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After submitting your application or cover letter and resumé Once you have submitted your application or cover letter and resumé to the employer, you should remind him/her of your Why Follow-Up qualifications and interest in the position. This is normally Don’t let your resumé go overlooked. Find opportunities done within 2 weeks. Employers to emphasize your skills and abilireceive numerous resumés every Follow-Up Letter (after telephone contact) ties to the employer every chance day. It is important that they reRachel Sweet you get. Do what it takes to get the member your name. 168 Bright Drive, Atlanta, GA 30311 * (404)555-8778 * job you want. The following are July 15, 2002 reasons why you should always Mike Grant (Title) After information seeking CFX Corporation follow-up: 21 Independence Boulevard meeting (by phone or in
Atlanta, GA 30311 Dear Mr. Grant: I appreciate the time you took yesterday to discuss the Administrative Assistant position you have available. I enjoyed learning more about CFX’s products, practices, and internal structure. As you requested, I have enclosed a copy of my resume. I believe my experiences as a receptionist provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the responsibilities and duties of an administrative assistant. Additionally, you mentioned needing someone to assist you with training preparation and demonstration materials. I have completed and mastered tutorials provided by Lee’s Programming that demonstrate my computer software skills. These skills are transferable and will enable me to assist where needed.

After a long search, you finally come across the perfect job description! You research the company and determine that this is not only the perfect job, but also the company for you! You follow the “how to apply” instructions listed on the ad and submit your application materials. You feel confident that you have the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the job. Now you are hoping and waiting for a response from the employer. Don’t just hope and wait. Follow-up!

employers. Don’t let too much time pass without taking the initiative to contact the employer again. If you wait too long, the employer may not remember who you are or may have already filled the application or position. Set yourself apart from others. Follow-up with the employer at these points:

To show initiative To be remembered To develop a relationship with the employer To increase your chances of securing the job To show persistence and enthusiasm about the position To make a good impression To demonstrate written communication skills To know if a position has been filled (so you can direc t your attention to other opportunities)

person) If you attend an informational meeting or interview with an employer, send the employer a letter thanking them for spending time with you. State your interest in the particular position.

I would enjoy an opportunity to meet with you face-to-face to discuss my qualifications and background further. I look forward to hearing from you the first week of August as you indicated. Sincerely, Rachel Sweet
RS enclosure

When to Follow-Up
It is impor tant to know when to follow-up with

After no response to your interview and thank you letter If you interviewed with an employer and sent the appropriate thank you letter (within 48 hours after the interview) and still don’t get a response, follow-up with another letter or phone call. This should be done 2 to 3 weeks after sending the thank you letter.


DOL-4444 (10/02)

How to Follow-Up
There are three methods that job seekers can use to follow-up with employers: Letters (US mail or email) Phone calls Person-to-Person The most widely used and effective method of follow up is to send a letter. Letters allow job applicants to demonstrate their written communication skills and highlight other important skills and abilities they posses that relate to the job requirements. Letters give the employer another hard copy of your skills and serve as a reminder of your interest. This method also keeps you from appearing “pushy” and from pestering the employer. Follow-up phone calls can work to your advantage if the employer indicated the recruiter’s name and telephone number on the job announcement. Occasional in-person visits may also be appropriate with the employer’s permission. Stop by the office and reinforce your interest in the position. Be sure to dress and present yourself in a professional manner.

State the purpose of the letter and the position for which you applied Tell the employer how much you enjoyed learning about the company and the position Express great interest in the position Touch briefly on your qualifications as they relate to the job requirements Ask about next steps in the hiring process. (When should you expect to hear from them?) Indicate that you are happy to answer any questions or provide additional information if needed.

Another Tip: Follow-Up Thank You Letters
Thank you letters are another form of following up. They should follow business format and include the same information as any other follow-up letter. Thank you letters should be sent after interviews, referrals, or any type of help that you received from an employer. Remember thank you letters should always be sent within 48 hours of the initial contact.

What to Include in the Follow-Up Letter
Follow-up letters should be formal in most instances. Informal letters are only acceptable if you are very familiar with the business contact. Follow-up letters should be brief and to the point. Don’t bore the employer. Letters should be typed, professional, and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Address the letter to a specific person using his/her name and title. Include the following: List your name, address, email address and telephone number

In conclusion, following up is an important part of your job search. It may mean getting the interview, and ultimately the job of your choice. Setting Follow-Up Letter yourself apart can’t be emphasized (after sending a resumé) enough. Always let the employer John Soup know that you are interested in the 168 Point Park Place, Atlanta, GA 30311 (404) 555-8778 position. Impress the employer ery chance you get. Avoid being Jane Grant (Title) CFX Corporation overly aggressive or annoying. Al21 Independence Boulevard Atlanta, GA 30311 ways conduct matters in a profesDear Ms. Grant: sional manner. Employers receive I am writing to inquire about the status of my resume and application materials for your Sales position. My application materials were faxed lots of resumés every day. Don’t to your main office on June 24, 2002. let your resumé just sit in the stack. I was pleased to discover that CFX has adopted a new marketing strategy and developed a commitment to increasing customer satisfacGive the employer a reason to want tion. In my previous retail sales position, I created a handbook listing sales tactics and strategies, which was later implemented into a new to contact you. hire training program for salesmen. Also, on two separate occasions I
received the award for outstanding customer service. Your ad mentions the need for someone with marketing experience. My two years of work experience, coupled with my Associate’s Degree in Marketing, gives me the training and knowledge I need to make a significant contribution to your organization. I would like very much to be a part of your team. I am available to meet with you at your convenience and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, John Soup

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