TEST 1 1Wasps are horrible creatures. If you annoy them, they will........... you, and that really hurts! A) beat D) swing 2B) sung E) float C) lead A) wrinkle D) fence B) citadel E) trench

Eskişehir YESDĐL

11- The twins were building a castle in the back garden and they wanted to dig a .......... around it, but their father stopped them as he didn't want his grass dug up. C) peak

Their mother warned Peter and David not to go near the .......... mine as some of the old mine shafts had not been properly sealed. A) abundant D) disused B) sensible E) disabled C) irrelevant

12- When Joe saw the thief take Mrs Smith's handbag, he chased and caught him ......... . If he had stopped and thought about it logically, he probably wouldn't have taken the risk. A) reluctantly D) longingly B) restfully E) instinctively C) constantly


Pauline's exam results were nothing short of .......... . It was as if an angel had been guiding her hand. A) miraculous D) vigorous B) precious E) ridiculous C) meticulous

Başarmak için YESDĐL!

13- I bought these pens for l0p each and sold them for 20p. That means I've made a ......... of l0p on each one. A) profit D) venture B) loss E) prediction C) win


The crowd at the demonstration last week showed a great deal of ............. . They attacked police with bricks and bottles. A) hostility D) maintenance B) tenderness E) silence C) assumption

14- The rash on Claudia's back was very sore. The doctor gave her some cream to .......... on it, but applying it was quite an ordeal. A) roll D) rub B)hurt E) pull C) push


Guy Fawkes was executed as a/an .......... in 1606 for trying to blow up the King and parliament. A) detective D) conqueror B) defender E) acquaintance C) traitor

15- The water from the spring is 100% ........... . There are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives in it. A) nasty D) pure B) tasty E) certain C) bitter


The temperature in the foundry has to remain ......... . If the heat goes up or down even slightly, then the whole process has to be aborted. A) indifferent D) probable B) instant E) constant C) content

16- Setting fire to the cat's tall was a terrible thing to do and the boys should be thoroughly ........... of themselves. A) shy D) guilty B) cruel E) sinful C) ashamed


Sometimes I can't understand what Lionet says as he often .......... and doesn't speak clearly. A) screams D) stumbles B) mumbles E) anticipates C) reckons

17- The chemical company dishonestly tried to .......... the report about how the chemical they produce is polluting the environment. A) suppress D) receive B) reset E) repel C) upset


The most important, and also the strongest, bone in the human leg is the ........ cap. A) knee D) ankle B) wrist E) skull C) elbow

18- David's beard was getting very untidy, so he got a pair of scissors and ........... it, which made him look much smarter. A) sealed D) sliced B) trimmed E) dyed C) shaved


idi Amin, who declared himself President of Uganda for life, was a .......... ruler, who treated his people brutally and some 300.000 citizens are believed to have been killed during his rule. A) explanatory D) ruthless B) undeniable E) miserable C) treacherous

19- Mona always dressed untidily and dull when she was at work. The bosses ordered her to stop dressing so ......... and smarten herself up. A) colourfully D) boldly B) bravely E) shabbily C) elegantly

10- Ever since the sales clerk left, they have been desperately looking for someone to fill the .......... but so far, they haven't been able to find anyone suitable. A) residence D) accommodation B) store E) tolerance C) vacancy

20- We are planning to open a cafe in Bolton, but first we have to obtain a licence from the council to sell food and ......... . A) medicines D) nourishment B) impurities E) solids C) beverages



.... the men managed to ......Now that John was retiring he felt that he could be .. the tide began to . A) irregular D) plentiful B) sophisticated E) suffocating C) common 26..Two of the most. It was obvious that he was a well trained and experienced pilot. .. A) Intentionally D) Eventually B) Superficially E) Initially C) Ironically 34.. her the money.. A) resign D) struggle B) occur E) amend C) emerge www.. We didn't bump into each other... who drink the best wines and eat foreign food. I ..com 2 ..The dentist warned that if Denişe ate too much chocolate..After the tour around the brewery. people..Our new neighbours are very ....... A) persist D) precede B) assist E) recede C) collapse 27.. 32......... whereas before he had not been so outspoken...Ginger flew the plane very .The project to build a prison on the hill outside the town has come up against a lot of ............ He explained how plaque would cause them to rot...... though.... Peter was there at the same time. said that he was there at the time that the money went missing — that's all! A) totally D) horribly B) furiously E) financially C) merely 36... A) eat D) examine B) cook E) investigate C) sample 33......It took the explorers a lot of courage to . Later on. .....Luckily. they portray a young couple who rob banks and shoot people....... just before it got to Emily's deck chair.. A) cause D) urge B) avert E) predict C) promote 37... A) coincidentally D) appropriately B) accurately E) bluntly C) questioningly 38.... but eventually they were all let out..I didn't actually accuse Tim of stealing the money.... about all the things he thought were wrong at the factory. we were allowed to taste all of the different brews... is fascinating. A) loosely D) eventfully B) accidentally E) capably C) moderately 39. the beer... In the film.The siege had lasted for about three hours when hostages began to . Therefore. her teeth would begin to ... and not around your waist to keep your trousers up! A) head D) neck B) throat E) belly C) knee 25........ A) resistance D) destiny B) redundancy E) moderation C) acceptance Başarmak için YESDĐL! A) appreciated D) envied B) approved E) praised C) loathed 24.By building a dam on the river... however... our aunt opened the door and showed us around her pottery workshop... Without it the village would have been flooded for sure..... the new manager so much that he left his job before finding another.. A) deceived D) tempted B) commented E) owned C) owed 23.. A) humble D) frank B) spiteful E) suspicious C) envious Eskişehir YESDĐL 30..VOCABULARY / TEST 1 (60 ADET SORU) 21. In fact.I went to New Zealand in July last year and...yesdil.. along the narrow valley...... ........... over 5 metres in fact... They came out slowly...... Italy.. criminals in US film history were 'Bonnie and Clyde'...... from the local residents. A) stable D) navigational B) notorious E) miserable C) grateful 29. If it had come in any more she would have got wet. Many others before them had gone in and never come out.You are supposed to wear your tie around your .. over so much to one side. A) celebrate D) participate B) stand E) venture C) ascend 22. It.The newly-fallen snow lay deep and ... on the ground. A) falls D) leans B) stands E) bows C) crawls 35.... one by one....The tower in Pisa....Steven had forgotten that Rose had lent him £20 the previous week.... a disaster. A) destroy D) plot B) decay E) compose C) retard 31.....He ...... A) heavy D) sticky B) silent E) eventual C) even 28... we were allowed to . until the children started to play in it and rough it up... it came as quite a shock when she said that he ... we were not allowed to go into the room at the top of the stairs.... that I am surprised it doesn't fall down... They don't want to have one in the vicinity.... into the jungle..

...com 3 . there were scenes of total . Helen does them one day.....Samuel doesn't tell jokes as such..To avoid trouble during Euro '96.. A) lengthy B) hasty C) gloomy D) greasy E) soapy 54.. as she knew in her heart that they would not have all survived without their help....... As a result. Başarmak için YESDĐL! A) hesitation D) hatred B) gravity E) perception C) grief 43.... The.The surgeon didn't seem nervous when he performed a delicate operation last week.I have just .The produce from Haystack Farm is all .. stories of things that have happened to him on his travels..... A) raided D) tolerated B) fled E) traded C) treated 42.. missing out the battle of Hastings.We make the housework easier by doing the tasks .As the big dog barked . He .... A) disorder D) tranquillity B) tolerance E) massacre C) contest 57. A) ornately D) seemingly B) organically E) superficially C) artificially 46....... .. There are absolutely no chemicals or pesticides on them. disruption was caused by protesters in the public gallery.. but then she noticed that the dog was on a chain..... for actor Dermot Morgan.. A) sincerely D) uselessly B) actually E) sarcastically C) hastily 58..... . ................ him. One of these was to arrest many wellknown hooligans....... it is very . A) melodious D) inestimable B) tuneful E) coherent C) ceaseless 47.. at a new gymnasium.. A) witty B) fictional C) anxious D) moving E) tactful 56.....The acting world is full of ........Sonia thanked the family ... the English police took several . A) nervously B) irritatingly C) jerkily D) casually E) recklessly 52... . A) cultivated B) founded C) encased D) enabled E) enrolled 53..... A) Utopian D) absurd B) miraculous E) diligent C) hazardous 45.... Roberta ran and hid behind a tree.. A) dull D) minute B) displeasing E) ornate C) warm 44. it doesn't even have a blackboard.. as people searched the rubble for signs of survivors. .......... People are trying to .John made one major ... A) pleasures B) hostages C) treasures D) postures E) measures 55.. villages on the coast stealing valuables and taking slaves. For a start. but he always keeps dinner guests amused with his .. .. The owner has locked it on the balcony and it will not stop barking.. the Vikings did not settle on the British Isles....VOCABULARY / TEST 1 (60 ADET SORU) 40..... but the facilities are so good that it is worth all the hard work...Richard hasn't washed his hair for a week....... chatted with friends just moments before beginning.. A) scornfully B) alternately C) exhaustively D) menacingly E) incessantly 51...... News footage showed scenes of total ...yesdil.....The earthquake in Mexico City in 1985 was a monumental catastrophe...The fireplace in the old Victorian mansion is very ..... A) menacing D) timid B) stunned E) obedient C) exhilarated 48...... The people won't tolerate it and will cause trouble. but they often .. .Harry felt . He was a very popular man and was still very young... It is beautifully painted with flowers and birds and is meticulous in its detail. ..The dog's barking is .... and I do them the next.. A) precious D) inadequate B) sneaky E) stringent C) stingy 60... grown....... there will be a . I joined now because they are offering a generous discount.. from his history dissertation about llth century Europe....At last week's council meeting.The suggestion that we can use the library as a classroom is .......... A) inclusion D) omission B) exhibition E) inclination C) inhibition Eskişehir YESDĐL 50. but he seems determined to go over! A) persuade D) dissuade B) misuse E) salute C) attempt 59.. who died on Saturday. A) hesitation D) devastation B) collision E) involvement C) disease 41.. A) tremor D) array B) revolt E) recognition C) diligence 49.At first. after his ride on the roller-coaster at the fun fair and immediately wanted to go on another ride.The fitness test for the new sports centre is very .There is a man threatening to jump off the Eiffel Tower.The government knows that if they introduce the new tax. A) fiercely D) predominantly B) reasonably E) wisely C) hastily www.........

C 43.C 32.B 46.E 39.B 51.B 8.com l.C 21.D15.A 56.VOCABULARY / TEST 1 (60 ADET SORU) Eskişehir YESDĐL VOCABULARY / TEST 1 (60 ADET SORU) CEVAP ANAHTARI www.E 36.A 18.B 19.A 48.A 33.E 20.E 7.C 25.B 29.C 37.D 57.D 34.yesdil.D 49.E 53. A 4.C 17. D 3.C 6.D 10.C 28.D 52.E 13.E 26.D 16.D 27.C 59.D 45.A 14.yesdil.A 42.D 54.E 12.E 55.A 47.C 58.A 5.E 50.B 23.B 60.E 44.A 9.C 11.D 22.B 35.C 24.C 40.A Başarmak için YESDĐL! www.B 38.D 41.com 4 .E 31. B 2.A 30.

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