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Rock Climbing (Outdoor Adventures Series

Rock Climbing will help you explore one of the world's fastestgrowing activities safely and successfully. The experts at the Wilderness Education Association ensure you learn proper technique essential to a safe and enjoyable experience. They prepare you for your adventure with information on fitness and conditioning, equipment and gear selection, and nutrition. You'll learn how you can use indoor climbing to practice basic skills before moving on to refine and build on those skills in the outdoors. You'll find easy-to-follow instruction of climbing fundamentals, including knots, belaying, building anchor systems, moving on rock, descending, and lead climbing, giving you all the skills and knowledge you need to be a capable beginning climber. Throughout the book the authors share consumer, technique, and safety tips collected from their years of experience as both climbers and instructors. Rock Climbing is part of the Outdoor Adventure series. This practical series provides you with the essential information so you can get ready and go. The Outdoor Adventures series will prepare you with instruction in the basic techniques and skills so you can be on your way to an adventure in no time.

Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers ISBN-13: 978-0736068024

Complete Conditioning for Soccer
Soccer players are faster and stronger than ever before. In this special book and DVD package, renowned soccer strength and conditioning coach Greg Gatz provides a comprehensive training approach that builds players' physical abilities as well as the soccer-specific skills required for dribbling, tackling, passing, heading, shooting, and goalkeeping. Complete with assessment tests for determining a players' fitness status and specific programs that improve balance, quickness, agility, speed, and strength, this book will help you dominate your position. The DVD puts the training into action by demonstrating key tests, exercises, and drills from the book. With nutritional guidelines as well as seasonal workouts, Complete Conditioning for Soccer provides a multidimensional training approach that will show you how to get the most from your time in the gym and on the pitch.

"As proven by his role with multiple national champions, Greg Gatz understands how to develop the speed, agility, and fitness required for soccer success. In Complete Conditioning for Soccer, he brings that understanding to you."

Paperback: 197 pages Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers; 1 Pap/DVD edition ISBN-13: 978-0736077132

Special book/DVD package

Second Wind: The Rise of the Ageless Athlete
18 Stories to inspire you! Second Wind: The Rise of the Ageless Athlete is an absorbing account of a growing subculture who are challenging the notion of what it means to grow old.

"Finally, a book that enables people to see that we do get better with age. Second Wind: The Rise of the Ageless Athlete is a wonderful story about mature athletes who just keep going through sports and life." Lynne Cox Author of Swimming to Antarctica Swam the Bering Strait "At long last, someone has given masters athletes their due. Read Second Wind and be inspired." Sean Callahan Editor, Masters Athlete magazine

Paperback: 203 pages Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers; ISBN-13: 978-0736074919

“Second Wind reminds us of the vast potential of the human body even as it ages.”

Draw Baby Animals
Capture Every Cute and Cuddly Detail, Step-by–Step! Now you can learn to draw all your favourites following the stepby-step instruction in this unique guide. It’s fun and easy, even if you’re new to drawing. Just start at the beginning to discover all the tips and tricks for drawing eyes, ears, muzzles, paws and feet. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can move on to creating realistic drawings of all kinds of sweet baby animals, including puppies, kittens, bunnies, lambs, foals, penguins, ducklings, fawns, piglets and more. In every complete demonstration, you’ll find extra instruction for rendering the unique texture of baby fur and feathers. There’s also an in-depth chapter that shows you how to use drawing pencils, select reference photos, create compositions and establish proportions. With Draw Baby Animals, you have everything you need. Give it a try, and see what you can create!

Paperback: 112 pages Publisher: North Light Books ISBN-13: 978-1600611957

Spin Dye Stitch: Create & Use Your Own Yarns
"Spin Dye Stitch" teaches readers the basics of making and using unique, beautiful handspun yarn. Starting with the most basic information, readers learn about the fibers and tools needed for hand spinning, including tips for making their own basic tools to get started without spending a lot of money. Next, simple, clear instructions show the reader how to make yarn by drop spindling and wheel spinning. Readers also learn to dye fibers before or after spinning using safe, easy-to-use dyes. Finally, several small projects introduce ways readers can use their handspun yarns, including knitting, weaving, embroidery and needle felting. There is a bonus gallery of handspun and dyed yarn from some of the foremost fiber artists working today that rounds out the book.

Paperback: 128 pages Publisher: F&W ISBN-13: 978-1600611551

Lace Knitting to Go

Lace Knitting to Go 25 Lovely Laces to Use for Edgings, Embellishments, & More Inside this deck, detailed instructions and colour photographs guide knitters through a closetful of light and lacy patterns, while stitch charts provide a quick reference along the way.

25 2-panel cards, 25 colour photographs 1 3-panel card ISBN13: 9780811864237

In My Nest | In My Pond
In My Nest Board book, full-colour throughout ISBN 9780811865555 Layered die-cut pages allow a peek at all the colourful things that make up each animal's home, and an adorable folk-art style finger puppet make this book that is filled with reading and playtime fun.

In My Pond Board book, full-colour throughout ISBN 9780811865562 In My Pond -- Children are sure to love this delightful finger puppet book.

You and Me: We’re Opposites

You and Me: We're Opposites! In this lighthearted opposites book, the toucan wants to let the anteater know which one of them is up and which is down. The flamingo thinks she's nice . . . and that the gorilla is grouchy. And the giraffe is peering over the fence to let the penguins know he's tall and they're short.

About the author: Harriet Ziefert is the author of over 200 books for young readers.

Hardcover, 32 pp ; full-colour illustrations, ages 4-8 ISBN 9781934706480

Mind Body & Spirit Book of Days
Spiral-bound: 144 pages Publisher: Duncan Baird ISBN-13: 978-1844838202

Hardcover: 144 pages Publisher: Duncan Baird ISBN-13: 978-1844838219

Sexy Somethings

Kinky Sex Scratchers 120 Super-Sexy Lottery Tickets 40 pp ; 100 tear-out game cards on 40 pages

Hot and Sticky Notes Sexy Dares for Him and Her 9 die-cut sticky notepads (24 pp each) ISBN 9780811865296

Love Lotto 100 Romantic Scratch-and-Win Lottery Tickets 40 pp ; 100 tear out game cards on 40 pages

Porn for Women of a Certain Age
Porn for Women of a Certain Age "Just how long do you plan on defying the laws of gravity?" Responding to overwhelming demand, the Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative has researched deeply into the desires of women of a certain age. The result: forty steamy scenarios show hunky yet distinguished men catering to every whim. These handsome hotties insist she take an early retirement, delight in the silver in her hair, and best of all, take over the cooking and cleaning. Scientifically proven to make women swoon, Porn for Women of a Certain Age will leave the ladies begging for more.

Paperback; 96 pp ; 40 colour photographs ISBN 9780811866293

Visual Language for Designers
Principles for Creating Graphics that People Understand Within every picture is a hidden language that conveys a message, whether it is intended or not. This language is based on the ways people perceive and process visual information. By understanding visual language as the interface between a graphic and a viewer, designers and illustrators can learn to inform with accuracy and power. In a time of unprecedented competition for audience attention and with an increasing demand for complex graphics, Visual Language for Designers explains how to achieve quick and effective communications. It presents ways to design for the strengths of our innate mental capacities and to compensate for our cognitive limitations. Includes: • How to organise graphics for quick perception • How to direct the eyes to essential information • How to use visual shorthand for efficient communication • How to make abstract ideas concrete • How to best express visual complexity • How to charge a graphic with energy and emotion

Hardcover, 240 pages, 300 photos/illustrations ISBN: 9781592535156

Designing and implementing graphic navigational systems This is a stress-relieving handbook for designers working across all disciplines. Exciting illustrations and case studies look at how to incorporate logos, graphics, colour, and type to relate a complete wayfinding system to the character of a city, exhibition, or sportsground, and to represent its unique qualities. Checklists of requirements provide a blueprint for developing successful and attractive wayfinding systems. Every aspect is detailed, including stakeholder groups; criteria of specific jobs; design elements; fabrication, installation, and placement of signs and banners; and maintenance and management systems. A stress-relieving handbook for designing wayfinding systems Informative and inspiring case studies

! !

Looks at graphic design as part of a collaborative process

Paperback with flaps, 176 Pages 978-2-88893-057-0

Pattern Sourcebook: Nature
250 Patterns for Projects and Designs This book presents a collection of carefully selected nature inspired patterns for use by designers and artists in their projects and personal work. A companion CD-ROM provides 250 patterns in high-resolution JPEG format along with PSD format from which you can freely manipulate and modify the patterns to customize them for your own use. This is an inspirational and highly practical reference and sourcebook for anyone working in the area of visual art.

Paperback w/CD Rom, 250 photos/illustrations, 128 Pages ISBN: 9781592535583

Also available: Pattern Sourcebook: Around the World Pattern Sourcebook: Chinese Style

Pattern Sourcebook: Japanese Style
250 Patterns for Projects and Designs Pattern design has a long history within Japanese culture. This book presents a collection of carefully selected traditional Japanese patterns in 60 categories for use by designers and artists in their projects and personal work. An companion CD-ROM provides 250 patterns in high resolution JPEG format along with PSD format from which you can freely manipulate and modify the patterns to customize them for your own use. This is an inspirational and highly practical reference and sourcebook for anyone working in the area of visual art.

Also available: Pattern Sourcebook: Japanese Style

Paperback w/CD Rom, 250 photos/illustrations, 144 Pages ISBN: 9781592535606

Pattern Sourcebook: Nature 2
250 Patterns for Projects and Designs This book presents a collection of carefully selected nature inspired patterns for use by designers and artists in their projects and personal work. A companion CD-ROM provides 250 patterns in high-resolution JPEG format along with PSD format from which you can freely manipulate and modify the patterns to customize them for your own use. This is an inspirational and highly practical reference and sourcebook for anyone working in the area of visual art.

Paperback w/CD Rom, 250 photos/illustrations, 160 Pages ISBN: 9781592535590

California Academy of Sciences
Acclaimed architect Renzo Piano's vision for the new California Academy of Sciences is one of hope and grand ambition: to create a model for sustainable design at an unprecedented scale. This is the story of an architectural masterpiece detailing the intricacies of form and function: its 2.5-acre rooftop garden, the 60,000 photovoltaic cells designed to power the building, and its use of natural light and ventilation. This celebratory book serves as both resource and reminder of how humans can live and work in harmony with nature.

Paperback; 120 pp ; 120 colour images ISBN 9780811865586

The Accidental Vegan
In the last decade, veganism has moved into the mainstream as home cooks seek out healthy, fresh, economical, and environmentally sustainable foods. Omnivorous author Devra Gartenstein's pioneering classic vegan cookbook, first published in 2000, gets a timely make-over with 20 new recipes, simplified instructions and a focus on fresh and local ingredients. "The Accidental Vegan" includes appetizers, soups, mains, sides, and desserts inspired by Indian, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Italian cuisine. And with Devra's special brand of simplified instructions and no-fuss ingredients, even accidental chefs will be able to whip up this healthy fare.

Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: Celestial Arts; 2nd Revised edition ISBN-13: 978-1587613388

Feeding Baby

For parents who want to start their babies off eating fresh, nutritious foods, "Feeding Baby" offers easy-toprepare tastes, nibbles, bites, and meals that retain the vitamins and minerals missing from conventional bottled and heat-treated baby food. Delightfully simple yet nuanced flavours of recipes like Roasted Squash Puree, and Banana Peach Compote introduce children's impressionable palates to the myriad tastes and pleasures of food, setting them on a path of healthy eating for a lifetime.

Paperback: 144 pages Publisher: Celestial Arts; 2Rev edition ISBN-13: 978-1587613173

Everyday recipes for healthy infants & toddlers.

Healing Herbs A-Z
The popularity of commercially available herbal remedies as adjuncts to conventional medicines has made it easier than ever to turn to medicinal herbs. Stein shares her extensive knowledge and experience with healing botanicals in this accessible Aloe-to-Yucca quick reference. Each entry includes an accessible and detailed resume of each plant's specific healing properties. About the Author: Diane Stein is a popular and acclaimed healer and the best-selling author of Essential Reiki and twenty-five other books in the fields of metaphysical healing, women's spirituality, and alternative health.

Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: Crossing Press ISBN-13: 978-1580911924

A Handy Reference to Healing Plants