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The next move [explained @ the end, for implementation by Boehner et al.

in less than 10 hours]: Necessarily, the House would send the Senate full-funding [@ sequester-levels, which Reid said hed not oppose, as per an article published a few days ago, cited in a prior blast] for all departments except for Treasury/HHS, with the former proscribed from enforcing ObamaCare and the latter having the Scalese [Republican Study Committees revenue-neutral] healthcare plan supplanting ObamaCare.

Anyone doubting the severity of the problem is invited to recall that Reagan Warned Us About Obama. Today is crucial, obviously, and the GOP-House Caucus is scheduled to meet @ High-Noon; the fact that Cruz has lobbied in the House has provoked dyspepsia [per Stephen Hayes, on FNCs All Stars]. Thus, its time to pull-together myriad thoughts that have dominated the 693 pages comprising these blast e-mails, a series initiated in June that evolved from focus on a burgeoning BHO-Scandal-Sheet to advocating noisily for the views manifest during the Cruz quasi-filibuster; extensively documented have been all major faults of ObamaCare as well as its profound philosophical implications. Indeed, perceived in a totally political context, it threatens to create a deep, irreversible signature legislation outcome that would offset anything BHO would attain during the upcoming 3+ yearsits THAT crucial [forget-ObamaCares-bumps-and-glitches, for one must-look-at how-it-destroys-personal-choice]. Adding to the resolve not to cave to Obama has been rhetoric from multiple Ds, ranging from obamas claim that one-day-everyone-will-want-to-take-credit-for-ObamaCare to tht of past/present leaders [senator-harkin-says-politics-have-reached-civil-war-levels; al-gore-calls-possible-government-shutdown-political-terrorism; get-a-life harry-reidsneers-that-republicans-need-to-move-on-from-ObamaCare; Sen. Barbara Mikulski (MD), from the Senate floor, {pejoratively} calls out the teabaggers in the Tea Party].

It is desirable to dispense with as much obligatory data-mining as possible, so as to strategize regarding what will be occurring this weekend; if, indeed Reid told his senatorial colleagues not to return until Monday-a.m., the GOP has an opportunity to pass pivotal legislation tomorrowand then feel justified complaining about D-party delay for as long as 48-hours, thereby satirizing how Reid lambasted Cruz [immediately having trashed his 21+ hour speak-a-thon as merely a monumental waste of time]. Here, rationalizations that a let-it-burn-theory of socialist-collapse should justify funding have been debunked, for sufficient pain has already transpired [Administration Confirms Americans Will Not See a $2,500 premium-decrease; ObamaCare Employer Mandate caused many Cuts To Work Hours and Jobs; ObamaCare is anti-gun, obama lied when he told america some real whoppers about ObamaCare; #ObamaCare creates insurance monopolies; congresswoman ObamaCare creating health insurance monopolies; computer-snags-delay-parts of-ObamaCare; ObamaCare's Mandate To Shut Down Little Sisters Of The Poor; ObamaCare Has Caused Widespread Job Loss; People signing-Up For ObamaCare Also simultaneously registering To Vote]. Ron PAUL asks: Why must the American people suffer when even so many Democrats dont want ObamaCare? The GOPs-huelskamp slams al sharpton: If ObamaCare is so great, why does Congress exempt itself? And, as Rep. Marsha Blackburn said on FNCs Hannity [to Monica Crowley, subbing], we still must delay defund repeal replace. Naturally, dominating the media [both national and local] are discussions of 10-Ways-aGovernment-Shutdown-Might-Affect-You--Even-if-Youre-Not-a-Federal-Worker; sadly, few people are discussing [oh-what-a-night] lessons-from-the-cruz-filibuster, nor are the object lessons regarding leadership being shared with a public losing-out on this tutorial. [Consider this excerpt: It's Time for the Senate to Listen to the American People.] Although the electorate is hungry for data, lamentably, few defects of ObamaCare are raised by commentators; its almost as ifper Rushthe public has been anesthetized.

Guzzardi notes this graph shows that prices rise the more government subsidizes; anticipate that ObamaCare could soon emulate college/university tuition. Last night, when offered a few minutes to update Bucks County troops at the Standard [n Moose] in Doylestown, this physician noted the internal battle between the GOPs establishment/conservatives that has explodedevidenced by mccain*-chiding-cruz-for-nazi-comment-during-ObamaCare-speech, Christie claiming 'Responsible' GOP Leaders Would Work Out Spending Bill and that its Irresponsible to Shutdown government and Coburn {instead, facetiously} calling for shutdown of all wasteful Spending and that will be raging during the years prior to designation of the POTUS-16 candidate. Immediately, comments segued into a candid update of what has been achieved and what must be accomplished, now focused on continued efforts to contact legislators directly and firmly with individualized messages. {*Believe it or not, McCain Hired the infamous Syrian Rebel Advocate Who Fabricated Her Background.}

Ted Cruz had received a standing-O @ the start of the meeting, reflecting affection generated by his media appearances [e.g., Sen. Ted Cruz Speaking with Sean Hannity] and that now is manifest in polling regarding current activities [Ted Cruz More Trusted Among Republicans Than Boehner, McConnell] and his potential future [poll-cruz-leads2016-gop-presidential-field-has-more-credibility-than-party-leaders]. Time constraints led to omitting explanatory information regarding the Press Releases directed towards Rep. Fitzpatrick [due to dilatory commitment to defunding, characterized as tough-love] and regarding the Facebook websites [Ted Heads and Ted Cruz for President 2016] upon which this physician has been uploading data for the past month-plus. Instead, people were told how individual activism can yield tangible outcomes (without angst).

Ted Cruz Kneels in Prayer Outside White House for Saeed Abedini, who has been in an Iranian prison for one year, persecuted for his faith to Jesus Christ; Cruz is alongside Rev. Rob Schenck (from Faith and Action) and Rev. Frazier White (a Democrat and Obama supporter). Today, the Senate defied Cruz by stripping language defunding ObamaCare; this roll-call shows the names of the 25 Republicans who voted to fund ObamaCare [noting that early reports of 27-rinotraitors-in-the-senate-who-just-voted-in-favor-of-ObamaCare were generated by simple-arithmetic that had not recognized absences (for family reasons) of Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch]. Cruz was joined by 18 of his fellow Republicans: Sens. Mike Crapo of Idaho, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Dean Heller of Nevada, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, Mike Lee of Utah, Jim Moran of Kansas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rob Portman of Ohio, Jim Risch of Idaho, Pat Roberts of Kansas, Marco Rubio of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Richard Shelby of Alabama, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and David Vitter of Louisiana. Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi originally voted no, but then switched his vote to yes. As an example of the outcome of this effort has teen an open-letter-to-congressman gohmert calling on him to challenge Cornyn; instructive, now, is the fact that cloture was supported by all Members of Senate GOP leadership: Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate Minority Whip Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), Senate GOP conference chairman Sen. John Thune (R-SD), GOP conference vice-chair Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO), and GOP Policy Committee chairman Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY). Anyone wishing to access social-sitecontacts-for-the-senate will discover how easily one can communicate with them, quickly/efficiently. {Breitbart assigned this VERY positive headline: SENATE GOP BULLS BACK CRUZ, LEE.} Bob Guzzardi reports that Mitch Vidovich of Pat Toomey's southeast office sent to him Pat Toomey's statement on the ObamaCare Cloture Vote: From the start, my goal has been, and continues to be, to completely repeal the Presidents health care law as soon as possible. ObamaCare hurts our economy, shrinks

paychecks, and moves our health care system in the wrong direction. It is simply not fixable. {An example of Pats efforts: Toomey Works To Protect Paychecks For Troops.} With President Obama in the White House and the Democratic party controlling the Senate, full repeal, unfortunately, cannot be achieved now. However, I believe that, right now, we can delay and dismantle some of the most egregious flaws in this law flaws which have been acknowledged by lawmakers in both parties. I, therefore, intend to offer reasonable amendments that would help achieve this objective, including for instance, a measure to repeal the health care laws medical device tax which drives up costs for patients and threatens Pennsylvania jobs. If Majority Leader Reid insists on granting himself the power to gut the House-passed bill with 51 votes, while preventing me and other Senators from even offering amendments with broad bipartisan support, I will vote against cloture on the bill. Mitch Vidovich Southeast Regional Director Office of Senator Pat Toomey 1628 JFK Blvd, Suite 1702 Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 241-1090 So, what happens next? Is there sufficient time for due process [which Boehner solemnly pledged would become the routine] to occurif the Senate is out-of-townthrough a Conference Committee? Were there to be a shutdown, will a 2009-law-protect-veterans? Tonight, to FNCs Greta, Cruz said the following idea [championed by this physician for TWO MONTHS] is Terrific: Buchanan advises House GOP to use piecemeal budget strategy. Guzzardi and I term this approach to be a sequential strategic structured shutdown, a phrase that emerged 2 years ago during a half-hour conversation with Rep. Tom Price [who recalled having met this physician during an Annual Meeting of the American Society of Internal Medicine, two decades ago!] during the evening-reception after Pat Toomeys swearing-in. Here, the House should pass segmented CRs and roll-out each serially, sequentially and strategically starting with funding the military at current levels with sequester in place; a few days ago, these ideas were embraced by cruz, as it became clear he advised the House to pass military-only funding-measure. Necessarily, the House would send the Senate full-funding [@ sequester-levels, which Reid said hed not oppose, as per an article published a few days ago, cited in a prior blast] for all departments except for Treasury/HHS, with the former proscribed from enforcing ObamaCare and the latter having the Scalese [Republican Study Committees revenue-neutral] healthcare plan supplanting ObamaCare. Video: Compare Wolf Blitzer's Carney and Bachmann ObamaCare Interviews During interviews about ObamaCare on Thursday by CNN's Wolf Blitzer, he was a pussycat who was obviously unprepared (or unwilling) to rebut White House spokesman Jay Carney, but he aggressively hectored GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann. THE CRISIS [by Thomas Paine]: THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.