 the 9ur:a!> a pious belie@er 7i@es su3h a perso! a use4ul a!s=er by i!@iti!7 him to superior morality> a!d he himsel4 li@es i! the pea3e o4 this superior morality. !e =ho is determi!ed to sho= se3ret immorality 4or the sake o4 protesti!7 3a!!ot e!;oy himsel4> lau7h or speak as he =ould really like to. Be3ause he ;ud7es e@e!ts or other people 4rom a !e7ati@e @ie=poi!t> su3h people 3a! 4i!d !o pleasure. They i!terpret e@erythi!7 as a problem a!d li@e al=ays i! trouble a!d torme!t. The o!ly solutio! is 4or a perso! to 4ear Allah a!d de@ote himsel4 to the morality o4 the 9ur:a!. !ly o!e =ho 7i@es himsel4 to Allah =ith a si!3ere heart a!d a@oids e@erythi!7 that Allah =ill !ot appro@e o4 3a! 4i!d tra!<uility a!d happi!ess i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter.

Allah 4ay In0rease Worldly Tro#+les 2or Those Who *ersist in Insin0erity
ur Mord eDplai!s the ki!d o4 repe!ta!3e =hi3h =ill 7ai! a33epta!3e i! 1is si7ht i! the @erse> :Allah only a00epts the repentan0e o2 those who do e il in ignoran0e and then D#i0;ly repent a2ter doing it! Allah t#rns towards s#0h people!!!: &Surat a!#5isa:% +6,. I! a!other @erse> Allah des3ribes si!3ere belie@ers as :those who, when they a0t inde0ently or wrong themsel es, remem+er Allah and as; 2orgi eness 2or their +ad a0tions "and who 0an 2orgi e +ad a0tions e=0ept Allah6' and do not ;nowingly persist in what they were doing: &Surah Al :Imra!% +-8,. Allah tells us that 1e =ill 4or7i@e mistakes made throu7h i7!ora!3e or la3k o4 k!o=led7e> pro@ided that people immediately 7i@e them up =he! they !oti3e them a!d do !ot persist i! the same errors. Thus a belie@er =ho =a!ts to a3hie@e true si!3erity to=ards Allah should thi!k i! li!e =ith these @erses a!d ask Allah:s 4or7i@e!ess 4or all the i!si!3erities he hides i!side himsel4. 1o=e@er> the beha@ior 4or =hi3h Allah =ill 3all people to a33ou!t o! the 0ay o4 Gud7me!t does !ot 3o!sist o!ly o4 the i!si!3erities they display ope!ly. Allah also takes i!to a33ou!t i!si!3erities that people are 3o!s3iously a=are o4> but try to hide 4rom others. As =e are remi!ded i! the @erse> :!!! Allah ;nows what yo# di #lge and what yo# 0on0eal: &Surat a!#5ur% *(,> Allah k!o=s =hat is 7oi!7 o! i!side a perso! e@e! thou7h others 3a!!ot pro@e a!y i!si!3erity. Be3ause o4 this> =he! e@aluati!7 himsel4> a perso! should measure !ot o!ly his eDter!ally @isible beha@ioral de4e3ts =hi3h 3a! be pro@ed> but also his se3ret i!si!3erities. 1e should 7i@e up all these a!d ask Allah:s 4or7i@e!ess. 1e should k!o= that other=iseEi4 he does !ot a33ept =ar!i!7s he is 7i@e!> disdai!s those =ho 7i@e them a!d sets his 4a3e a7ai!st themE he may 4all i!to the situatio! o4 the people des3ribed i! the 9ur:a! like this% :No indeed< Tr#ly man is #n+ridled, seeing himsel2 as sel23s#22i0ient!: "S#rat al37AlaD% /3C' I! su3h a situatio!> be3ause he has !ot 3ome e@e! 3lose to si!3erity a!d has !ot 3ha!7ed his beha@ior> e@e! thou7h he k!o=s Allah:s 3omma!dme!ts a!d sees the true path> Allah may 3lose do=! his 3omprehe!sio! 3ompletely. Allah =ar!s 1is ser@a!ts about this% I will di ert 2rom 4y signs all those who are arrogant in the Earth witho#t any right! I2 they see e ery sign, they will not +elie e in it! I2 they see the way o2 right g#idan0e, they will not ta;e it as a way! )#t i2 they see the way o2 error, they will ta;e that as a way! That is +e0a#se they denied O#r signs and paid no attention to them! "S#rat al3A7ra2% 5&/' I4 people persist i! their i!si!3erities despite bei!7 =ar!ed by the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!> their o=! 3o!s3ie!3es a!d si!3ere belie@ers> the out3ome they may su44er =hile i! the li4e o4 the =orld is !ot limited to this. Allah tells that 1e may bli!d the eyes o4 the 3o!s3ie!3e o4 those =ho take !o !oti3e o4 the ad@i3e 7i@e! them% S#0h are the people Allah has 0#rsed, ma;ing them dea2 and +linding their eyes! Will they not then ponder the @#r7an or are there lo0;s #pon their hearts6 "S#rah 4#hammad% -G3-&'

These are o!ly a 4e= o4 the thi!7s that Allah 3a! do to people =ho resist si!3erity. 5e@er 4or7et that Allah is the Almi7hty Aho 3reated e@erythi!7. I4 1e =ills> 1e 3a! i!3rease people:s torme!t i! the li4e o4 the =orld. 1e 3a! bri!7 the se3ret troubles that people su44er be3ause o4 their i!si!3erity to a le@el at =hi3h they take o@er their ide!tities 3ompletely. I4 1e =ishes> Allah 3a! make the =orld too small 4or people. I! the 9ur:a!> =e are told that i! the past> ma!y peoples submitted to Allah a!d dire3ted themsel@es to=ards si!3erity i! the 4a3e o4 su3h a torme!t. It is He Who 0on eys yo# on +oth land and sea so that when some o2 yo# are on a +oat, r#nning +e2ore a 2air wind, re?oi0ing at it, and then a iolent sD#all 0omes #pon them and the wa es 0ome at them 2rom e ery side and they realiEe there is no way o2 es0ape, they 0all on Allah, ma;ing their religion sin0erely His% :I2 $o# res0#e #s 2rom this, we will tr#ly +e among the than;2#l!: "S#rah $#n#s% --' I! this @erse> Allah tells us that =he! they are helplessly trapped amidst =a@es i! the middle o4 the o3ea!> people de@ote themsel@es to 1im> :ma;ing their religion sin0erely His!: Ahat makes these people adopt this si!3erity is bei!7 i! torme!t a!d> u!dersta!di!7 Allah:s po=er a!d mi7ht> seeki!7 1is help. Striki!7ly> at su3h a poi!t> people are !ot 4or3ed to try 4or si!3erity at all. At the mome!t they see the torme!t> they use their 3o!s3ie!3es a!d their =ills to the maDimum a!d make e@ery si!3ere e44ort to a3hie@e a morality that Allah =ill appro@e. This demo!strates that> e@e! be4ore they eDperie!3e torme!t> people possess the po=er to be si!3ere. There is really !o !eed 4or others to eDplai! to them or try to pro@e their i!si!3erities. They 3a! take o! 3hara3teristi3s that Allah =ill appro@e simply by re4erri!7 to their 3o!s3ie!3es. I4 despite this> they still set their 4a3es a7ai!st those =ho =ar! them a!d i!@ite them to si!3erity> they should seriously 4ear the torme!t that Allah 3a! bri!7 do=! o! them i! the li4e o4 the =orld. Allah 3a! repay people 4or i!si!3erity =ith torme!t at a!y u!eDpe3ted mome!t. 1e 3a! take a=ay all a perso!:s 7oods> property a!d respe3t a!d lea@e him i! helpless po@erty. 1e 3a! bri!7 do=! u!ima7i!able dis3om4ort> u!happi!ess a!d i!!er a44li3tio!. Ahile keepi!7 the body ali@e> 1e 3a! petri4y the soul so that to the e!d o4 his li4e> the i!di@idual 3a! take !o pleasure 4rom a!y blessi!7 or a!ythi!7 beauti4ul. Allah 3a! make him li@e u!til his death u!able to lo@e or be lo@ed or eDperie!3e the pleasure o4 4rie!dship a!d si!3erity. I! additio! to these spiritual torme!ts> Allah 3a! 7i@e people rele!tless diseases> as 1e poi!ts out i! this @erse> =ar!i!7 about 1is torme!t% Say% :He possesses the power to send yo# p#nishment 2rom a+o e yo#r heads or 2rom +eneath yo#r 2eet, or to 0on2#se yo# in se0ts and ma;e yo# taste one another7s iolen0e!: Loo; how We ary the signs so that hope2#lly they will #nderstand! "S#rat al3An7am % /J' People should 4ear all these possibilities a!d a@oid them by dire3ti!7 themsel@es to=ards si!3erity =ithout delay. The time they are 7i@e! should !ot de3ei@e people either. Be3ause o4 1is 3ompassio!> 4or7i@e!ess a!d 7e!erosity> Allah allo=s people a 3ertai! period to set themsel@es o! the ri7ht path. I4 o!e does !ot use this period to his ad@a!ta7e> the out3ome may be i!es3apable torme!t> as =e are told i! this @erse o4 the 9ur:a!>

:How many wrongdoing 0ities I allowed time to and then I seiEed them! I am their 2inal destination<: &Surat al#1a;;% 4.,. A perso! 3a!!ot k!o= =he! the period 7ra!ted him =ill 3ome to a! e!d. Be3ause o4 this> a!d be3ause he may die at a!y mome!t> he should make a si!3ere e44ort to stre!7the! his 4aith a!d impro@e his morality. ?!til death> the =ay is ope! to e@erybody to start o@er> re7ai! 4aith a!d deli@er themsel@es to Allah. The =ay to be sa@ed 4rom i!si!3erity is @ery simple% People should re3o!sider the @erses o4 the 9ur:a! a!d> i! the li7ht o4 them> their o=! i!te!tio!s a!d !ot allo= i!si!3erity> ope! or se3ret> at a!y poi!t i! their li@es.

The Se0ret Sorrows o2 the World 4ay T#rn to Endless Torment in the Herea2ter
Crom the start> this book has bee! eDplai!i!7 that those =ho do !ot 4ully aba!do! i!si!3erity 3a!!ot be res3ued 4rom the u!happy li@es they lead or the se3ret sorro=s they su44er. E@e! thou7h they are =ar!ed> people =ho persist i! their i!si!3erity a!d 4ail to e@e! approa3h the li4e o4 the true 4aith =ill also be u!happy i! the 1erea4ter. 5e@er 4or7et that a perso! is bei!7 tested i! the li4e o4 the =orld. I! the 1erea4ter> he =ill re3ei@e a re=ard to the eDte!t that he stru77les a7ai!st his lo=er sel4 a!d li@es out the ki!d o4 morality a!d 4aith =hi3h Allah lo@es. Those =ho 3lea!se a!d puri4y their souls =ill be re=arded =ith ParadiseK those =ho are =rapped i! si! a!d e@il> =ith 1ell. Those i! the =orld =ho do !ot li@e i! ho!esty a!d si!3erity> =ho do !ot k!o= humility a!d submissio! a!d =ho adopt u!belie4 a!d hypo3risy as their pri!3iples> =ill be repaid 4or this immorality i! the 1erea4ter. Allah has pur7ed Paradise o4 all ills a!d de4e3ts. People re3ei@ed i!to Paradise are those =ho ha@e tried to pur7e their souls o4 all e@il i! the li4e o4 the =orld. b@iously> o!e =ho =a!ts to be re3ei@ed i!to Paradise !eeds to pur7e himsel4 o4 all e@il> be3ause those =ho retai! a!y o4 their =i3ked!ess> =ho do !ot li@e superior morality a!d do !ot k!o= the beauty o4 lo@e a!d bei!7 lo@ed 3ertai!ly 3a!!ot rea3h the state i! =hi3h they 3a! share pleasure i! these thi!7s i! the 1erea4ter. Aorldly li4e is a lear!i!7 pla3e 4or them> but =hate@er 3hara3teristi3s their souls ha@e take! o! i! the =orld =ill also be their 3hara3teristi3s i! the 1erea4ter. I4 they ha@e 7ai!ed !o!e> the repayme!t 4or their =orldly morality =ill be the 3o!ti!uatio! o4 the same troubles> torme!ts a!d u!happi!ess i! the 1erea4ter. I! 3o!se<ue!3e> e@ery perso! should 4ear this da!7er =aiti!7 4or him> prepare 4or it =hile there is still time> li@e his li4e i! 3omplete si!3erity a!d make e@ery e44ort to attai! the morality appro@ed by Allah. I! the 4ollo=i!7 pa7es> the thou7ht#pro@oki!7 repayme!t those =ho display i!si!3ere morality i! the li4e o4 the =orld =ill re3ei@e i! the 1erea4ter =ill be shortly des3ribed.

*eople Who (row Arrogant in This World Will )e H#m+led and )ro#ght Low in the Herea2ter
Those =ho 3a!!ot be res3ued 4rom their pride4ul a!d e7oisti3 emotio!s al=ays make 7reat e44orts to 3o!@i!3e others that they are superior. This e44ort 3auses them to li@e their =orldly li@es i! u!happi!ess a!d trouble. The retur! 4or these people i! the 1erea4ter is to be humbled> brou7ht lo= a!d treated =ith 3o!tempt. Allah =ar!s these people i! the 9ur:a!% $o#r (od is One (od! As 2or those who do not +elie e in the Herea2ter, their hearts are in denial and they are p#22ed #p with pride! There is no do#+t that Allah ;nows what they ;eep se0ret and what they ma;e p#+li0! He does not lo e people p#22ed #p with pride! When they are as;ed, :What has yo#r Lord sent down6: they say, :4yths and legends o2 pre io#s peoples!: So on the 1ay o2 Res#rre0tion they will 0arry the 2#ll weight o2 their own +#rdens and some o2 the +#rdens o2 those they misg#ided witho#t ;nowledge! What an e il load they +ear< Those +e2ore them also plotted, and Allah 0ame at their +#ilding 2rom the 2o#ndations and the roo2 0a ed in on top o2 them! The p#nishment 0ame at them 2rom where

they did not e=pe0t! Then on the 1ay o2 Res#rre0tion He will disgra0e them, and say, :Where are 4y partner deities 2or whose sa;e yo# +e0ame so hostile6: Those gi en ;nowledge will say, :Today there is disgra0e and e il 2or the dis+elie ers!: As 2or those the angels ta;e in death while they are wronging themsel es, they will o22er their s#+mission% :We did not do any e il!: Oh yes yo# did< Allah ;nows what yo# were doing! :Enter the gates o2 Hell, remaining in it timelessly, 2or e er! How e il is the a+ode o2 the arrogant<: "S#rat an3Nahl% --3-F' !!! I2 yo# 0o#ld only see the wrongdoers in the throes o2 death when the angels are stret0hing o#t their hands, saying, :1isgorge yo#r own sel es< Today yo# will +e repaid with the p#nishment o2 h#miliation 2or saying something other than the tr#th a+o#t Allah, and +eing arrogant a+o#t His signs!: "S#rat al3An7am% FG' People trapped i! delusio!s o4 =orldly 7ra!deur =ill re3ei@e repayme!t 4or their immorality i! the 1erea4ter by bei!7 dri@e! i!to 1ell i! a demea!i!7 ma!!er% The 1ay they are sho ed ro#ghly into the 8ire o2 Hell! "S#rat at3T#r% 5G' We ha e made ready 2or the dis+elie ers sha0;les and 0hains and a Searing )laEe! "S#rat al3Insan% &' !!! +oiling water po#red o er their heads!!! "S#rat al3Ha??% 5F' Those who are herded headlong into Hell, s#0h people are in the worst position! They are the most misg#ided 2rom the way! "S#rat al38#rDan% G&'

*eople Who 1emonstrate Arg#mentati e )eha ior Sho#ld Remem+er that Hell Is 8illed with *eople Who Arg#e with One Another All the Time
People =ho do !ot pay the !e3essary !eed to the 3alls made o! them by Muslims a!d respo!d !ot politely> but =ith a! ar7ume!tati@e ma!!er should thi!k about the treatme!t they may re3ei@e i! the 1erea4ter. They =ill 4i!d themsel@es ar7ui!7 i! torme!t i! the same =ay 4or all eter!ity. The torme!ts that their i!si!3ere moral approa3h 3auses them to su44er i! =orldly li4e =ill tur! i!to e!dless torme!t i! the 1erea4ter. I! the =orld> this approa3h makes su3h people u!able to 4orm 4rie!dships or to lo@e a!d be lo@ed> depri@es them o4 the blessi!7s these thi!7s bri!7. I4 Allah =ills> 1e 3a! make them li@e 4ore@er i! the same dis3om4ort. The 9ur:a! tells us that the people i! 1ell> be3ause they are i! a perpetual state o4 ar7ume!t =ith o!e a!other> =ill also eDperie!3e the spiritual torme!t produ3ed by this u!3om4ortable atmosphere as =ell as eDperie!3i!7 the Cire% All this is 0ertainly tr#e>the +i0;ering o2 the people o2 the 8ire! "S#rah SMd% /&'

Arg#ing in it with one another, they will say, :)y Allah, we were plainly misg#ided!: "S#rat ash3 Sh#7ara7% F/3FC' He will say, :1o not arg#e in 4y presen0e when I ga e yo# ad an0e warning o2 the Threat!: "S#rah @a2% -9' People =ho k!o= Allah:s Book are a=are that ar7ume!t is a 3hara3teristi3 o4 the de!ize!s o4 1ell a!d stre!uously a@oid it.

Those Who Are Wret0hed and Unhappy in the World Sho#ld Remem+er that the *eople o2 Hell Are Also 4isera+le and Unhappy
People =ho re7ard 3o!ti!ual u!happi!ess as !ormal> e@e! thou7h they ha@e u!derstood the 4aith> should !ot 4or7et that =ret3hed!ess a!d u!happi!ess are also 3hara3teristi3s o4 1ell. Allah re@eals this truth to us i! this @erse% I ha e warned yo# o2 a 8ire whi0h rages in whi0h only the most wret0hed will roast>those who denied and t#rned away! Those who most 2ear Aand respe0tB Allah will +e 2ar remo ed 2rom it! "S#rat al3 Layl% 5&35C' Those =ho do !ot heed the ad@i3e o4 the 4aith4ul should !ot 4or7et that i! the 1erea4ter> they =ill be plu!7ed i!to re7ret a!d =ill say> JI4 o!ly I had liste!edNJ Those =ho do !ot liste! to ad@i3e 7i@e! them i! this =orld> =ho try to =hite=ash themsel@es by o44eri!7 eD3uses> should !ot assume they ha@e be!e4ited 4rom this beha@ior. E@e! i4 the =orld seems to a33ept their eD3uses> they =ill bri!7 them !o ad@a!ta7e i! terms o4 sal@atio! i! the 1erea4ter. Allah =ar!s us about this i! the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!% On that 1ay the e=0#ses o2 those who did wrong will not help them nor will they +e a+le to appease Allah! "S#rat ar3R#m% JC' The 1ay when the e=0#ses o2 the wrongdoers will not help them! The 0#rse will +e on them and they will ha e the most e il Home! "S#rah (ha2ir% J-' Those =hose eD3uses are !ot a33epted =ill li@e eter!ally i! the deepest re7ret be3ause they did !ot pay atte!tio! to the ad@i3e 7i@e! them a!d did !ot adopt morality o4 =hi3h Allah =ould appro@e% They will say, :I2 only we had really listened and #sed o#r intelle0t, we wo#ld not ha e +een Companions o2 the )laEe!: "S#rat al34#l;% 5.' They will say on the 1ay their 2a0es are rolled o er in the 8ire, :I2 only we had o+eyed Allah and o+eyed the 4essenger<: "S#rat al3AhEa+% //'

Allah tells people like thisE=hom 1e has 7i@e! 3ou!tless opportu!ities 4or repe!ta!3e duri!7 their li@es Ethat 1e =ill !ot a33ept their repe!ta!3e o! the 0ay o4 Gud7me!t. I! the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!> =e are told that these people =ho set their 4a3es a7ai!st 3alls made o! them i! the =orld 3a! eDpe3t !o 4urther help a!d that they =ill be repaid =ith eter!al torme!t% They will sho#t o#t in it, :O#r Lord< Ta;e #s o#t< We will a0t rightly, di22erently 2rom the way we #sed to a0t<: 1id We not let yo# li e long eno#gh 2or anyone who was going to pay heed to pay heed6 And did not the warner 0ome to yo#6 Taste it then< There is no helper 2or the wrongdoers! "S#rah 8atir% GC' The =ay to a@oid su3h re7rets is eDtremely easy% It is to re7ard as blessi!7s pie3es o4 ad@i3e 7i@e! 4or o!e:s sal@atio! i! the =orld a!d the 1erea4ter> a!d to a33ept them humbly i! order to a3hie@e a hi7her morality. To prote3t themsel@es a7ai!st torme!t i! the 1erea4ter> sel4ish people may =ish to surre!der e@erythi!7 they o=! as a ra!som. People =ho do !ot 3lea!se their souls o4 sel4ish!ess a!d e7oism duri!7 their li@es a!d =ho a@oid sel4#sa3ri4i3e should 3o!sider that this approa3h =ill 3ause them harm i! the 1erea4ter. Those =ho do !ot use their 7oods> time> li@es a!d labor as Allah appro@es> but i!stead thi!k 4irst o4 their o=! 3om4orts a!d i!terests =ill be plu!7ed i!to deep re7ret i! the 1erea4ter. Ahate@er these people ha@e desired i! the =orld> =a!ted 4or themsel@es a!d re4used to sa3ri4i3e by shari!7> they =ill =a!t to 7i@e up as a ra!som to prote3t themsel@es a7ai!st the torme!t% E en tho#gh they 0an see ea0h other! An e ildoer will wish he 0o#ld ransom himsel2 2rom the p#nishment o2 that 1ay, +y means o2 his sons, or his wi2e or his +rother or his 2amily who sheltered him or e eryone else on Earth, i2 that only meant that he 0o#ld sa e himsel2! )#t no< It is a raging +laEe! "S#rat al34a7ari?% 5535J' I2 e ery sel2 that did wrong possessed e erything on Earth, it wo#ld o22er it as a ransom! They will show remorse when they see the p#nishment! E erything will +e de0ided +etween them ?#stly! They will not +e wronged! "S#rah $#n#s% J&' But Allah tells us that e@e! i4 they 7i@e up e@erythi!7 they @alue> !o!e o4 it =ill be a33epted as a ra!som% A+andon those who ha e t#rned their religion into a game and a di ersion and who ha e +een del#ded +y the li2e o2 this world! Remind +y it lest a person is deli ered #p to destr#0tion 2or what he has earned with no prote0tor or inter0essor +esides Allah! Were he to o22er e ery ;ind o2 0ompensation, it wo#ld not +e a00epted 2rom him! S#0h people are deli ered #p to destr#0tion 2or what they ha e earned! They will ha e s0alding water to drin; and a pain2#l p#nishment +e0a#se they dis+elie ed! "S#rat al3 An7am% C.'

Be3ause o4 this> i4 they 4eel e@e! a little e7oism i! them> people =ho 3o!ti!ue to set their o=! sel4ish !eeds a!d desires abo@e those o4 other belie@ers should 3o!sider ho= they =ill be repaid 4or this beha@ior i! the 1erea4ter.

*eople Who S#rrender to Hopelessness in This World Sho#ld 8ear Noining Those Who A+andon All Hope o2 Sal ation in the Herea2ter 2or Eternity
Ahe! 4a3ed =ith e@e! the sli7htest di44i3ulty> those =ho are i!3apable o4 appre3iati!7 Allah:s bou!dless po=er a!d mer3y a!d 1is lo@e 4or 1is ser@a!ts a!d 7e!erosity to=ards them> immediately 7i@e =ay to hopeless!ess a!d aba!do! their hopes o4 Allah:s mer3y. Allah tells us that this is a 3hara3teristi3 o4 u!belie@ers i! the @erse> :!!! 1o not despair o2 sola0e 2rom Allah! No one despairs o2 sola0e 2rom Allah e=0ept 2or people who are dis+elie ers: &Surah 2usu4% .6,. Cor this reaso!> those =ho 3a!!ot o@er3ome this =eak!ess i! their morality> despite k!o=i!7 this pro@isio! o4 the 9ur:a!> should 4ear bei!7 le4t i! su3h sorro= 4or all eter!ity a!d 4alli!7 i!to a truly hopeless situatio! i! the 1erea4ter. I! the 9ur:a!> Allah re4ers to the hopeless!ess o4 people i! 1ell% It will not +e eased 2or them! They will +e 0r#shed there +y despair! "S#rat aE3K#;hr#2% CJ' On the 1ay the Ho#r arri es, the e ildoers will +e in despair! "S#rat ar3R#m% 5-'

*eople Ungrate2#l 2or the )lessings They *ossess Sho#ld Remem+er that in the Herea2ter, They 4ay )e 1epri ed o2 All )lessings
Those =ho take !o pleasure 4rom the beauti4ul thi!7s arou!d them> are u!7rate4ul 4or the blessi!7s they do possess a!d do !ot praise Allah:s bou!ty as they should> =ill spe!d their =orldly li@es u!happily. Be3ause they ha@e !ot retur!ed 7ratitude 4or the blessi!7s Allah has 7i@e! them> they =ill re3ei@e a li4e i! 1ell as repayme!t 4or their i!7ratitude. I! the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!> Allah tells us that 4or these u!7rate4ul people> 1is torme!t =ill be the most se@ere% H#rl into Hell e ery #ngrate2#l, re+ellio#s one, impeder o2 good, do#+t30a#sing aggressor, who set #p another deity together with Allah! H#rl into the terri+le p#nishment! "S#rah @a2% -&3-/'

*eople Who 1o Not )eha e with Sin0erity toward the 8aith2#l Sho#ld 8ear )eing *la0ed with Un+elie ers in the Herea2ter
Those =ho do !ot appre3iate belie@ers =ho aim their li@es at ear!i!7 the appro@al o4 Allah> li@i!7 out the morality o4 the 9ur:a! i! the best possible =ay> a!d =ho demo!strate a heart4elt a!d humble morality 4illed =ith lo@e> should 4ear bei!7 eter!ally depri@ed o4 their 3ompa!y i! the 1erea4ter. People =ho 3a!!ot be4rie!d the 4aith4ul or beha@e =ith si!3erity to=ards them> e@e! thou7h they 3a! see that they are the 4rie!ds o4 Allah> may be 4or3ed to li@e amo!7st u!belie@ers i! the 1erea4ter.

Those =ho posture arou!d the 4aith4ul i! =orld> 4eel u!3om4ortable a!d te!se i! their prese!3e a!d beha@e u!!aturally> u!pleasa!tly a!d 3oldly to=ards them> rea3ti!7 badly to their ad@i3e a!d =ar!i!7s> should re3all that i! the 1erea4ter> they =ill re7ret !ot ha@i!7 this sa4e 3ompa!y arou!d them. b@iously> sho=i!7 su3h morality is repaid by bei!7 a33ompa!ied by others o4 similar morality. Those =ho be3ome a=are o4 this i! the 1erea4ter =ill be7 Allah o!e last time !ot to put them to7ether =ith su3h people. But Allah tells us i! the 9ur:a! that people =ho share the same morality =ill be brou7ht to7ether i! 1ell a!d =ill be 4or3ed to li@e to7ether eter!ally% Hell is the promised meeting3pla0e 2or all o2 them! "S#rat al3Hi?r% &G' Ahe! these people realize they !o lo!7er ha@e a!y 4rie!ds> they =ill say =ith re7ret> :And now we ha e no one to inter0ede 2or #s! We do not ha e a single loyal 2riend! I2 only we 0o#ld ha e another 0han0e, then we wo#ld +e among the +elie ers<: "S#rat ash3Sh#7ara7% 5..35.-' !e =ho has 4aith should k!o= that i! this =orld a!d the !eDt> his o!ly 4rie!ds are Allah a!d the!> 1is prophets a!d pious 4ollo=ers. 1e should !ot allo= the sli7htest tra3e o4 ra7e a7ai!st the 4aith4ul to remai! i! his heart a!d should lo@e them =ith 3omplete si!3erity. !ly i! this =ay 3a! he be to7ether =ith these people i! the eter!al li4e o4 the 1erea4ter.

Those Who )elie e They7 e 1e0ei ed *eople with Insin0erities that Cannot )e *ro en Sho#ld Inow that Their Hands, 8eet and S;in Will Con2ess All This in the Herea2ter
People =ho thi!k that by putti!7 4or=ard @arious eD3uses> they:@e de3ei@ed the o!es =ho:@e ad@ised them a!d summo!ed them to superior morality should k!o= that i! the 1erea4ter> they =ill be repaid 4or this i!si!3erity. Thi!7s they thi!k they ha@e 3o!3ealed i!side themsel@es =ill be brou7ht to li7ht. Ahe! that day 3omes> their o=! ha!ds> 4eet a!d ski! =ill bear =it!ess a7ai!st them a!d bri!7 all their i!si!3erities to li7ht. People =ho beha@e hypo3riti3ally =ill !ot be able to es3ape torme!t. Ae are told this truth i! the 9ur:a!% On the 1ay when their tong#es and hands and 2eet will testi2y against them a+o#t what they were doing! On that 1ay Allah will pay them in 2#ll what is d#e to them, and they will ;now that Allah is the Clear Tr#th! "S#rat an3N#r% -&3-J' When they rea0h it, their hearing, sight and s;in will testi2y against them 0on0erning what they did! They will as; their s;ins, :Why did yo# testi2y against #s6: and they will reply, :Allah ga e #s spee0h as He has gi en spee0h to e erything! He 0reated yo# in the 2irst pla0e and yo# will +e ret#rned to Him! $o# did not thin; to shield yo#rsel es 2rom yo#r hearing, sight and s;in testi2ying against yo# and yo# tho#ght that Allah wo#ld ne er ;now m#0h o2 what yo# did! It is that tho#ght yo# had a+o#t yo#r Lord

that has destroyed yo#, so now yo# 2ind yo#rsel es among the lost!: I2 they are stead2ast, the 8ire will still +e their residen0e< I2 they as; 2or 2a or, no 2a or will +e gi en! "S#rah 8#ssilat% -.3-&'

Those Who E=press Their Insin0erity to the 8aith2#l with Silen0e Sho#ld Inow that They Will )e Una+le to Tal; to Their Companions in Hell
People =ho 3a! usually speak 4reely o! a!y sub;e3t that 3omes up> but 4all sile!t i! protest a7ai!st the 4aith4ul i! situatio!s that 3o!4li3t =ith their sel4ish i!terests should 3o!sider that su3h i!si!3erity =ill re3ei@e its repayme!t i! the 1erea4ter> =here Allah does !ot allo= the 3ompa!io!s o4 1ell to speak a!d does !ot talk to them 1imsel4. The @erses o4 the 9ur:a! des3ribe their situatio! like this% He will say, :Slin; away into it and do not spea; to 4e!: "S#rat al34#min#n% 5.9' Those who sell Allah7s 0ontra0t and their own oaths 2or a paltry pri0e, s#0h people will ha e no portion in the Herea2ter and on the 1ay o2 Res#rre0tion, Allah will not spea; to them or loo; at them or p#ri2y them! They will ha e a pain2#l p#nishment! "S#rah Al 7Imran% CC' E@e! a! i!si!3erity re7arded as mi!or i! the li4e o4 the =orld =ill de4i!itely be held a7ai!st a perso! i! the 1erea4ter. 1ere o! Earth> the 4aith4ul may 4or7i@e 7e!erously> but people should !ot be de3ei@ed by this. I4 i!si!3erity is hidde! i! a perso!:s heart> Allah k!o=s it a!d =ill 3ertai!ly repay it i! the 1erea4ter. Cor this reaso!> e@eryo!e should be a=are that sile!3e used as a protest =ill re3ei@e its pu!ishme!t 4rom Allah a!d should 4ear a!d a@oid su3h beha@ior.

*eople Who Cast Insin0ere (lan0es at the 8aith2#l Sho#ld 8ear )eing Condemned to )lindness and Una+le to See at all in the Herea2ter
Those =ho> despite all ad@i3e a!d =ar!i!7s> use 7la!3es to eDpress their i!si!3erity rather tha! their 4aith i! a!d de@otio! to Allah should remember that i! the 1erea4ter> they:ll be 3alled o! to a33ou!t 4or their beha@ior. Those =ho do !ot a@oid i!si!3erity i! this =orld should 4ear bei!7 brou7ht to a state =here they 3a!!ot see at all> =here their eyes 3a!!ot sho= a !atural eDpressio! e@e! i4 they =a!ted to. Their eyes =ill be bli!ded a!d their 4a3es =ill be3ome 4illed =ith terror> ri7id. Allah des3ribes =hat =ill happe! o! the 0ay o4 Gud7me!t% 1o not 0onsider Allah to +e #naware o2 what the wrongdoers perpetrate! He is merely de2erring them to a 1ay on whi0h their sight will +e trans2i=ed! "S#rah I+rahim% &-' On the 1ay the Tr#mpet is +lown>and We will gather the e ildoers sightless on that 1ay! "S#rah Ta Ha% 5.-' Eyes down0ast, dar;ened +y de+asement, that will +e the 1ay whi0h they were promised! "S#rat al3 4a7ari?% &&'

4 3ourse !o o!e =a!ts to re3ei@e su3h pe!alties. The o!ly =ay to be prote3ted a7ai!st them is to pur7e o!esel4 o4 i!si!3erity i! this =orld a!d try to a3hie@e ho!esty to=ards Allah a!d the 4aith4ul.

*eople Who Use 8a0ial E=pressions and (est#res to E=press the Insin0erities They 1o Not Say Sho#ld 8ear What State Their 8a0es 4ay Ta;e in the Herea2ter
Those u!able to beha@e i! =ays the 9ur:a! tells us are =ro!7 ope!ly> but do so 3o@ertly =ith their 4a3ial eDpressio!s or 7estures should thi!k about the repayme!t they =ill re3ei@e i! the 1erea4ter. I4 Allah =ills> they 3a! be redu3ed to a state i! =hi3h they 3a!!ot use their 4a3ial mus3les =he! they =a!t to. E@e! i4 they 3a!> their 4a3es may take o! a! appeara!3e that 3o!@eys !o ho!esty or si!3erity. They should re3all that i! the @erses o4 the 9ur:a!> o!e =ay i! =hi3h Allah repays the 3ompa!io!s o4 1ell is by dis3rediti!7 su3h people =ith a torme!t tar7eti!7 their 4a3es% We p#rs#ed them with a 0#rse in this world and on the 1ay o2 Res#rre0tion they will +e hideo#s and sp#rned! "S#rat al3@asas% &-' And 2a0es that 1ay will +e glowering! "S#rat al3@iyama% -&' We will +rand him on the sno#t< "S#rat al3@alam% 5/' Has news o2 the O erwhelmer rea0hed yo#6 Some 2a0es on that 1ay will +e down0ast, la+oring, toiling endlessly, roasting in a red3hot 8ire! "S#rat al3(hashiyya% 53&' E@erybody should thi!k o4 this payba3k =hi3h Allah tells us o4 a!d make e44orts to prote3t themsel@es 4rom i!si!3erity a!d a3<uire the strai7ht4or=ard beha@ior 3hara3teristi3 o4 pious belie@ers. I! additio!> i! order to a@oid su3h a pu!ishme!t i! the 1erea4ter> it is e@eryo!e:s respo!sibility to a3t as a belie@er i! this =orld.

The Sol#tion to Se0ret Worldly Sorrows
Throu7hout this book> it has bee! eDplai!ed that some people ha@e a depressed> u!happy> =ithdra=! a!d te!se spiritual state. The purpose i! =riti!7 this book =as !ot o!ly to tell =hy people are u!happy> =hi3h i!si!3erities =ill retur! to them as torme!t a!d =hat da!7ers a=ait them i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter> but 4irst a!d 4oremost to sho= them ho= to res3ue themsel@es 4rom troubled spiritual states a!d to a3hie@e si!3erity. E@eryo!e should k!o= that to li@e a 3om4ortable> pea3e4ul a!d happy li4e i! this =orld a!d the !eDt is eDtremely easyEa!d abo@e all ratio!al a!d 3orre3t. Cor this> e@e! i4 a perso! has some 4aith> he !eeds to si!3erely i!te!d to be3ome Jtruly pious.J I! the 9ur:a!> Allah des3ribes the 3hara3teristi3s o4 ri7hteous belie@ers. There is o!ly o!e morality pe3uliar to the ri7hteous. Allah has promised that those =ith the morality o4 the pious belie@er =ill 4i!d sal@atio! both i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter. To a3hie@e this> it is a !e3essary priority to remember that e@ery e@e!t takes pla3e =ith Allah:s permissio! a!d u!der Allah:s 3o!trol. K!o=i!7 this @ery importa!t 4a3t a!d a3ti!7 at e@ery mome!t i! its k!o=led7e are most importa!t methods by =hi3h a perso! 3a! res3ue himsel4 4rom se3ret sorro=s i! =orldly li4e. !e =ho 7rasps this 4a3t i! the 4ull se!se =ill k!o= that e@erythi!7 is a blessi!7 4or him> !o matter =hat be4alls him> a!d thus 7reets e@erythi!7 =ith 7lad!ess. Truly reli7ious people belie@e i! desti!y a!d k!o= that it is out o4 the <uestio! 4or a!ybody to 3ha!7e his desti!y. A perso!:s 4ate is determi!ed be4ore he is e@e! bor!. Allah eDplai!s this i! the 9ur:a!% Allah 0reated yo# 2rom d#st and then 2rom a drop o2 sperm and then made yo# into pairs! No 2emale +e0omes pregnant or gi es +irth e=0ept with His ;nowledge! And no li ing thing li es long or has its li2e 0#t short witho#t that +eing in a )oo;! That is easy 2or Allah! "S#rah 8atir% 55' $o# do not engage in any matter or re0ite any o2 the @#r7an or do any a0tion witho#t O#r witnessing yo# while yo# are o00#pied with it! Not e en the smallest spe0; el#des yo#r Lord, either on Earth or in hea en! Nor is there anything smaller than that, or larger, whi0h is not in a Clear )oo;! "S#rah $#n#s% /5' I! the 4a3e o4 this truth> a perso! li@i!7 out his desti!y !eeds to be 3heer4ul about e@ery detail o4 e@ery e@e!t a!d see the 7ood!ess i! it. These are the 3o!ditio!s 4or bei!7 a ri7hteous belie@er. Cor a perso! =ho has a!d u!dersta!ds this k!o=led7e> it is out o4 the <uestio! to 4eel sad> be o@er#emotio!al> 3ry> belie@e that he has su44ered a! i!;usti3e> 4all i!to ;ealousy> take o44e!se> be3ome a!7ry> rea3t to e@e!ts =ith protests> 4ly i!to ra7es a!d despair. A belie@er is pleased =ith e@ery mome!t o4 his li4e> 3a! see e@ery blessi!7 3reated a!d li@es i! a spiritual state o4 4eeli!7 7rate4ul 4or the 3om4ort brou7ht by li@i!7 his li4e u!der Allah:s 3o!trol. Ahether or !ot he u!dersta!ds 1is 0i@i!e =isdom> he 4eels pleased =ith e@erythi!7 =hi3h 3omes 4rom Allah. 5o e@e!t i! the =orld 3a! make su3h a perso! 7i@e =ay to sorro=> te!sio! or =orry or 3ause him 4ear. Be3ause he k!o=s that he 3a!!ot step outside his desti!y a!d be3ause his i!te!tio!s are 3lea! a!d pure> he al=ays hopes 4or 7ood!ess a!d be!e4its 4rom Allah a!d does !ot allo= a!y !e7ati@e thi!ki!7 i!to his li4e.

A!other o4 the most importa!t 3o!ditio!s that res3ues a perso! 4rom the sorro=s o4 the =orld is his 4ull i!te!tio! to be si!3ere. This 3o!3ept> as =ell as si!3erity itsel4> embra3es ho!esty> a@oida!3e o4 sel4ish i!terests> remai!i!7 true to Allah a!d pre4erri!7 the morality o4 the 9ur:a! or the 3om4ort o4 the 4aith4ul o@er o!e:s o=! i!terests. I! additio!> it is !e3essary 4or a perso! to keep his heart de@oted to Allah at all times a!d !ot 7i@e =ay to the bla!dishme!ts o4 his lo=er sel4. 1e should al=ays keep his heart pure> !e@er 4or7etti!7 that Allah hears a!d sees him at e@ery mome!t a!d> 4urthermore> is 3loser to 1im tha! his o=! ;u7ular @ei!. Allah re@eals this truth to us i! the 9ur:a!% We 0reated man and We ;now what his own sel2 whispers to him! We are nearer to him than his ?#g#lar ein! And the two re0ording angels are re0ording, sitting on the right and on the le2t! He does not #tter a single word, witho#t a wat0her +y him, pen in hand! "S#rah @a2% 5/359' ?!dersta!di!7 this is a!other o4 the basi3s 4or bei!7 a ri7hteous belie@er. Su3h a perso! k!o=s that he is u!der Allah:s i!spe3tio! at e@ery mome!t. A!d be3ause he is aimi!7 to 7ai! Allah:s 7ood =ill> he stre!uously a@oids a!y o4 the beha@iors =hi3h 7i@e rise to i!si!3erity. Cor a!yo!e =ho k!o=s that Allah sees a!d hears him> it is impossible to speak i! a =ay that deliberately dis3om4orts others> to adopt i!si!3ere eDpressio!s> display sel4ish beha@ior or beha@e de3eit4ully by 3o!3eali!7 o!e:s true 3hara3terEbe3ause he has a sure 4aith that Allah is =ith him at all times. Be3ause he k!o=s that i! the 1erea4ter he =ill de4i!itely be 3alled to a33ou!t 4or a!y u!3o!s3io!able beha@ior> he i!@ariably displays a morality that =ill ear! Allah:s appro@al. 1e does !ot at a!y time stoop to se3ret a3ts a!d trea3heries =hi3h he thi!ks 3a!!ot be pro@e!> be3ause he is a=are that Allah possesses k!o=led7e o4 all se3rets. I! the same =ay> he does !ot resort to sel4#de3eptio! by 3o!@i!3i!7 himsel4 that he is i!!o3e!t. 1e k!o=s Allah also sees su3h de3eptio!s. 1e does !ot try to 3o!3eal 4rom people a!y truth that Allah k!o=s> be3ause =hat is most importa!t 4or him is Allah:s appro@al. As a result o4 all these 4a3tors> a pure> 3o!s3ie!tious> ho!est a!d si!3ere perso! emer7es. Su3h a perso! li@es i! the pea3e> se3urity a!d i!ter!al 3heer4ul!ess o4 beha@i!7 as Allah appro@es. Gust as a si!3ere i!di@idual li@es a beauti4ul li4e i! the =orld> he =ill also li@e i! u!paralleled eter!al happi!ess i! the bou!dless beauty prepared 4or the 4aith4ul i! Paradise.

Allah 3alls o! people to do =hat is easy. By adopti!7 a morality that dri@es them i!to torme!t> some> ho=e@er> 3hoose =hat is di44i3ult a!d thus =ro!7 themsel@es. Althou7h they 3a! be!e4it 4rom the beauties a!d blessi!7s Allah 3reates 4or them i! this =orld> i! a 4ull atmosphere o4 the lo@e> si!3erity a!d se3urity =hi3h 4aith bri!7s> still they spe!d their li@es surrou!ded by 3o!3er!s a!d a!Dieties o4 e@ery type. I! 4a3t the =ay to happi!ess is @ery easy a!d !e@er too late 4or a!ybody. Allah sho=s people the solutio! i! the @erse> :Those who s#+mit themsel es 0ompletely to Allah and do good ha e grasped the 8irmest Handhold! The end res#lt o2 all a22airs is with Allah: &Surah Mu<ma!% **,. I! a!other @erse> Allah eDplai!s the solutio! to people:s sorro=s> a44li3tio!s a!d 4ears like this% The angels des0end on those who say, :O#r Lord is Allah,: and then go straight% :1o not 2ear and do not grie e +#t re?oi0e in the (arden yo# ha e +een promised!: "S#rah 8#ssilat% G.' People are respo!sible to 4ollo= the =ay Allah has sho=!. Those =ho demo!strate the morality appro@ed by Allah =ill eDperie!3e happi!ess> 3heer4ul!ess a!d ;oy i! this =orld a!d the 1erea4ter a!d =ill re3ei@e eter!al mer3y. Ahate@er their 3auses 4or =orry> all trouble a!d torme!t i! their hearts =ill be remo@ed a!d repla3ed by 4eeli!7s o4 pea3e a!d se3urity brou7ht o! by the ma!i4estatio! o4 their 4aith i! Allah.

The 1e0eption o2 E ol#tion
0ar=i!ism> i! other =ords the theory o4 e@olutio!> =as put 4or=ard =ith the aim o4 de!yi!7 the 4a3t o4 3reatio!> but is i! truth !othi!7 but 4ailed> u!s3ie!ti4i3 !o!se!se. This theory> =hi3h 3laims that li4e emer7ed by 3ha!3e 4rom i!a!imate matter> =as i!@alidated by the s3ie!ti4i3 e@ide!3e o4 mira3ulous order i! the u!i@erse a!d i! li@i!7 thi!7s. I! this =ay> s3ie!3e 3o!4irmed the 4a3t that Allah 3reated the u!i@erse a!d the li@i!7 thi!7s i! it. The propa7a!da 3arried out today i! order to keep the theory o4 e@olutio! ali@e is based solely o! the distortio! o4 the s3ie!ti4i3 4a3ts> biased i!terpretatio!> a!d lies a!d 4alsehoods dis7uised as s3ie!3e. 2et this propa7a!da 3a!!ot 3o!3eal the truth. The 4a3t that the theory o4 e@olutio! is the 7reatest de3eptio! i! the history o4 s3ie!3e has bee! eDpressed more a!d more i! the s3ie!ti4i3 =orld o@er the last *)#-) years. Fesear3h 3arried out a4ter the +(.)s i! parti3ular has re@ealed that the 3laims o4 0ar=i!ism are totally u!4ou!ded> somethi!7 that has bee! stated by a lar7e !umber o4 s3ie!tists. I! the ?!ited States i! parti3ular> ma!y s3ie!tists 4rom su3h di44ere!t 4ields as biolo7y> bio3hemistry a!d paleo!tolo7y re3o7!ize the i!@alidity o4 0ar=i!ism a!d employ the 4a3t o4 3reatio! to a33ou!t 4or the ori7i! o4 li4e. Ae ha@e eDami!ed the 3ollapse o4 the theory o4 e@olutio! a!d the proo4s o4 3reatio! i! 7reat s3ie!ti4i3 detail i! ma!y o4 our =orks> a!d are still 3o!ti!ui!7 to do so. Gi@e! the e!ormous importa!3e o4 this sub;e3t> it =ill be o4 7reat be!e4it to summarize it here.

The S0ienti2i0 Collapse o2 1arwinism
Althou7h this do3tri!e 7oes ba3k as 4ar as a!3ie!t Gree3e> the theory o4 e@olutio! =as ad@a!3ed eDte!si@ely i! the !i!etee!th 3e!tury. The most importa!t de@elopme!t that made it the top topi3 o4 the =orld o4 s3ie!3e =as Charles 0ar=i!:s The rigin of !"e#ies> published i! +.8(. I! this book> he de!ied that Allah 3reated di44ere!t li@i!7 spe3ies o! Earth separately> 4or he 3laimed that all li@i!7 bei!7s had a 3ommo! a!3estor a!d had di@ersi4ied o@er time throu7h small 3ha!7es. 0ar=i!:s theory =as !ot based o! a!y 3o!3rete s3ie!ti4i3 4i!di!7K as he also a33epted> it =as ;ust a! Jassumptio!.J Moreo@er> as 0ar=i! 3o!4essed i! the lo!7 3hapter o4 his book titled J0i44i3ulties o! Theory>J the theory 4ailed i! the 4a3e o4 ma!y 3riti3al <uestio!s. 0ar=i! i!@ested all o4 his hopes i! !e= s3ie!ti4i3 dis3o@eries> =hi3h he eDpe3ted to sol@e these di44i3ulties. 1o=e@er> 3o!trary to his eDpe3tatio!s> s3ie!ti4i3 4i!di!7s eDpa!ded the dime!sio!s o4 these di44i3ulties. The de4eat o4 0ar=i!ism i! the 4a3e o4 s3ie!3e 3a! be re@ie=ed u!der three basi3 topi3s% +, The theory 3a!!ot eDplai! ho= li4e ori7i!ated o! Earth. *, 5o s3ie!ti4i3 4i!di!7 sho=s that the Je@olutio!ary me3ha!ismsJ proposed by the theory ha@e a!y e@olutio!ary po=er at all. -, The 4ossil re3ord pro@es the eDa3t opposite o4 =hat the theory su77ests. I! this se3tio!> =e =ill eDami!e these three basi3 poi!ts i! 7e!eral outli!es%

The 8irst Ins#rmo#nta+le Step% The Origin o2 Li2e
The theory o4 e@olutio! posits that all li@i!7 spe3ies e@ol@ed 4rom a si!7le li@i!7 3ell that emer7ed o! the primiti@e Earth -.. billio! years a7o. 1o= a si!7le 3ell 3ould 7e!erate millio!s o4 3ompleD li@i!7 spe3ies a!d> i4

su3h a! e@olutio! really o33urred> =hy tra3es o4 it 3a!!ot be obser@ed i! the 4ossil re3ord are some o4 the <uestio!s that the theory 3a!!ot a!s=er. 1o=e@er> 4irst a!d 4oremost> =e !eed to ask% 1o= did this J4irst 3ellJ ori7i!ateB Si!3e the theory o4 e@olutio! de!ies 3reatio! a!d a!y ki!d o4 super!atural i!ter@e!tio!> it mai!tai!s that the J4irst 3ellJ ori7i!ated 3oi!3ide!tally =ithi! the la=s o4 !ature> =ithout a!y desi7!> pla! or arra!7eme!t. A33ordi!7 to the theory> i!a!imate matter must ha@e produ3ed a li@i!7 3ell as a result o4 3oi!3ide!3es. Su3h a 3laim> ho=e@er> is i!3o!siste!t =ith the most u!assailable rules o4 biolo7y.

:Li2e Comes 8rom Li2e:
I! his book> 0ar=i! !e@er re4erred to the ori7i! o4 li4e. The primiti@e u!dersta!di!7 o4 s3ie!3e i! his time rested o! the assumptio! that li@i!7 bei!7s had a @ery simple stru3ture. Si!3e medie@al times> spo!ta!eous 7e!eratio!> =hi3h asserts that !o!#li@i!7 materials 3ame to7ether to 4orm li@i!7 or7a!isms> had bee! =idely a33epted. It =as 3ommo!ly belie@ed that i!se3ts 3ame i!to bei!7 4rom 4ood le4to@ers> a!d mi3e 4rom =heat. I!teresti!7 eDperime!ts =ere 3o!du3ted to pro@e this theory. Some =heat =as pla3ed o! a dirty pie3e o4 3loth> a!d it =as belie@ed that mi3e =ould ori7i!ate 4rom it a4ter a =hile. Similarly> ma77ots de@elopi!7 i! rotti!7 meat =as assumed to be e@ide!3e o4 spo!ta!eous 7e!eratio!. 1o=e@er> it =as later u!derstood that =orms did !ot appear o! meat spo!ta!eously> but =ere 3arried there by 4lies i! the 4orm o4 lar@ae> i!@isible to the !aked eye. E@e! =he! 0ar=i! =rote The rigin of !"e#ies> the belie4 that ba3teria 3ould 3ome i!to eDiste!3e 4rom !o!#li@i!7 matter =as =idely a33epted i! the =orld o4 s3ie!3e. 1o=e@er> 4i@e years a4ter the publi3atio! o4 0ar=i!:s book> Mouis Pasteur a!!ou!3ed his results a4ter lo!7 studies a!d eDperime!ts> that dispro@ed spo!ta!eous 7e!eratio!> a 3or!ersto!e o4 0ar=i!:s theory. I! his triumphal le3ture at the Sorbo!!e i! +./4> Pasteur said% J5e@er =ill the do3tri!e o4 spo!ta!eous 7e!eratio! re3o@er 4rom the mortal blo= stru3k by this simple eDperime!t.J + Cor a lo!7 time> ad@o3ates o4 the theory o4 e@olutio! resisted these 4i!di!7s. 1o=e@er> as the de@elopme!t o4 s3ie!3e u!ra@eled the 3ompleD stru3ture o4 the 3ell o4 a li@i!7 bei!7> the idea that li4e 3ould 3ome i!to bei!7 3oi!3ide!tally 4a3ed a! e@e! 7reater impasse.

In0on0l#si e E22orts o2 the Twentieth Cent#ry
The 4irst e@olutio!ist =ho took up the sub;e3t o4 the ori7i! o4 li4e i! the t=e!tieth 3e!tury =as the re!o=!ed Fussia! biolo7ist AleDa!der pari!. Aith @arious theses he ad@a!3ed i! the +(-)s> he tried to pro@e that a li@i!7 3ell 3ould ori7i!ate by 3oi!3ide!3e. These studies> ho=e@er> =ere doomed to 4ailure> a!d pari! had to make the 4ollo=i!7 3o!4essio!% ?!4ortu!ately> ho=e@er> the problem o4 the ori7i! o4 the 3ell is perhaps the most obs3ure poi!t i! the =hole study o4 the e@olutio! o4 or7a!isms. $ E@olutio!ist 4ollo=ers o4 pari! tried to 3arry out eDperime!ts to sol@e this problem. The best k!o=! eDperime!t =as 3arried out by the Ameri3a! 3hemist Sta!ley Miller i! +(8-. Combi!i!7 the 7ases he alle7ed to ha@e eDisted i! the primordial Earth:s atmosphere i! a! eDperime!t set#up> a!d addi!7 e!er7y to the miDture> Miller sy!thesized se@eral or7a!i3 mole3ules &ami!o a3ids, prese!t i! the stru3ture o4 protei!s.

Barely a 4e= years had passed be4ore it =as re@ealed that this eDperime!t> =hi3h =as the! prese!ted as a! importa!t step i! the !ame o4 e@olutio!> =as i!@alid> 4or the atmosphere used i! the eDperime!t =as @ery di44ere!t 4rom the real Earth 3o!ditio!s.A4ter a lo!7 sile!3e> Miller 3o!4essed that the atmosphere medium he used =as u!realisti3. 4 All the e@olutio!ists: e44orts throu7hout the t=e!tieth 3e!tury to eDplai! the ori7i! o4 li4e e!ded i! 4ailure. The 7eo3hemist Ge44rey Bada> 4rom the Sa! 0ie7o S3ripps I!stitute a33epts this 4a3t i! a! arti3le published i! Earth ma7azi!e i! +((.% Today as we lea%e the twentieth #entury& we still fa#e the biggest unsol%ed "roblem that we had when we entered the twentieth #entury: 'ow did life originate on Earth(8

The Comple= Str#0t#re o2 Li2e
The primary reaso! =hy the theory o4 e@olutio! e!ded up i! su3h a 7reat impasse re7ardi!7 the ori7i! o4 li4e is that e@e! those li@i!7 or7a!isms deemed to be the simplest ha@e i!3redibly 3ompleD stru3tures. The 3ell o4 a li@i!7 thi!7 is more 3ompleD tha! all o4 our ma!#made te3h!olo7i3al produ3ts. Today> e@e! i! the most de@eloped laboratories o4 the =orld> a li@i!7 3ell 3a!!ot be produ3ed by bri!7i!7 or7a!i3 3hemi3als to7ether. The 3o!ditio!s re<uired 4or the 4ormatio! o4 a 3ell are too 7reat i! <ua!tity to be eDplai!ed a=ay by 3oi!3ide!3es. The probability o4 protei!s> the buildi!7 blo3ks o4 a 3ell> bei!7 sy!thesized 3oi!3ide!tally> is + i! +)(8) 4or a! a@era7e protei! made up o4 8)) ami!o a3ids. I! mathemati3s> a probability smaller tha! + o@er +)8) is 3o!sidered to be impossible i! pra3ti3al terms. The 05A mole3ule> =hi3h is lo3ated i! the !u3leus o4 a 3ell a!d =hi3h stores 7e!eti3 i!4ormatio!> is a! i!3redible databa!k. I4 the i!4ormatio! 3oded i! 05A =ere =ritte! do=!> it =ould make a 7ia!t library 3o!sisti!7 o4 a! estimated ()) @olumes o4 e!3y3lopedias 3o!sisti!7 o4 8)) pa7es ea3h. A @ery i!teresti!7 dilemma emer7es at this poi!t% 05A 3a! repli3ate itsel4 o!ly =ith the help o4 some spe3ialized protei!s &e!zymes,. 1o=e@er> the sy!thesis o4 these e!zymes 3a! be realized o!ly by the i!4ormatio! 3oded i! 05A. As they both depe!d o! ea3h other> they ha@e to eDist at the same time 4or repli3atio!. This bri!7s the s3e!ario that li4e ori7i!ated by itsel4 to a deadlo3k. Pro4. Meslie r7el> a! e@olutio!ist o4 repute 4rom the ?!i@ersity o4 Sa! 0ie7o> Cali4or!ia> 3o!4esses this 4a3t i! the September +((4 issue o4 the !#ientifi# Ameri#an ma7azi!e% )t is e*tremely im"robable that "roteins and nu#lei# a#ids& both of whi#h are stru#turally #om"le*& arose s"ontaneously in the same "la#e at the same time+ ,et it also seems im"ossible to ha%e one without the other+ And so& at first glan#e& one might ha%e to #on#lude that life #ould ne%er& in fa#t& ha%e originated by #hemi#al means+/ 5o doubt> i4 it is impossible 4or li4e to ha@e ori7i!ated 4rom !atural 3auses> the! it has to be a33epted that li4e =as J3reatedJ i! a super!atural =ay. This 4a3t eDpli3itly i!@alidates the theory o4 e@olutio!> =hose mai! purpose is to de!y 3reatio!.

Imaginary 4e0hanism o2 E ol#tion
The se3o!d importa!t poi!t that !e7ates 0ar=i!:s theory is that both 3o!3epts put 4or=ard by the theory as Je@olutio!ary me3ha!ismsJ =ere u!derstood to ha@e> i! reality> !o e@olutio!ary po=er.

0ar=i! based his e@olutio! alle7atio! e!tirely o! the me3ha!ism o4 J!atural sele3tio!.J The importa!3e he pla3ed o! this me3ha!ism =as e@ide!t i! the !ame o4 his book% The rigin of !"e#ies& -y Means of Natural !ele#tion. 5atural sele3tio! holds that those li@i!7 thi!7s that are stro!7er a!d more suited to the !atural 3o!ditio!s o4 their habitats =ill sur@i@e i! the stru77le 4or li4e. Cor eDample> i! a deer herd u!der the threat o4 atta3k by =ild a!imals> those that 3a! ru! 4aster =ill sur@i@e. There4ore> the deer herd =ill be 3omprised o4 4aster a!d stro!7er i!di@iduals. 1o=e@er> u!<uestio!ably> this me3ha!ism =ill !ot 3ause deer to e@ol@e a!d tra!s4orm themsel@es i!to a!other li@i!7 spe3ies> 4or i!sta!3e> horses. There4ore> the me3ha!ism o4 !atural sele3tio! has !o e@olutio!ary po=er. 0ar=i! =as also a=are o4 this 4a3t a!d had to state this i! his book The rigin of !"e#ies% Natural sele#tion #an do nothing until fa%ourable indi%idual differen#es or %ariations o##ur+ 6

Lamar0;7s Impa0t
So> ho= 3ould these J4a@orable @ariatio!sJ o33urB 0ar=i! tried to a!s=er this <uestio! 4rom the sta!dpoi!t o4 the primiti@e u!dersta!di!7 o4 s3ie!3e at that time. A33ordi!7 to the Cre!3h biolo7ist Che@alier de Mamar3k &+644#+.*(,> =ho li@ed be4ore 0ar=i!> li@i!7 3reatures passed o! the traits they a3<uired duri!7 their li4etime to the !eDt 7e!eratio!. 1e asserted that these traits> =hi3h a33umulated 4rom o!e 7e!eratio! to a!other> 3aused !e= spe3ies to be 4ormed. Cor i!sta!3e> he 3laimed that 7ira44es e@ol@ed 4rom a!telopesK as they stru77led to eat the lea@es o4 hi7h trees> their !e3ks =ere eDte!ded 4rom 7e!eratio! to 7e!eratio!. 0ar=i! also 7a@e similar eDamples. I! his book The rigin of !"e#ies> 4or i!sta!3e> he said that some bears 7oi!7 i!to =ater to 4i!d 4ood tra!s4ormed themsel@es i!to =hales o@er time. . 1o=e@er> the la=s o4 i!herita!3e dis3o@ered by Gre7or Me!del &+.**#.4, a!d @eri4ied by the s3ie!3e o4 7e!eti3s> =hi3h 4lourished i! the t=e!tieth 3e!tury> utterly demolished the le7e!d that a3<uired traits =ere passed o! to subse<ue!t 7e!eratio!s. Thus> !atural sele3tio! 4ell out o4 4a@or as a! e@olutio!ary me3ha!ism.

Neo31arwinism and 4#tations
I! order to 4i!d a solutio!> 0ar=i!ists ad@a!3ed the JModer! Sy!theti3 Theory>J or as it is more 3ommo!ly k!o=!> 5eo#0ar=i!ism> at the e!d o4 the +(-)s. 5eo#0ar=i!ism added mutatio!s> =hi3h are distortio!s 4ormed i! the 7e!es o4 li@i!7 bei!7s due to su3h eDter!al 4a3tors as radiatio! or repli3atio! errors> as the J3ause o4 4a@orable @ariatio!sJ i! additio! to !atural mutatio!. Today> the model that sta!ds 4or e@olutio! i! the =orld is 5eo#0ar=i!ism. The theory mai!tai!s that millio!s o4 li@i!7 bei!7s 4ormed as a result o4 a pro3ess =hereby !umerous 3ompleD or7a!s o4 these or7a!isms &e.7.> ears> eyes> lu!7s> a!d =i!7s, u!der=e!t Jmutatio!s>J that is> 7e!eti3 disorders. 2et> there is a! outri7ht s3ie!ti4i3 4a3t that totally u!dermi!es this theory% Mutatio!s do !ot 3ause li@i!7 bei!7s to de@elopK o! the 3o!trary> they are al=ays harm4ul. The reaso! 4or this is @ery simple% 05A has a @ery 3ompleD stru3ture> a!d ra!dom e44e3ts 3a! o!ly harm it. The Ameri3a! 7e!eti3ist B. G. Fa!7a!atha! eDplai!s this as 4ollo=s% /irst& genuine mutations are %ery rare in nature+ !e#ondly& most mutations are harmful sin#e they are random& rather than orderly #hanges in the stru#ture of genes0 any random #hange in a highly ordered system will be for the worse& not for the better+ /or e*am"le& if an earth1ua2e were to sha2e a highly ordered stru#ture

su#h as a building& there would be a random #hange in the framewor2 of the building whi#h& in all "robability& would not be an im"ro%ement+( 5ot surprisi!7ly> !o mutatio! eDample> =hi3h is use4ul> that is> =hi3h is obser@ed to de@elop the 7e!eti3 3ode> has bee! obser@ed so 4ar. All mutatio!s ha@e pro@ed to be harm4ul. It =as u!derstood that mutatio!> =hi3h is prese!ted as a! Je@olutio!ary me3ha!ism>J is a3tually a 7e!eti3 o33urre!3e that harms li@i!7 thi!7s> a!d lea@es them disabled. &The most 3ommo! e44e3t o4 mutatio! o! huma! bei!7s is 3a!3er., 4 3ourse> a destru3ti@e me3ha!ism 3a!!ot be a! Je@olutio!ary me3ha!ism.J 5atural sele3tio!> o! the other ha!d> J3a! do !othi!7 by itsel4>J as 0ar=i! also a33epted. This 4a3t sho=s us that there is !o Je@olutio!ary me3ha!ismJ i! !ature. Si!3e !o e@olutio!ary me3ha!ism eDists> !o su3h a!y ima7i!ary pro3ess 3alled Je@olutio!J 3ould ha@e take! pla3e.

The 8ossil Re0ord%No Sign o2 Intermediate 8orms
The 3learest e@ide!3e that the s3e!ario su77ested by the theory o4 e@olutio! did !ot take pla3e is the 4ossil re3ord. A33ordi!7 to this theory> e@ery li@i!7 spe3ies has spru!7 4rom a prede3essor. A pre@iously eDisti!7 spe3ies tur!ed i!to somethi!7 else o@er time a!d all spe3ies ha@e 3ome i!to bei!7 i! this =ay. I! other =ords> this tra!s4ormatio! pro3eeds 7radually o@er millio!s o4 years. 1ad this bee! the 3ase> !umerous i!termediary spe3ies should ha@e eDisted a!d li@ed =ithi! this lo!7 tra!s4ormatio! period. Cor i!sta!3e> some hal4#4ish$hal4#reptiles should ha@e li@ed i! the past =hi3h had a3<uired some reptilia! traits i! additio! to the 4ish traits they already had. r there should ha@e eDisted some reptile#birds> =hi3h a3<uired some bird traits i! additio! to the reptilia! traits they already had. Si!3e these =ould be i! a tra!sitio!al phase> they should be disabled> de4e3ti@e> 3rippled li@i!7 bei!7s. E@olutio!ists re4er to these ima7i!ary 3reatures> =hi3h they belie@e to ha@e li@ed i! the past> as Jtra!sitio!al 4orms.J I4 su3h a!imals e@er really eDisted> there should be millio!s a!d e@e! billio!s o4 them i! !umber a!d @ariety. More importa!tly> the remai!s o4 these stra!7e 3reatures should be prese!t i! the 4ossil re3ord. I! The rigin of !"e#ies> 0ar=i! eDplai!ed% )f my theory be true& numberless intermediate %arieties& lin2ing most #losely all of the s"e#ies of the same grou" together must assuredly ha%e e*isted+++ 3onse1uently& e%iden#e of their former e*isten#e #ould be found only amongst fossil remains++)

1arwin7s Hopes Shattered
1o=e@er> althou7h e@olutio!ists ha@e bee! maki!7 stre!uous e44orts to 4i!d 4ossils si!3e the middle o4 the !i!etee!th 3e!tury all o@er the =orld> !o tra!sitio!al 4orms ha@e yet bee! u!3o@ered. All o4 the 4ossils> 3o!trary to the e@olutio!ists: eDpe3tatio!s> sho= that li4e appeared o! Earth all o4 a sudde! a!d 4ully#4ormed. !e 4amous British paleo!tolo7ist> 0erek L. A7er> admits this 4a3t> e@e! thou7h he is a! e@olutio!ist% The "oint emerges that if we e*amine the fossil re#ord in detail& whether at the le%el of orders or of s"e#ies& we find4o%er and o%er again4not gradual e%olution& but the sudden e*"losion of one grou" at the e*"ense of another+++

This mea!s that i! the 4ossil re3ord> all li@i!7 spe3ies sudde!ly emer7e as 4ully 4ormed> =ithout a!y i!termediate 4orms i! bet=ee!. This is ;ust the opposite o4 0ar=i!:s assumptio!s. Also> this is @ery stro!7 e@ide!3e that all li@i!7 thi!7s are 3reated. The o!ly eDpla!atio! o4 a li@i!7 spe3ies emer7i!7 sudde!ly a!d 3omplete i! e@ery detail =ithout a!y e@olutio!ary a!3estor is that it =as 3reated. This 4a3t is admitted also by the =idely k!o=! e@olutio!ist biolo7ist 0ou7las Cutuyma% 3reation and e%olution& between them& e*haust the "ossible e*"lanations for the origin of li%ing things+ rganisms either a""eared on the earth fully de%elo"ed or they did not+ )f they did not& they must ha%e de%elo"ed from "re-e*isting s"e#ies by some "ro#ess of modifi#ation+ )f they did a""ear in a fully de%elo"ed state& they must indeed ha%e been #reated by some omni"otent intelligen#e+ +* Cossils sho= that li@i!7 bei!7s emer7ed 4ully de@eloped a!d i! a per4e3t state o! the Earth. That mea!s that Jthe ori7i! o4 spe3ies>J 3o!trary to 0ar=i!:s suppositio!> is !ot e@olutio!> but 3reatio!.

The Tale o2 H#man E ol#tion
The sub;e3t most o4te! brou7ht up by ad@o3ates o4 the theory o4 e@olutio! is the sub;e3t o4 the ori7i! o4 ma!. The 0ar=i!ist 3laim holds that moder! ma! e@ol@ed 4rom ape#like 3reatures. 0uri!7 this alle7ed e@olutio!ary pro3ess> =hi3h is supposed to ha@e started 4#8 millio! years a7o> some Jtra!sitio!al 4ormsJ bet=ee! moder! ma! a!d his a!3estors are supposed to ha@e eDisted. A33ordi!7 to this 3ompletely ima7i!ary s3e!ario> 4our basi3 J3ate7oriesJ are listed% +. Australo"ithe#us *. 'omo habilis -. 'omo ere#tus 4. 'omo sa"iens E@olutio!ists 3all ma!:s so#3alled 4irst ape#like a!3estors Australopithe3us> =hi3h mea!s JSouth A4ri3a! ape.J These li@i!7 bei!7s are a3tually !othi!7 but a! old ape spe3ies that has be3ome eDti!3t. EDte!si@e resear3h do!e o! @arious Australo"ithe#us spe3ime!s by t=o =orld 4amous a!atomists 4rom E!7la!d a!d the ?SA> !amely> Mord Solly Ou3kerma! a!d Pro4. Charles D!ard> sho=s that these apes belo!7ed to a! ordi!ary ape spe3ies that be3ame eDti!3t a!d bore !o resembla!3e to huma!s. +E@olutio!ists 3lassi4y the !eDt sta7e o4 huma! e@olutio! as Jhomo>J that is Jma!.J A33ordi!7 to their 3laim> the li@i!7 bei!7s i! the 1omo series are more de@eloped tha! Australo"ithe#us. E@olutio!ists de@ise a 4a!3i4ul e@olutio! s3heme by arra!7i!7 di44ere!t 4ossils o4 these 3reatures i! a parti3ular order. This s3heme is ima7i!ary be3ause it has !e@er bee! pro@ed that there is a! e@olutio!ary relatio! bet=ee! these di44ere!t 3lasses. Er!st Mayr> o!e o4 the t=e!tieth 3e!tury:s most importa!t e@olutio!ists> 3o!te!ds i! his book ne 5ong Argument that Jparti3ularly histori3al HpuzzlesI su3h as the ori7i! o4 li4e or o4 1omo sapie!s> are eDtremely di44i3ult a!d may e@e! resist a 4i!al> satis4yi!7 eDpla!atio!.J +4 By outli!i!7 the li!k 3hai! as Australo"ithe#us P 'omo habilis P 'omo ere#tus P 'omo sa"iens> e@olutio!ists imply that ea3h o4 these spe3ies is o!e a!other:s a!3estor. 1o=e@er> re3e!t 4i!di!7s o4 paleoa!thropolo7ists ha@e re@ealed that Australo"ithe#us> 'omo habilis> a!d 'omo ere#tus li@ed at di44ere!t parts o4 the =orld at the same time.+8

Moreo@er> a 3ertai! se7me!t o4 huma!s 3lassi4ied as 'omo ere#tus ha@e li@ed up u!til @ery moder! times. 'omo sa"iens neandarthalensis a!d 'omo sa"iens sa"iens &moder! ma!, 3o#eDisted i! the same re7io!.+/ This situatio! appare!tly i!di3ates the i!@alidity o4 the 3laim that they are a!3estors o4 o!e a!other. Stephe! Gay Gould eDplai!ed this deadlo3k o4 the theory o4 e@olutio!> althou7h he =as himsel4 o!e o4 the leadi!7 ad@o3ates o4 e@olutio! i! the t=e!tieth 3e!tury% 6hat has be#ome of our ladder if there are three #oe*isting lineages of hominids (A+ afri#anus& the robust australo"ithe#ines& and '+ habilis)& none #learly deri%ed from another( Moreo%er& none of the three dis"lay any e%olutionary trends during their tenure on earth+ +6 Put brie4ly> the s3e!ario o4 huma! e@olutio!> =hi3h is JupheldJ =ith the help o4 @arious dra=i!7s o4 some Jhal4 ape> hal4 huma!J 3reatures appeari!7 i! the media a!d 3ourse books> that is> 4ra!kly> by mea!s o4 propa7a!da> is !othi!7 but a tale =ith !o s3ie!ti4i3 4ou!datio!. Mord Solly Ou3kerma!> o!e o4 the most 4amous a!d respe3ted s3ie!tists i! the ?.K.> =ho 3arried out resear3h o! this sub;e3t 4or years a!d studied Australo"ithe#us 4ossils 4or +8 years> 4i!ally 3o!3luded> despite bei!7 a! e@olutio!ist himsel4> that there is> i! 4a3t> !o su3h 4amily tree bra!3hi!7 out 4rom ape#like 3reatures to ma!. Ou3kerma! also made a! i!teresti!7 Jspe3trum o4 s3ie!3eJ ra!7i!7 4rom those he 3o!sidered s3ie!ti4i3 to those he 3o!sidered u!s3ie!ti4i3. A33ordi!7 to Ou3kerma!:s spe3trum> the most Js3ie!ti4i3JEthat is> depe!di!7 o! 3o!3rete dataE4ields o4 s3ie!3e are 3hemistry a!d physi3s. A4ter them 3ome the biolo7i3al s3ie!3es a!d the! the so3ial s3ie!3es. At the 4ar e!d o4 the spe3trum> =hi3h is the part 3o!sidered to be most Ju!s3ie!ti4i3>J are JeDtra#se!sory per3eptio!JE3o!3epts su3h as telepathy a!d siDth se!seEa!d 4i!ally Jhuma! e@olutio!.J Ou3kerma! eDplai!s his reaso!i!7% 6e then mo%e right off the register of ob7e#ti%e truth into those fields of "resumed biologi#al s#ien#e& li2e e*trasensory "er#e"tion or the inter"retation of man's fossil history& where to the faithful 8e%olutionist9 anything is "ossible4and where the ardent belie%er 8in e%olution9 is sometimes able to belie%e se%eral #ontradi#tory things at the same time++. The tale o4 huma! e@olutio! boils do=! to !othi!7 but the pre;udi3ed i!terpretatio!s o4 some 4ossils u!earthed by 3ertai! people> =ho bli!dly adhere to their theory.

1arwinian 8orm#la<
Besides all the te3h!i3al e@ide!3e =e ha@e dealt =ith so 4ar> let us !o= 4or o!3e> eDami!e =hat ki!d o4 a superstitio! the e@olutio!ists ha@e =ith a! eDample so simple as to be u!derstood e@e! by 3hildre!% The theory o4 e@olutio! asserts that li4e is 4ormed by 3ha!3e. A33ordi!7 to this 3laim> li4eless a!d u!3o!s3ious atoms 3ame to7ether to 4orm the 3ell a!d the! they someho= 4ormed other li@i!7 thi!7s> i!3ludi!7 ma!. Met us thi!k about that. Ahe! =e bri!7 to7ether the eleme!ts that are the buildi!7#blo3ks o4 li4e su3h as 3arbo!> phosphorus> !itro7e! a!d potassium> o!ly a heap is 4ormed. 5o matter =hat treatme!ts it u!der7oes> this atomi3 heap 3a!!ot 4orm e@e! a si!7le li@i!7 bei!7. I4 you like> let us 4ormulate a! JeDperime!tJ o! this sub;e3t a!d let us eDami!e o! the behal4 o4 e@olutio!ists =hat they really 3laim =ithout pro!ou!3i!7 loudly u!der the !ame J0ar=i!ia! 4ormulaJ%

Met e@olutio!ists put ple!ty o4 materials prese!t i! the 3ompositio! o4 li@i!7 thi!7s su3h as phosphorus> !itro7e!> 3arbo!> oDy7e!> iro!> a!d ma7!esium i!to bi7 barrels. Moreo@er> let them add i! these barrels a!y material that does !ot eDist u!der !ormal 3o!ditio!s> but they thi!k as !e3essary. Met them add i! this miDture as ma!y ami!o a3ids a!d as ma!y protei!sEa si!7le o!e o4 =hi3h has a 4ormatio! probability o4 +) #(8)Eas they like. Met them eDpose these miDtures to as mu3h heat a!d moisture as they like. Met them stir these =ith =hate@er te3h!olo7i3ally de@eloped de@i3e they like. Met them put the 4oremost s3ie!tists beside these barrels. Met these eDperts =ait i! tur! beside these barrels 4or billio!s> a!d e@e! trillio!s o4 years. Met them be 4ree to use all ki!ds o4 3o!ditio!s they belie@e to be !e3essary 4or a huma!:s 4ormatio!. 5o matter =hat they do> they 3a!!ot produ3e 4rom these barrels a huma!> say a pro4essor that eDami!es his 3ell stru3ture u!der the ele3tro! mi3ros3ope. They 3a!!ot produ3e 7ira44es> lio!s> bees> 3a!aries> horses> dolphi!s> roses> or3hids> lilies> 3ar!atio!s> ba!a!as> ora!7es> apples> dates> tomatoes> melo!s> =atermelo!s> 4i7s> oli@es> 7rapes> pea3hes> pea4o=ls> pheasa!ts> multi3oloured butter4lies> or millio!s o4 other li@i!7 bei!7s su3h as these. I!deed> they 3ould !ot obtai! e@e! a si!7le 3ell o4 a!y o!e o4 them. Brie4ly> u!3o!s3ious atoms 3a!!ot 4orm the 3ell by 3omi!7 to7ether. They 3a!!ot take a !e= de3isio! a!d di@ide this 3ell i!to t=o> the! take other de3isio!s a!d 3reate the pro4essors =ho 4irst i!@e!t the ele3tro! mi3ros3ope a!d the! eDami!e their o=! 3ell stru3ture u!der that mi3ros3ope. Matter is a! u!3o!s3ious> li4eless heap> a!d it 3omes to li4e =ith Allah:s superior 3reatio!. The theory o4 e@olutio!> =hi3h 3laims the opposite> is a total 4alla3y 3ompletely 3o!trary to reaso!. Thi!ki!7 e@e! a little bit o! the 3laims o4 te@olutio!ists dis3loses this reality> ;ust as i! the abo@e eDample.

Te0hnology in the Eye and the Ear
A!other sub;e3t that remai!s u!a!s=ered by e@olutio!ary theory is the eD3elle!t <uality o4 per3eptio! i! the eye a!d the ear. Be4ore passi!7 o! to the sub;e3t o4 the eye> let us brie4ly a!s=er the <uestio! o4 ho= =e see. Mi7ht rays 3omi!7 4rom a! ob;e3t 4all oppositely o! the eye:s reti!a. 1ere> these li7ht rays are tra!smitted i!to ele3tri3 si7!als by 3ells a!d rea3h a ti!y spot at the ba3k o4 the brai!> the J3e!ter o4 @isio!.J These ele3tri3 si7!als are per3ei@ed i! this 3e!ter as a! ima7e a4ter a series o4 pro3esses. Aith this te3h!i3al ba3k7rou!d> let us do some thi!ki!7. The brai! is i!sulated 4rom li7ht. That mea!s that its i!side is 3ompletely dark> a!d that !o li7ht rea3hes the pla3e =here it is lo3ated. Thus> the J3e!ter o4 @isio!J is !e@er tou3hed by li7ht a!d may e@e! be the darkest pla3e you ha@e e@er k!o=!. 1o=e@er> you obser@e a lumi!ous> bri7ht =orld i! this pit3h dark!ess. The ima7e 4ormed i! the eye is so sharp a!d disti!3t that e@e! the te3h!olo7y o4 the t=e!tieth 3e!tury has !ot bee! able to attai! it. Cor i!sta!3e> look at the book you are readi!7> your ha!ds =ith =hi3h you are holdi!7 it> a!d the! li4t your head a!d look arou!d you. 1a@e you e@er see! su3h a sharp a!d disti!3t ima7e as this o!e at a!y other pla3eB E@e! the most de@eloped tele@isio! s3ree! produ3ed by the 7reatest tele@isio! produ3er i! the =orld 3a!!ot pro@ide su3h a sharp ima7e 4or you. This is a three#dime!sio!al> 3olored> a!d eDtremely sharp ima7e. Cor more tha! +)) years> thousa!ds o4 e!7i!eers ha@e bee! tryi!7 to a3hie@e this sharp!ess. Ca3tories> hu7e premises =ere established> mu3h resear3h has bee! do!e> pla!s a!d desi7!s ha@e bee! made 4or this purpose. A7ai!> look at a TL s3ree! a!d the book you hold i! your ha!ds. 2ou =ill see that there is a bi7

di44ere!3e i! sharp!ess a!d disti!3tio!. Moreo@er> the TL s3ree! sho=s you a t=o#dime!sio!al ima7e> =hereas =ith your eyes> you =at3h a three#dime!sio!al perspe3ti@e =ith depth. Cor ma!y years> te!s o4 thousa!ds o4 e!7i!eers ha@e tried to make a three#dime!sio!al TL a!d a3hie@e the @isio! <uality o4 the eye. 2es> they ha@e made a three#dime!sio!al tele@isio! system> but it is !ot possible to =at3h it =ithout putti!7 o! spe3ial -#0 7lassesK moreo@er> it is o!ly a! arti4i3ial three#dime!sio!. The ba3k7rou!d is more blurred> the 4ore7rou!d appears like a paper setti!7. 5e@er has it bee! possible to produ3e a sharp a!d disti!3t @isio! like that o4 the eye. I! both the 3amera a!d the tele@isio!> there is a loss o4 ima7e <uality. E@olutio!ists 3laim that the me3ha!ism produ3i!7 this sharp a!d disti!3t ima7e has bee! 4ormed by 3ha!3e. 5o=> i4 somebody told you that the tele@isio! i! your room =as 4ormed as a result o4 3ha!3e> that all o4 its atoms ;ust happe!ed to 3ome to7ether a!d make up this de@i3e that produ3es a! ima7e> =hat =ould you thi!kB 1o= 3a! atoms do =hat thousa!ds o4 people 3a!!otB I4 a de@i3e produ3i!7 a more primiti@e ima7e tha! the eye 3ould !ot ha@e bee! 4ormed by 3ha!3e> the! it is @ery e@ide!t that the eye a!d the ima7e see! by the eye 3ould !ot ha@e bee! 4ormed by 3ha!3e. The same situatio! applies to the ear. The outer ear pi3ks up the a@ailable sou!ds by the auri3le a!d dire3ts them to the middle ear> the middle ear tra!smits the sou!d @ibratio!s by i!te!si4yi!7 them> a!d the i!!er ear se!ds these @ibratio!s to the brai! by tra!slati!7 them i!to ele3tri3 si7!als. Gust as =ith the eye> the a3t o4 heari!7 4i!alizes i! the 3e!ter o4 heari!7 i! the brai!. The situatio! i! the eye is also true 4or the ear. That is> the brai! is i!sulated 4rom sou!d ;ust as it is 4rom li7ht. It does !ot let a!y sou!d i!. There4ore> !o matter ho= !oisy is the outside> the i!side o4 the brai! is 3ompletely sile!t. 5e@ertheless> the sharpest sou!ds are per3ei@ed i! the brai!. I! your 3ompletely sile!t brai!> you liste! to sympho!ies> a!d hear all o4 the !oises i! a 3ro=ded pla3e. 1o=e@er> =ere the sou!d le@el i! your brai! measured by a pre3ise de@i3e at that mome!t> 3omplete sile!3e =ould be 4ou!d to be pre@aili!7 there. As is the 3ase =ith ima7ery> de3ades o4 e44ort ha@e bee! spe!t i! tryi!7 to 7e!erate a!d reprodu3e sou!d that is 4aith4ul to the ori7i!al. The results o4 these e44orts are sou!d re3orders> hi7h#4idelity systems> a!d systems 4or se!si!7 sou!d. 0espite all o4 this te3h!olo7y a!d the thousa!ds o4 e!7i!eers a!d eDperts =ho ha@e bee! =orki!7 o! this e!dea@or> !o sou!d has yet bee! obtai!ed that has the same sharp!ess a!d 3larity as the sou!d per3ei@ed by the ear. Thi!k o4 the hi7hest#<uality hi#4i systems produ3ed by the lar7est 3ompa!y i! the musi3 i!dustry. E@e! i! these de@i3es> =he! sou!d is re3orded some o4 it is lostK or =he! you tur! o! a hi#4i you al=ays hear a hissi!7 sou!d be4ore the musi3 starts. 1o=e@er> the sou!ds that are the produ3ts o4 the huma! body:s te3h!olo7y are eDtremely sharp a!d 3lear. A huma! ear !e@er per3ei@es a sou!d a33ompa!ied by a hissi!7 sou!d or =ith atmospheri3s as does a hi#4iK rather> it per3ei@es sou!d eDa3tly as it is> sharp a!d 3lear. This is the =ay it has bee! si!3e the 3reatio! o4 ma!. So 4ar> !o ma!#made @isual or re3ordi!7 apparatus has bee! as se!siti@e a!d su33ess4ul i! per3ei@i!7 se!sory data as are the eye a!d the ear. 1o=e@er> as 4ar as seei!7 a!d heari!7 are 3o!3er!ed> a 4ar 7reater truth lies beyo!d all this.

To Whom 1oes the Cons0io#sness That Sees and Hears Within the )rain )elong6

Aho =at3hes a! alluri!7 =orld i! the brai!> liste!s to sympho!ies a!d the t=itteri!7 o4 birds> a!d smells the roseB The stimulatio!s 3omi!7 4rom a perso!:s eyes> ears> a!d !ose tra@el to the brai! as ele3tro#3hemi3al !er@e impulses. I! biolo7y> physiolo7y> a!d bio3hemistry books> you 3a! 4i!d ma!y details about ho= this ima7e 4orms i! the brai!. 1o=e@er> you =ill !e@er 3ome a3ross the most importa!t 4a3t% Aho per3ei@es these ele3tro# 3hemi3al !er@e impulses as ima7es> sou!ds> odors> a!d se!sory e@e!ts i! the brai!B There is a 3o!s3ious!ess i! the brai! that per3ei@es all this =ithout 4eeli!7 a!y !eed 4or a! eye> a! ear> a!d a !ose. To =hom does this 3o!s3ious!ess belo!7B 4 3ourse it does !ot belo!7 to the !er@es> the 4at layer> a!d !euro!s 3omprisi!7 the brai!. This is =hy 0ar=i!ist#materialists> =ho belie@e that e@erythi!7 is 3omprised o4 matter> 3a!!ot a!s=er these <uestio!s. Cor this 3o!s3ious!ess is the spirit 3reated by Allah> =hi3h !eeds !either the eye to =at3h the ima7es !or the ear to hear the sou!ds. Curthermore> it does !ot !eed the brai! to thi!k. E@eryo!e =ho reads this eDpli3it a!d s3ie!ti4i3 4a3t should po!der o! Almi7hty Allah> a!d 4ear a!d seek re4u7e i! 1im> 4or 1e s<ueezes the e!tire u!i@erse i! a pit3h#dark pla3e o4 a 4e= 3ubi3 3e!timeters i! a three# dime!sio!al> 3olored> shado=y> a!d lumi!ous 4orm.

A 4aterialist 8aith
The i!4ormatio! =e ha@e prese!ted so 4ar sho=s us that the theory o4 e@olutio! is i!3ompatible =ith s3ie!ti4i3 4i!di!7s. The theory:s 3laim re7ardi!7 the ori7i! o4 li4e is i!3o!siste!t =ith s3ie!3e> the e@olutio!ary me3ha!isms it proposes ha@e !o e@olutio!ary po=er> a!d 4ossils demo!strate that the re<uired i!termediate 4orms ha@e !e@er eDisted. So> it 3ertai!ly 4ollo=s that the theory o4 e@olutio! should be pushed aside as a! u!s3ie!ti4i3 idea. This is ho= ma!y ideas> su3h as the Earth#3e!tered u!i@erse model> ha@e bee! take! out o4 the a7e!da o4 s3ie!3e throu7hout history. 1o=e@er> the theory o4 e@olutio! is kept o! the a7e!da o4 s3ie!3e. Some people e@e! try to represe!t 3riti3isms dire3ted a7ai!st it as a! Jatta3k o! s3ie!3e.J AhyB The reaso! is that this theory is a! i!dispe!sable do7mati3 belie4 4or some 3ir3les. These 3ir3les are bli!dly de@oted to materialist philosophy a!d adopt 0ar=i!ism be3ause it is the o!ly materialist eDpla!atio! that 3a! be put 4or=ard to eDplai! the =orki!7s o4 !ature. I!teresti!7ly e!ou7h> they also 3o!4ess this 4a3t 4rom time to time. A =ell#k!o=! 7e!eti3ist a!d a! outspoke! e@olutio!ist> Fi3hard C. Me=o!ti! 4rom 1ar@ard ?!i@ersity> 3o!4esses that he is J4irst a!d 4oremost a materialist a!d the! a s3ie!tistJ% It is !ot that the methods a!d i!stitutio!s o4 s3ie!3e someho= 3ompel us a33ept a material eDpla!atio! o4 the phe!ome!al =orld> but> o! the 3o!trary> that =e are 4or3ed by our a priori adhere!3e to material 3auses to 3reate a! apparatus o4 i!@esti7atio! a!d a set o4 3o!3epts that produ3e material eDpla!atio!s> !o matter ho= 3ou!ter#i!tuiti@e> !o matter ho= mysti4yi!7 to the u!i!itiated. Moreo@er> that materialism is absolute> so =e 3a!!ot allo= a 0i@i!e Coot i! the door.:; These are eDpli3it stateme!ts that 0ar=i!ism is a do7ma kept ali@e ;ust 4or the sake o4 adhere!3e to materialism. This do7ma mai!tai!s that there is !o bei!7 sa@e matter. There4ore> it ar7ues that i!a!imate> u!3o!s3ious matter 3reated li4e. It i!sists that millio!s o4 di44ere!t li@i!7 spe3ies &e.7.> birds> 4ish> 7ira44es> ti7ers> i!se3ts> trees> 4lo=ers> =hales> a!d huma! bei!7s, ori7i!ated as a result o4 the i!tera3tio!s bet=ee!

matter su3h as pouri!7 rai!> li7ht!i!7 4lashes> a!d so o!> out o4 i!a!imate matter. This is a pre3ept 3o!trary both to reaso! a!d s3ie!3e. 2et 0ar=i!ists 3o!ti!ue to de4e!d it ;ust so as J!ot to allo= a 0i@i!e Coot i! the door.J A!yo!e =ho does !ot look at the ori7i! o4 li@i!7 bei!7s =ith a materialist pre;udi3e =ill see this e@ide!t truth% All li@i!7 bei!7s are =orks o4 a Creator> Aho is All#Po=er4ul> All#Aise> a!d All#K!o=i!7. This Creator is Allah> Aho 3reated the =hole u!i@erse 4rom !o!#eDiste!3e> desi7!ed it i! the most per4e3t 4orm> a!d 4ashio!ed all li@i!7 bei!7s.

The Theory o2 E ol#tion% The 4ost *otent Spell in the World
A!yo!e 4ree o4 pre;udi3e a!d the i!4lue!3e o4 a!y parti3ular ideolo7y> =ho uses o!ly his or her reaso! a!d lo7i3> =ill 3learly u!dersta!d that belie4 i! the theory o4 e@olutio!> =hi3h bri!7s to mi!d the superstitio!s o4 so3ieties =ith !o k!o=led7e o4 s3ie!3e or 3i@ilizatio!> is <uite impossible. As eDplai!ed abo@e> those =ho belie@e i! the theory o4 e@olutio! thi!k that a 4e= atoms a!d mole3ules thro=! i!to a hu7e @at 3ould produ3e thi!ki!7> reaso!i!7 pro4essors a!d u!i@ersity stude!tsK su3h s3ie!tists as Ei!stei! a!d GalileoK su3h artists as 1umphrey Bo7art> Cra!k Si!atra a!d Mu3ia!o Pa@arottiK as =ell as a!telopes> lemo! trees> a!d 3ar!atio!s. Moreo@er> as the s3ie!tists a!d pro4essors =ho belie@e i! this !o!se!se are edu3ated people> it is <uite ;usti4iable to speak o4 this theory as Jthe most pote!t spell i! history.J 5e@er be4ore has a!y other belie4 or idea so take! a=ay peoples: po=ers o4 reaso!> re4used to allo= them to thi!k i!telli7e!tly a!d lo7i3ally> a!d hidde! the truth 4rom them as i4 they had bee! bli!d4olded. This is a! e@e! =orse a!d u!belie@able bli!d!ess tha! the totem =orship i! some parts o4 A4ri3a> the people o4 Saba =orshippi!7 the Su!> the tribe o4 Prophet Ibrahim &as, =orshippi!7 idols they had made =ith their o=! ha!ds> or the people o4 Prophet Musa &as, =orshippi!7 the Golde! Cal4. I! 4a3t> Allah has poi!ted to this la3k o4 reaso! i! the 9ur:a!. I! ma!y @erses> 1e re@eals that some peoples: mi!ds =ill be 3losed a!d that they =ill be po=erless to see the truth. Some o4 these @erses are as 4ollo=s% As 2or those who do not +elie e, it ma;es no di22eren0e to them whether yo# warn them or do not warn them, they will not +elie e! Allah has sealed #p their hearts and hearing and o er their eyes is a +lind2old! They will ha e a terri+le p#nishment! "S#rat al3)aDara% /3C' H They ha e hearts with whi0h they do not #nderstand! They ha e eyes with whi0h they do not see! They ha e ears with whi0h they do not hear! S#0h people are li;e 0attle! No, they are e en 2#rther astray< They are the #naware! "S#rat al3AOra2% 5CF' E en i2 We opened #p to them a door into hea en, and they spent the day as0ending thro#gh it, they wo#ld only say% :O#r eyesight is +e2#ddled< Or rather we ha e +een p#t #nder a spell<: "S#rat al3 Hi?r% 5&35J' Aords 3a!!ot eDpress ;ust ho= asto!ishi!7 it is that this spell should hold su3h a =ide 3ommu!ity i! thrall> keep people 4rom the truth> a!d !ot be broke! 4or +8) years. It is u!dersta!dable that o!e or a 4e= people mi7ht belie@e i! impossible s3e!arios a!d 3laims 4ull o4 stupidity a!d illo7i3ality. 1o=e@er> Jma7i3J is the o!ly possible eDpla!atio! 4or people 4rom all o@er the =orld belie@i!7 that u!3o!s3ious a!d li4eless atoms sudde!ly de3ided to 3ome to7ether a!d 4orm a u!i@erse that 4u!3tio!s =ith a 4la=less system o4 or7a!izatio!> dis3ipli!e> reaso!> a!d 3o!s3ious!essK a pla!et !amed Earth =ith all o4 its 4eatures so per4e3tly suited to li4eK a!d li@i!7 thi!7s 4ull o4 3ou!tless 3ompleD systems. I! 4a3t> the 9ur:a! relates the i!3ide!t o4 Prophet Musa &as,a!d Pharaoh to sho= that some people =ho support atheisti3 philosophies a3tually i!4lue!3e others by ma7i3. Ahe! Pharaoh =as told about the true

reli7io!> he told Prophet Musa &as,to meet =ith his o=! ma7i3ia!s. Ahe! Musa &as,did so> he told them to demo!strate their abilities 4irst. The @erses 3o!ti!ue% He said% :$o# throw!: And when they threw, they 0ast a spell on the people7s eyes and 0a#sed them to 2eel great 2ear o2 them! They prod#0ed an e=tremely power2#l magi0! "S#rat al3AOra2% 55/' As =e ha@e see!> Pharaoh:s ma7i3ia!s =ere able to de3ei@e e@eryo!e> apart 4rom Musa &as, a!d those =ho belie@ed i! him. 1o=e@er> his e@ide!3e broke the spell> or Js=allo=ed up =hat they had 4or7ed>J as the @erse puts it. We re ealed to 4#sa, :Throw down yo#r sta22!: And it immediately swallowed #p what they had 2orged! So the Tr#th too; pla0e and what they did was shown to +e 2alse! "S#rat al3AOra2% 55C3559' As =e 3a! see> =he! people realized that a spell had bee! 3ast upo! them a!d that =hat they sa= =as ;ust a! illusio!> Pharaoh:s ma7i3ia!s lost all 3redibility. I! the prese!t day too> u!less those =ho> u!der the i!4lue!3e o4 a similar spell> belie@e i! these ridi3ulous 3laims u!der their s3ie!ti4i3 dis7uise a!d spe!d their li@es de4e!di!7 them> aba!do! their superstitious belie4s> they also =ill be humiliated =he! the 4ull truth emer7es a!d the spell is broke!. I! 4a3t> =orld#re!o=!ed British =riter a!d philosopher Mal3olm Mu77erid7e> =ho =as a! atheist de4e!di!7 e@olutio! 4or some /) years> but =ho subse<ue!tly realized the truth> re@eals the positio! i! =hi3h the theory o4 e@olutio! =ould 4i!d itsel4 i! the !ear 4uture i! these terms% ) myself am #on%in#ed that the theory of e%olution& es"e#ially the e*tent to whi#h it's been a""lied& will be one of the great 7o2es in the history boo2s in the future+ <osterity will mar%el that so %ery flimsy and dubious an hy"othesis #ould be a##e"ted with the in#redible #redulity that it has+ *) That 4uture is !ot 4ar o44% ! the 3o!trary> people =ill soo! see that J3ha!3eJ is !ot a deity> a!d =ill look ba3k o! the theory o4 e@olutio! as the =orst de3eit a!d the most terrible spell i! the =orld. That spell is already rapidly be7i!!i!7 to be li4ted 4rom the shoulders o4 people all o@er the =orld. Ma!y people =ho see its true 4a3e are =o!deri!7 =ith amazeme!t ho= they 3ould e@er ha@e bee! take! i! by it.

They said, :(lory +e to $o#< We ha e no ;nowledge e=0ept what $o# ha e ta#ght #s! $o# are the All3Inowing, the All3Wise!: "S#rat al3)aDara% G-'

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Whate er their 0ir0#mstan0es may +e, there is one signi2i0ant 2eat#re that a great many people ha e in 0ommon% The great ma?ority lead #nhappy li es! The goods and property they own, the ?o+s they per2orm, and their lo ed ones are not eno#gh to ma;e these people happy in any real sense! The reason why they s#22er 2rom sorrow and 2eel #nhappy e en in the +est o2 0ir0#mstan0es is +e0a#se they li e at a distan0e 2rom Allah! Allah grants people happiness only thro#gh 2aith, and only in this way it is possi+le to ta;e 2#ll pleas#re in the +ea#ti2#l things o2 li2e! So long as no sin0ere 2aith in a00ordan0e with the @#r7an e=ists, it is impossi+le to a0hie e tr#e happiness +y any means whatsoe er! This +oo; highlights this important tr#th and 0alls on people to li e o#t tr#e and sin0ere 2aith! It e=plains that people really 0reate with their own e22orts the systems that pre ent them 2rom +eing happy and en?oying li2e7s +lessings, and whi0h pl#nge them into sorrow! It ma;es it 0lear that the only way to +e prote0ted against se0ret #nhappiness is to +elie e in Allah with a sin0ere heart! It reminds the readers that so long as people do not a0hie e this sin0erity towards Allah, they 0annot e=perien0e real happiness +y any means whatsoe er>and that the se0ret sorrows o2 this world may well t#rn to eternal torment in the Herea2ter!