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Advance course for Internal Auditors on Quality, Environment and Information Security

This course aims to provide you with the At the end of the course, participants will learn Target Participants:
opportunity to learn about the subject of about: -
auditing of management systems, to obtain CEOs, Quality Assurance Managers, ISO Project
business results and process Managers, ISO Team Members, Management
improvements. • Management System Objectives
• Roles and responsibilities of Internal Representatives, QMS Auditors & Consultants,
auditors Trainers.
• Planning and conducting an audit in
accordance with ISO19011. Teaching Methodology:
Organizations have to identify, plan & establish • Reporting of audit, including writing
systems that directly affect the quality of valid, factual and value-adding non- This course has been designed with input and
product or service, and ensure that these conformity reports. feedback from a number of trainers, customers
processes are carried out under controlled • Undertaking audit follow-up activities, and training consultants. The course design
conditions both effectively & efficiently. ISO including evaluating the effectiveness of reflects a high level of interaction between the
9001:2008 / TS 16949 series of standards corrective action. trainer and the participants. It is built upon the
provides the means for systematic planning, • Role of Auditor and Management participants input all throughout the course. .
execution and analysis of all these aspects of an
organization’s management system to determine
Certificate: On successful completion of the
the extent and effectiveness of Management
course, a certificate will be issued to the

Internal Auditors need to empowered with Course Contents:

Duration: 1 days
knowledge to be able to take up the task in mind
• Audit Planning and Scope Language: English
of relating audit to business results and best
practices. Join this unique program to be able to • Auditor skills
think and attain the level of competence. • Conduct an Audit Course Venue:Magnolia Hall
• Complete audit simulations. Indian Habitat Centre New Delhi India
Learning Objective: • Compliance versus Results
• Evaluation, Report and Follow up Date: 9/7/2009
• Course conclusion, reflection and
This course aims to provide you with the
personal action plan Course Fee: Rs. 3800/- including service tax to
opportunity to learn about the subject of
auditing of management systems, specifically Qsys eSolutions Pvt Ltd New Delhi.
those based on the ISO family of standards.
Qsys eSolutions Pvt Ltd, A-39 FF Complex Okhla Ind Estate Phase-3, New Delhi-20
Ph: 9899447200, 9810059109, mail: