What is GoodWorks! Kids? GoodWorks! Kids is a service strategy designed to support children of custodial and noncustodial parents participating in the GoodWorks! Service Strategy with critical workforce development activities. Services motivate students to stay in school, assist with year-round employment opportunities that enhance work ethics, and foster high school or GED completion. GoodWorks! Kids targets youth between the ages of 14-21 who have risk factors or barriers that make it difficult for them to make a successful transition into the workforce. Services may be available through the resources listed below, or through other organizations in the community. Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Services WIA year-round youth services may include various activities, including: mentoring, career exploration, pre-employment skills/job readiness, job search, literacy, work experience, occupational training, work readiness, and on-the-job training. The activities are designed to: • • • Improve the educational achievement of youth Prepare youth for success in employment Support youth in resolving barriers

Youth may be eligible for WIA services if he or she: • • Is age 14-21 and low income Is one or more of the following: o Deficient in basic literacy skills o A school dropout o Homeless, runaway, or foster child o Pregnant or parenting o An offender o In need of additional assistance as defined locally

Jobs for Georgia Graduates Jobs for Georgia Graduates is a school-to-work transition program designed to provide high school students with pre-employment training, work skills, motivational activities, and job development. The program provides follow-up services to increase the graduation rate and encourage a successful transition from school to work.

Georgia Department of Labor Summer Internship The Internship program provides students at universities, colleges, and technical schools in Georgia with practical work experience, an opportunity to earn school credit, and up to $1,3000 during the summer. Interns work for the Department 25 hours per week for seven weeks during the summer months. The program is open to any Georgia student presently enrolled in, or accepted to, a postsecondary school in Georgia or another state. Georgia Department of Labor Youth Motivational Task Force The Youth Motivational Task Force program is designed to increase student awareness of how the business world operates. Task force staff provides students with the direction and insight necessary to make informed career decisions. Georgia Department of Labor Career Centers The Georgia Department of Labor Career Centers offer services youth need to succeed. Services include the following: • Access to Georgia’s electronic one-stop system for job listings, job search tips, training resources, and other workforce development information • Financial Management, Job Search, Career Exploration, and other informative workshops • Resume preparation assistance • Unemployment Insurance benefits • Skills assessment • Referrals to employers who want to hire • Referrals to training and education resources • Career guidance • Information about local companies and industries with the best opportunities For more information about GoodWorks! Kids, please contact:
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