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Ruben Celso Madriaga Mangaldan
Professional Profile
Presently an independent resource speaker, trainor and project consultant for advanced topics in Project Management, Security Information and Event Mangement, Business Area Analysis & Optimization, Database/Data Warehouse Design and Enterprise Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management. With over 30 years of Information Technology experience, the last 20 years of which has involved managing large IT Projects. Contributed marketing and technical expertise in various large pioneering IT projects in the country three of which, garnered the prestigious JAL/AIM Technology Excellence Award in Asia (i.e. San Miguel Corp. – Unix/Informix Downsizing; MERALCO – Customer Complaint Monitoring System; Social Security System – Decentralization Project). Sales and marketing accomplishments include setting up the INFORMIX representative office in the Philippines, successfully positioning INFORMIX as the no. 1 Unix database in the country then. As Vice-President and Business Unit Head for a systems integration company (Asia Pacific Technology Integrators), sold mainframe systems software and systems management products in the Philippines for CANDLE Corporation. Market share for CANDLE Products doubled after the distributorship appointment within the first year. APTECH also provided local project management and software technical support for SEQUENT’s Data Warehousing and Thin-Client initiatives. Regional Reseller Channel sales and management experience was obtained from TELXON/AIRONET Corporation having been hired as its Business Development Director for Asian Operations. Accomplishments include designing and implementing an innovative sales monitoring system for resellers derived from the earned value concepts in project management. This resulted in a highly pro-active channel sales management system, which improved sales and technical support, as well as sales and production forecasting.

Summary of Qualifications

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Project and Program Management Reseller Channel Sales, Marketing and Management Enterprise Security Information & Event Management Distributed and Very Large Database Design OLTP / SQL Applications and Database Tuning Decision Support Systems/Data Warehouse Design and Operational Data Store Integration  Business Area Analysis for Data and Process Throughput Optimization  Enterprise Systems Architecture Planning, Analysis, Design, and Implementation  Automated Data Capture/ Wireless Networking / RFID

Work Experience 2003 - Present
and Job Accomplishments

Independent Consultant and Technical Trainor

Seminar Speaker/ Technical Trainor (2003-Present)  Conducted training seminars both public and in-house to top corporations in the Phiippines on various topics in Project Management, Enterprise Information Systems Architecture, Database and Datawarehouse Development Currently collaborating with some technical luminaries in the field of project management on advanced topics in Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS). Developed and derived a methodology which translates the base calculations used in Earned Value to measure and track project effort, cost and schedule from a cost-based tracking system into a time-phased tracking system. This in turn, was used to develop a modified version of the Gantt chart used in project management. The modified charting system could simultaneously track project cost, effort and schedule along a project time-scaled chart. It could then be used as an effective forecasting tool for both schedule and cost down to the task or activity level of a project. The project tracking method is now called a “4-bar Earned Schedule Gantt” Other advanced project management trainings conducted include topics such as: quantitative and qualitative project risk analysis and management , the Theory of Constraints Approach on Continuous Process Improvement, Critical Chain Multi-Project Management , Quantitative Techniques in Project Recovery, Advanced Project Estimation and Simulation. Managed projects and provided consulting services to IT vendors providing Security Information and Event Management Solutions, Enterprise Database Systems Development and Knowledge Management


Professional Systems Synergy Incorporated


Seminar Speaker/ Technical Trainor (2002-2005) Director, Education and Consulting Division (2002- 2003)  Directly reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, was hired to lead the Education and Consulting unit and undertake all initiatives in PSSI’s goal to be recognized and to regain its leadership in providing quality ongoing professional education mainly for the IT industry in the Philippines. Top local and multi-national companies and major institutions continually send their employees for training in the various subject areas offered. One example, among many others, Texas Instruments, has tapped PSSI as its training provider for project management to help in the companies’ initiative to optimize its Supply Chain throughput. Another company,

Abbot Laboratories Philippines, in 2002, has also tapped PSSI to provide training and consulting for project management in its bid to be one of the first companies in the Philippines to obtain the certification as a “Class A” MRPII company by the following year 2003.  Recently, Microsoft Corporation has firmed up an agreement with PSSI as its very first regional project management consulting partner for Microsoft’s first enterprise wide project management solution - Project 2003. PSSI together with Microsoft will assist its Asian clients in building and providing end-to-end infrastructures for enterprise wide project management solutions. Component building blocks such as messaging and collaboration, wireless technologies, database and ERP solutions, digital dashboards, data warehouse, web and internet solutions will be integrated to provide the total Enterprise Project Management Infrastructure for companies who are ready to move into the “Enterprise Management by Projects” paradigm.


Total Information Management Corporation

Systems Integration Consultant  Provided technical advisory and supervision to various enterprise systems integration projects and proposals undertaken by TIM and its sister companies. Major responsibilities include management and supervision from technical design, sourcing, and coordination with third party suppliers and technology partners, both local and international, and performed functions as bid manager to oversee and coordinate the preparation of large systems proposals within a short turnaround time. The primary responsibility is to ensure the technical and financial soundness of Systems Integration Proposals to be submitted in response to customer Request for Proposals (RFPs). The solutions developed included Imaging and Workflow Solutions, Data Warehouse Projects, Financial and ERP Systems, Call Metering, Enterprise Multi-Project Management packages, Call Center and CRM Applications and Enterprise Asset Management.


International Distributor Operations Brussels, Belgium

Director of Business Development Asian Distributor Operations  Spurred by increased foreign investor confidence in the Philippines during that time, TELXON decided to transfer its regional office in Singapore to the Philippines.

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The task given was to lead and setup the new Asian regional operations in the Philippines in two years. Accomplishments include the development of new sales channels and partnerships and the improvement of existing partnerships that included among others major ISVs, VARs, Hardware Vendors, and Consulting Companies in the Asian region. Together with the partners, new solutions were developed using portable wireless transaction computers and radio frequency (RF) based wireless networks to provide wireless data capture and mobile solutions in diverse industries to include, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, Supply Chain Management solutions, Warehouse and Distribution applications, Retail, and Manufacturing applications among others. Conducted joint marketing presentations and technical conferences together with various partners with the objective of increasing market coverage and improving market awareness on the benefits of using state-of-the-art wireless networking, automated data capture and other mobile technologies in various industries. Sales forecasting and monitoring of resellers in Asia was improved and provided better feedback to technical and marketing support operations. Data obtained from the reports also gave valuable information for production planning. A sales reporting system adopted from the Earned Value Project Management Technique was developed which improved the accuracy of the sales forecasts. This resulted in surpassing initial sales quotas for the first and second quarter of the fiscal year immediately after hiring.

1995 – 1998 Vice-President 

Asia Pacific Technology Integrators Corp. APTECH

APTECH was set-up in Q4 1995 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Total Information Management Corporation (TIM). The main function of the business unit is to provide systems integration services and software solutions to be bundled together with hardware offerings from the different TIM business units specifically for the IBM mainframe, Digital/Compaq and Sequent platforms. The initial tasks involved the mapping and development of a business plan for APTECH, and later, to negotiate for the distributorship of initial software offerings to be offered to the local IT market. Distributorship and marketing agreements were arranged with companies such as CANDLE Corporation, Platinum Technologies, Computer Associates, Walker Interactive Systems and various business alliances with both local and foreign software vendors and consulting companies to provide a range of services which was focused on systems tools, middleware, data warehousing, financial applications, network and systems management, and information systems planning. APTECH offered training and consulting specifically on mainframe systems programming. SQL Tuning, OLTP database design, Data Warehouse Design and Implementation, Network Performance Planning and Optimization, Systems Capacity Planning and Benchmarking. In the local mainframe MVS market, APTECH was able to double the

customer base of CANDLE Mainframe Products from 20% to 42% within the first year after being awarded the local distributorship. IBM Philippines formerly distributed the products. The market base was further increased to about 50% in the succeeding year. CANDLE clients in the Philippines include Metrobank, Far East Bank, BPI, UCPB, Solidbank, Meralco, SSS, Altel Phils. among others.  Later in the year, APTECH started introducing products to support enterprise wide integrated systems management in heterogeneous environments. Vertical applications were provided to other TIM business units thru business alliances with applications systems developers and vendors to be offered to clients in the financial and telecommunications sector. In 1996, in its first year of operation, initial revenue was only 11 million pesos but net profits were close to 50% of the revenue.

1993 – 1995

Strategic Partners Incorporated SSS Decentralization Project

Technical and Project Management Consultant*
*(concurrent with other independent training and consulting engagements 1991-95)

 Hired by Strategic Partners Inc. (SPI), a wholly owned subsidiary of the United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), as Technical Consultant and Senior Project Manager for the Decentralization Project of the Social Security System.  The project consisted of three components, namely; the Decentralization Project (Business and Systems Reengineering), Telecommunications Plan, and the development of a new Loans Management System for SSS. The Decentralization Project and the 5 -year Telecommunications Plan for SSS was finished in a year and a half and garnered SSS the JAL/AIM Information Technology Excellence Award in 1994 for the successful decentralization of its operations.

 Detailed tasks involved providing multi-disciplinary technical resource and training in business reengineering, distributed database design, business benchmarking, workflow and process analysis/design/simulation, time and motion analysis, information systems architecture design, RDBMS Very Large Database design and administration, SQL performance tuning techniques among others.  Existing applications and business processes were evaluated and changes were proposed by the SPI project team and executed by the SSS to ensure that operations will be able to function in a decentralized environment. Project management tasks involved monitoring, coordinating, and reporting to the SSS Executive Committee on the status and issues relevant to the project. The U.S. Department of Defense specified Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria, the pre-cursor of the ANSI Earned Value Project Management System(EVMS) was used in managing the entire project.

1991 – 1995

Independent Consultant/Trainor

Independent Consultant/Trainor  Conducted various public and in-house technical and management training and seminars on various IT topics, (i.e. relational analysis and design, distributed database design, information systems architecture, client/server systems and applications design and methodology, SQL programming and tuning). Client companies, among many, include IBM Phils, Computer Information Systems, Inc. (Meralco), PLDT, San Miguel Corporation, Online Advanced Systems, Cocolife, TIMEX Phils., PCARDD, Dole Philippines, etc. and various public seminars thru Professional Systems Synergy, Inc.

1989 – 1991 Marketing Consultant 

Informix Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd.

As Philippine Marketing consultant, was hired by INFORMIX Asia Pacific to help set-up the Philippine Representative Office and market Informix database products in the Philippines. Business accomplishments included the successful positioning of INFORMIX as the number one UNIX Relational Database Management System (i.e. size of installed base) in the Philippines during those years, which went against the trend in the whole of the Asia/Pacific rim that had Oracle as the leading RDBMS. Pioneering institutions such as San Miguel Corporation, Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) were among the early users of UNIX/INFORMIX based RDBMS technology. San Miguel Corporation and MERALCO both became awardees of the JAL/AIM Technology Excellence awards after having implemented and standardized on INFORMIX. Philippine business operations posted an average ROI above 400% at that time. Marketing operations was successful after having been one of the first software vendors to have implemented an effective channels marketing strategy in the Philippines. As a result, most UNIX hardware vendors bundled INFORMIX for their RDBMS solutions.