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ABLAN (FILED FROM JULY 2008 TO JUNE 2009) ORDINANCES1 1. DPO No. 2008-07-062 The Ilocos Norte Anti-truancy ordinance for elementary pupils & high school students. 2. PO No. 037-2008 An ordinance regulating the registration and use of airsoft guns in the Province of Ilocos Norte, prescribing penalties for violation thereof. 3. DPO No. 2008-07-065 An ordinance providing for the computerization of all ordinances and significant resolutions enacted and adopted respectively by the previous and present Sangguniang Panlalawigan of he Province of Ilocos Norte. 4. DPO No. 2008-07-066 An ordinance regulating the installation and maintenance of distribution lines of various utilities in the Province of Ilocos Norte. 5. DPO No. 2008-07-067 An ordinance ensuring road safety and protection of minors by prohibiting "kabit" or "top load" boarding of buses, jeepneys and other means of transportation within the territorial jurisdiction of the Province of Ilocos Norte, and providing penalties for violations thereof. 6. DPO No. 2008-10-74 An ordinance establishing an advanced recovery fee (Green fee) for disposable plastic bags and for other purposes. 7. DPO No. 2008-10-075 An ordinance requiring the display of safety warning signs on all repair and installation work being done on public roads and places in the Province of Ilocos Norte by Utility companies, imposing penalties for violation, and for other purposes. 8. PO No. 042-2009 An ordinance providing for Benefits and Investment Incentives for Balikbayans. 9. DPO No. 2008-12-079 An ordinance providing for Government and Business Transaction Leave to employees working in the Province of Ilocos Norte. 10. DPO No. 2009-01-081 An ordinance regulating the examination and treatment for emergency medical conditions and women in labor in all hospitals in the Province of Ilocos Norte.


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11.DPO No. 2009-01-082 An ordinance supplementing RA 9178 by exempting newly established Barangay Micro Business Enterprises from payment of real property tax for a period of one year. 12. DPO No. 2009-02-086 An ordinance initiating a system for a partnership in Local Governance between the Provincial Government and the people of Ilocos Norte and for other purposes. 13. PO No. 044-2009 An ordinance reclassifying the vacant position of Administrative Officer II with Salary Grade 15 into Architect I with Salary Grade 12 under the Office of Provincial Engineer. 14. DPO No. 2009-02-089 An ordinance converting the Barangay Poblacion-Naguilian-Garnaden-Uguis-Barangobong Road into a Provincial Road. 15. PAO No. 045-2009 An ordinance appropriating the amount of P 150,000.00 from the PAGCOR funds for the payment of the Blood Handling Fee to be used by the indigent patients. 16. PO No. 046-2009 An ordinance amending Section 4 of Provincial Ordinance No. 042-2009, entitled “An ordinance providing for Benefits and Investment Incentives for Balikbayans.” 17. DPO No. 2009-04-093 An ordinance granting free access to senior citizens at the Rizal Amusement Park, the Museo Ilocos, the Ferdinand E. Marcos Memorial Stadium, and other recreational facilities owned by the Province of Ilocos Norte. 18. DPO No. 2009-05-094 An ordinance providing an alternative penalty in the form of voluntary blood donation for those in violation of Provincial Ordinances with an imposable penalty of imprisonment not exceeding 30 days, or a fine not more than One Thousand Pesos (1, 000.00) or both. 19. PO No. 049-2009 An ordinance amending PO No. 044-2009, entitled: "An ordinance reclassifying the vacant position of Administrative Officer II with Salary Grade 15 into Architect I with salary grade 12 under the Office of Provincial Engineer. RESOLUTIONS 1. DPR No. 2008-06-093 A resolution expressing strong support to Senate Bill no. 2293 entitled, “An act amending sections 22, 24, 34, 35, 51 and 79 of the Republic Act no. 8424, as amended, otherwise known as the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997.” 2. DPR No. 2008-08-105 A resolution strongly supporting Senate Bill 2315 entitle, "An act requiring the concurrence of the Local School Board on the assignment of Division Superintendents, District Supervisors,

School Principals, and other school officials amending for the purpose Sec 99, paragraph (D) of the Republic Act. No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991. 3. PR No. 092-2008 A resolution requesting the Optical Media Board to maintain the status quo on the requirement for Optical Media Businesses to secure Certificate of Compliance for Music Products from P.A.R.I. under Memorandum Circular No. 2008-01 until a nationwide Consultation is conducted, to be participated by stakeholders from all over the country, including the Province of Ilocos Norte. 4. PR No. 093-2008 A resolution urging Pres.Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Senate Pres. Manuel Villar and House Speaker Prospero Nograles to certify as urgent Senate Bill 2404 which seeks to address the perennial shortages in education and health care services among public schools nationwide by creating the Health and Education Acceleration Program (HEAP) Corporation, providing funds therefore and other purposes. 5. PR No. 098-2008 A resolution urging all first-time voters residing in the Province of Ilocos Norte to register with the Commission on Elections pursuant to COMELEC Res. No. 8514 on or before 15 December 2009. 6. DPR No. 2009-01-122 A resolution declaring the Laoag Central Elementary School a Provincial Cultural Property. 7. PR No. 103-2009 A resolution requesting 1st District Rep., Hon. Roque R. Ablan, Jr. and 2nd District Rep. Hon. Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr., to sponsor a bill in the 14th Congress amending RA 8344. 8. PR No. 100-2009 A resolution expressing support to Senate Bill 3014 providing for the protection and conservation of the National Cultural Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and its affiliated cultural agencies, introduced by Senators Angara, Revilla Jr., Estrada, Legarda, Villar, Santiago, Trillanes and Roxas. 9. PR No. 104-2009 A resolution expressing support to Senate Bill No. 2923 constituting a Constitutional Convention to amend the 1987 Philippine Constitution, introduced by Senator Mar Roxas. 10. PR No. 112-2009 A resolution supporting House Bill Nos. 4244 and 4272 and Senate Bill Nos. 2370 and 2458 otherwise known as, “An act defining the use and protection of the Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Crystal emblems authored by Rep. Roilo Golez and Victor Agbayani and Senators Richard Gordon and Juan Miguel Zubiri respectively.” 11. DPR No. 2009-04-137 A resolution expressing support to Senate Bills 2876 and 2611 protecting Credit Card Holders by prohibiting hidden penalties and requiring disclosure of minimum payment effects, introduced by Senators Manny Villar and Miriam Defensor Santiago, respectively, and requesting Rep. Roque R. Ablan, Jr and Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. to sponsor a House Bill providing for a credit cardholders’ bill of rights .

12. DPR No. 2009-04-138 A resolution expressing support to House Bill 5985 prohibiting hospitals from requiring payment upon nurses who want to gain training and work experience, introduced by Rep. Edgar San Luis. 13. DPR No. 2009-05-141 A resolution expressing support to SB No. 1254 promoting the establishment of Business Enterprises by Overseas Filipinos, providing incentives and benefits, also known as the Overseas Filipinos Investment Bill, introduced by Senator Francis N. Pangilinan. 14. DPR No. 2009-05-143 A resolution calling on all Local Government Units in the Province of Ilocos Norte to support the "Red Cross 143" Program of the Philippine National Red Cross in their respective localities. 15. PR No. 115-2009 A resolution expressing support to SB Nos. 2357 and 2367 prohibiting and penalizing the recording of private act/s and individual, also known as the Anti-Video Voyeurism Act of 2009, introduced by Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Francis G. Escudero & Manuel M. Lapid and Pia S. Cayetano, respectively. 16. PR No. 116-2009 A resolution requesting the Supreme Court to designate a small claims court in the Province of Ilocos Norte.